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ITT: The cheapest/most efficient way to make a foundry. and other metal casting experiences.

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Cheapest I ever built was a hope in the ground with a leaf blower pipe burried at an angle to the bottom. Melted stainless. Cost zero dollars. Burnt wood.

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I tried this with coal, did nothing but throw embers all over my yard. but I did have the blower pointed 90 degrees toward the coals.

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Archimedes: "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world."
But i just want to lift this log..
Any math faggots here who could help? I'm building log trolley to keep logs back end up from forest and road surface. Front end is chained and lifted by tractor, so by my math only 50% of the weight lets say roughly 150kg is on this contraption. Idea is to chain log to upside down U frame(orange) that has 14 inc spare car wheels (those max 80km/h or 50miles/h ones) and hubs and use green lever with operator weight to lift the log if all possible easily against the log and tie it to log with strap or chain.

Now how long orange and green dimension should be to this to work? For green dimension i have 1.9meters long pipe, but i can get longer long as it stays in reasonable dimensions like lets say 3meters at absolute max, logs generally are 0.4meters in diameter and i would like to have around 0.2meters of ground clearance at minimum

If this wont work in math i can always use some ratchet winch to lift the log, but it would be faster and cheaper to do it like this.

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I have something like that, but its only good for helping to tree fall when you put it on the cut and push to open up the cut.
"Log trolley" or what ever that is called is similar to trolleys that are used to move 4x4 cars with truck that can lift the front end. So this is only to transport logs from forest with out getting them dirty (i'm going to mill them for boards and saw mill guy is strict that there cant be much dirt etc that causes damage to his saw blades)

Thank you... i guess?O.o Now i just need to figure out how to utilize this information.
I have never even heard about wolfram alpha, so if orange is 0.4meters what the green would be to this to work? Sorry i'm a idiot, but i suck at math and even more so in advanced math like this.

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pay attention to this plot
look at the numbers along the bottom are green and numbers at the side are orange
the shaded area is what will work, the white bit will not work
ignore the negative numbers they don't make sense right
so where orange is 0.4, you look along the line from the left hand side where it says 0.4 (well, guess from where it says 0.5) look to the right where that horizontal line from 0.4 is in the shaded area, then look down to see the green number at the bottom.

so its shaded from -6 to -2, then white from -2 to 2, then shaded from 2 to 4 (and presumably 4+)
so for an orange pole of 0.4 you would need a green pole of less than -2 or greater than +2 to have your input be less than 50kg to lift a 150kg log. of course -2 doesn't make sense so just say 2.
so orange = 0.4m, green >= 2m
for example.

its kind of hard to see because the plot is small but thats all i have available to show you.
you can take the equation and plot it on paper yourself if you want lol.

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>something like that
But clearly not an actual log jack, grab the log far enough in from the end to raise the end above trolley wheels, roll log with jack into its foot, wheel trolley next to log, roll it back and drop it on the trolley. It is a simple process and is standard practice, bet you can find dozens of videos on YouTube of people doing just this.

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or you could stop going full retard and buy/make one of these

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Thank you so much for in dept explanation, that helped a bunch! I usually do these by the eye so i was close to 0.5m O and 2m G setup. Probably going to try find a 2.5 pipe for green to make it even easier.

>>1599057 Aa now it get it, completely different tool i was thinking. Yes i def neet to put this on the look out list if i can find one locally or make one. Not much use in this job, but on fire wood cutting very useful, specially thinking chain saws chain life in rocky forest we have.

>>1599066 Well essentially that is what i'm going for, but its coming to back end of the log, where front end is lifted by tractor. Nobody seem to be selling those locally and i'm on deadline. Actually past it hence why i need this thing ASAP, i was just not sure about the dimensions, hence i was asking about here and now, as i'm welding it together tomorrow.

Thanks annons for help, much appreciated!

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I'm doing a project that requires about 20 cu. ft concrete, should I bother getting a tub or go straight to a mixer? Also what type of concrete should I buy, should I mix in aggregate, and would I need to use some sort a sluice gate?

Not really asking for advice insomuch links on where I can read about this information, because Home Depot's website doesn't have much since they want people to just pay them to do this sort of work.

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20cuft is 1/2m3?

