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Gotta go fast edition.

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old: >>9710632

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im going to bed now.
i don't feel well

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Good night, lad.

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I think my coworkers are starting to catch on. However, it's like they know I'm a drunk, but facilitate it at the same time. On my birthday, I came into the office and there's a massive wrapped package on my chair. 4 six-packs of Stone brews, including the bourbon-barrell aged arrogant bastard, which is my favorite beer of all time, plus a beer flight set with the wooden plank.

I get booze as gifts from friends and family often, but so far I'm happy and productive. I'm just worried that it's going to catch up to me within the next five years. Maybe I need to find a female to help temper some of this.

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>Maybe I need to find a female to help temper some of this.
That'll give you something to drink about. Have the sad cunts in these threads have the oneitis.

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why is sobriety so fucking boring? it's to do with alcohol fucking up GABA/dopamine right

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>getting drunk and watching 80s movies with your dad to forget the bad times
it's a blessed feel

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roadhouse is a top dad movie

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just realized my ex has a kid now. tryin to stay from killing myself via scotch

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I've had four bottles of Angry Orchard cider and like a third a bottle of gin is that too much

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Depends on how much gin. You sound like a drunk 19-year-old that thinks he's had much more than he's actually had.

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Just stop drinking? Not even meming, it's what I do and it works.

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Approximately 375 millileters

27 btw

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dodged a bullet there bucko

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be patient m8. anhedonia is always reason numberito uno for me to have a cheeky tipple again

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That's obviously the solution to being an alcoholic, but just because it is simple does not mean it is easy. You might as well advice a military commander to 'just win the war' and think you have helped out.

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Lost my job a month ago, so no more booze for me for a while. I could really go for a shot right now.

I might be able to scrape a few bucks together for a bottle of Borski. Shit has the worst vodka aftertaste, but it is surprisingly smooth for the price. Like $4.96 for a 750ml bottle.

Oh well, at least my girl has some bud to calm me down.

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>a month ago
I don't understand this post at all. What have you been doing for the past month?

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>gf forced me to go to dr. yesterday.
>got prescribed some meds to help with withdrawal
>tapering was no longer working
>feel better
>gf just poured the rest of my vodka down drain

Already anxious again knowing that it isn’t there. Fuck

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Super pissed drunk right nao, why is listing to old albums so fun? I can spent hours on utoobe just reliving old shit. It;s so fun being by myself reliving things, people and old memories by whatever album I direct myself to. Each album isa set of memories and feelings I choose to feel and re-livbe. Some I can't handl;e, it's too much for me for me to re-live the situations I was in at the time. Others fill me with utter joy and re-kindle feelings of happiness and contentment, it's extraordinarily soothing. It's an extreme emotional roller coaster. I can pick my moods by albums, I can go to crying to screaming at the top of my lungs in joy. Does anyone elses ears ring when they drink? A pint is a good drunk, two is pushing it for me. I usually limit myself to a single pint a night.]

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Hell yeah man, I hear that. At least you're being more constructive than me.

I'm piss drunk and crying my eyes out because I'll be totally alone for the first time ever for thanksgiving

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>that terrible feeling in your chest of regret, fear and impending doom as soon as you wake

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>winning a war requires effort on massive scale, not just from the individual commander or anybody else, and effects too many people to name
>to stop drinking requires effort only on the individual
I understand having trouble to stop, but I don't respect excuses. If you actually want it, just stop. Start exercising, hit the gym: alcohol and fitness are mutually exclusive, and so you don't drink if you value the former.

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>requires effort on massive scale, not just from the individual commander or anybody else, and effects too many people to name
Sounds like alcoholism to me

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>so no more booze for me for a while
You can brew your own legally in most countries.

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looks like were good guys!

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Yeah right. Your not a hero nor a victim. At the end of the day, you're the only one at fault.

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I'm an orphan, I don't have a family. So it's just another day on the calendar that society has decided to make me miserable. Being solitary is comforting for me now, no one can hurt me that way. People are strange, I don't want to play the games society forces upon me; the social norms and focus on human companionship, relationships, and intra-personal connections. It's extraordinarily frustrating to me for others to put such emphasis on certain days like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Friends and co-workers asking me what I'm doing on holidays, who I will be with, what I'm doing, etc. It's like I'm not a human for doing the same things they do, and expect to do on certain days of the year. It's only one day, you can get through it, I believe inn you.

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no reason to drag someone else down with ya.

i have a great, loving gf and i worry my shitty habits are rubbing off.

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I'm not worried about the alcohol calories since i drink liquor

It's the impulsive drunk eating.

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Fuck man, I'm sorry to hear that. Here I am complaining about my stupid meaningless shit. Well I hope whatever you do this holiday season makes you happy and that one of these days you're truly happy anon.

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FUCK that.

i usually kill a few beers in the shower if i dont have work.

ever get that shit where it feels like your heart isnt beating after tying on a good one?

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what do you eat? if i wake up hungover i dont eat till 3pm and then its like a sandwhich or something.

once i keep drinking its usually junk tho

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Iktfb. It's usually cuz you fucked up. That's why I HATE smartphones.

What I wouldn't for a cabin innawoods with just a radio and some liquor

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anyone else only look through one eye when thoroughly wasted?

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Whatever's in the fridge. Last night I had 3 butter croissants with a chicken stew

People will always disappoint you. Myself included

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>Last night I had 3 butter croissants with a chicken stew
fuck that sounds good

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Too bad i don't remember it lol

I'm just gonna fast until sunset then get the party started again

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im drunk and in bed and too tired to walk to the gas station for more food

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Lol. I'd kill for a gas station hotdog

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That's the only way I can focus on typing when dickerd

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Yeah constantly. Been doing this for years, for reasons unknown. What’s really worrying is that I’m almost blind now in they eye which I need to keep closed - booze ate a hole in the bit of my thinking tank which deals with vision

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Nostalgia imminent. This song alllllways gets me


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ngl this is pretty terrible.

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The song or the vid or both?

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ehh idk. vaguely reminds me of being a kid and going to my aunts beach house and watching fantasia.

dont particularly like the song but it does give me memories of a simpler time.

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What song should I listen to on spotify?

