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cnc router bros where you at?

going to post a few pictures of my router, atc is operational now I'm currently working on the wiring for the sensors and rewriting my macros

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you can live control dyi rasberry pi robot that pushes fire around apartment

Controls for the movement and TTS are here:

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Hey guys, trying to reverse engineer something and I ran across this thing. Any idea what this is called?

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I want to replace the old peel and stick tile in my luandry room with new ones that i have my question is what should i remove the old adhesive with or do i even need too

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if this breaks any rules I apologise and will delete it but can anyone help me with this? I seem to get the info right when encoding it into the card, but card readers recognize it as fake. any ideas why?

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Hey Mr. Tard
Yes this breaks the rules, but only because of your stupidity.

Delete the thread before you get a ban.

Then re-create it but ask about creating custom id's barcodes and encoding magnetic strip data.

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Why don’t people use plaster on interior walls anymore?

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Sheetrock is the poorest, cheapest looking interior wall material possible.

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because it takes skill to do lath and plaster good any retard can slam up rock

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they do. usg diamond veneer is probably the best solution for plaster over rock. no need for lath

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plaster is more expensive and difficult to work with, also sucks for hanging shit in my experience

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This is the depth stop from a cheap arbor press. It appears to be made of cast iron. Somebody broke it and I was going to braze it back together.
I noticed that the edges of the break were black, I thought that was kind of odd. But when I gouged the metal with a file, it had the normal silvery iron color.
As soon as I started heating it to braze it, oil started to spread across the surface. As I kept heating it, the whole part got covered in thick oil and it started dripping onto the vise.
What the hell? Is this cast iron somehow impregnated with oil? This is not an oilite bearing. I've never before seen cast iron that starts pouring oil out of it when heated. I definitely can't braze it, or glue it, or anything.
I have no clue what this is. Enlighten me, if you can.

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clean it with a degreaser, it's probably residual

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two oily holes and two oily spots, related?

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Not an expert but maybe its not cast iron but made of sintered metal like cheap gears are. Basically an iron version of an oilite bearing. You can use pretty much any metal in the sintering process and its cheap, which kind of fits with harbour freitht.

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that's what I first thought when the oil started spreading across the surface. But far more oil dripped from it than could fit in those tapped holes even if they were full of oil. it wasn't at all oily to the touch before I started heating it.

I doubt it, for one it really isn't a bearing surface. It's a loose fit until the set screws are tightened. there's no reason for this to be an oilite material.
It could be a sintered metal, maybe soaked up so much oil as a side effect of that process, but then why are there such big corner reliefs on the inside, if the whole part was sintered they wouldn't need to mill the inside.

Maybe tomorrow I'll keep heating it and see how much oil comes out.

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The corner reliefs aren't from milling. They're to prevent cracking of the shitty material.

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This is my story

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Where the homeschooled boys at?

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This is not a /diy/ post.

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Post pics of jobs where you don't wanna even think about opening that can of worms...
>OC. The hard part is that it's 1-1/4 copper sweat from the WH

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i have nothing like that...but everyone whose come into my house looking to help with my plumbing has just done a 360 and walked out

i at least got someone to put in an emergency shutoff valve.

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I feel that. I charged extra for this nightmare spiderweb of "plumbing"

Oh, and it was a mud floor, yes mud, and plywood foundation walls.

Also I'm OP and cant understand which way to rotate shit

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>Oh, and it was a mud floor, yes mud,
well, i have stone in my crawl space. my pump is from the 60s. when i do replace it, i have a manual pump that i want to install as well, how difficult will this be?

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Need more info.
If you have a sump basket, it's pretty easy as long as you put a check valve in line and the hose in the sump basket and the other hose outside (I dont know your manual set up so I'm saying goes instead of pipe). Though I would stick with sn automatic sump with a built in float.

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2/10 would fail inspection

nice horizontal sanitary Ts you got there

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yo /diy/, can you help me make a gut call?

I'm living in Germany and I'm in my 30s. I inherited a house, worth around 150k but it needs lots of fixing (around another 150k worth of fixing cost for heating, windows, bathroom, roof, etc including working hours) - condition of the house is below average german standard. Doesn't look that pretty, no neat architecture, good neighbourhood. I could do some of the fixings alone, which could probably save 20k.

Question now is: Do I invest the 150k and make it my home - or do I sell it right now and build a new one from scratch (which will probably cost around 250k to build)

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it kinda seems like if you have to ask, go ahead and sell it.

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Alte Häuser sind wie alte Frauen, egal wie viel Schminke du drauf packst es bleibt immer eine alte Frau.

