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I live in an rv and I love playing my records but I've got the problem of when I'm moving around occasionally it will skip due to the house moving any ideals on a remedy for this

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Back around the turn of the century there was a turntable made for cars, supposedly very difficult to make it skip. It was some Japanese company, smaller one. All I can remember.

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Get a better table (used),
Adjust tracking force down to max of whatever cart you have
place on foam rubber with a layer of denser rubber below, idealy one density for each type of jolt it will recieve but i think some mat and a sheet of matress foam will suffice.

Or (/and) get a linear tracking table from the 80s/90s

Ya they even made handheld walkman types, all of linear traxking design

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Buy a waterbed and then play the records on that

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Your record player is a piece of shit, get a good one. Put it on its own piece of furniture, not hanging off the side of your Ostadig Ikea table. Picture related. Also what moron places a thing the makes smoke and ash RIGHT NEXT to something that is highly susceptible to smoke and ash? I thought you new age fuckwits were all about the "purity" of vinyl or some shit. It seems more likely that you are some hipster shithead that has no clue about how to actually use records.

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Put pennies on the arm above the needle.
Hey cheap record players help keep vinyl alive who cares?

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So the other day i was browning through Aliexpress and for some reason it was serving me up the adds for cnc plasma cutters.
I was like what 5K USD for 1500x3000 cnc plasma cutter with power source and pipe cutting option? Shit this machines got cheap now a days I remember when the cheapest of this stuff was around 40k.
Of course you are getting stepper motors instead of servos and some other budget stuff, but a 5k for a machine like that??

So anyone have one of this cheap Chinese cnc plasma cutting machines?

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Is it possible to use these 4 terminals in combination with 2 graetz bridge and 2 capacitor to power the amplifier?

Amplifier uses +/-36V
Transformer gives 31V, when converted to DC gives ~34 volts.

What would be consequences of using lower voltage than recommended?
Also how can I get negative voltage from this.
Broken transformer used center tap to separate + and -, but here I don't know if I have center tap.

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This is the transformer in question

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power supply in schematic

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So I've got a property that has 300+ of these stupid heat pumps, they're easy enough to work on, but moving them is a pain, they're not that heavy, about 75lb or so, but there is nothing to grab on to and they have to be maneuvered in and out of tight spaces.

Any ideas on how to make these easier to move around?

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Didnt see the 9" table thing
That's pretty rough

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forearm forklift?

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>forearm forklift?
All the pictures I see involve two people, can you use it by yourself?

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you need a toe jack son

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Was going to recommend this. Between all the heat pump accounts my company services we care for roughly 2500 heat pumps and about 1400 of them are the chassis style ones you seem to be dealing with. We frequently use lift tables/carts to swap chassis from rooms and onto our work benches at the sites.

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anyone here got an RTL-SDR? (not HAM radios, I mean the cheap USB receiver stuff)
i wanna know what you use it for and any ideas on what to do with one, maybe DIY antenna guides and such

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NOAA Weather Sat interception.
If SHTF and you have a working laptop, you can still see the weather coming your way.

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I've played with it. Have done the noaa sat image thing, listened in on police trunked radio, decoded pagers (mostly security systems now a days), done AIS and plane tracking... what else... eh some other stuff. was fun for a bit but quickly got boring. They're now gathering dust in a box.

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I want to create a clear engine lid for my MR2 SW20 that looks like the one from a Ferrari F40, pic related. It has to be clear, maybe slightly tinted.

I can get the part as FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) for not so much money, but of course it's not clear.

How can I create a mold from this large thing?
And what material should I use to cast?
It has to be light and UV-resistant.

Seems impossible to me, especially the first requirement.

Maybe there is another method I can try instead of casting?

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This is the part I want.

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No clue, could you cut and bend from a sheet then seperatly make and glue on the louvers?

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I thought about doing the same thing to make a copy of some rear louvers i own. The only thing i could think of was making a giant vacuum casting of it, or finding someone with an original to make a giant mold of it. You could try your hand at making a copy with whatever materials you have then molding it from the correct type of materials but its gonna be a lot of work no matter what you do.

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a mold from fiberglass on top of the original part, then pour the whole thing in clear expoy. Do practice with smaller stuff first, the curing process needs to be controlled for something that big.

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I would like to install a switch on my dashboard to disable/enable the drivers side airbag. If I cut the wire and put a switch on it, is there a risk of the airbag deploying when the power is suddenly turned on for it?

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But why?
Just don't fasten the seatbelt, airbag won't go off.

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Airbags have blown out when people have worked on dashboards without removing the fuse first. I higly doubt that they'd have removed the dash while wearing seatbelts.