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songs ohia-farewell transmission

>> No.9718717


lyrics get me every time

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Never heard it before

Song name? I use phone cards on 4g here in Africa. Youtube gobbles data

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>got drunk last week
>apparently I blacked out with a bowl full of cheerios and spilled it all over my bed

I washed all my sheets/bedding I'm still finding O's stuck in/on my bed

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I miss old friends. Just too much of a drunk mess.

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same anon, its jason molina of magnolia electric company/songs ohia.

he was an alcohol too and it killed him

The real truth about it is
No one gets it right
The real truth about it is
We're all supposed to try

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should've at least given it to a homeless

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well fellas,

i live above a bar and i am Already drunk and i plan on going to church tomorrow. Gonna go have a few.

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I don’t change my bedding, when it gets too dirty I change my bed.
Or just don’t bother. My last one became intolerable after I’d thoroughly saturated it with alchie effluvia, spilled an entire phal prawn curry on it and simply flipped the mattress over without cleaning it up, and broken so many bottles in it while thrashing around asleep that I had to wear protective clothing just to pick it up and throw it out of a window.

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Christ man

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i hate all the self righteous fags that wont give money to homeless drunks because they think theyre going to spend it on booze.

of course they are, but that might keep them from getting dt's or help them taper. not trying to humblebrag, but as an alcohol when im walking home from getting drunk and i buy a roadie for the walk, i drink a few sips of the 40 and leave the rest next to my favorite bum sleeping on the bike path.

we all really arent that different from him

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Sleep is his best chance of getting sober tbqh

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ehh in my experience sleep is welcomed but not easy to attain when withsdrawing

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I just tell normies withdrawals will kill the bum before starvation will so the booze is lifesaving.

I don’t think they buy it though, doesn’t fit their bougie narrative.

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What's good senpai. Hit the bars but it was absolutely dire pickings tonight. How bout yall?

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I'm sure my coworkers know I'm drunk but they're mostly women so they avoid confrontation. That and I carry the fucking department so they can't get rid of me even though my work is mediocre at best.

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tfw haven't had a drink in two weeks

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Weird feeling isn't it?
My brain always go bonkers and then I remember why I drink. Hope you stay dry though.

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I haven't drank on my lunch break at work in like a week.

I think I win

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Doja Cat - Dindu Nuffin. Guaranteed bone down music.

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That's nothing bro. I threw up and just moved my bed and threw kitty litter on that shit and hoped it wouldn't smell too bad.

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my fwb just ended things after they just got started, i've known her since childhood. It's a long story but she felt guilty so she broke it off. Gf going out of town for a while and we were suppose to hook up. Guess I'll just stick with drinking alone

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>anhedonia is always reason numberito uno for me to have a cheeky tipple again

Any tips to get past it? About to hit 3 weeks without spirits and 1 week without beer and the intense lack of motivation, loss of pleasure and constant boredom is driving me insane. I haven't worked since being made redundant almost 3 months ago so I do literally nothing other than shitpost online on the couch all day with sitcoms or movies on in the background. I haven't showered, done the dishes or taken out the garbage in like 2 weeks. Haven't cleaned the house for about a month. I was more motivated and hygienic when I was drinking. Everything just seems so pointless.

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Bro I live in one of the homeless capitals of the world. If they ask me I give them all my spare change so those brothers can at least get themselves some 40s.

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I'm praying for you senpai. No memes.

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Bruh you sound like youre handsome enough to not care about bitches. Fuck out of here.

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Thanks that's what I'm told anyway... I can still have a drinking problem, plus I'm a cheap date because I'm a skeleton.

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it is, i miss being drunk but i've more or less replaced it with vidya & netflix. thanks anon.

its a step in the right direction

thanks anon, appreciate it

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I'm a full time college student with a part time internship at a company. I come into work every day either hungover or still drunk. Everybody knows it. They make remarks on me having too much fun at university and I always just laugh it off. I'm lucky that the environment is chill enough where they understand i'm just an "average college student" enjoying his university years

They don't know I have zero friends and zero close relationships with other people. I drink alone to black out every night of the week. I'm not looking forward to graduating where I no longer have this excuse anymore.

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there were a lot of rednecks and whalebeasts out tonight at the gay club, more than usual
there was one asian chick that fed a black tranny dancer a dollar bill. was totally worth the cover charge

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I love being drunk but don't really care for drinking, if that makes sense. What liquors have the best $:alcohol ratio and go down easy? Thanks

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Drinking in the morning. One beer and now I'm on a box of wine. I'm becoming more and more degenerate I don't know how to stop this. Especially since I don't even want to.

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Best $:alcohol:go-down-easy ratio is (bottom shelf ofc) unmixed vodka drunk by holding your nose and then breathing out very slowly. This contains zero additives or sugar that makes you sick. Rinse and repeat until drunk.

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>Especially since I don't even want to
this is the real trouble

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who /whiterussian/ here

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one of my goto drinks

i put on so much weight drinking those all day though

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>start getting sad feels because I'm slowly dying after all the years of alcohol abuse
>kidneys hurt like a mother fucker and urine smells like bleach
>drink more to ease the feels
>shitfaced and sad as fuck now, Kidneys are going to be screaming in about 10 hours

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I fucking love that bitch though, it makes me sick to think about it

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Why is Sonic drinking?

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>said I wasn't gonna drink
>unfinished bottles of Stoli and Winter Palace

Ah well. A few drinks can't hurt

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Some people have withdrawals every Monday.

Everybody? It's the only way when you lose eye coordination and see double.

Depends on local taxes. Everclear, bottle shelf vodka, boxed wine, hobo plastic bottle wine, hobo beer/cider.

He's nostalgic about his first game, the only good one. His life since then has been a succession of shitty games in a hopeless attempt to recreate the past.
I wish I could have fun drinking again too, hooking up with girls and being able to talk with people and making friends, instead of being a lonely miserable drunken rambling arsehole.

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This is a big one for me as to why I can't drink half my calories from alcohol. I tried it for a few days but once I get buzzed and I haven't eaten anything in awhile I lose all willpower and order a pizza or more. So yeah, doesn't work. Some people can do it though so kudos to them.

>> No.9719594

>He's nostalgic about his first game, the only good one.

