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I want to make a wooden box that can fit up to 30 letters, and I plan to use out of maple or oak. I want to make it pretty nice, so I want to do some vaguely fancy joinery to make the corners nice rather than having exposed endgrain. I'd be using a 1*6 plank so I'm not sure how fancy I can get with the woodworking but at the same time it also won't be expected to survive abuse so could I just cut the corners to a 45 degree angle and glue them together?

Pic unrelated.

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How do you learn to make that loopy Victorian style. I have chairs with it they still use it for fences and all sorts of stuff.

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Real men build boat docks Princess

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i doubt you have a boat or dock
thanks for your help tho

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I BUILD BOAT DOCKS dipwad, are you thick?

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>Real men build
>boat docks Princess
what did anon mean by this?

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Hey Anon, what did you mean by this?

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Anyone have experience with TV repair?
I got a very nice set for free because it's fucked beyond repair (which doesn't seem true).
The audio pops a lot, I cleaned the speakers and tried external speakers. I assume it's a mainboard issue, didn't seen any obviously bad capacitors when I opened it. It could also be a wire issue but I didn't notice corrosion.
My question to /diy/ is if it's possible to swap in a mainboard from another TV different manufacturer and jerryrig it to work without audio issues. Other suggestions are very welcome too.

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i wanted to get attention, sorry

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Its ok, you're in good company

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it's a pretty quick board anyway, hopefully someone will know

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I guess not long since post, but an update to my op >>1513765 would be that I just tested all the internal wires and they seem fine, I might swap them for new ones for the $4-5 but i don't think that's the issue.
I would still appreciate any help.

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>My question to /diy/ is if it's possible to swap in a mainboard from another TV different manufacturer and jerryrig it to work without audio issues
why? just get the right board from ebay or whatever

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Get on there, you son of a bitch.


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loosen the little screw in the end you retard

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>little round thing

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My Dryers heater coil is not turning on.
>240vac from wall is OK.
>heater coil, thermostat, thermal cutoff sensor all ok.

Moving on to the main board, the relay that sends one leg of 120vac is not turning on. Checking voltage on the relay its getting a constant 12VDC & no ground. If I ground it myself the relay will energize and switch properly allowing the heating element to come on. I move on from relay to find source of ground signal which is this darlington transistor array in the image. I first assumed he was bad but I'm not to sure now, I started thinking he was actually OK after removing & testing with curve tracer.

So this next guy in the chain is a Renesas 78K0-KD2 MCU (78K0525A).
I was kind of assuming he would be the one to change signals but Currently:
when element should be on he is sending a ground signal.
When element should be off he is sending a ground signal.

I don't really know much about this stuff. Anyone here can help me understand? Would the switching signal come from this mcu or on the COM line?

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Its a $800 dryer vrs maybe a simple part.
I have a replacement board coming in but I like to tinker.

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This was my assumption but the output from mcu is not changing. So your opinion is bad mcu (or mcu is not seeing what it wants to see to allow the switch)

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>This was my assumption but the output from mcu is not changing. So your opinion is bad mcu (or mcu is not seeing what it wants to see to allow the switch)

if you really want to check, cut the trace somewhere convenient and check the signal

while you're at it, feed the darlington input with whatever the MCU supply voltage is and see if the relay clicks

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Thank you that was exactly the advise I needed. I lifted the pin on transistor and gave it 5v. Relay switched.

I guess the mcu is not recognizing a certain requirement or the I/O has gone bad on that pin. Not really worth digging around any further.

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Buy a better dryer that won't break on you.

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Dear patroits,
I hear people worried about a split in the group but that happened day one between those who believe and those who do not I was one of those people I watched and waited to see if everything Trump and q anon was just a double cross and on standby if my country needed to be defended from a unseen force but now I believe I see the light and the darkness the storm is here you are needed patroits come home to the family of truthers you were willing to fight next to bleed with and kick the shit out of the nwo it's time for a peaceful revolution we fucking did it we are not alone the good guys need are help though we need to have their back so stop hording ammo and let's make this one for the books let's change the world again
Militias come home
Watchers come home
Truthers come home
Patroits come home
True leaders come home
Ps. I'm a younger military age man in unorganized militia I have been awake for years still didn't even know how bad it was so don't let it get to you trust the plan
Adapt. Overcome. Improvise.