If you have never mixed concrete before i hope you are used to manual labor if you think you can hand mix this.

a sluice gate wtf?
you put in a bucket of cement, two buckets of sharp sand, four buckets of 20mm gravel. add water slowly, it will seem to drink water and not get any wetter then all of a sudden it changes to sloppy then its fucked. so take it easy have patience.
machine mix you are supposed to add water first but hand mix you mix it dry first, makes it a little easier

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>i hope you are used to manual labor if you think you can hand mix this.

20 cubic feet is like five or six wheelbarrows full, and that's no big deal. maybe seven if you have a small wheelbarrow, but it's something a weekend warrior can handle, and is nothing at all for someone who actually works for a living.

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over a weekend is one thing, if you are trying to pour a single slab or something mixing five or six barrows full of concrete is not an easy thing to do especially if it's your first time and you have plenty to worry about without being exhausted. i mix in a barrow and getting everything right into the corners mixed thoroughly is bloody hard work.
fuck even machine mixing that amount you still have to be lifting buckets and barrowing mix around. if you are used to heavy lifting and lots of it fine but i'll bet there are plenty of keen diyers that won't be used to hard work.

i didn't mean to say i didn't think op (or anyone really) COULDN't do it, but i think plenty people would get caught out by how much hard work it actually can be.

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well if its no big deal you are welcome to come to my house this weekend and help me mix up some footings

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>and getting everything right into the corners mixed thoroughly is bloody hard work.
You have bad technique. It sounds like you're stirring it, you want more of a cutting and folding action. Much easier, less air gets mixed in, mixes better too.

>fuck even machine mixing that amount you still have to be lifting buckets and barrowing mix around.
You seriously need to work out dude, you'll thank yourself when you're old and not decrepit.

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Why did it fail?
Was the PCaaS (Pigeon-Crush-as-a-Service) just not ready for widespread adoption?

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I'd guess that's something to do with pre-PCR DNA sequencing.

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I always felt like the industrial model was too much for my simple homeowner needs. If they reconfigured it at a more modest price, a tactical look, a Walmart endcap and Hunter Ellis in the commercial, I would already have one in my garage and a backup in the RV.

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I blame capitalism.

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blame clinton for banning the entire pigeon burning industry during his incinerator ban. I live in California and got to get a burn permit just to do dogs too, it's fuckin gay.

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While it dominated the crush porn industry initially, their marketshare was quickly overtaken by women in high heels. Hate to say it, but sex sells.

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An interesting wallet you can DIY.

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Stop-motion "crafting" videos are fucking gay as hell. Same as foodie facebook recipe videos.
A curse upon all of them.

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Yay, contrarianism xD

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Where the fuck am I supposed to get 50 pesos or whatever that is

Frowny face, unsubscribe

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They are as meaningful as bumper stickers.

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>"wallet you can DIY"
>comes pre-cut, pre-riveted
>literally only thing you do is fold it into shape
It explains fuck-all, it doesn't give you dimensions or crafting tips or anything, the only relevant frames are the first 4 or so, everything afterwards is just dumb shit about how you can put money in a wallet. And most importantly, this one in particular exists to sell a product, not to help you /diy/.

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Howdy all, I picked up a flatscreen from the dumpster. Screen is in good shape so I figured it would be worth saving. The bottom of the board looks burnt and I can't really pinpoint what's wrong. I have mediocre but passable soldering skills. Any help would go a long way. Thanks boys

Also so I'm not wasting a thread, Dumpster Diving general?

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There seems to have been a huge arc across the input connector; there seems to be a little bit of the pad missing on each of those solder joints. Could you verify this?

If this is the case, it's seen a HUGE overvoltage (lightning strike or the like), and I doubt that you'll be able to troubleshoot it as a novice electronic DIYer. Likely the mains fuse has blown because the power supply controller chip has gone on fire and killed a bunch of stuff as it went down.

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There,s a cold solder joint on the lower left. Hit that first. When that doesn't work, buy a new board on ebay.

>> No.1598872

Touch up all of those joints make sure they have contenuity to their traces. Looks like the connector wasnt properly braced. Also check the MOVs for dead shorts.

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The capacitor and the transformers can either short or open circuit after a strike.

