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Hey all hows your day going?

I'm intrested in restoring old knives, tools and the like. I've done a few projects which didnt require much rust removal sandpaper and acetone did the trick.

I have my eye on a few projects and was thinking about using electrolysis. I've been doing a bit of research and I keep seeing in big books letters DO NOT USE STAINLESS STEEL AS AN ELECTRODE.

I'm not 100% on the chemistry but when carnigens get mentioned I tend to steer clear but it did lead to a question.

Hopefully yall can help me out.

1. Can I use electrolysis to de rust non stainless steel metal?

From what I understand it's the alloy mixture that does some chemistry shit that I dont understand which causes the carcinogens to form. But just to be safe I wanted to post this question.

Thanks in advance yall.

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No idea but bump for interest

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Dont worry friend I'm sure some kind anon will arrive and throw down some walter white shit. We just have wait and believe

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looks like a tie fighter...
admissible power : 50 W PEP.
This is a prototype used to test wind/mechanical load. the balun/ feedpoint will go at the center because the center of gravity should go at the center of the boom. the driven element will be fed through a balanced twisted pair.
Will use PPR or PE tubing in the future (because PVC is lossy when it comes to radiowaves)
using 16mm piping now but will go 20mm for the boom
Final version will be tactical and for the 300~400 Mhz emergency services band, and will be 4 time smaller (area/weight) wise
Final version is visible on www.skynext.space

Some project pictures will follow.

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all sizes metric

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Fascinating, OP. What does the cubical shape get you that a planar antenna doesn't? Is this a directional antenna like a moxon? Do you have one of those radiation pattern charts (pic related for it?

I'm a radio noob and antennas are mystical to me.

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Fantastic job OP. How does it load up? Does it radiate in the pattern you expected?

I would use this in a temporary installation, however, I'm a little worried about it's integrity with ice loading.

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I have only modeled it through NEC2 (an old school antenna modeler).
When it comes to SWR and other radio electrical characteristics, i'll have to wait for a decent VNA (Vector network analyzer) that i plan to buy. It will tell me if the antenna behaves well.
However, to make a real life test of antenna directivity and radiation pattern it's better to test it in an anechoic RF room. And that's another story (costs a lot to test)

Although it's possible to make a crude measurement with a two port VNA and plugging two dipoles for the first test at a specific distance (outside of the Fresnel zone) and then one dipole and the test antenna. (one antenna transmists and the other receives).
Then we compare the gain between two dipoles and one dipole and the test antenna.
Then it is also possible to move the dipole receiveing antenna in a circular pattern around the tested antenna and plot a radiation pattern.
Quite cumbersome to do it in freespace.

For higher frequencies it is a lot easier since the scale is way smaller.

FYI, all information i read comes from radio ham pdf books and articles. the antenna in itself is not so complicated. the balun (what makes currents symetrical in each segment of the wires) is the difficult part.

And yes of course it is a directional antenna.This two element antenna is equivalent to a Yagi with 3 elements (the vanilla TV style antenna).

It's gain is probably a bit less than 6dBi

I tested it with a Denon old school tuner with poor sensitivity and sometimes I hear well a broadcast station in the mountains 120 km range.

But as said before, the VNA test will at least tell me if the SWR (measure of the reflected power, which corresponds baiscally to the "matching" of the antenna to the expected impedance) is close to 1. (the theoretical perfect value) that I should measure at center frequency (designed for 95 Mhz).
If there is a mismatch, moving the tuning stub could help.

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thank you.
see :

When it comes to icing conditions and snow and wind I will have to wait for winter... I expect it to move quite a lot in strong winds.
That should not be a problem for UHF frequencies.
I will see what I get with polypropylene with thick walls, or ABS.
The fact is that I used standard electrical conduit PVC for the time being.
also 4mm diameter fiberglass struts (fishbone) are a little undersized.
Maybe I will need to use struts between the two elements because for now there is a bit of motion normal to the planes of the elements (in the boom direction).

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I recently inherited a piano that's in pretty rough shape. It sounds excellent but the shell is pretty beat up with minor scratches all over and on the top there even appears to be some water damage or something. Do any of you anons know how I could go about restoring it? Should I use a belt sander to get rid of the scratches and simply restain it?

