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Lads can we have a houseplant general? Pic related is my vanilla plant, it just had a baby! Is /diy/ the board for a/hpg/?

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My coffee plant is getting these weird fucking dark spots on 2 of its leaves, they've been developing for 4 days so or. I just repotted it so it could be stress but does anyone else have an idea?

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Whatever happened to him? Did he ever finish his bell? Was looking forward to hearing it ring.

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He has been involuntarily hospitalized until further notice.

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heard he got bronze poisoning, had to have three fingers and his penis removed.

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>Whatever happened to him?
It doesnt take a lot of imagination to figure out what happened to him.
He was mentally ill, he was kicked out and homeless, he had no money, and his family had already tried to get him help but he refused.
He talked a ton about wanting to kill himself and death in his thread.

He's fucking dead, or if he's lucky he's in a home.

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Wheres the bitchute channel, ill believe it when I see the 4 other mentally who followed him say it.

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do any of you guys know anything about lock-picking/smithing. I'm new to it having just bought a set of picks. I can open some simple padlocks but i can't get most padlocks and have tried the lock on my door as well as a door knob i removed from an old door that i can't get open. do any of you have any information or advice about this kind of thing.

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thanks man. i apreciate your help

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we're not helping you break into houses, Jamal.

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Like Jamal would bother picking up locks, it's probably some anon trying to steal his crush's panties.

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I'm a carpenter, sometimes i'll lock myself out of clients houses, it'd be more convenient for me if i could just call the client and ask them if i can open the lock, rather than bothering them for a key or having to pay for a locksmith

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diy twittyr.com

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Over the last week I've started collecting plastic bottles I find on the street. I'm a bit of a hoarder and this has become my new obsession.

Is there anything useful I can do with them? Seems a shame to just throw them away

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I think he could get some money back for that as well right? But probably just 4 bucks even if it's for a lot of bottles

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>I'm a bit of a hoarder
Talk about understatement. Collecting garbage off the street to add to your piles is full blown obsessive hoarding.

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Depends on the state. Some states do 5 cents a can. Michigan and I think Hawaii do 10 cents. Some states don't at all and you're supposed to recycle them just for good boy points.

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If he happens to live in a state where all he gets are good boy points I guess he could make a cool sculpture out of them then ;D

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so let me get this straight anon...
during a pandemic you've thought it a good idea to go around collecting garbage where people's mouths and spit have been on and bring them all home....

get help plz

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Hey Diy Anons, my brother just gave me these cool HyperX headphones. Problem is that it has his gamer sweat all over it and he got real rough with it. He somehow broke the base of the audio input and tried fixing it himself.

He then gave it to me after that, what do I do to fix it, I have a soldering kit and spare wires hanging around.

I looked up and found that this Headhpone fetches about $100 online, so I guess this could be worth the time.

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So I've assed that it's the audio jack that's fucked.

This seems a bit complicated for me.

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You can just get a new TRRS connector and solder it on. Cut the cable off above the strain relief and dissect the old plug to figure out the wiring. You might be able to reuse the old one but don't worry too much about it.

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>he got real rough with it
Make sure he didn’t use it as a tactile vagina because some sex apps transmit vibrations.

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Alright, so I stripped the cable were the audio jack was and tested the audio using a 9volt battery against the wires.

Turns out only one side of the speakers work.

So I gave up on it and threw it in the trash.

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-don't- put DC on a speaker coil

>Turns out only one side of the speakers work.
Did you check continuity of both speaker coils?

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What if there was a corona mask that was made out of materials that got broken down in nature? Cuz right now i see lots of masks being thrown away into nature and it makes me sad
Thoughts? Has it already been made and patented?

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Just have the sheets and comforter extend over the edge of the bed

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You mean, like cotton? Cause if you just want the general public "i won't cough kung flu at you" kinda mask cotton is ok. If you want an actual protection against the bug you need more than a mask and making one from natural fibers will not be easy.

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lool bro n95 fibers are already natural, iirc 3m uses coconut based material for their filters.

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>is supposed to be a wall
>even a child can literally kick a hole in it
>gets destroyed by water easily
>gypsum and organic additives are literal food for mold
>edible for termites
>paper outer part is made from recycled newspaper

How do americans live like this???

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>I live a drywall free life outside of work.
Is that bad English grammar?