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if the airbag ecu has power it should be performing continuity test to ensure airbag is connected/not deployed.
very common for any work on airbags not only disconnect battery but discharge/short terminals or wait for discharge a few hours.

big question is why do you want it enable/disableable?

least intrusive would be remove airbag and replace with suitable impedance to trick the ecu. depending on your location and use this could get you in a fuckload of trouble under inspection, but so does your original idea.

i have had supplemental service procedures for older cars that insists headlights and ignition must be on before reconnect battery to reduce chance of accidental airbag deploy because of power surges.

if you have a vehicle that is available in opposite hand drive you could frankenstien something with a legit passenger airbag disable switch. you need an opposite drive side ecu if the car is capable of deploying select airbags dependent on impact type, which they all do. but its still fucking sketchy.

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I'm short, and from what I've read the airbags are designed with a 177cm standard height. The airbag must be good for any normal drivers, but I don't like to add risks like severed retinas and overall worse head and neck injuries than I'd have without this safety feature.
And of course, it would need to be able to be quickly turned on when switching to a taller driver.

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>I don't like to add risks like severed retinas and overall worse head and neck injuries than I'd have without this safety feature.

At least with the airbags disabled, a wreck will take you out of the gene pool.

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tldr I want to do a career in battery manufacturing, should I go EE, ME or CE? I got some real world experience in all three remanufacturing batteries for a forklift dealer but I want to go back to school. CE seems like the right idea but courses seem to focus on petroleum products, EE seems right too but focuses on installation and CS (as opposed to electrical-assisted manufacturing, like electroplating pic related), ME seems right because of metallurgy studies but seems focused on exclusively drilling operations. I also have a side job building specialty camera flash tubes, so I know a lot about radiation - would applying this to manufacturing require more chemist skills or machinist skills?

When you get down too it I want to be an electrochemist so I can do electromechanical machining.... is there any way to practically do this without just getting a 4-year degree in physics?

Asking here because /sci/ is clueless about real world job applications and /adv/ just wants homework and feels.

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Find an uni which does research which looks interesting. See what faculty it's being done in. Then don't go there for bachelors, go somewhere cheap and transfer there for masters (assuming you're a burger).

That said, actually designing the batteries for manufacture is going to be mostly mechatronics ... the chemistry is someone else's problem.

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>is there any way to practically do this without just getting a 4-year degree in physics?

Study manufacture engineering. You're still going to be learning a combination of math and physics, but it will be far more practical.

The other alternative is to study business. The economics of power distribution is changing fundamentally. People and things will be becoming far more mobile over the next 50 years.

And what you will learn about global economics and finance is relevant to understanding how the materials are sourced in politically unstable regions, or how to understand the changes in population dynamics. Just every time you have an elective, study something related to batteries.

Find a professor who does batteries, and talk to them.

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Start here https://batteryuniversity.com/

Thank me later.

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thinking of going to polytech community school as a life career. learning i.c.t. / plumbing/ wookworking...

Just to gain some valuable d.i.y sklls...

I'm too stressed out to wake early and go to work 5 days a week.


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Whats the best training kit to get for preparing for a career in PLC programming/instrumentation?

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Currently a software engineer at a manufacturing plant, my boss is trying to convince me to transition into controls engineering. Does this shit pay well and is it difficult? Their current controls engineer is a local contractor. I can learn anything, I really only care about money and I hate repetition. Good idea to switch?

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whoops forgot to add this link


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>my boss is trying to convince me to transition into controls engineering.

What does controls engineering entail? Designing control circuits and programs for some techie to setup and install?

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>Personally, I'd buy the parts separately from automationdirect.com, except for the plc. They have all the sensors/switches that you could ever want. This also works as bonus training because half your job working with plc's is figuring out exactly what parts you need to buy.

Okay, so I better start learning about all of Allen Bradley's product lines, same goes for Siemens, Omron, etc for an added bonus, no?

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Automation direct has cheap little plcs for under $200 that come with free software.

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1: get your lazy ass on twitter
2: Get the libtards and gender studies people to think that the term "its a white Christmas" is a white supremacy term as it contains the word white.
3: Watch some fireworks as they all complain that an ass-ton of people white supremacists.

>what idiot would think Bing Crosby is a white supremacist.

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>unironically not leaning left

Go clutch your bible somewhere else grandpa

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I refuse to integrate myself into the collective hivemind of Twitter a.k.a "the beast"

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>get your lazy ass on twitter

Only if you can tell me how to bypass the phone verification during registration, faggot and no I'm not going to buy a burner phone just to btfo libtards and bots, moron.