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Rent it to the government for immigrant storage. The government will upgrade it for free.

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bausubstanz is halt bombe, das haus an sich keine perle, aber solide innem guten wohngebiet. Zieh ich da selbst ein oder verkauf ich den shit und bau lieber neu? fragen über fragen ey

kinda true, yes

150k, got it valued, and 150k for fixing

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If you lived there, instead of somewhere else, how much would that save you, per month? You can put that much toward improvements, and still be ahead.
Consider which items need to be done, in order of need.

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So I finally got a place to store my AV equipment
It's perfect in every way, and it cost me only 15$
It's made out of sturdy metal with hardened glass shelves
It was originally taller but I cut out the top shelf and made a wall shelf out of it
But there is one VERY frustrating issue with it...
It is too narrow between the side pillars...
To fit any of my vcrs/sfx generators...
By one tenth...
So if any of you have any idea of what could I do except of throwing it furiously out of my window I'd REEEEALLY appreciate it

And no, it doesn't flex

I thought of taking one of the steel beans out somehow (idk how) and screwing it back in through some distancing plate

But do you have any other ideas? Or know how to do it?

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Edit:3mm not 1mm, messed up

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the legs are welded to the shelves, i could just try to rip them off or use a blade bit on my oscillating tool to pry/cut them away

I have two generators and two vcrs, can't put them on the top because it would be too tall and the vcrs have hard time operating under such weight

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turn it around

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You've got structure on the the shelf side.
You could pry/ cut them off, on the wood shelf side, and then drill holes in your metal shelves and bolt them to either that wood shelf or something that is itself braced against the wood shelf, if the wood shelf is flimsy, with a few spacers to push it out a bit

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grind and paint

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Wiggler Head
>be me
>be 22
>be cosplayor
>really wanna make a wiggler head for myself
>have no skill in sowing
>7/10 MILF that flirts with me lives down the road works for herself as a seamstress
>7/10 MILF has already sowed the numbers 101 on the back of a blue jumpsuit my dad gave me
>really wants wiggler head
>really wants to fuck 7/10 MILF
>just smart enough to cut fabric without fucking it up
>need a blueprint or something so I can cut it out of fabric and take it to the 7/10 MILF for another reason to talk again without making it seem creepy.
please /DIY/. can ya help a nigga out?

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Post pics of 7/10 milf. I'll rummage for a pattern.

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Now make with the milfpics. None of that blurry shit either, quality work.

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take it to /soc/ u faglord

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>shot of IPHONE

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Sorry bud. It ain't happening.

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Hey /diy/, I need ideas on how to reduce the size of pine bark chips and charcoal to somewhat consistent, 1/8" - 1/4" pieces. I grow rare plants and need specific sizes of these materials for soil amendment.

First thought is to modify a crosscut paper shredder, but I'm open to other suggestions. Any ideas?

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Wood chipper.

That's the kind of shit they're made for Anon...

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Fair enough, but I just moved to a new house so I'm broke and the plants need tending to. Hence a /diy/ solution. Also I have enough big heavy shit as is without adding another

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Get a blender from a thrift store and try that then?

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She's an alcoholic

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Can you blame her?

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thats tea with ice

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>thats tea with ice

no human ever said that

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Tea with ice from a islands which is significantly longer along one dimension than another is more like it.

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Can I make a vacuum pump with a pneumatic piston like this? My idea is to simply attach a handle on one side and a foot "handle" on the other and use a small tube and a pair of check valves. I don't need to generate a space-grade vacuum, just enough of a vacuum to boil ethanol or acetone at below room temperature.

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Fucking hell, the picture was supposed to be this

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Stop making illegal substances, Jamal.

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You're going to explode your little weenis with all that vacuum pumping...

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Why not simply use an aspirator that hooks up to the water faucet?

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Still finalizing the wood fired heater so this thread will only be about the hot tub part.

I have a decent sized pond and would like a 12 person hot tub next to it. I'm unsure how to affordably filter it because it will mostly be a weekend thing and then drained. Unless i can develop some sort of giant solar sponge filter or something.

The giant round wooden tubs seen nice but by the time i buy the straps and wood AND THEN do all of the work it looks like it would be a pain in the ass and expensive.

I've been as far as to consider renting a mini excavator and just digging a big hole. Place the dirt around the top to help with height and then carve out seating by hand. Maybe throw heavy construction plastic in it and slowly fill to cram the makeshift liner into place?