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I got one of those paint your countertop kits and it includes a 16oz can of polycrylic for a top coat. While the can should be enough to roll on 1-2 coats, it being water-based I'm worried about durability regarding water spills and scratches.

I was thinking of getting some clear epoxy and putting that on top of the polycrylic. Should I expect any weird reactions between the polycrylic and epoxy? Also would 16oz of epoxy be enough, i'd just be rolling on a layer like paint. The polycrylic at 16oz is enough for 1+ layer.

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If the package says roll it on, follow the directions carefully. In general you don't roll clear products because they get filled with tiny bubbles. Even if the bubbles rise to the surface and pop, they sometimes leave little craters that screw up the sheen. Also, some roller naps never stop shedding fibers.

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I think most epoxy's can be rolled on. Would making the layer thin prevent bubbles too? I'm just looking to seal the polycrylic.

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My freezer melted out onto my floor and I let the water sit there for a day before moving the fridge to properly dry it.

Questions :
1. Can I remove the discoloration from the wood flooring? If so, how? I may have removed the finish trying to clean up the mess with a floor wipe. I also used alcohol to try to stop it from molding. I have a mini fan blowing air on the area now.

2. I live in an older (built in the 80s) apartment. Does this look serious enough to effect the apartment below me?

3. If I can't fix it myself, can I have someone spot repair it? Or will the whole floor need to be redone?

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1. Not a hell of a lot you can do to fix the discoloration. You can try putting a dehumidifer down to further dry it and possibly lighten it, but that damage is done.

Alcohol won't fuck with the finish, but it also won't do anything for mold or the discoloration.

2. If it was enough water to bother you neighbors, there's be a hell of a lot more damage on your end. You'd of also heard from them or management by now.

3. Looks like someone also repaired this spot once The ends of hardwood shouldn't line up like that, and you can tell those are pre-finished boards by the V-groove, and that some have been cut in the middle of the board and placed in. That's also why the damage is worse on the boards with the smallest gap - there's no finish and they weren't a tight tongue and groove fit, so the water hit raw wood.

Repair it isn't hard - just cutting it them out with a multitool and gluing in the replacements. The bitch is finding the exact same color, thickness and width. (Spoilers: You won't find it)

If it's a common thickness (3/4, 1/2, 3/8) just look for unfinished in the same width and try and white wash it to match. The pictures blurry as hell and the color doesn't help, but I'm guessing maple?

Good luck

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I have like 7 fucking mowers and i cannot keep one running to save my fucking life. I decided to find a zero turn and sell the piece of shit gas motor and use an electric motor with a custom 18650 battery pack. Im not using junk ass used laptop cells and trading one piece of shit with another. But at 4 or 5 bucks a cell it's going to cost around 3k for me to Frankenstein it together. For $4,000 i can just buy the Ryobi with a 75ah battery and upgrade to the 100ah after it's paid for.

What the fuck do i do?

I dont really have 3k-4k just laying around so it will be closer to 5 or 6 k after i get cucked with all of the interest.

Should i just go with deep cycle lead batts and call it good for now? Im ~260lb amerifat and lead is heavy. Would it be a problem?

Do i just tough it out and buy a used electric motor and build a pack from used 18650?

How big of an electric motor would i even need to match, say, a 20hp briggs anand stratton?

Wtf do i do. Because this piece of shit is getting drug out to pasture for parts. Im 38 and not one time in my life have i ever just started my mower and mowed. I put a tire on list time i mowed and the week before that i bough mt the first working mower battery i have ever had. I've had enough of this shit. It's always 2 fucking hours of jerking off the fucking mower just for it to quit an hour later.

For whatever reason i cannot keep a gasser running to save my fucking life but i can build a remote control car. Like a real car. Like mythbusters did. Yet i can't tune my own fucking carburetor.


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Its got stabil in it tho

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Best i can do is 87 witwithout fucking corn juice here. I guess i could figure out how much octane boost would make it 92?