I probably liked Sonic 2 more but played Sonic 1 a lot more due to it being one of the first games I got with my Megadrive and easily the best of the 3 it came with.

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Drinking away a hangover is bliss. I feel so fucking comfy right now

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Don't tempt me anon...

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Who pieceofshitroom here? Feels bad man

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What are you niggers drinking this morning?

>> No.9719794

mine is covered in dog hair and no matter how much i clean theres always so much of it

>> No.9719808

timestamp plx

>> No.9719834

It's after 4pm here in East Africa drinking Stoli straight

>> No.9719840

Google reverse image search gives nothing...

>> No.9719846

Stayed up all night tossing and turning watching tv on/off, finally admitted to myself that it wasn’t happening.
It’s now 8:30am, I’ve got nothing to do and it just started pouring rain, I’m looking forward to eventually snoozing the day away.
Drinking my vodka and water, breddy comfy desu.

>> No.9719863

I really hope it rains all day. It’s so comforting when homebodying it up. I forgot to mention I had to drive until 4am to get back from visiting friends last night, and to take care of my dog/cats. I’m so glad my based gf left me 1/3 of a handle of vodka.
I crave sleep, and can’t seem to drink quickly enough.

On a side note, we both met at a rest stop when she was on her way into town and caught a little trash kitty (buddy was mondo friendly). He was cool. She accidentally let him go. I was going to keep him and name him Steve French.
Thanks for reading my blog I’m just lonely and tired and it’s fucking early...

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>getting caught up in using 2deep4u pseudo-intellectual linguistics when tipsy
Never really lost many arguments in ten years but I gotta stop this shit, but it helps with the language I use in my Uni essays. Anyone else got some minor pet peeves?

>> No.9719910

Anyone lurking or am I in this alone right now?
Also- ever throw up and then have to try really hard to recall the last time you ate something red?

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>> No.9719933

Eh I mean they’ve done studies that have proved that you’re noticeably more creative after having one beer, but I doubt that describes many in this thread.
Whenever I’m arguing with someone that’s being unreasonable I just default to “nope, you’re right. It was wrong of me to argue with you”. And usually they’re too much of a daft cunt to notice that I’m fucking around and then they gloat, it’s pretty surprising how few people actually get offended by it.

>> No.9719955

all those things you say you haven't done? do them. Force yourself to do them.

>> No.9719961

>look like shit
>been up all night
I could shower and go get food but my leg is all fucked up and I’m really not looking to leave the house...
Still just trying to drink quickly enough to feel anything.
I also bought three four lokos when on the road last night, and a stuffed giraffe for some nice young kid that her mom couldn’t afford at a fuckin’ gas station. I felt like hobo Robin Hood with the combo of how happy she was while I was cramming my highest abv/dollar cans of shame into a bag.
What’s the nicest thing al/ck/ has done lately?
I don’t know what I’ll do with these, but I hope that kid loves her fucking giraffe.

>> No.9719966

hello Canadafriend. Which province do you live in?

not drinking anything but good lord Faxe is nightmare fuel

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Yurofag here.

>> No.9719978

Not him but I live in flawda
It’s like fucking 70 degrees here, and it’s damned near december. This is the only time the place is tolerable, maybe two months tops and even right now it’s constantly +80% humidity.
I also fucking hate the beach. I still get to measure in freedom units and taxes aren’t too bad.
How’s being cold, though?

>> No.9719980

Not the guy you are replying to but I am a fellow Canadafag, in Kingston.

Going with cranberry ginger ale and vodka tonight methinks.

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>> No.9719986

Well more like after work at 3 but yeah. I am at work, so...

>> No.9719994

distilling today, should give me another 13L of vodka

gonna make some dank infusions, still have loads left from last time. now i spend more on mixers than booze

>> No.9719997

oh god those temperatures/humidity sound awful. I live in BC so it's cool and wet most of the time,my favourite type of weather.

Victoria BC here. 6 in the morningfeeling pretty cozy

>> No.9720007

Sorry to poke fun at you, but that joke was kind of softballed I’m considering these threads.
Happy shift. I haven’t worked a job in more than two years and I’m actually very anxious about getting back in. I keep making excuses for myself though, and I’ll likely move again in three months.
Being a wagecuck made me respect the shit out of my money, though. I used to deliberately get printed checks instead of direct deposit because it was satisfying to deposit.

>> No.9720015

Fuckin twenty one here, too. Not some round old NEET, how do you fuckers tone it down and deal with anxiety when getting back into a job? I’m looking to try here.

>> No.9720028

Yeah, it’s breddy shitty but AC is the tits. It is true I’d rather be hot and satisfied by the cold, as opposed to being cold as fuck with a jacket on, though. I vacationed/snowboarded in Colorado back in February, and -2 degree temps fucked my lil babby bones up. I was sputtering curse words with every step I took.

>> No.9720039

You a BCchink or? Always wanted to visit BC. Lived in Alberta for three years but never had the chance, got as far as Banff and Jasper and climbed the Rockies so I suppose I got the best of it without even going there.

Ever been out east?

No problem man. I am guessing the joke was that true al/ck/ies just drink all day and don't wait for the night? Don't worry, I have been there before too, I am just trying to get into a better position in life which means cutting back the drinking and the junk food (which goes hand in hand with the liquid Jew). Some of you alchies have good metabolisms but sadly I don't so I need to cut back. Anyway, wage cucking sucks if it isn't customer service and if you don't like customer service like I do. But I am going to college right now so I can leave wage cuckdom. I suggest the same if you want to unfuck yourself. I remember feeling like such a loser the brief periods where I didn't work. Getting up for 6 or 7 am to work is no fun sometimes but waking up at 10 am then lying in bed for hours because you have nothing to do feels even worse.