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>I refuse to integrate myself into the collective hivemind of Twitter a.k.a "the beast"

Who the fuck uses twatter anyway other than SanFran libtards and a few /pol/tards?

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Sounds lame and unoriginal

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I want to add an aux input to my cobra 29 so i can use soundboards from my phone

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4 watts in the 10 meter band restricted to short voice messages. Oh my the usability. Let me talk to that guy in the neighboring tow... No... Maybe the guy on the other side of tow.... Nope... Ok I'll use it to call the guy down the stre... Fuck it, where's my phone.

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Hi from the last thread, 2nd-ing not going to help you ruin the last glimmer of free communication.

You're basically imitation crab meat at this point

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OP if you want highly detailed instructions post a picture of your mic and I'll hold you hand though the entire process just to cuck these fags.

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it's not like it's even remotely difficult, it's just the principal. Explaining how to may not even help, sell a kit.

Nobody on /o/ will help you install a giant wing on your honda(actually, they won't help with anything as 5% of that board actualy own cars)
Nobody on /lgbt/ will help you setup a pride rally
... I want a list of these for all boards now ...

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Nobody on /pol/ has sunscreen recommendations...

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I'm bored, sad and lovesick
What do i do?
Maybe i should get a beer?
Zabihe sie

Zabijr sie

Nienawidze go



Zabije cie

Zabije cie zabijr cir xza dina cjir

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Anyone else here gild? I've used gold leaf before, but want to get into other foils. I'm wondering if vinyl foils and deco foils are interchangeable? Was looking to gild some calligraphy but see that vinyl typically has more patterns, but I don't know if it's too thick or has adhesive or whatever. Any advice?

Post any of your work that involves foils, holographics, vinyls, etc.

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nice thumbnail.

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Sup /diy/ I hope you guys are a good board to ask. So I want to make soap totally from scratch. Render fat myself, make the lye, make scented oil etc. I've figured out most of it, the only tricky part is making the lye.

I have lots of wood to use for ashes, that's no problem but I don't have anywhere good to cook it. It's not really the sort of thing I want to do in the house and I don't have a hot plate.

So I'm wondering, can I do it cold? If I dissolve in water, strain then dissolve more, strain again etc? Can I make it strong enough to get the soap to set?

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Yes. The heating of the liquid is just to quicken evaporation. There is no chemical reaction taking place. Potassium hydroxide is normally mined but evaporite dissolution, albeit slow, should ultimatum yield the same result.

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>Can I make it strong enough to get the soap to set?
I should add, I've never made soap and don't know how 'strong' it needs to be. I do know that if you leave a solution with KOH in it out, it will eventually crystallize as the water evaporates. I'm guessing that's how you're suppose to separate the KOH from the other contaminants in the wood ash.

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Thanks also good to know

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what is this?

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is it for bongs/similar?

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This is the correct answer.

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what is this?

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An inline filter. I used them when I worked at a movie theatre. Had them on the oil lines for the poppers and on the butter warmers.

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thankyou btw

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how can i regulate the applied force of a servo using arduino? i'm going to make the same movement as a small linear actuator (pic related) and i was going to use one of them but they're expensive af

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buy a servo with the exact force you need.
or, some kind of switch/spring feedback to say when the applied force required is met. the spring is tuned to the force, the action overcomes the spring to close the switch.

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load cell and pid loop

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There are feedback servos that will give position data back to your microcontroller. It's positional feedback instead of force, but it might be close enough for your purposes. They cost a bit more than normal hobby servos though.

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Can I get a job if I DIY online courses and certifications alongside my non-computer related degree?
Do I mention them in my CV?

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Can anyone tell me the pin out for a Chevrolet Optra 2006?

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its a standard port
the pins are always in the same place.
if you are too retarded to plug in a universal obd2 usb chinese elm327 clone and ask it to automagically go through the different protocols to find out which one your car uses, you can simply look at the connector and see which pins in the car socket are populated and which are not, then look up the connector on google and see which protocol is supported on the populated pin.

it could not be any easier this did not need its own thread.

obd2 is literally made so car mechanics can use it. it is not rocket science. its not any kind of science. its idiot proof. yet somehow you seem to have managed...

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Lol what a fucking cunt.

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I'm try dig a snow tunnel, I want it to be 500 feet deep and straight into the snow, what tools am I going to need to dig such a tunnel?

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5000 pounds of imitation crab meat and a blow torch.

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add a shot of black and that's it

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Hand tools should do it

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Oughtta do'er

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Unironically commit suicide.

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