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I do tho

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My buddy that runs a mud run said to just jave his motor guy build it and run racing fuel. Lol, god only knows what that would cost

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Ive done a lot of work in the oil field. I feel like ive earned the right to firbomb my own stuff from time to time or mop acar trailer deck with bs.

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I recently bought a condo with this old ass McQuay air handler in it. The chiller / heat is located in another building and this controls the airflow in my place. The motor broke down and I opened it up and it's full of mold so severely that I'm just going to have to replace. Any idea how much I'm looking at to replace it? Any recommendations for what I should be looking for to buy? This thing is so old I can't even find a fuckin serial number on it.

Is it even worth DIY or should I just suck it up and pay an HVAC company / at what cost?

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Forgot to mention, this isn't the one in my unit, just a similar one I found online. Mine has an external motor on the right side, too.

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it's full of mold

Dont fuck about get a Prof in anon

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Oh I'm getting it totally replaced, I'll hire a prof to clean the air ducts right after, too.

I was just trying to figure out how much work / time / money to do the replacement myself or if it's one of those things I should just get a prof to do.

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Is this brand just a placebo? Shit's way more expensive than Snap-On

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They have 2.5x more aircrafts and 5x the personnel than you north mollusks have.

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Most of the Foster's Air Force combat aircraft are not flight worthy. Their Hornets are junked.

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Got to know a couple of guys working for Stahlwille when I used to live in Wuppertal. They took their jobs and products seriously.
Never used one though so my opinion is mostly bias.

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>They took their jobs and products seriously.

When you can charge 5x what your product is worth and get away with it, you should take your scam seriously. They make Apple look like good guys.

Their tools are beautiful, well designed, and well made. But there is nothing magical about them that makes them turn nuts and bolts better than most other decent tools.

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Their sockets are cold forged instead of drop forged, there is a difference.

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things that nobody teached you thread

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Nobody teached you to clip your nails properly.

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>things that nobody teached you thread
Nobody "taught" you proper English.

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What are you showing here?

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He's using a bit holder to grab a pc screw directly.
The shape of the head should make that method rather obvious though.

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>House: 2.5-stories/26ft
>Maximum of three stories with 3rd
story as occupied space within the
2nd story roof volume

I want to have a house built but I have no clue what this means.

A 2-story that is extra tall on the second floor?
A 2-story that has a terrace-like roof?

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Finished attic space is how I would look at - Within the 2nd floor roof volume. A finished room has to meet the legal definitions of a finished space to be put on official records or a listing when being sold.
26 feet doesn't seem very high for a 2 floor house. The pitch of most roofs I've seen being built is damn near the total height of the livable space.

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No terracing, but the attic is up to livable standards ( outlets, finished floors, lighting with switches as normally needed for other living spaces)

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>parking space on the alley way side
>Parking space is 2/3 the size of the building
>"Means of egress" (a.k.a exit) on the avenue side

Is this one of those promotional photos for a school where they just knocked together something and didn't care how it looked?

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I think the point is for the house to look as good as possible from street side. Still retarded. Could have avoided the alley and gotten a bigger backyard.

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What would /diy/ put in a minimal-but-handle-pretty-much-anything toolkit?

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>What would /diy/ put in a minimal-but-handle-pretty-much-anything toolkit?
A huge checkbook.

But seriously without roughly knowing what you want to do there is no way of telling you what to get.
Buy the tools you need when you need them.

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Buy the tools you need when you need them.

Buy GOOD Quality tools,

>> No.1637333

when you need them

>> No.1637379

when you need them it will be too late
buy everything and use 3 of them

>> No.1637410

>actually buying those garbage irwin pliers wrench knockoffs

Doomed to be poor forever

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Anyone know of or have a compilation of guides/sites/playlist(s) pertaining to van renovation? Personal experiences? My budget is 10k total but I only have about 5k available for it at the moment.

Does /diy/ think I couldn't get it done in 6 weeks while working full time if I bust my ass?

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Plot it all out on graph paper where everything will go. I guess you can put a camper into any van you like but IDK 180k is up there and for $10k you can get a baller conversion van that already has everything you need done right. Really you could get that for $5k probably, maybe with some cool retro 90s raster stripes.
If you are determined to convert it yourself I can give you some amazon links for the shit I bought for my RV. I spent a while comparison shopping to get a cood cost/benefit on the stuff I bought to update my vintage RV, stuff like LED lights and water storage that would work great in your application.