>> No.9720045

>don't go on my phone any more when drunk
>shitpost here instead
Feels good man. I remember posting in numerous threads on numerous boards last night, but I have no idea what I said or was talking about. This is way better than waking up to seeing I have been talking to my friends when wasted

>> No.9720061

I’m worried about my sleep schedule.
And my morning drinking habits, but hey, I’m coping.
I’m almost through an AA but I have to pay myself and am horrified of debt. Honestly I’d like to run my own business one day instead, the profit margins on coffee are insane and it isn’t going out of style. I thought that seems like a more worthwhile investment than dumping $20,000+ into a degree.
It helps that I have friends that would work for me/manage coffee shops already. They just don’t have the capital to start it, but I worked fucking hard and I invest, plus I do have great people skills. Maybe I’ll try and get some coffee experience in the mean time, but where I live it’s difficult to get your foot in the door without pulling out the still beating heart of the on shift barista.
Scared as shit about just starting something w/ no experience. I’m a confident person and when I don’t know shit I get really uncomfortable and feel useless.

>> No.9720063

the al/ck/ IRC channel is good for that, less likely to shitpost embarrassingly elsewhere

>> No.9720072

>You a BCchink?
nah just a boring white person. Vancouver's pretty cool but I grew up there. I've only ever been to Montreal once like ten years ago, that's it. I'd really like to visit Toronto, and it would be great to go to the east coast, I've never seen the Atlantic ocean before.

-2 fahrenheit? it rarely gets that cold where I live, and then it's only with windchill. it's a wet cold here, though. most parts of Canada get ungodly cold but it's a dry cold and you can just layer up. here on the coast it doesn't get as cold but the damp just seeps into your clothes. I love it.

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Did an inpatient detox thing and so far I've been sober for about 8 days now. The meds kept the withdrawal symptoms at bay but shaking the urge to drink is a son of a bitch, especially since it was a big part of my routine.

Anyone have any tips on how to lessen the urges? I am afraid I'm gonna fall off the wagon in a week or two if this keeps up.

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>the sun is setting here as it rises on anons in Vancouver

>> No.9720099

>one is like halfway empty before she even sits down on the bench

how does this behemoth even drive anyway, looks like her stomach would stop her from steering

>> No.9720107

That generation of Ford Escape is built to battle with American families

>> No.9720124

You don't need to pay $20,000 for a degree unless it's going to be a long one. Grab a one or two year course like I did. Going to be a paralegal in one year and the cost plus textbooks is like $7,000, and that's in Monopoly money. Now I live in Ontario so we just got free tuition starting this year, which is awesome. Still I am sure you could grab a decent loan and pay it off over time after you get a nice job. Or take a marketing / business program and meet fellow entrepeneurs that way / maybe even a sponsor or two if they like your pitch enough.

You'll get into the groove of it eventually man but you need to take that first step and get a job again. Just persevere bro.

Nice. Toronto isn't all that great; if you have seen Vancouver you have seen Toronto. Our weather is nicer though. I actually was born in Halifax and lived there for a few years. Dad was military so, yeah, didn't stay there for long.

>> No.9720150


> free tuition starting this year,

You will be paying for that the rest of your life

>> No.9720161

How do you figure?

>> No.9720162

>tfw just read a 380 page book in a little over 24 hours

wish i had this kind of motivation to sort my life out desu

>> No.9720168

Nah. In big cities like New York free college is spread over a lot of the Ivy grads earning 180-200k fresh out of law school taking home 90k

>> No.9720177

Pot, or CBD.
There is a drug for cravings too, naltrexone or something, I'm not sure.

>> No.9720181

I should make it clear that I am pretty sure our system wouldn't pay the full amount on a 200k tuition, though I doubt any Canadian college or university would charge that much. Mine was free because it was only around 7k. I imagine the cap is somewhere around 12k or so free, and then you are on your own. You can also choose to take a large loan which you do have to pay back, which I had to do because I wouldn't have the money to survive for the year otherwise.

>> No.9720195

Mississauga. Best beer ever. Time for # 4.

>> No.9720200

Taxes. You also get to pay for all the losers studying nigger history

>> No.9720224


Yeah, I'm on naltrexone. Makes me loopier than drinking did, but so far it only takes the edge off a bit.

>> No.9720260

Well it probably won't last if the conservatives get into power. It's either them or the far lefties since the current liberals are fucked.

>> No.9720288

I would.

>> No.9720474
File: 41 KB, 500x375, 9DEE1533-C350-487B-A6C0-6AFF4ABD7D33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am kil.

>> No.9720534

>At the end of the day, you're the only one at fault.
That's such a dumb overly simplistic worldview.

>> No.9720661
File: 55 KB, 272x269, 1507479653894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some one send this to karl pilkinton.

>> No.9720668

I bet you are a fucking canuck because I only seen that fucking in oromocto.

>> No.9720708

whats he up to these days? retired?

>> No.9720748

From what I heard...The three had a kinda fight and went to do their own stuff.
Karls still probably thinking of moneys, onions and being to literal on things.

>> No.9721052

>La Bestia.webm

>> No.9721575

that's the final level of shitposting, when you go to boards you never even go on just to post stupid things
/x/ and /int/ are great for this

>> No.9721602

I got drunk for the first time on friday over 1/2 of a fifth of vodka, not shit faced or anything but pretty inebriated. I finished the bottle last night... Is 750 ml of vodka in two nights too much for a first timer?

>> No.9721619


Sounds like a lot, yeah. That's pretty much what I'd been drinking daily this past few years. But it also depends on the vodka; cheap shit usually takes a lot more to fuck you up.

>> No.9721797

I think it was seagrams it was 12 dollars. I thought it was a lot too but to be fair i'm a fat fuck(300 pounds)

>> No.9721829


Ah yeah, 12 dollar vodka is pretty cheap. I guess it just depends on the person; I'm about 125lbs and it takes a lot to get me buzzed. But definitely try not to make a habit out of drinking tons of liquor straight.

>> No.9721841

Well I was drinking screwdrivers mostly, only took maybe 4 or 5 shots/swigs of straight vodka

>> No.9721849

I'm out of booze and they don't sell in my county on Sundays. ):

>> No.9721861

Rookie mistake.

>> No.9722655

this thread seems pretty dead atm. such is life on the west coast. anybody around? listening to local college radio and pounding PBR. rainy and starting to get dark outside. cozy but bored. I got a bunch of korean instant noodles and hummus and stuff because I planned ahead and bought food today.

told myself I wuldnt drink tonight but here I am but I've got a good feeling I won't go too hard tonight. Looking to share some comfy feels.

here's one of the sweetest nicest songs ever written to get others on my level

>> No.9722668

lurking, snowing in western pa and watching docs on old amusement parks while drinking budlight

>> No.9722676

just drove through ohio the other day.

that state is ugly af

sorry famalam, stay strong. i hate the feels on sunday

>> No.9722684

>. such is life on the west coast.
is the west coast the most isolated timezone for anglophones? or is that hawaii or alaska or something?

