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Need to dig a deep hole are portable backhoes the way to go?

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How deep are we talking about?

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My community has to bury a witch after the trial. There's a lot of hoops to jump through so the soul cannot escape and return to rhe master or worse. I wont go into specifics but needs to be deep. We also have a rock to cover the site and keep the witch buried but using a forklift for that bit.

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how well should a bed be put together?

currently staying in an airbnb and the bed fell apart
it's a queen mattress but the boxspring was only being supported by two bars like this which connects the head to the foot, there's nothing in the middle to help support it
every frame I've seen has some sort of transversal piece, this doesn't
is this enough to normally support a mattress?
should I expect to pay damages?

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I want to do a lot of things like weld and build shit but I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my wife and have no space to do anything. Not even allowed to work on my car in the parking lot (was doing it for a while but some cunt complained and the owner had words with me).

What options do I have if I want to build stuff? I was thinking about getting a HF oxy acetylene welding kit but I just have nowhere to use it.

Was thinking about getting a storage unit and just going to town in there but wanted to see if you guys had any ideas.

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>I want to do a lot of things like weld and build shit but my wife

It sounds like what you really want is out of your marriage; because no married man wants to do any of that, because you do that to either earn money or attract a mate, and if you already have one then you shouldn't voluntarily want to do it.

Just man up and tell her already.

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Why wouldn't you want to learn how to weld? Are you a filthy faggot or something?

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Sounds like your place is for assholes, find somewhere else to live. You don't have much choice but to rent a unit in the mean time.

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>oxy acetylene
nobody welds with oxy acetylene anymore except coachbuilders and even most of them use tig at this point.
Oxy acetylene is used for cutting, soldering, brazing and general heating/bending.
You want a mig/tig, I recommend the multimatic 215, it'll have you covered for everything except aluminum.

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Hey /diy/! I've asked /o/ a lot about this, so let me break it down for you guys
>remove brake shield while changing wheel bearing
>its rusty and fucked
>bend it off, only one screw hole intact
>regret it later after other work done on my car

so, here is my issue.
>very basic knowledge of welding
>thin metal to cast metal
>can't remove the hub to attach the shield properly because the hub has to be removed first, and I don't want to risk damaging a bearing

So the plan is to clamp the sheild to the knucle and do a couple welds around the knuckle to hold it there. Any imput is helpful, welding tips and such. Thanks /diy/

pic related

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very bad idea as welding on cast without the proper electrode makes it pretty susceptible to cracking

you dont want your steering knuckle cracking

if you get into an accident and the adjuster sees that you will be up to your eyeballs in shit

drill and tap some new holes or something

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also assuming youre not a total retard, and the bearing if its unsealed is kept clean, you wont damage it

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Wait so you just damaged the shield and not the knuckle? Fucking use machine screws and put it back. Who the fuck cares

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My house is built against a hillside where water run off from rain floods the back side of my house and when its really bad seeps into my sun room almost into my home. What can i do to reroute the water from flooding my back yard area. Up the hill is owned by the city so i have about 70 ish feet to play with

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Build terraces.
Put drains in them.
Put sandbags around your house

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Also make sure that's stable and you got insurance
The city is not watching out for you

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French Drain / Drainage Pipe around the house to the lower side of the hill.

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Dig a massive hole and catch all the water

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Why do people have table saws, miter saws and circular saws? Can't all 3 be done with a circular saw or even a jig saw?

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>using a fence... on rough sawn edges

For a carpenter they are

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>jig saw
These are trash. The only good thing you can do with a jig saw is to mount it upside down below a table and support the blade to create a bandsaw equivalent.


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So, do explain why a trim 'carpenter' needs a table saw...
I'll wait.

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When I was doing my first wood working projects (bar stools) I thought the same shit. Longest fucking projects of my life. While a circular saw certainly can do what a miter and table saw can it is a pain in the fucking ass trying to get the accurate cuts woodworking entails. Even with a fucking tracksaw it is nowhere near as fast as a table saw as you are constantly trying to fiddle with the piece of shit to make sure it is straight and that your blade isn't cutting to anything beneath it. Don't get me started on miter cuts, they'll always come out all fucked up.

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Almost forgot, good luck trying to rip-cut anything remotely thin with a fucking circular saw. Drills and drill presses are the same way sometimes you just need that extra precision and/or speed.

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I want to grow some diamonds in my house, anyone have any resources?