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Is it an Insignia? Their powerboards are famously bad.

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Do American retards really feel like they belong here? If you’re too stupid to use metric then you’re too stupid for /diy/

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SAE is more complicated than metric. If you can’t understand that, you’re the fool.

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There's two kinds of country: those that use metric, and those that have been to the Moon.

Also, America uses metric for all kinds of stuff. Really you're just saying you can't hack it using imperial.

So calm down, Pierre. Take a bath. Chill out.

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Look at it this way, Guiseppe: you are always bragging about speaking 5 worthless languages in addition to english. We are bilingual in dimensions and have no problem in either system.

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But Anon, you can't measure freedom with metric units, the fagginess gets in the way.

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So I want to buy some power tools because mine are just random 2nd hand ones that are going to shit.

would drill combo set should I go for and what battery size is good for random home projects and building dodgy shit with?

basically if I go for one brand I have to for the most part stick with it to make use of batteries? what brand should I get into?

as gay as it sounds Makita is drawing me in because of the color but I've heard Milwaukee is good

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>>basically if I go for one brand I have to for the most part stick with it to make use of batteries?
>That only really applies to the pro's, who want to swap & replace batteries often. Random Joe Homeowner isn't going to need more than the two batteries that come with whatever they buy. It might be *slightly* easier if you have the same battery platform for everything, but it's not going to be a big deal if you don't.

Lots of good advice in this thread, but I disagree with this line.

Tools are much cheaper if you buy them bare, aka no batteries. So for Joe average homeowner, you buy one battery, maybe 2, and a bunch of bare tools.

I'd go 18v Makita myself, but get the compact or subcompact tools. Then share the expensive battery and charger among many tools.

So maybe just start with the drill driver kit. Get other tools as you need them. Nearly all the makitas use the same batteries, no 12v nonsense.

Sure you miss out on a tool combo deal but if you don't need the tool now, why not save 100% by waiting and keep your money in your pocket?

I mean get a combo if you KNOW you'll need something like a saw or something. But you can go a long way with just a drill. If you're not sure what you'll need, better to wait until you actually need something.

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I don’t understand the manlets who complain about the grips. I love those barrel batteries. The M12 Fuel impacts look awesome, you don’t even really need an 18v 1/4” driver if you have one of those things. The M12 Fuel is barely longer than most right angle drivers. First job I did after getting my Ridgid 12v set was a water pump on a V6 Jeep and I had room between the engine and radiator to run those long bolts out.

That’s not a bad use for those. Are they Li-Ion or NiCd?

Also fucking HF, they just released the Hercules 12V tools while the 20v lineup is still half assed. Plus they have new Earthquake tools (20V and 12V) and the mid-range Bauer line is the closest to a real lineup. They need to consolidate the Earthquake and Hercules lines and then actually release tools people want like a Hercules sawzall. If the 90-day warranty didn’t stop somebody from buying into higher end HF power tools, the half assed product lines and 5 different chargers should.

>> No.1599022

It’s way cheaper to wait for a good sale on a 5+ tool set than buying a drill-driver combo and then spending another $300 on a sawzall and circular saw a couple months later.

Hell, I want the Ridgid impact wrench and I’m waiting for the impact wrench plus compact drill set to go on sale again because the bare tool is pretty much the same price as the tool, two batteries, another charger, and a throwaway drill that can go to the pawn shop.

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Sure but I doubt he will be buying the circular saw or sawzall. He's screwing around with no notion of what he'll be making. Better to save the money and just get a subcompact drill... The one thing he probably will use.

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Concrete Vibrator

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Alright my dudes, how devastating is 200 bars of uncontrolled pressure. If air or water with such force was to be realised from it's container could it cut a person in half. Also could you tell me where I may find such pressure ?
Pic kind of related.

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Pressure is a force over an area, releasing pressure the opening size will determine the speed of egress as well. Pressure is only part of it.

>> No.1598724

It won't be a simple case of releasing it from its container with water. Water is barely compressible, so you're going to have to be pushing it out with some other force.

>> No.1598899

What are you trying to build?

>> No.1598908

>200 bar is very close to the critical point of water.
Not sure about very, and there's a temperature component to consider.