>> No.9722689

>want to complain about gf
>complaints are too specific
>afraid she will autistically hunt down my posts and berate me for them
I just want things to work. I'm sorry I'm not perfect. I'm trying.

>> No.9722697

>got wasted and went on a bender a couple days ago
>bought three handles of vodka, a 375 of jack, and for some stupid fucking reason a fifth of fireball
All I have left is the fireball. I hate this shit. I’ve got two hours before shops close, might actually go get more vodka. Staring at a $15.99 price tag on a 750 ml is fucking killing me. I could have 1.75l for this

>> No.9722710

I'm on the west coast of canada, which means while it's only 5:00 here it's like 8 or 9 out east. basically we're at the end of the line as far as north america goes. it's totally irrelevant as far as the rest of the world goes though so

>> No.9722716

It was raining in FL and I slept most of the day. Now I need to go get booze and food before shit closes. Don’t know what I want to eat, might just get McDonald’s and treat my body like total shit.
While I have nothing to complain about, I’m not super optimisitc about this evening. Any suggestions on shit to watch?

>> No.9722720

pa's on the east coast right?

I don't know anything about that area other than there are probably lors of people with dutch heritage? idk

>> No.9722726

I'd suggest watching Lady Dynamite because I love Maria Bamford but it depends on whether or not you hate women. If you do you probably wouldn't like it

whst kind of rain do you get out in florida? hot and thick right?

>> No.9722732

It felt pretty shitty to have people literally follow me out of liquor stores to make sure I wasn’t driving, I definitely had a full on break down for a bit there. I’m glad I’m back home and alone now.
Probably deserve this fireball, fucc.

>> No.9722744

Damn, I personally can’t stand her but I might give her a shot. I strangely enjoyed the “comedians of comedy” documentary, it was cool to see Patton Oswalt so young, and she opened up about her depression and shit a little.
Yes. Everything is hot and thick, I was bitching about it around 9am in this thread before I got the shitty sleep I did today.
If it rains before noon, you’re fucked. I won’t even go get my mail because it’s so nasty out.

>> No.9722776

yeah I think I remember talking to you like 11 hours ago

it's miserable and cold and wet here but I love it. I'm wearing four or five layers and comfortable in knowing that I don't have to leave the house tonight, working my way through these PBRs

I love Maria Bamford so muchh fuck

>> No.9722778

>work shit job for too long after school
>go to university late
>everyone is either younger than me or old as fuck
>parents support me
>slide into alcoholism
>bottle of whisky a day and god knows how many beers alongside
>no health problems yet but I know I am tempting fate
>been at this stage for 2 years, and been drinking heavily before
>start at 5pm every day, no morning drinking yet
>landed a good job at a small firm
>start in June next year
How the fuck do I get my shit together before then? I don't want to be an alcoholic for the rest of my days, and I know I drink far too much. I live on my own so tell myself I drink out of boredom, but I know fine well it is habit and it will be really hard to stop.

Guys, what do I do? How did you kick it (if applicable)?

>> No.9722782

resisted the liquor store while i was at the grocery store buds
otoh i have benadryl but...

>> No.9722793

noice one m8

>> No.9722815

I live a block away from a publix and would fucking murder for them to have a liquor store. They only sell beer... I hate having to drive across town, and I have a few four lokos and some shitty whiskey but if it was a block walk there would be no hesitation for me.

>> No.9722832

Taper, then don't drink. See what will make you fail the first time, then start again and avoid it.
See AA or SMART recovery or whatever.

>> No.9722844

>liquor store and grocery store separate
Do you live in PA?

>> No.9722848

>I have a few four lokos


>> No.9722849

or Canada or probably tons of other places?

you know this thread dpesn't take place entirely in the USA right

>> No.9722851

alberta to be exact, liquor store is just across the parking lot

>> No.9722857

I had a 4loko for the first time last week and it tasted like the shittiest Jolly Rancher I've ever had

>> No.9722903

There was no liquor until I got home, and sales were about to stop so I stopped at a gas station.
I’m not pleased with my purchases as of late.

>> No.9722908

All I have is fireball and 4loko. I’m going to kill myself.

>> No.9722918

No need to get all buttsore about a question, my brother. I can't imagine how miserable you must be to lash out about something so simple. I know it doesn't all take place in the US, but I wasn't aware that Canada has similar liquor laws. You could just state that and move on instead of crapping your diaper.

>> No.9722924

Not him but honestly you seem a little more butthurt. Let’s all be slowly dying friends again, guys.

>> No.9722925

could be worse, could be glens vodka which smells exactly the same as the antifreeze i put in my car

>> No.9722930
File: 66 KB, 443x755, rat poison.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im pretty sure this stuff is also antifreeze

>> No.9722940

Glen’s is garbage but I still prefer vodka, it’s easier for me to choke down in bulk. I’m fortunate Smirnoff is cheap near me.
I also just realized the abc is closed because it’s Sunday.
Fuck. Me. Running.
Alright guys, I’m diving in. Going to leave the 4lokos in my car in hopes they get cold, until I finish off this fuck ass candy water and go out for a stoge.
Game faces.

>> No.9722944
File: 2.87 MB, 2024x1024, 1388476221492.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

USA is the only country that matters

>> No.9722949

Fuck, guys. You’re reminding me of my taaka and aristocrat days as a young man of fifteen. Nobody ever had money, hah.
I used to hate vodka, now it’s all I’ll drink.

>> No.9722974

New happening
Now i get fevers after drinking heavily
2nd saturday and sunday in a row i wake up with 102temp and no other signs of being sick
Have i reached a new level?
Is alcohol poisoning?

>> No.9722997

lol you're way more butthurt than I am

how's it going friendo

>> No.9723000

>For some, alcoholic hepatitis does not present obvious symptoms. For others, though, alcoholic hepatitis can cause fever, nausea, appetite loss, abdominal pain, and even mental confusion. As it increases in severity, alcoholic hepatitis dangerously enlarges the liver, and causes jaundice, excessive bleeding, and clotting difficulties.