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Is it possible? Say you have a 3d printer and nothing else.
>what would be the cheapest way of going at it
>how good would the results be
>how much would you have to pay for the plastic
>what would be the easiest way of doing the molds (ceramic or epoxy)
I thought about doing it with a glue gun and a straight 3d printed inverse, but that felt too ghetto even for my tastes.

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well, how much do you know about injection molding?
>what would be the cheapest way of going at it
cheapest? your pic is cheapest unless you wanna go untra ghetto and have a bad time
>how good would the results be
honestly, they will be shit, but relatively they will be nice, there will be a learning curve and once you get past that they will be better
>pay for the plastic
industrial prices are like $1~ a kg
> easiest way of doing the molds (ceramic or epoxy)
since you only have a 3d printer,
-print an oversized (because shrinkage) version of your part with draft angles,
-smooth the shit outta it removing all undercuts,ridges
-make your mold using said printed part, with epoxy resin

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>how much do you know about injection molding
I watched a few youtube videos, that's all.
>unless you wanna go untra ghetto and have a bad time
How would I do that?
>industrial prices are like $1~ a kg
Can I get this as a private individual without buying tons and tons of plastic?

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>How would I do that?
get a drill press steel tube with an endcap and some sort of plug, a blowtorch and something to make the mold with.
then shape the plug so it fits precisely in the tube with one end and so the other end fits in the drill chuck. this could be done without the chuck, but it might not go as smooth. Then drill a small hole in the endcap and put it on the lower side of the tube, this is where the plastic will come out. could also screw in an old printer nozle if u already have a 3d pritner.
then put the plastic in the tube, heat it up and press it down so it will flow in the mold.
>Can I get this as a private individual without buying tons and tons of plastic?
old 3d printed parts, separate garbage or just use china printer filement

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o and also, you could just use the extruder and hotend of a printer

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Ok guys

Just bought a house. My bathroom faucet, cold only, shoots out brown water only for a second when turned on. Bad pipes or just an old rusty faucet?

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if its just the bathroom then its either the faucet or the pipe somewhere between there and a branch inline.

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What kind of pipes are they? and

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If it happens every time there may be a black iron pipe somewhere. It is normal after the faucets aren’t used in a long time.

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Bad pipes, prepare your anus for a full replacement. Try to use the new aluminium/teflon 5 layer pipes and a filter at the water inlet. It won't be cheap.

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Move out of Flint, Mi

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Lets say I want to make a range hood for my portable propane stove.
It's all going to be inside a plywood enclosure thing.
I have a 3 inch diameter fan inside one of those ductwork tube things that is going to suck the air out the window.
The problem is I don't want the moisture from what I'm cooking going on the wood and creating mold.

Should I paint the wood with something or use some coating of some kind?
I'm looking for something non toxic and relatively heat resistant.

Flex seal?

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Any suggestions?

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Please respond.

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you can seal it with flame safe caulk, it's at the hardware store they'll know when you ask.
i would recommend coating the inside with something metal-based just because it will get dirty, aluminium would be cheapest but you have a lot of options on the inside coating.

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>but you have a lot of options on the inside coating
Like what?
I can't get aluminium and cut it.

>> No.1513810

>seal it with flame safe caulk
You mean like silicone?
Like cover the entire thing with silicone?

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Its okay. Linemen know they're crazy.

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holy shit

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well the upside is if something did fail
you'd never know

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Anyone grind their chainsaw chains?

I built a portable sawmill. But it was too stressful for the chainsaw. Research told me that I need a rip chain to cut wood length wise (for boards, smoothly).

Any tips on how to grind the 10 degrees with only a disc grinder? I only have a dollar store protractor to eyeball the angles. Or will the angle deviations from eyeballing it screw up the whole thing?

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I use a rat tail file in the size I need thats all you need those guides are a joke

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>I use a rat tail file in the size I need
rat tail file should work for all chains
skinny at the tip - fatter in the middle
just use the part that fits your chain

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Have you looked online for a chain made that way? More professional saws should have these options.

>> No.1513744

>saws should have these options
all saws have that option - you get a rip chain for the saw

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You buy a new chain every time one gets dull?
10 minutes and the correct file is all you need for a sharp chain.