>> No.1598909

And a shot from a bb gun might nick you and give you a nasty infection.

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DJ Models Two Cuties, DJ Models Two Cuties Pantyhose, Two Cuties DJ Models - Wearing Very Short Mini Skirts - 6 Inch Red & Black High Heels - Sheer White & Black Lace Panties - Super Tight G-Strings - Sheer Lace Pantyhose - Sheer Seamed Black, Tan, Nude & White Pantyhose - Sheer Baby Doll Lingerie - Sheer Black Body Stockings - Lace Top White, Black & Nude Stockings - Nylon Black, White & Nude Seamed Stockings - Sheer White & Black Bras - Lace White, Black & Nude Bras - Heavy Make Up

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DJ Models Two Cuties, DJ Models Two Cuties Pantyhose

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DJ Models Two Cuties

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>walk onto jobsite
>see supervisor
>say good morning
>he makes grunting noises back
>watching new hire learn equipment
>he asks a question
>supervisor stares daggers at him
>need supervisor to sign something off
>supervisor obnoxiously sighs and grunts like I just told a 13 year old to pick up his room
how in the fuck do these people get promoted?

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press L to learn social skills angsty retard

>> No.1599074

ahhh insubordinate. Thats a write up anon, 2 more and I won't have to pay unemployment

>> No.1599076

>Be executive
>Agree upon exorbitant wage thanks to few good breaks
>Comfy in managerial position
>New company needs help
>been there, done that

I wouldn't uproot for less either.

>> No.1599090

>certainly not leaders
And yet...

>> No.1599092

Most people in that position don't have good home lives. There job is everything to them. They take the position out of the love for something different from home and take out there home woes at work.

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I want to buy some land and build my own house in Alaska. I have lived here 10 years and decided this place is my fit.

I am in between doing a butt and pass type log home or an a-frame. Boomer friends of mine tell me to do traditional home with dutch gable but it sounds gay and non inviting. Looking at land trying to buy about 5 acres. My foundation is probably gonna be stilts (concrete filled tubes with adjustable u-brackets for frost heaves) with enough room below to walk around and put tools and /out/ gear.

Advice on building myself? Are A-frames really cost effective?
Pic related is what i would like. Huge reasons are heating, snowload, and it seems inheritly easier to add to the side or front/back of an aframe compared with other construction.

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A frames are easier for DIYers without a lot of help or experience than many other styles.

A frames have real value when there is a lot of snow.

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30% of the kit price is often about right on most of these .

If the site is hard to get to, you might have problems taking delivery.

You might be able to haul it in on a smaller vehicle in batches.

You might use better quality materials, which will raise the cost.

Take a building contractor to lunch and pick his brain for what works best in your area.

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put it in a hole in the ground that way you can heat it and cool it for less

>> No.1599026

>put it in a hole in the ground that way you can heat it and cool it for less

True, and this has been known for ages. Other than the water-proofing challenge, a buried or semi-buried home is awesome year round. The drawback is that if you spend $500,000 on a house most people want their wealth to be visible from the street.

Is Captcha broken, like in a good way? I don't think I've had to solve one all day.

>> No.1599079

>Is Captcha broken, like in a good way? I don't think I've had to solve one all day.
You're probably still logged in on a Google account.
(Gmail, Voice, YouTube, Hangouts, etc.)

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I want to make an underground tornado shelter out of old shipping pallets. Anyone done this? Tips?

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This one is much better. I built a similar one to this a while ago but the crab chute got blocked when my mom tried to dump tendies down it...

>> No.1598966

What's so scary about tomadoes?

>> No.1598990

>Wood is not suitable for underground construction
That's why it's been used on mines since ancient times.

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>this thread

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Hey /diy/ i need some ideas for a wood pipe that can sneak into college. I have acces to a woodshop and plenty of tools. Recommendations on designs or ideas are appreciated

>> No.1598473

Global rule 1, Global rule 2.
Please leave.

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Use an empty can instead

Which one is the underage one? I think that too.

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Alright /diy/ I need a lithium ion wizard here.
I've pulled a bunch of 18650s from some dead laptop batteries and I want to try making a battery pack.
Two batteries had skid marks on the control board but the cells were all charged, so I susped that the FETs shat themselves while the cells are all fine. The third one had two dead cells (in parallel).