>> No.9723018

Do you get Glen's in the states? Fuck me, I thought it was only a Scotland thing, it is fucking terrible.

Take care driving, better too slow than too fast.

>> No.9723039

>gets upset at simple question
>calls others butthurt for calling them out

>> No.9723048

>when did I get upset

sorry dude, this ain't the hill 'm willing to die on, have a good night

>> No.9723114
File: 16 KB, 399x296, 1439245767934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9723266

im trying to get sober

but the more time i spend sober the more im realising there really isnt any reason to be (3 weeks btw)

whats so bad about drinking myself to death if thats what i want to do

whats so good or precious about life that i need to live a "happy fulfilling" life and why cant alcohol be a part of that

basically alcohol wasnt destroying my life it seems, its just a part of the life i choose and im ok with that

im forcing myself to not drink because im told its the best choice, but im really not seeing how this makes my life better

>> No.9723334

well not shitting your pants
not having liver failure
not waking up a week in the future with no memory

>> No.9723417

>never actually went to get food
>drinking shitty fireball
>about to couchlock myself w/ bho
Just chilling watching S9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’ll need a reason to leave my house tomorrow so I’m saving liquor/ food run for that I guess.
Feeling a lot better, pretty cozy though. I’m pissed this stuff is so sugary that I’ll have to get up and brush my teeth before I pass out.

>> No.9723461

Tomorrow is Monday. Do you not have a job?

>> No.9723467

I feel you so much, dude.

The longest I ever got sober in the last few years was 3wks before the boredom and complete lack of joy got to me.

I guess I came to accept that life sucks, sober or no. I know I'm shortening my life, and it makes me sad to leave behind people I love.

But right now, I love drinking. I try not to go to crazy, but I'm a miserable person who wants to not feel miserable.

I choose this even though it is ruining my life, because my life is shit anyway.

>> No.9723477

that's an average friday night my dude

>> No.9723500

So the dentist put me on antibiotics.

I'm on 600mg/day of metronidazole and having done some cursory research, it seems like drinking with this stuff is genuinely a bad idea, but with the pain I was in I can't not take it and get this fixed.

9 days of sobriety, here we come.

I wonder how long I can last?

>> No.9723504

Not right now, I’ve been putting off jobseeking and just leaning into the whole al/ck/ thing lately.

>> No.9723527

any of you dudes doing Nothing but Black Metal November by chance
antibiotics in general can produce fucked up side effects. you might want to play this one safe or just go as many days on only antibiotics as you can

>> No.9723539

I drink to numb my brain to the reality of life

I feel like I'm too weak of a person to just accept that life isn't worth living and has no purpose (because there are certainly many people that feel the exact same way I do and just push through with life regardless)

>but I'm a miserable person who wants to not feel miserable.
I don't agree with this though, in fact it's close to being the opposite

I'm a miserable person because I want to be, it's easier to just live in misery than try and force myself to accept life as it is

>> No.9723545

if you're bored and or drunk which I know you all are

come join us and chat


stick around a minute if no one responds right away, we're probably off getting another drink

otherwise i'll just say I'm listening to this atm

>> No.9723553

why, when we're already here chatting

>> No.9723561

Yeah I never really understood these, these threads are painfully slow sometimes anyways.
>>9723500 good luck my dude.

I broke and ordered pizza. Fuck it.

>> No.9723578

What’s up with you, b0ss?

>> No.9723594


Why aren't you drinking IC light, the superior light beer?

>> No.9723632

Because I can’t get drunk off beer no matter how hard I try.

>> No.9723655

i just dont see any reason to go somewhere else to chat

>> No.9723662

Gave pizza lady a $5 tip. I can’t get liquor anymore, too late.
Wish me luck in slamming this shit fast enough for it to affect me, then 4loko and pizza here I fucking come.
I’ve got an emergency 3l box of wine that’s still wrapped from gf from my birthday more than six months ago. I don’t want to go back to that but I keep it as insurance in case I go into wds too brutally.

>> No.9723685
File: 45 KB, 640x850, 909B7C5B-2964-48D5-A3ED-8C9856CA4F0E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone reads this and gets it I can’t stop fucking laughing at it an just want to share the joy with others.

>> No.9723736

It's just personal preference, it's kind of a continual community where people get to know each other (a little) and vent as much as they want with no cooldown as much as they want

it's really fun, gotten to know some real cool dudes from across the world and drink with em

>> No.9723741
File: 470 KB, 1575x2100, E73532F5-8540-4D27-B334-F34764130B54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am having pains here, internally but twoards the front of my body. Anyone familiar with these?

>> No.9723743

one time someone ordered me a pizza for my birthday but i was too drunk to answer the door so I missed it because I didn't realize they ordered me a pizza. I suspect it was also because the doorbell didn't work (shit apartment building). I called the pizza place up like 2-3 hours later and apologized profusely and the sent another one out, it was the most amazing pizza I've ever eaten in my life. I was so drunk.

>> No.9723745


>> No.9723762

Could be pain from the front of the kidneys or just bad posture and not being very active

unless you're a male (female) and then it's ovaries

>> No.9723763

That didn’t exactly help fucc
I’m enjoying the fuck out of some pizza. That was a cute anticdote and I’m glad someone gives a shit enough to order food for you on your birthday. I can’t say I’ve ever done that for another person, I could really fuck around, now that I think about it, though.

>> No.9723771

Male, right side of body. I’m worried about my appendix, too. My buddie’s burst when he was my age a couple years back...
Trying not to hypochondriac the fuck out, though. Thanks for a conducive answer, though.

>> No.9723774

Sorry for saying “though” so many times. I’m fucking dumb.

>> No.9723786

you clearly don't want actual help

>> No.9723799

It's not how much you drink, but how often. If you drink most days of the week you're probably an alcoholic. If you drink a lot on saturday and none for the rest of the week you're fine.

>> No.9723800

Dude, I’m just asking if anyone else has had experienced pains in the specific region before and had them diagnosed. Obviously not seeking a real fucking doctor on the chins.

