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Today marks an important day in your life, for i am making cast iron pan pizza for first time ever. This is a no-knead recipe.

>400g bread flour
>10g (((kosher))) salt
>4g active dry yeast (activated)
>275g water (filtered)
>2 tsp olive oil

I decided to start this story late. We have already undergone 16hrs of rise at 65f on kitchen counter.

HARD MODE: my kitchen scale is broken, so measurements are mad max style, volume.


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We are allowing another hour or so of rise because of cooler ambient temp. This noknead looks pretty good so far.

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Intended toppings:

Fresh chopped garlic
Sandwich sized deli pepperoni

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The pan:

40+ year old, unknown make

Handed down from my gran-mama.

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So is this a chicago style deep dish? I thought it's crust was more similar to pie crust.

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>no knead pizza dough
>that recipe
>cast iron pizza
this is an important day
it's the day you should unironically kill yourself

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It should be thick and airy, if all goes well.

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Okay senpai. Will insert head in lukewarm electric oven

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Looks to be on track. Dough has been split into half. One piece sealed in fridge. One piece greased and proofing in sealed pan for another couple hours.

>Gluten web blast

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>dough split


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400g flour = 2 pizzas

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Please continue to deliver OP, I am interested to see how this turns out.

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40 mins into pan proofing. Dough rising rapidly, needs to expand outward possibly.

Concerns for a too tight dough incoming.

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I, too, am curious/following.

Fuck the neigh-sayers.

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curious germanbro reporting in

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Still got another 3-4hrs til cooktime.
Pregnant wife was hungry, so Indulging in a classic american shitsnack with fries.

My impatience is setting in. I want to peek at my doughbro.

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W-wait. You keep fast food in the fridge?

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Went up to the corner for 2 dbl cbs and fries. Free fry fritag.

Please make note i am covering my dough with a pillowcase. Sleep tight my doughbro.

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Here's what i have for decent toppings. What would you choose?

>Bottom right is aged provolone cheese.

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bread flour and garlic skin

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Red onion, pepperoni, garlic and mozzarella is best combo you can make imo

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Fuck me, I saw the thumbnail and thought this was a dinotendie thread.

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Pepperoni, garlic, caramelized onions and something green, like bell peppers or basil

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I think that's where i am heading with this.
One more hour of proofies.

>while i wait

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cmon m8

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It's all i got my friend :>)

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How do you get the crust to come out brown on the bottom in a cast iron?

Every time I try, it ends up anemic as fuck on the bottom.

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I am worried about this myself, though the backup plan is to heat it over a burner following bake if need be.

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Seriously guy, your pizza needs something green on top to break through all the fat, salt and carbs

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Prep station ready to go, oven activated to 500f(max).

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I wanted to use fresh basil, but forgot on my publix run.

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Fresh parsley added to prep area for illusion of color.

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Texas cutting board here's a (you), fellow Texas fag

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>Fresh parsley added to prep area for illusion of color.

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For me, the greatest country on earth, Texas.

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fellow texasfag here. why aren't you drinking shiner bock, you fake texasfag

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Is that your first ace mounted on the wall there?

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The jigs up, I'm in Florida, but am from there.

That is a bunch of disc golf related shit. The baslet trophy is what i gave to my wife for winning while i was directing a tournament. We had just met.

UPDATE: i proofed for a long time, here is the dough, airy and ready to be topped and baked.

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when I make cast iron pizza, I usually bake my crust with just a little garlic butter around the crust for 5 minutes. pull it out and top it, put more garlic butter around the crust and bake. oh and more garlic butter on the crust when it comes out of the oven

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I should have done this. We'll see how it comes out... i was telling myself parbake all day and forgot like a huge fgt normie.

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We are topped up and in oven.

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maybe lay a piece of foil on top to protect your topping from burning. you can always broil them when your crust bottom is to your liking

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>Heat up pan on stove
>Cook dough for like 2-3 minutes, just to toast the bottom
>Throw ingredients on
>Throw in oven at 400 for like 20 min

Never fails

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Topped and straight in at 500f.

Success so far! Inspect of crust looks good and we are well leavened.

>no kitchen scale masterace
>first try godtier

Cross section incoming.

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Can all this be done with a properly oiled quality stainless steel pan? Asking for a friend

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Looks greasy. I am making a frozen jacks mexican style in a bit. Adding extra cheddar.

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Wow, i wish i could share with you guys. It is no joke super good. Highly recommended recipe.