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Asbestos cement board.
>Fire proof
>Accepts paint better than drywall
>Can hold screw no anchor needed

Unban asbestos. Based countries like Russia never banned asbestos, because it is literally the best.

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>How do americans live like this???
Easy, don't go around punching holes in your walls like a manlet Kyle and keep the bugs and moisture off of it by maintaining a proper roof and exterior wall covering. But I'd imagine that would be too hard of a concept for someone in a 3rd world country such as yourself to grasp...

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>running into walls
All sounds like nigger problems to me.
I'm pretty sure the last thing I would be concerned about if my house is both being flooded and eaten by termites, would be is my wall material going to be damaged by this?

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No. Sentence structure should hint you in as to what part of the country I am from. The dropped comma should be obvious enough to anyone who is not a brainlet.

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There has to be a problem with this. Right?

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um, moisture?

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Not a single electrician or plumber on site :)

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What you posted looks like LEGO but it has nothing to do with Denmark, the product is made and sold in Belgium.
In Denmark, most new houses are made with light concrete (AAC) for all load bearing walls, insulated with firm rockwool and clad with bricks that add zero value structurally or thermally.

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>a literal foam-board house
Is this an out of season April fools joke?

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This probabbly a one time experimental building. I cant imagine people actually buying and living in a house built like this

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I got an old oil heater for free off the side of the road. The sign on it says "working condition". How do I test it to make sure it's safe? Do I need to borrow a multimeter?

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It is very small, thought that may have been the reason..I live in a shoebox so thought it was perfect for me. I know a guy with a plug in device that measures the watts that are being consumed so I'll do some math before getting raped by the electricity company.

I'm tempted to, but why do people pay for test and tag guys? I'm mainly concerned because I don't know how long it's been out there, and it rained last week.

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Also forgot to add - considering the costs, how do you keep a place warm if you're renting?

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Extremely likely it has a label on it with the maximum rated consumption, no point in taking measurements. Electric heating is very cost inefficient regardless of how much this specific unit draws, if you have any central heating available, you should be using that. A good cost-efficient alternative for moderately cold places are targeted electric heaters, the ones with alufoil and glowy bulbs, just point it at wherever you are sitting and it will heat you and the nearby area to a comfortable level while using less power overall.
>why do people pay for test and tag guys
Retard tax. You can measure resistance between the two leads if you want, but whether that will give you useful information is up to how the specific unit is constructed. Give it some time to dry if you want, then plug it in and turn it on, at worst it will throw the breaker. Maybe don't leave it turned on while unattended, but that should be true even for new units. If you really want to fuck with it, take off the front cover and check for bugs/rats/any damage to the wiring before plugging it in.

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Electric is okay if you only need a single small room to be warm.
For an entire home you need a furnace run by some kind of fuel, central heating or a heatpump.
Since you are asking you probably have central heating in the floor, it is invisible, call your landlord how to turn it up.

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it's fine, they are the best. Been using 3 to heat my 2200 sq house scratch and dent discount from Amazon for maybe 4 years. Granted its an underground house. plug it up outside see if it catches fire

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Interested in making a cheap bamboo bar/earthquake bar. This guy uses a fiberglass pipe but they’re kinda expensive to ship. Is there something like that that’s stiffer than PVC I can pick up at Home Depot? I could get steel bar, this guy on Reddit did the calculations so 1in looks OK for up to 250lb requirements.
I have standard weights and Olympic weights but just wanna try this too. Wouldn’t mind leaving cheap cement weights outside though.

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I’m thinking of making a pvc water sloshing pipe too.

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Guaranteed you city slickers don’t know what this thing is called or even what it’s used for

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Exhaust expander

>> No.2010907

Some sort of reaming device?

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I know what it is, but I am not a city slicker so I will not tell.

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U son of a gun

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This is it
Thank u anon

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so hear me out. I recently got a new laptop after my girlfriend upgraded hers and had no further use for it. This means my old laptop, which has an overheating problem, is no longer needed. I want to cannibalize it, since I could use the extra hard drive, but it also has a pretty nice, pretty functional touch screen which I would be remiss to throw away. Is it possible to do some afro-engineering and perhaps use it as a second screen for my new laptop? I have a 3d printer so I could probably make a mount for it to stand upright properly. I'm thinking I can maybe splice the connection to an HDMI plug or something, but I'm not sure how it would work. Has anyone done something similar?