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Since I havent really contributed anything to this thread, here is some of what I've found.


http://www.caratsystems.com/deposition.html (pic related)

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>You can’t get a good diamond structure without more pressure than we can produce,

You should do some research before making outdated claims. We've had the technology to make synthetic gem quality diamonds for almost 50 years, recent developments using a plasma vapor deposition process has made it even easier to the point where you can go to your local jew and get lab grown diamonds to trick your wife with. There's been huge marketing campaigns to try and rebrand synthetic as 'artisan made' diamonds so that they can be sold for almost the same as the ones fished out of a river by nignogs.


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Nah, I see no reason why I cant weld up a standing wave microwave cavity, pump out the air and introduce a little hydrogen and natural gass and then turn on a magnitron.

And I don't see why this would need to cost more than a couple hundred bucks. Free old microwaves are abundant. I have the welder and vacuum pump. Some cheap industrial diamond dust could be the seed.

I'm sure it would be rather hit or miss unless I got some more lab grade shit but hit or miss would still be good enough.

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Toss a handful of dirt in a pressure cooker. Real one. None of that instant pot shit.

Cook on high for 16 hours.

Walla. Diamonds.

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Perhaps garden variety cm microwaves wouldn't be ideal?

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Come on faggots show us your sawhorse builds.

Mine are solid timbers, with mortice and tenon connections. Just glue, no fucking nails.

At one point, over 2 tons of lumber were loaded onto these babies.

Now, they just sit in my garage, dreaming of when they will be doing serious work again.

I have some more fir, and am thinking of building a set of Mark 2's

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PS Dont bother me if you are going to use dimension lumber or pine to build yours.

These ones needed me to use a Delta rtenon cutting jig to make the tenons for the legs. I canted them at an angle though in one plane only.

To do it over, I would do angle them to one side AND to the rear for extra stability.

BTW the other weird stuff you see in the pic are a bag of hydrated lime I need for making heat proof mortar for my outdoor oven build, once the snow is gone.

The silver thing is a Holophane lamp and transformer meant for a warehouse space I got for free.

the transformer is the black wiring you see.

PS IM drunk on an IPA right now so no power tools for me.

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i'm not a faggot you fucking nigger. what's that lyme for? are you murdering your 10 year old boytoys that you abducted? you fucking faggot.

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Its spelled "lime" you half fucking wit from the depths of Appalachia who half two siblings for parents.

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Oh look another woodtard bragging about how his wood is the king of shitmaterial mountain.

To make it even worse, sawhorses are the most embarrassing of wooden tools.

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Post whatever you got, from being thrifty to making money. Drop everything here.

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Save money. Just grind it out when your young and build a wad of dough to slap people around with.

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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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Being gay is a sin

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you make the wort, the yeast makes the beer

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Have a poop once a day and try to poopie-y it out at the same time every day.

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I want to re-color the piece on the right, maybe give it some kind of chrome plated look. How would I go about doing that?

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I have a large shed in my backyard that I'd like to turn in to a livable space. It looks like the one in the picture, only bigger. I had plans to make it into a one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen and living room mini-house.
Unfortunately, permit laws have changed and I can't have a dwelling that someone lives in within 20 feet of my neighbors property line. The neighbor is a total bitch, and has been for many years, so I can't get away with doing the work unpermitted.
Someone at my work was telling me how easy it is to fake a permit, but I know nothing about that. The law only changed recently, within the last 10 years or so.
Anyone have any experience with faking a city permit? It's completely concealed within my background so it really wouldn't get any attention, it's just the bitchy neighbor I'm worried about.

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Sound like your neighbor has the determination to follow up with he city on your fake permit. See if building an "Air BnB/ inlaw appt" is the same a dwelling.

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Skirt the law as much as possible before breaking it...
>No dwelling within 20' of property line
See if that applies to new structures, or if structures already in place can be converted an grandfathered.
>What defines it as a Dwelling?
Some cities define a Dwelling as having certain appliances (stove/oven) in them. Put in a microwave and toaster oven = Not a dwelling.
Some state that having a certain % of ft2 as being a dwelling. Have no separate areas and a Murphy Bed = Creative Art Studio....

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Thank you, anon.

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Yeah, the problem with that is most places only allow a non-permanent structure for a year before you need to take it down. I mean, yeah, if you live in the boons you can do what you want but in cities, places with dumb rules like nothing within 20 feet of the property line, they get anal about shit like that.

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Thanks guys

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would you recommend a cow milking machine as a hands free Jelqer?

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i don't know what this means but it looks expensive

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I think for USD you can divide that by 50.