>> No.9723819

Kidney stones maybe, or possibly something wrong in your urinary tract. It's probably not booze related.

If it was it'd probably be your kidneys, but if they shut down you probably wont feel it until it's too late.

>> No.9723837

took some benadryl to just make me stop craving alcohol
not alot but ill probably pass the fuck out in an hour

>> No.9723887

I wish you the best, anon, and I hope someone does something nice for you on your birthday.

pizza is amazing

>> No.9723899

Am 21, I’ve been drinking heavily for six years but almost never touch soda which I understand is the main reasons for us burgers to get kidney stones. That’s like, way too young, right?

>> No.9723950

Not drinking tonight. Probably won’t for the rest of the week. Been drinking heavily for the past year and I’m just not craving it for some reason

>> No.9723955

Do you eat a lot of red meat? In highschool I had a friend who got kidney stones and he was raised to not drink soda and he got kidney stones at 17. Doc said his high meat diet may have been the cause.

Of course I'm not a doctor, but I've been drinking Heavy since you were 13. I've had my scares in the last few years, but it's just what happens when you know the risks but do it anyways. It turns you into a selective hypochondriac. Drinking takes a long time to kill you as long as you dont OD or drown in your own vomit.

Still, visit a doctor if you have insurance. At your age you're probably covered by your parents insurance anyways. It's probably nothing, but it could be an early sign of appendicitis or something.

>> No.9724079
File: 152 KB, 900x600, 38C70A9D-9CB5-4BD4-A38D-097AFD361535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there are anons who posted in /ck/‘s /alc/ threads who’ve died from alcoholism

Let’s have a moment of silence for those anons.

>> No.9724090
File: 278 KB, 900x900, 1507008857175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw it wasn't you

>> No.9724109
File: 14 KB, 248x196, 1503262333109.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8 days without drinking
>realize once again that there's nothing else in my life and consider getting wasted

>> No.9724173
File: 553 KB, 595x569, C4892C65-C0ED-4DCF-9EEB-4B09BD11E968.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>really trying here
>can’t fucking drink fast enough
Does anyone else have this problem? I prefer drinking liquor on an empty stomach when alone and this shit is starting to take too much effort. I actually have to start a timer for four minute intrevals and force myself to keep up...

>> No.9724221

what are you drinking?
if beer, switch to hard liquor
if hard liquor, mix stronger

>> No.9724265

I don't get hangovers anymore,I just get withdrawals.

>> No.9724270

Hard liquor in shot form. The only step up is Bacardi 151 or Everclear, and I haven’t given up entirely yet/ my car’s gas tank is 3/4 full...

>> No.9724272

>I don't get hangovers

>I get withdrawals

>> No.9724278

That’s the fucking milemarker m80. I’m the same way. Did you start to get the muscle spasms yet? There’s still hope for me to taper, but holy fuck these things are involuntary when waking up.

>> No.9724291
File: 21 KB, 481x270, 7135F66D-E03A-4988-9037-BD77C8E72EE7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here have goals/ dreams? I would love to be a sustainable and functional adult, but I’ve seen people really fuck up their lives that are much older than me and then bounce back, every once in a while I think of pouring all my assets into actually giving a musical career a shot. I like to yell and it’s super fucking cathartic, honestly it’s theraputic to a point. I love driving alone for this reason, and mimicking my favorite hardcore artists. I’m involved in the local music scene, but if that was the path I chose I would be happy every day, ironically enough. It’s so fucking stress relieving and I couldn’t think of any other appropriate way to yell as much as I’d like to, especially later in life.

>> No.9724293

Something that annoys me somewhat is that people want the "easy way out" or tips and trick to get rid of alcoholism
Alcoholism is like the pit from dark knight rises, where its a constant struggle to get out of
The easy way would just be to continue drinking

>> No.9724296

I wake up and feel like I've broken my back,
25deg C here and I spent a good few hours switching between freezing and being hot as fuck.
Really trying to eat something, I got some lucozade instead.
The worst is past, and I will not be drinking today as I have work.
I guess I have been on a 2 week bender going to take a few days off.

>> No.9724299

>need more alcohol to get drunk than when I was younger
>this past year I can't handle it nearly as well and now get sick easily

bad times

>> No.9724323

Fucking cold/hot/cold/hot makes me want to end it all sometimes. I also get to that phase where I wander around and sleep on literally every surface in my house. Bed, floor, couch, guest room, bathroom, kitchen tile. I don’t know what that even helps but it’s comfy sometimes...
Sorry about your troubles m80, be wary.

>> No.9724328

Oddly enough the al/ck/ tolerance is breddy helpful at my age (college), and I get to routinely watch people make total fucking retards out of themselves.
Almost nobody my age can even fathom what a real WD is, and I’ve really gotten past trying to explain or relate. I just morning drink and expert hangover cure/nurse for normies.

>> No.9724336

I live that, try going for a walk.

>> No.9724350

Actually that’s not that odd now that I reread it. It makes sense tolerance is helpful at my age, but I haven’t run into anyone that’s managed to drink nearly 2l of vodka every day for years straight because most people are actually doing things with their lives.
I’m a burger, too, so most people are literally just experiencing freedom for the first time at 21 so it’s extra highlighted when I’m in average company.
I want out of this trap, it’s too early for me to be this deep, but I just can’t help myself sometimes. I need volition or motivation of literally any sort.

>> No.9724365

Same, honestly take a walk. It helps in the strangest manner, and I’m glad I have a doggo to help encourage that. Sometimes, it can be the only reason I’ll leave the house most days. The weather is getting nice, just take a stroll.
Anhedonia is a real fucking bastard, I don’t actually know when it ends, I haven’t made it that long yet but walks do help a lot.

>> No.9724423

>but I haven’t run into anyone that’s managed to drink nearly 2l of vodka every day for years straight

the average "party girl" drinks one tenth of that one or 2 days a week. It's as if you're shooting heroin and they're taking tylenol
not gonna give recommendations because id sound like a pompous cunt. But damn, you're outdrinking 99.9% of your peers. congrats

>> No.9724434

besides alcoholism, what's stopping you? do you have a good, stable job at this point or something?