I may have acess to a giant metal tank without a lid for like $100. The problem is that it's an old tank that had saltwater in it and it has a few holes. I have a stick welder and thought maybe i could weld patch plates in but it's kind of a long shot. It would be badass though. It's about 20 feet wide and 5 feet tall. A buddy said he would help modify an old propane tank for a massive wood heater that will basically just take any chunck of wood 2 people can throw in it. We have a bunch of old pipe and could idle a 3" water pump to circulate water through the goofy hillbilly heater.

Also considering just a smaller 4 person tub to set next to the house and heat with natural gas. Maybe from wood or old logs and cement?

Just fishing for advice and ideas if anyone has any. Especially those with experience doing something like this.

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Sweet. I got beer and a backhoe and a pipeline welder for 2 days though.

My idea is an easy feed wood fire from a half moon party deck. The welders get the stove done. We rig up rando pumps, and we dig what we need before setting shit down and i start confiscating CAT keys...

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Slightly different idea, but would it be possible to plumb copper pipes to snake through an outdoor fire, maybe through masonary that heats up, and then feed into a bath? So you just turn on a cold hose tap and it then feeds hot water into your bath?
Then have a drain?
You could have the pipe that feeds it look really cool and plumb a valve on the drain so it's constantly filling and draining.

I'd also be more keen on trying to find a shit condition nice old cast iron claw foot bathtub and restoring it. Maybe get a few. And so you've got your nice outdoor fireplace with seating and shit around it and then a couple people can sit in the bath and you can fill/drain it each time so it's not gross and it's not enormous so it doesn't take forever to fill.

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Just make sure you build it in a way so that you can easily clean the exhaust path, and have tight control over the temperature.

>> No.1770940

That's actually pretty common.
Tub flows from low point to coil in the fire before back to the tub. Heating the coil causes the water to circulate. Can regulate heat by playing with the fire or adding more cold water.

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How do you measure core loss in a toroid ? I need to trace those graph like you find in core datasheet where the losses in W/cm3 are function of B.

Is there a good alternative to the Iwatsu SY-8218?

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Anyone built small cabins in the mountains? Planning a small 120 sq ft hiking/hunting/weekend cabin like pic related and the leveled spot on the property seems to rest on a sizeable chunk of granite. For a small cabin, the foundation could be anchored into the granite, or concrete piers could also be used to float the foundation on the surface. Any advantage to one over the other?

General cabin discussion welcome.

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I guess I'd want some separation between the floor and beam for melting snow, rain, etc. I should mention the parcel is sloped pretty aggressively. The road is 20 feet below the "pad" and the adjoining parcel is about 50 feet higher. So there will be some water runoff during the melt.

>> No.1770907

Oh yeah well in that case Piers make sense. I would use cinder blocks. I would attach them by embedding rebar into the granite 8 inches. I would use anchoring cement to do that. Then place the blocks over them and fill with concrete. Obviously you'd want your first course level.

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Anyone have any construction plans for an A frame building?

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Look up LSU Ag "A" Frame Cabin. They have a 24' and 36' pdf plans. I'm using them as a template scaled down to 120 sq ft to avoid permits. University North Dakota and Maryland? or Massachusetts? have plans in pdf form available too.

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Good stuff. Thanks Anon.

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Is this legal? I bought new sets of Goetze piston rings and I receive this. These are 2 compression rings.

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>Goatse rings

>> No.1770657

Buy something, it's wrong/broken, return it for a replacement. This is how shit works.
>Is this legal?
You're an idiot.

>> No.1770666

Would you get mahle instead of goatse? Why?

>> No.1770667

What a fun lad

>> No.1770703

>Is this legal? I bought new sets of Goetze piston rings and I receive this. These are 2 compression rings.

Legal? I don't know of anywhere it's illegal to sell piston rings. Maybe Greta's home town? As for the rings, are you 100% sure they are identical? Maybe one of them has a slight taper which would make it the scraper / backup compression ring. Why don't you have an oil control ring? 2 stroke thing?

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Hey /diy/

I am trying to empty out the contents of this ballast, but two supporting screws are holding it fast. Any tips for removing a stripped screw?

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Why do you give a shit how big the images are? Let me guess, you're some nigger tier phone poster with limited data right?

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>Why do you give a shit how big the images are?

Nobody has mentioned the size as being inherently wrong. Let me guess, you don't know what inherent means.

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wash your penis

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Why? It's pointless the whole thing is encased in a resin for hearsink and isolation I believe and you won't be able to get to any of the parts without disolving that resin. Then if you manage to replace the faulty part you'll have to recoat everything in the same resin.

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/p/haggot detected

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