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EBay and Amazon has controller boards like that. Just look up the lcd model that's in the laptop.

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Do you mean something like this? How does it work? would the touchscreen functionality be maintained?

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Yeah, those are what most people use. The touch screen functionality seems to be hit or miss, but the screen I used didn't have the function to begin with.

>> No.2010902

hit or miss how so? Is there something specific I'd have to do to maintain it?

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you'll need to use the external video output connection on the working laptop (I'm assuming HDMI) to a converter/driver board for the extra LCD.
Laptop LCD's 99.99% of the time use "LVDS" interface, or Low Voltage Differential Signal. So you'll need to get an "HDMI to LVDS" driver board. What laptop are you ripping apart? You'll need to find a part number on the LCD so you can find the proper LVDS driver board. >>2010840 is the correct type of board you're looking for, but it may not be for your LCD specifically.
You will also need to make sure you have power for the external LCD. Most LVDS connections for LCDs will supply the power along with the signals for the image all in one cable. However, there is a chance that you'll need extra power cables in case it doesn't. We can get to that point if necessary.
What you'll end up doing is ripping out the bare LCD, getting the correct HDMI to LVDS driver board, and constructing a case to your liking. You'll connect an HDMI cable between the good laptop and the new driver board. You will also need to supply power to the driver board, similar to you plugging in the laptop to work. You can use batteries for portability, but that's further down the line. A power supply for the board will most likely be a cellphone-like charger that you plug into the wall, then the HDMI-to-LVDS board to function. The exact voltage and power rating will depend on the LCD screen and driver board itself.
At this point, you've pretty much made a basic monitor. Touchscreen will be trial-and-error. Depending on the touch interface (probably usb), you'll connect it directly to the main laptop via usb cable, and have to use software within the PC to calibrate it to function on that screen. If you were to plug the touch screen directly into the host laptop, it would act like a huge mouse touchpad and control the mouse on the laptops main screen.

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Hello /diy/ers
How the fuck can I reframe this?
I know this is done wrong. But how do I do this without damaging the structure? Exterior sheathing is in OK shape still

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>firing strips
Furring strips, fucking autocorrect. Picture related is of older studs built up with furring strips to increase the depth and allow additional insulation. In your case, you are just building up the modern studs to match your old wall depth.

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Solid advice, will do
Another thing, there was 1x4 and 1x6 strips, some 16 ft long nailed on the exterior walls throughout. Do these have a purpose, like for shear support, or will 5/8 gypsum board suffice nowadays?

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Looks like somebody had too many pallets lying around

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They would not provide any racking support. A common way of doing it back in the day was with a shear brace. This would normally be a 1x4 that ran from the top plate at the corner stud across the wall at 45 degrees down to the bottom plate. It was typically 'let in' (placed in notches in the studs) from the outside and nailed to each stud. You might also see diagonal blocking (picture related), another common method. Modern construction uses large sheet material to provide the bracing. It doubles as sheeting, is much stronger, goes up faster, and is cheaper. If your external walls are not covered in 4x8 sheets of plywood or OSB then you need some kind of shear bracing.

That said, I don't know for sure why they are on the inside of your external walls. Insulation? Noise reduction? I can only speculate. What was over them? Drywall?

>> No.2011085

There was 3/8 plywood over top, followed by 2 layers of wood paneling, followed by 1/2 inch drywall

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just noticed that the left rear coil of my range gets noticeably hot when the oven is on. the other coils remain luke warm to the touch. is this something i should worry about?

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didnt know that was a thing. i was always under the impression that ovens were supposed to keep as much heat inside as possible. is it for excess steam?

>> No.2010741

Yep, otherwise your oven would steam everything instead of baking it.

>> No.2010745

That's normal mine does it from the back center

>> No.2010904


That's a feature if it's under the burner. I always put the plate of pancakes there to keep them warm while I'm still cooking the rest.

>> No.2010910


Fuck your pancakes, making me hungry

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I'm a commercial stonemason looking to become superintendant. Courses are offered in my region and are paid for by the union.
Are they worth doing in early 20s or will you only be taken seriously if you're a salty dog in your 40s etc?

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superintendant? u wot m8? like a manager or something? wtf makes masonry so special?

