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Why is this never true?

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Because they still haven't bridged the gap between the power of suggestion and an actually universally liked flavor (close to it I mean obviously).

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>coke zero is now coke zero sugar
>oh so unsweetened cola? I can get behind that
>drink it and taste artificial sweeteners
I got played. I don't know what I expected.

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It's called Coke Zero Sugar, not Coke Unsweetened.

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marketing scheme

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I know, I feel dumb for not realizing that. Why the fuck call it coke zero sugar if its just the same thing as before?

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The thing I don't get is they have to know no one is EVER going to call it "Coke Zero Sugar", everyone calls it Coke Zero and always will. They should have just called it New Coke Zero. Absolutely weird decision.

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Because you still buy it

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>"Why are you changing the name to Coke Zero Sugar?"
>Our research showed us that many people didn’t realize that Coke Zero didn’t contain sugar or calories
Of course, they had to change it all just because a wide margin of brainlets didn't even know that the reason it was called Coke "ZERO" was because there was zero calories/sugar. We all knew that's what Coke Zero was from the start, but is it really that hard to even just buy a bottle and read it just to know what the fuck it's supposed to be, and what's even in it?

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You would never believe me, but I have had conversations with idiots who tell me diet sodas are bad because "they replace the calories with extra sugar." I've heard this multiple times so the idea is somewhat widespread I guess.

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Pretty crazy that anyone would actually say that shit with a straight face. That's gotta be some pretty shitty fearmongering if they truly believe such a thing.

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We are talking about he sort of people where Activision had to call "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" exactly that because in focus tests when they just called it "Modern Warfare 2" people responded by saying it "looks fun, but I only play/like Call of Duty". These were people that had played the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, so it wasn't a new thing for them in any way.
In short there are an awful lot of idiots out there.

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Why are they allowed to live. We kill animals too when we think they're beneath us.

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>using video game analogy to describe people not understanding soda labels
America in a nutshell

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It's probably to target people like me who are more or less unexposed to advertisement. Pretty much the only way for them to get to people like me to hear about their products is through word of mouth. I don't think it's going to work though. Like you said, everybody else is going to keep calling it the same thing and the underexposed people are probably all intentionally avoiding their marketing.

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If something changes at factory or a new source of ingredients that changes the flavor then they stamp that on in case someone even notices a change in the flavor.

think of peewee herman - "hehe, I meant to do that" after he nukes california

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