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Hey everyone, I have an Ibanez Gsr200, which is an active bass, and I'd like to turn it passive, bypassing the Phat-II EQ + battery with a switch and going straight to the output jack. The pickups + volume and tone controls are passive. I can solder and work my way through a diagram, but I can't think it off scratch... Can someone here on /diy/ help me out? Thanks in advance, Pic related

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make sure you connect the ground through the guitar, and the hot side can go directly to the jack. nothing to it, really.

source: i do all my guitars like this

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Dionizian: People who work with their hands dont think.
Apolonian: People who think never worked with their hands.

This is the result when those 2 type of idiots work together.

Just how influential is desintegration of society on construction?

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What is wrong with OSB panels?

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Kept getting run off of /pol/ so had to come shit up another board? Just fucking kys already

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No matter what you do to it treatment wise when it gets damp it will soak up water, rot and fall to mush like cardboard.
It is apparently difficult enough to correctly protect it from getting damp in the first place that using it in outer skins of building walls just isn't worth the risk or hassle.
Interior, floors, fuck even a roof because the guy doing roofs usually knows how to keep the water out properly.
Timber on the other hand may rot and decay but it doesn't immediately lose all of its structure when it gets splashed.
Brick/concrete soaks up water unfazed, couldn't care less about being wet.

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brick and concrete crack when moisture inside them freezes and/or the water corrodes metal reinforcements, the rusting metal also expanding and cracking the shit.

roman concrete is more durable to water but no one is going to use it for anything that isn't an expensive architect's pet project or a self-build thing

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i moved from america to a country with literally no usage of HVAC to speak of. its hot as balls here, too.

you get an air conditioner unit in your room, and it gets fuckin cold. do you understand how inefficient that HVAC shit can be? electric bills in florida... fuck that stupid shit. america is full of awful inefficient shit that nobody needs

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Hey. Ghost anon here. I've been fucked over by a normie. he have friends in "high" places. He took a project I wanted to make. now the teacher wants me to back off. I'm in the hunt for ideas. any of you guys have something. like in smart robots and stuff. real cool. legendary!!
(picture for consolation)

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yeah. um you should like. make some meth and. Internet it. Cool!

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cum on that girls tits and write a report about it

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Are you in first or second grade?

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Fuck off

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trying to make a cheap light box for an online store. what are some recommendable lights on the cheap? I'd like something neutral.

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I wanna bump+relevant hijack. I'm looking to make a movie poster lightbox. I've got a question I haven't been able to find an answer for- how do you block UV from fading posters? Both from the outside and from the lights within. These aren't ultra-precious, but I want the peace of mind. I'd really like to avoid the weight of glass, so standard tinting film is not possible.

In terms of lights, the YouTuber 'DIY Perks' nerds out about good colour reproduction from some certain led strips. That'll be my starting point for light research and probably what I'll go with. Check his info sections. Sorry I can't link em myself right now.

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How about you guys do some research and ask for opinions on done research?

>> No.1555813

A couple of those clamp anywhere shop lights ($5 each) and a few yards of white fabric from JoAnn ($8) and a cardboard box from somewhere (???). Paint the interior white ($7582.57).


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what are some cool diy led party lights projects? i wanted to do a led matrix, connect them to a raspberry pi and program my own light modes. what do i need for this kinda stuff? i just have a rpi, a cheap soldering iron and a starter pi sensor/electronics kit.

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>what do i need for this kinda stuff?
an internet connection. why do you expect us to give you a new writeup of the MANY existing guides?

>> No.1555712

i made the topic and started searching. lot's of them are very basic. would appreciate sharing one of those you talk about

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How do I make nice insulated cable holes/connections when I start with a regular waterproof junction box and USB cables? ..lads

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You make the hole too smal for the cable, then you force the cable throu the hole, that's enough. If you want to make it 100% waterproof, fill the junction box with Cast resin.

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scotchcast or scotch coat and rubber tape

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If it’s the looks, use a bushing to finish the hole too.

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I need to make an automated cat litter box cleaner: automatic scooping of feces and clumps of piss. Ideas?

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Train her to dig 500ft hole.

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Unless you have the requisite skills to properly engineer a design, and have the tools to complete the job already, and your time is worth less than minimum wage, you should just buy one. I appreciate the /diy/ spirit as much as anyone on this board, but there's a time and a place for it. https://www.chewy.com/s?query=automatic%20litter%20box

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I think machines capable of what you're asking for already exist, only additional thing I can think of is to modify a unit to work with water and sewer lines to automatically discard of the collected waste.

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I use non-clumping clay litter and scoop poop once a week. The litter box is in the bathroom so I just flush the poops, which only have maybe 10-20 grains of clay litter stuck to them due to the no clumping.

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