>> No.9724491

how much do you weigh? i was doing pretty badly when i was in college with respect to alcohol, probably the equivalent to a fifth per day at my worst. (or best, depending on how you want to measure it.) i cannot fathom being functional enough to regularly attend class/do homework on a handle per day. but then, i was also a 140-150 lbs lightweight

>> No.9724498

>150 lbs is lightweight

goddamn its depressing living in this country

>> No.9724501

A short Asian girl joined the boys for our Friday night drinking sesh once. She threw up after her fourth. Whoops, I thought I wasn't pushing her.

>> No.9724516
File: 247 KB, 2225x1031, img_3960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm buying some orange liqueur to use in a thanksgiving recipe, but I also want to use this as an excuse to expand my collection a little bit. I'll mostly be mixing it with vodka, tequila, rum, and fruits, and not with any other kind of liqueur.

What kind of orange liqueur should I get?

>> No.9724529

Didn’t see these until now
I’m trying to tone it down, I wish I actually could afford to go to college. Just NEETing it up and managing to keep social ties in a college town. As many al/ck/s are, I’m surprisingly charismatic despite being a sperglord internally.
Used to be 175 when I was younger, but al/ck/ has made me balloon up a little. Just a small gut/ponch and all around body fat but I’m 6’3” and 220-ish lbs right now. At my lowest I’ve been skellington at 150, but right now jaboi is breddy doughy, at least I have a large enough frame that it isn’t super noticeable/ distributes itself okay-ly.

>> No.9724534

I honestly don’t think this is the thread for this, not even trying to be a dick or anything but I have no idea and doubt other al/ck/s do either.

>> No.9724542

Oh? Sorry, I thought this was just a general alcohol thread.

>> No.9724544

I have shit a lung, sore throat and my stomach is on fire.
Nothing new, just wanted to post.
Going to enjoy a coffee.

>> No.9724546
File: 142 KB, 565x396, 1510889264866.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sober for 84 hours. also havent smoked in this time. came really close last night but could avoid it. i realised its impossible to stay sober when im with friends so im going to try to be alone for the next few weeks

>> No.9724553

U gud. It’s mostly misery, regret, and high abv chatter. Honestly if you have any sort of “collection” that isn’t a recycle bin you’re leagues above most here. >>9724544
I’m still trying to quit cigarettes for long enough that I’m comfortable telling a doctor that I’ve been a “smoker in the past, when I was younger”. It’s fucking hard and I regret ever starting.

>> No.9724625

>expand my collection
why though

>> No.9724626

Relasped after 1 month sobriety. Crazy that two 4 Lokos had me buzzed throughout the evening, up until right now.

>> No.9724629

you're making relapsing seem awfully tempting

and that's not a bad thing

>> No.9724633

i prefer blue curacao to triple sec but they're similar and the blue coloring can seem kinda childish in some situations. dekuyper is quality and extremely cheap for both

>> No.9724636
File: 67 KB, 776x1176, Kilbeggan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's Kilbeggan? I like bulleit and tullamore dew and don't like jameson
And glenfiddich taste wise.

>> No.9724638
File: 59 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got triggered to drink today because I saw the hot neighbor girl with her boyfriend and I get very jealous. I'm a 25 year old virgin and I get upset when I see that shit. Probably will blackout on rum tommorow after class.

>> No.9724646

Alcoholics are the worst

>> No.9724702

6 days and I'm not even sure why I'm doing this

It's like I'm sobering up to spite myself

Just to prove that I can, when there's absolutely no reason to

>> No.9724748
File: 34 KB, 773x645, 1416845783129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well that's not very nice.

>> No.9724751
File: 27 KB, 476x474, 1509951119636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not wrong though

>> No.9724776

uh, what? that's a bmi of 20.3 for me, left of center for the healthy range. you'd have to be <5'5" for that to be overweight. 150 lbs is not a lot for any average-sized male.

>> No.9724802

i envy you fuckers saying "x days sober, don't even know why, there's no good reason for me to"

my life has gone to shit due to alcoholism. i have amassed thousands in debt, couldn't hold down a job, had to delay my education twice, and ultimately had to temporarily move in with mom. thank god i have a caring one.

>dawn of the twentieth day

>> No.9724804

Learn to use caps you dipshit lol

>> No.9724859

Go for a walk

I know you don't want to but put on the nearest clothes and step out the front door

it doesn't seem like much but just a 15min walk is all

>> No.9724915

I would if the sun came up at all

>> No.9724917

nightwalks are even better

>> No.9724921
File: 10 KB, 812x321, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also I sprained my ankle

>> No.9724954

what other excuses you got

>> No.9724969

woke up at 4AM so already starting to get tired, got a headache coming in and I'm cold

>> No.9724989
File: 148 KB, 980x551, 56311127-4334-4783-9573-82F8EDD49401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>look through old btc transactions from 2011
>average transaction £75,000 worth at today’s value
>total sent: £4,300,000
>check bank/btc balance

>> No.9725009

could have crashed hard also

>> No.9725017

from when I started cryptotrading in september I've gotten a 5%return on investments
I had never done anything like it before in my life

>> No.9725027
File: 20 KB, 318x343, 89BDE5AA-24B8-43B9-AF40-F5C9757607A1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ve fucked it up multiple times since. Pic is monero, I sold the last of them 14 months ago for drugs, grils and booze- their value today is £13,000,000, and they’re just one of 120 different cryptos I’ve bought.
Buy XMR and hold for a couple of years, bet they’ll hit .1/piece. It’s depressing as hell for me to buy the things now, but I’ve stashed about 10.

>> No.9725033

lad stop meming me
I would if i was able to sign up to a larger exchange

>> No.9725036

>meemeeing you
Just use poloniex?

>> No.9725060

mang I'm hungover. No vodka left but I have one cider. Should I take the easy way out with the risk of descending into another day of drunken degeneracy?

>> No.9725083


>> No.9725105

I was trying to make an account on binance

>> No.9725216







>> No.9725226

Dude we’re on page 1 and haven’t hit the bump limit. You’re gonna get b&, and fill the thread with buttockflustered big Mac posters

>> No.9726701

Well that explains a lot. I was hospitalized for this and liver failure. My liver was a small football.

>> No.9726858

Lucky you, you still have a dad.

>> No.9726865

So this is the power of alcoholism.

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