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>Literally the world's best adjustable wrench. Prove me wrong.

Also, handtool general thread. Post your favorites.

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I thought about buying it, but then I realized all I'd ever use it for was plumbing and I already have a regular adjustable wrench that does the job

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you dummies this is what you use for plumbing

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>all I'd ever use it for was plumbing
thats just silly

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I mean, there are other uses for it yeah, but I don't do any of the things that I would use it for and I already have other tools that work well enough
Maybe I'll get one to replace my adjustable wrench if I use it enough to warrant the purchase

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Adjustable wrenches are great tools for pre-rounding the heads so a pipe wrench can fit perfectly on them

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I have a setup just like this. Three outdoor lights on my house around the garage. They are all controlled by one switch. I want to change that switch out and put a timer in there. Preferably a WiFi enabled deal. So I don't have to remember to turn the fucking lights off every day. What's a product I can use to acheive this?

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>in the fixtures.

>> No.1513476

Google for wifi controlled light switch

Make sure it is non-dimming. Lasts longer.
Only drawback is the switch has to be powered. i.e. power runs to the switch and then the lights.

That or >>1513387

I have home automation using the Wink hub. But my yard light has one of these >>1513357
in it. Works fine.

>> No.1513501

im surprised OP dodnt ask how to control these lights with a fucking arduino or raspberry pi. they seem to be the go to meme solution for everything on /diy/ lately

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Connect them to pick related and use an app to control them via your home router.

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You can just change out the light switch for one of these.

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>C-worker done a stupid(read: I did a stupid)
>Double sticky tape on paint
>Need tape off
>Can't use usual dosolver because it kills paint as well

What to do?? Pls halp

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Try vegetable oil

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I need to make a plastic wheel roughly 14 inches in diameter and 7 inches thick. Never custom made a plastic mold before. Does anyone know how I can do this? I have a ton of plastic available around for the molding. But I'm not sure what I can use as the mold itself.

>> No.1513266

Or does anyone know where I can get a plastic disc that is 14 inches in diameter and 7 inches thick?

>> No.1513294

Why does it have to be plastic? There's tons of steel wheels you can find that are those dimensions.

>> No.1513319

I see 12" acetal round stick on mcmaster. Like 150 bucks. Sure you need 14?

>> No.1513334

Try recycle HDPE and chuck it in a drill until you're happy with it

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Hey /diy/ so I'm trying to get this drain ring out but the plate snapped off and now it's just the threads. I've tried using the drain key tool to get them out but it just slips. Any ideas on removal?

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Try wrapping a lint trap around your drain tool. Or sharpen the skinniest screwdriver you have, take a mini hacksaw and saw in two or three pieces and peel it out. Use a high quality plumbers paste like tru blue and ptfe tape, plumbers putty to install the new one.

>> No.1513791

Can you not get in there from below, just replace the whole shoe, bring down a new one to cut to match the old one?

use small stiff hand saw, not flexible like a hacksaw. If you don't want to buy a handle for it, just a fine toothed reciprocating saw (sawzall) blade wrapped with tape at your end will work.
You carefully cut a slit through the threads vertically, just through the metal enough that you can start prying it away from the plastic drain shoe with a flat head screwdriver or such. If you get it good enough you can use needle nose pliers to grab and tear inwards to peel and twist it into itself. One a certain amount has pulled away the whole thing should start to unscrew.
If you have no luck trying to get it to fold inwards, you can cut another slit nearby and try to just remove a section and then the rest will come out easy
Just like removing broken off pipe threads out of a fitting socket and kind of like taking a broken light bulb out with pliers

>> No.1513807

Wonder if you can heat it up enough to bend the edge inward and use pliers to grab on a unscrew it, not so hot you melt the pvc.

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>No way to get below it in the crawl space too much plumbing and shit in the way
welcome to plumbing friend

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I dropped out of CS third year in college and started my own business. Problem is that I'm almost a year into it and haven't seen any profits yet (long term software development, been freelancing to stay afloat but I hate it).

Is it a bad idea to get into some sort of trade to get money while I work on my business on the side? I sit around all day and I feel like my body is telling me I need to move things with my hands.