I'm having a couple of issues though. I'm using an IMAX B6 mini charger to charge them and most of the cells don't seem to want to charge above 4.05-4.1V, and they seem to drop back around 0.05V after a day or so. They don't seem to be losing any more charge after that.
Is this normal for worn cells?

Secondly, I tried discharging two cells (they're still soldered in parallel from when they were in the pack) that were at 4.03V to check the remaining capacity.
>discharge at 1A (so 0.5A each)
>it stops at 96mAh
>"well that was shit"
>check the voltage, it still reads 3.87V
>try discharging at 0.5A
>it stops after another 250mAh, the voltage during discharge was around 3.3-3.4V when I checked (at the start)

So I go off to do something else, come back and check the voltage on these two cells, and it reads 3.8V again. I thought it was just a floating voltage, so I tried shorting them with my multimeter to see if they had any juice left, and promptly burned my finger. They briefly pulled >25A before I disconnected the cable.
Now they're discharging at 0.3A, they've delivered about 100mAh and the cell voltage is stable at 3.51V.

So what the actual fuck is going on here? I thought they had a very high ESR which was limiting my maximum discharge current, but how can that be if they can still pull 25A when shorted?
I don't have much experience with lithium batteries at all so I need someone to hand hold me here for a second.

>> No.1598472

Is your little balancer-discharger thing working correctly?

Also be careful building packs with all of those different cells. Test them and make sure you use ones that are real close in capacity and charge because lots of balancing systems don’t tolerate wildly different cells and you can burn the place down or fry a bunch of cells.

>> No.1598485

protip: don't make battery packs out of cells that don't match

>> No.1598490

>Is your little balancer-discharger thing working correctly?
As far as I can tell it is; the only issue it has is it reads slightly lower than the actual cell voltage. Probably due to wire resistance.

Also yeah I know the capacity has to be close, that's why I'm trying to understand why my discharge tests are all jacked up.
The discharge at 0.3A ended up giving me another 350mAh of capacity for a total of (roughly) 750, and this time the cells seem to be actually discharged.
Pretty shit considering they're two cells rated 2200 each - they seem to have lost over 80% capacity. I'll probably end up using these for my new "3000 lumen" 18650-powered flashlight that's on the way from China.

Now I'm testing one from another pack, let's see how it goes.

>> No.1598492

>it reads slightly lower
derp, meant to say slightly higher.

>> No.1598663

>it stops after another 250mAh, the voltage during discharge was around 3.3-3.4V when I checked (at the start)

Sounds like your hunch is right and the cells have high internal resistance. This also explains the charging behavior. 25A is the rated peak current of a new cell - If you short out a new heavy duty samsung, it will easily push 100A. Sorry OP but the cells are probably trash.

To verify: Measure the voltage with a multimeter during the discharge process. If it really drops more than 0.5V at 500mA, they're ruined.
See if you can find a date code on the cells. It's very cryptic, but for the name brand cells there are tools online to figure it out. If they're over 5 years, get rid of them

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Im a poor fag and have been sleeping on the floor for five years as i cant justify spending money on anything, Also i just hate mattress.

I was wondering if anyone here had made a futon bed and what skills I need to get it done. It seems pretty easy but I’m more so looking for anyone with experience doing this so I can think about any potential hurtles before they happen and get it correct the first time.

>my plan
>Buy some cotton batting
>get it four inches thick
>knot the cotton together with thread
>stuff the cotton into a sheet.

So basically a gigantic power with the exception of knotting the cotton in together so it doesn’t separate or bunch up.

Will this work? Any tips?

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Dumping some pics of systems I’ve built

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>> No.1598997

Neat! thanks op

>> No.1598998

excellent work here anon, especially the SS tubing rigs.

>> No.1599052


>> No.1599054

Prove it

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So boys, those of you in the trade - what made you become a skilled worker?

Do you regret gaining a trade?

Is it paying off?

I left a high paying office job to get back on the tools and become a tradesman again and haven't been happier.