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I just picked a random city (Atlanta) and checked Craigslist. Now I like vintage stuff but not too old, 80s / 90s bc parts are cheap and plentiful usually and they can be worked on easy. You may have a different idea in mind but anyways this is what I'd look for if I wanted a budget camper van. 27k miles is minimal, the camper interior looks awesome, and you don't have to do shit to it. Dodges are prone to transmission problems but thats pretty low mileage. Just a thought.


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Yeah I guess I don't know enough about specific make and model issues for vans to know which models are better to buy old and low miles and which are better newer and higher miles. The Chevy I mentioned is 2009 and apparently they don't have the spark plug issues like the Ford E series do from those years. I will look into prefab options but really I just think I have way better taste than the people who designed campers like that. I'd probably end up changing almost everything on the inside pretty quick after buying it. Like a picnic table in the Chinook, come on. Huge fucking waste of space and totally unnecessary.

>> No.1637276

>picnic table in the Chinook

If you are talking about the 3 sided bench area with a table in the back of some Chinook designs, the table top is easily removable and also locks into the benches to make it into another bed, with 2 windows that allow for good airflow.

Anyways its your money, do whatever you want. If you have to ask I'm thinking 6 weeks while holding down a full time job is totally unrealistic for building a from scratch interior.

>> No.1637293

Okay I didn't realize it was a convertible table, but still it's got to be a pain to have to do all that and remake the bed Everytime you want to change it. Thanks for all advice

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So I am working on my house and need to resurface some sidewalk blocks and stucco my terribly spalled chimney brick.

Do you guys have tips or products you like better than others? I was planning on just resurfacing with a sponge float and quickcrete resurfacer, and stuccoing using a sponge float and 16" concrete trowel.

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for side walk use the fancy looking quickrete. I think it's calling finishing quickrete. if you are just slapping some on top, only use the finishing stuff. if redoing it all, only the top and edges need it, rest can be cheaper quickrete

what I use on mortar is this stuff I get at a plumbing/HVAC supply house. it's premade mortar sealant. it's like a putty at first, but with heat it turns solid. so you can easily apply it where ever, without getting super dirty, and then take a torch to it to make it solid.
real nice stuff.

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Watch this dude for a couple nights and you'll get more than this thread will ever be.

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Can anyone think of a good way I could mount my cell phone to the ceiling of my car? Its so when I recline my seat I can laydown and watch videos while looking up at the ceiling.

The only problem is figuring out the least intrusive way to mount something to my ceiling that also makes it easy to take the phone in and out. The ceiling is made of cloth with some kind of foam behind it if that helps.

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Yeah that was the first thing I thought of too. I just dont want to add velcro to my phone necessarily, although I guess I could get a second case and stick it to that for when Im doing this. Do you think the velcro tape would stick to the ceiling reliably, or should I glue it or something?

The other option I came up with was magnets, but that has its own set of complications like how to get the right size and mount them.

>> No.1637008

My phone doesnt seem to be magnetic actually.

>> No.1637011

I can also pair it with my bluetooth mouse and it looks it will work out quite nicely.

>> No.1637024

Your headliner will start to fall down with added weight pulling the fabric away from its foam backing.
>inb4 OP breaks his nose
Maybe run a bracket across the ceiling with clips that slide under the molding by the doors on both sides. Could easily be done with 4AWG aluminum wire.

>> No.1637031

Thanks, good call I'll take a closer look at how to do it tomorrow when the suns out

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Saw this on a street in Maryland.

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Where are you fren?

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H.E.L.P.e.R's head?

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Free bump because inspiring minds want to know.
Oh, and random pic because it's an image board after all.

>> No.1637100

>at least I still have my Constitution

>> No.1637179

517. Brooklyn, Mi. I live in the apartment complex behind the library

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I’m replacing my carpet floor with my wooden floor, and at my fireplace I’m sawing the brick so I can slide the wood under (my wife doesn’t like the look of trim around it and I agree). Anyways, I did an opposite and cut too high (pic related). Is there anyway I can find some kind of brick filler or do I need to replace the brick. Also on that note, anyone know where to find bricks of that color? Location Columbus Ohio

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Buddy its hard to replace brick as companies go out of bidness often.