>> No.2010775

We dont have superintendents in Australia so i cant say but im a construction manager in my mid 20s running 10-40m projects and definitely received little to no respect early on.

My experience has been you have to work harder to win respect the younger you are, kind of how women complain they have to. If one of the 100+ contractors on one of my sites corrects me or makes me look stupid i lose credibility infront of everyone. You basically have to be the smartest, most knowledgeable person onsite, every day, before your age stops being a factor. You have to be that guy that fixes the problems they cant work out and always have the correct answer. I am not there yet but alot closer than 2 yrs ago. The reason the older guys get respect is they have generally developed that ability over 10-20 years in the industry

>> No.2010790

Courses? To make sure a bunch of degenerates are laying blocks in a straight line? Leadership is leadership my friend. I got my first job as a foreman (wood framing) when I was 25. You need be decently knowledgeable in your trade first and foremost, but the most important thing is knowing when to be mean and when to take care of your guys. Understanding that different personalities require different management styles to get the most out of them. Observe the best foreman you have and strive to emulate him. And be better than him.

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Help /diy/ I'm installing led strips and I don't know if the ceiling or walls look better to mount them (check second post for wall)

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I hope I have helped even if it is a little and also that in the future you update the thread with the results. :)


>> No.2010788

Make sure the channel comes with a diffuser too.

>> No.2010807

What? This channel does attach and is straight.
Think diffusers are a must? Can I buy some film to add on to the plastic this one doesn't and it was hard shopping for one at a good price. $150 for 40m isn't great
I like the idea of metal better. Probably be cheaper going plastic.
Totally did, any little opinion helps. I wanna do this right and once. I definitely will, hopefully by end of next week. I have the rest of the hardware, just need to wire up (and find my solder gun lmao). Ill have to see if I can make a webm of the results, itll go all the way around the basement.

>> No.2010915

OP best option is to install tik tok, realize that every faggot zoomer has this in their room, then uninstall tiktok + remove led

>> No.2011100

Fuck that place, what else would I do? Its in my basement. I had christmas lights before, leds will look nicer and they're sk6812s so controllable.

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I've got a massive metal freezer of rotting food I need to clean out sitting in my basement. Even when I stuff up my nose so I can't smell anything I puke being within 3 feet of it when opened the aura is so powerful. Any advice on how to clean this fucker out so we can toss it ?

TL:DR - Can't approach rotten freezer without hurling even with vaporub cotton stuffed up my nose. How to clean it out ?

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>> No.2010734

I did. The fridge is so fuckin heavy we can't get it moved even with people and we can't dump it without it being empty. Throwing it in the ghetto is funny but too risky for a person with a business to get in trouble for.

It's broken but I was considering adding ice to see if I could freeze it back. Prob not and I think it would add more water to the equation which is a whole other issue to get rid of.

>> No.2010966

>considering adding ice
Not regular ice. Dry ice may do it though.

>> No.2010973

Just pay a couple college kids $50 to empty it out.

>> No.2010994

>its broken
whats actually up with it - just a fuse or someshit maybe repairing / refreezing is the least evil here. That, or throw in a few rats. Let them out again after the munching noises stop, or throw in a cat, etc.

>> No.2011026

not this pasta again.

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So this bad boy came in the mail today after 3 months. It's a piboy DMG. I had a pi 4 not in use so I installed the device inside the DMG case. I read the tutorials, flashed the proper image on a card, flipped the switch and... pic related.

Is there a solution to fix the screen in this state? is this a grounds to return the device? I rather not wait long for a replacement screen, as I am moving in the next month.

>> No.2010631

Screens fucked yo. Looks like impact damage where you have a cluster of dead pixels.

>> No.2010634

Ignore this, I was looking at this on my tiny add iPhone and didn’t notice that was a reflection.

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I am replacing my phone screen (just the glass not the LCD) I am buying a kit that don't come with an adhesive. When I look up phone repair glue on amazon it give me two option from the same company MMOBIEL the T-7000 (picrel) or E-8000. Does anyone know the difference? Also what adhesive would you recommend/have used for phone screen repair? Could I just use gorilla glue?

>> No.2010568

Just use CA

>> No.2010569

I used T7000 on 2 different screen replacements. It's the right glue for the job.

Don't half ass these jobs with shit like wood glue or you'll wreck the entire device.

>> No.2010573

Awesome ty

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