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>26, was unemployed for years
>only prior jobs were restaurants or call centers
>friend told me about union apprenticeship program
>got off my ass & took additude test & did panel interview, passed both (with no nepotism involved, had no "connections" in the union)
>got in at bottom of 1st year apprentice book
>been doing it for 7.5 months now, love it (the classroom work is very tedious though)
I love being able to work with my hands, I love being able to (usually) burp and fart and cuss and spit loogies and not being told "oh anon b polite!", I like not being locked into exactly 30 minutes for lunch and 15 for breaks through some bullshit Sigma Six system that treats people like literal NPCs, I like those rare days where even the super and my foreman let me fuck off on the job/clock (but only because we all know we got everything done ahead of schedule) and I sit there drinking coffee/eating junk food while listening to their boomer glory stories and their advice for making a lifelong career in construction, but mostly I love the meritocracy of it and that satisfying feeling I get when I realize I did something right and knowing my work will be there for some odd number of years to come, even if its something as basic as a run of pipe with some saddles & offsets.

I realize it isnt the same for everyone depending on what area or shop or trade you work in, but that's just my personal take on it after less than a year in.
>pic still related

>> No.1598474

I graduated high school early, but not with outstanding grades or anything, I barely made honor role for a few semesters... so skip college
My dad who was a drywall delivery guy got me a job as a residential laborer and I still worked nights at a builders square (basically home depot of the past).
Well being a laborer sucks and nobody was teaching me shit, all I did was clean.
So I tried doing a few other things, building patio rooms, turns out the guy I worked with was a complete idiot, warehouse where I worked with slow minded folks and I still had to be nice to everyone.
Finally the housing boom was coming to an end and you couldn't just go out and have a new job the next day... I had to move back in with my parents.
I thought about all the trades I had seen and figured the electricians had it the easiest, were always fun and easy to get along with and I didnt want to trash my body anymore. I was kind of wrong some times our job really sucks with bigger gear and bigger wire and all the fucking digging at times.

not really, but I wish I picked something easier and less thinking involved.. it seriously sucks to need to know everyone elses stuff and the level detail and thinking I need to do as a foreman on larger commercial jobs, and as if that doesnt stress me out I gotta be nice to the fucking apprentices who are sometimes more of a problem than they are worth. I'm sure when I get promoted one day some of the new guys will accuse the company of nepotism rather than acknowledging the decades I have had to put in to get there.

>paying off?
yeah I make decent money and I am finding myself in a really good position within my company to put the tools down almost completely by 50.. honestly I still like doing the actual work more than the planning, ordering, coordinating, building workbooks/kits, figuring out what to prefab how and the quantities needed and dealing with constant changes and asshole GC's.

>> No.1598591

What do you do anon?

>> No.1598984

Where do you live anon

>> No.1598992

I fist got knife at age of 5 and started to carving what ever kids of that age make and eventually and after learning the hard way what not to do with knife and how to patch my self after cut, i started to build medieval weapons like trebuchet and crossbow. After testing this crossbow on out long hallway thinking it wont fly far with rubber band bow i found out that it was pretty effective as bolt went trough the drywall in end of the hallway and only the dresser behind the wall prevented it from punching trough the whole wall.
Panic ensues, i fix it with wood glue and white paper peaces and mom didnt find out about it until i actually asked if she really didnt notice my shady fix.
Mix of hilarity and rage ensues, witch after i decided that house is pretty much the most expensive thing one can own as average joe, everyone needs house to live in, so i better learn to fix my fuck ups and upsies, rather than paying someone else to do it. I was right, it has saved me lots of money and actually saved my health as i right after stepping in noticed rental house i was looking to move in was full of toxic mold and i would not known this with out my trade training.

Also got me to get lost of tools over the years so i can do anything from carpentry to some metal work with ease thanks to skill.
I cant do the job due health issues anymore, but as general skill its hella useful and i can do it still in some extent, just cant work amounts that any boss would see reasonable, so with out hurry and boss yelling to be faster i can do it for my self and friends.

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Jacob Riccardi was born on 03/08/2006. Jake is 12 years old. He goes to Bohemia Manor Middle School in Chesapeake City, MD. Jake lives in Cecilton with both of his parents. He is also homosexual. His email is [email protected]

>> No.1598394


did you get beat up by a twelve year old again OP

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no comment

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