Is it worth it anons? I'm not really in it for the money I just want to try a bit of hard work, if only to learn I can do better. How do I get started?

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>Having a gf

Fucking end yourself

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i have a bachelors in comp. sci., but still CNC machining shit to try to start a real business.

the thing with programming tech industry stuff is, it really seems to be labor intensive unless you can just buy parts of code you need, while automation can be leveraged by anyone in manufacturing to make up for not having employees.

I would almost say that if you can utilize your skills to aid you in starting a business with a different focus it would be more beneficial, but I have no real experience, just goals I'm working toward for now. Can you do your own marketing? Write companion apps or something?

>> No.1513750

A new business needs to last over 5 years in order to get out of that early dropoff zone. Most fold within that time.

I say keeping doing the business thing, but take up a hobby like gardening, >>>/out/1402477 or, knife making, >>1497142

>> No.1513757

So true. I'm into gardening now and in 2019 I'll hit 5 years for my business. The 1st year was full of guessing work and on 3rd year things change so much. Good luck.

>> No.1513824

Literally the shittiest advice of all time, just because idiots put out a statistic doesn't mean it's relevant to getting your business off the ground.

Business is one of the easiest and most rewarding things to do if you do it right, boiling it down to its basic parts you take resources in and get more out. If you aren't getting more out then you need to approach it from a different angle and try something new, if you listen to these idiots you're just gonna sit on a push for 5 years and have nothing to show for it.

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How to upholster and hinge a chest?

>> No.1513380

>how put hinges on box
>unrelated gif

>> No.1513407

Prett fuckin sick gif tho. Lol

>> No.1513408

I bet little Timmy cleans his fucking room now.

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Here's the deal

I am mounting a 2x4 onto a brick wall so i can create a mantle over my fireplace. I drilled 3/4" holes for the butterfly toggle bolt. Turns out there's foam insulation board behind the brick.

How do i widen the hole behind the brick so the toggle bolt activates?

Sketch is not accurate because the hole in the wood is only 1/4" but you get the idea.

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Fug, I just realised it's a 3/4 hole, that's way too much hardware to try and embed. So about that anchor bolt..

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coathanger wire bent in an L and and chucked into a drill. Or use a brick anchor.

Pic related.

>> No.1513203

That's it. coat hanger will do. Thanks!

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Turned out okay. Thanks for the advice everyone.

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If only they made masonry screws.

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Hi /diy/
I'm looking to modify my door/doorframe with some kind of locking mechanism that allows me to lock/unlock it from the outside as well as from within. I'm 19 and living at home, saving up for a room near my uni. Problem is, my parents don't allow me any privacy, and still treat me like I'm 12. I've tried diplomatic reasoning, but they refuse to recognize me as an adult. I've tried putting a door stopper under the door from the outside and removing it with a pocket knife when opening, but they just put all their weight onto it and open it regardless (we have a very slick floor). I have to lock my room somehow since they still go through my trash and shit looking for cigarettes (I don't smoke) when I'm away. Ideally, I want to install something that doesn't require major changes to the structure of the door (drilling holes, etc.). I've thought of this little rotating piece of wood at the bottom of the door that I can flip up (not locked) and down (locked) with a special hook-shaped stick, but I've not conceptualized it clearly enough. Plus, they'd just find a way around it. Help me, please?

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Just put a deadbolt on it with a key lock ffs

>> No.1513196

This is not a matter of growing a pair, they're just horrible overbearing people. I have a job, a girl, friends, I get good grades, I dress my age. Standing up to them doesn't work and neither does good behavior. I just have to sit them out until I'm financially independent.

>> No.1513199

Or just change the existing latch out with a locking one. But if anon's parents are truly asshats they will just pop the hinge pins anyway.

Get a lock box, fill it with rocks, put note inside that says "nosy fucker ain't ya", hide it someplace obvious. Wait for questions. profit.

and if all else fails, enlist. Free room, board, education, and get to see the world. Though I will say that basic sucks. But once you are out it is a great thing for the resume.

>> No.1513202

This >>1513199

You don’t even need a deadbolt. Get a door handle with a key and you should be able to swap them out within 5min with a single screwdriver.

>> No.1513205

Their house their rules bud. Try to tolerate it until you move out

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