Get epoxy and make a dust slurry and slap that bitch in there

>> No.1636977

remove cement holding brick in place
remove brick without breaking it
flip brick around
reinsert brick
boom done

>> No.1636984

I’ll try this first, then I’ll try >>1636977
Thanks for the help, I’ll post back here if option 1 actually works well, if not assume I did 2 because that is bound to work

>> No.1636999

man, just fill it with _anything_ and then paint the wall. it looks like it was painted before and then somebody did a half-assed job of removing said paint. make it white or something, women love that.

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This but don't re-cement. After removing the brick, before flipping it around, hollow it out and stash fireproof valuables. Also epoxy the cut corner before hollowing the brick.

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battery charging question; I have two 12 volt batteries in bank to make one 24 volt battery. When charging, would a 8 amp charge applied to the 24 volt setup be the same as charging with 4 amps to each 12 individually each with their own pos. and neg. ???? Thanks :)

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>> No.1636942

If they were two unprotected lithium ion banks, yes. So like a 3s2p bank I think they would call it. But even them, charging the 3s1p with only 3 cells and no balancing or protection would be dangerous.

I assumed OP was talking about lead acid batteries.

>> No.1636946

Sorry for secondpost, I don’t know about the lead acid. If you have one at 12.0V and another at 13.0V, you could get a whole lot of current flowing from the high one to the low. I haven’t done quite as much research on that, but I don’t think it’s nearly as dangerous as trying to do the same thing with a 3.0V and 4.3V Li-Ion hooked up to eachother. Some anon mentioned once that he measured the current between a couple 18650s that were only a few tenths of a volt apart and the higher one was sending a stupid amount of current to the lower one when using nothing but wire between them.

>> No.1637051

18650s will discharge 10a but should only be charged at up to 2.15a, while car batteries require at least 12.9v to even activate the chemical reaction that is charging and the higher battery here is at 13v. It would just drain down to level with the 12v one, might generate heat in the wire but won't boil a battery.

>> No.1637173

Nah it was a lot more than that. There is a max rated discharge for each cell, but that is for safety and preservation of the cell. They will do much more if you let them run away. The 1500mAh LG cells I have were rated at 15A IIRC but anon said he measured something like 50A+ when he hooked up two mismatched 18650s.

>> No.1637295

I'm surprised there wasn't a fireball and molten lithium everywhere.

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Long story short i was trying to light a cigarette without a lighter,i used a piece of cable and made it touch with some alluminium foil,there was a pop and all of my lights and the fridge are off,what happened? Will i die?how to resolve,also i live in eu dontknow if it changes anything

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>Be me as 5 year old
>favourite show was home improvement and one of the things I liked to do was take stuff apart
>tons of old electronics to play with
>dad gave me old capacitor about the length of my 5 year old forearm.
>managed to charge capacitor, set up 8 pennies with about 1/4" spacing.
>shut off lights, take two wires and connected to opposite ends of pennies.
>ZAP, cool arc jump across pennies

I had a better understanding of electricity at age 5 than OP. OP confirmed retarded.

>> No.1637150

And then everybody clapped.

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>dad gave me old capacitor about the length of my 5 year old forearm.
Top tier parenting skills

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This idea probably stems from a russian youtube channel where that method of lighting a cigarette actually works.
At least we had a laugh.

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I need some help here.

I have a 6mm thick aluminum plate that I need to add joints to. I need a vertical hinge and a horizontal rotation.

Basically need it to bend out and flip over.

If this makes sense to you please help me explain it less autistically.

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Nah, you described it just fine. Glad to be of help.

If you have any other questions, make a new thread.

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Are you trying to build what's in your pic? There'd have to be some design changes to make that work.

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I don't understand it, a picture/diagram is worth 1000 words.

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>"if it aint broke, don't fix it"

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oh fuck I had forgotten about that. Thank you OP, I can go back to normal life.

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