I think the cast iron would be essential here, though a pie pan could work. The crust with the cast iron was right on point, though i did use about 2 minutes on stovetop, high heat to ensure nice bottom.

Im so happy /ck/!

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Cross section

Dough rose so perfectly, crust is lightly crunch on bottom and soft and airy throughout.

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I would eat your pizza op

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Money shot

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>Wooden board of best state
>Says "Epicurean" on it

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I would share with you, anon.

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pizza looks good op. did you cook in on the stove before oveningit?

estimated weight: 260 lbs

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What's not to comprehend, nigger?

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That looks fantastic, nicely done Anon. Thanks for posting all of this.

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yes op did you do this
and how long did you cook it?

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9000 hours mspaint

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Nope, this went last stage of rise in pan> toppings> bake> quick/hot stovetop bake to finish crust for insurance.

6'1 230 non-soyboy

Happy to contribute OC and my first cooking thread on /ck/.

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Heat somewhere between 500-550f
Bake time, middle rack: 12min
Stovetop, high heat: 2min

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Should not buy kosher salt, kosher is jewish.

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I feel honored to have been awarded mspaint work.

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It was more for me since I have never tried cast iron (I don't fuck with baking/dough a lot), but figured I should post it anyway for anon.

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I've been trying to up my baking skills past buttermilk biscuits.

Anyone who cooks and has a iron should give this a try. If i got it first try, so can anon. Surely to use high quality ingredients, dont skimp on anything.

>mfw pizza gone in about 1/624th time to prepare, but worth the melancholy.

Anyone want full recipe?

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Great thread, OP. Looks fucking delicious.

I've been making a ton of biscuits myself lately.

2.5 C White Lily flour
1 stick butter, frozen
1 C buttermilk

Throughout the years I've made dozens of batches of a specific chocolate chip cookie. I spent a while trying to find the best recipe that was soft, thick, and had a good ratio of chips. Did lots of reading too, and you'll notice that many cookie recipes call for refrigerating dough so the fat doesn't melt too quickly. Well, I go a step further and FREEZE the dough after forming the cookies, and bake directly from frozen. This way the cookies will be the perfect shape and thickness before the fat has a chance to melt. I will never again bake a homemade chocolate chip cookie that isn't from frozen dough. The result is just too perfect to pass up.

Well, long story short, I'd also been experimenting with biscuits. I got to thinking about all the recipes that call for cold buttermilk, cold flour, shit, even cold flour in a cold bowl. Well, that's really no different than the aforementioned chocolate chip cookie method, right? So I started cutting the mixed biscuit dough as normal, but freezing it rock solid. It turned out just about how you'd expect: perfect.

That is all to says that baking is a lot about technique rather than ingredients. Wew.

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I followed a new age popular technique of no-kneading, which really created long strong gluten webbing like i haven't seen.



I used both of these pages simultaneously. I believe its super important to let the bread rise in a 65-75f area for as long as possible (16hrs for me before panning). Getting as close as possible to the ingredient weight is always good. Don't be afraid to use extra yeast.

More stats for my experience:
Electric range
Max out temperature 500+
Well seasoned, greased cast iron
Well sealed and round bowls for leavening dough (rise)
Tea towel over pan while doing final pan rise, i used pillowcase because thats what i had
If the dough is on trach and airy, dont be scared to use extra sauce and toppings. The bread is stronk.

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I like your style. Biscuits just don't come out the same without keeping it cold before baking. You make me want to do some cookies for desert!

My biscuits:

All purpose 20ish ou
Buttermilk 1cup
6tbsp butter cold
1/4tsp b. Soda
3tsp b. Powder
1tsp kosher salt
2tsp light brown sugar

So important to bake in good pan, nice and tight and about 2inch wide x 1inch tall, imo. 400f 15ish min.

Most important thing you said is that technique and experience really is what makes good dishes.

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Those look just about as good as any biscuit I ever saw. Bet they tasted just as good.

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I struggle with getting the flavors just right, but they can be so good. Especially with a sawmill sausage gravy

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I keep thinking of important parts.

A silicone spatula went a long long way throughout this recipe, especially turning it out of pan onto cutting surface and very carefully releasing leavened dough after initial rise.

Don't ever abuse the dough! It needs a gentle and caring senpai!

I want more pizza, so lucky me! We have another piece of dough in the fridge since we split it way earlier!

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Got me thinking about the cold.

For this pizza, i made sure to leave my toppings and sauce on counter to warm to room temp before baking. This may have helped some.

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Nice job, anon.

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