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Bleach and cleaning vinegar? A friend suggested mixing these both for better cleaning results. Good idea or not

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if you like huffing chlorine gas and dying, then sure go ahead

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Nah, just use cleaning vinegar. It's basically a diluted acid. No need for bleach unless you want to literally bleach shit

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OP you should make sure you don't have any viruses on your computer by deleting system32.

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Don't do that it makes covid gas

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Anybody have any experience with quick cosmetic stuff that can be done with ugly tile? Just bought a new house previous owner had an obsession with skin colored tile. It's in the shower, bathroom floors and kitchen backsplash.

Don't really have the time to rip it all out and replace it right now so I'm trying to find some quick solutions to make it look better for a short time then maybe do a more permanent fix later on.

Been thinking of using rust-oleum tile paint for the shower tile and backsplash and maybe just using some peel and stick vinyl tiles for the bathroom floors.

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Post a pic

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tile is based so definitely don't replace it with something other than tile or you'll regret it

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>bathroom floors
Replace it with some comfy carpet.

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>skin colored tile
>posts green tile
hi shrek, big fan of your movies

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Do the spray thing. Under $500 for a pretty new white tile bathroom

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Hey anons,
I have some property in the southeast that for some retarded reason the previous owner decided to randomly plant water oaks all over with no regard. Now that I want to utilize the land I've been having to remove them myself. They are about 12"-24" wide trunks, I don't know much about tree removal as I have never done it before I bought the land, but have spent the last year chopping them down and cutting them up with an axe. I'm able to fell, strip, and cut up about 1 a day with an axe, for a total of about 2 a week when working on it (about 30 total over the last year). My shoulders are killing me so I bought a 3' one man crosscut saw, I sharpened it with a bastard mill file, it's very sharp and properly done.
However the saw blade keeps binding on the oak after cutting about 1/2" in. The wood is very wet and the saw dust isn't taking out well, it's all stuck to the blades.
I'm thinking I could probably do it fairly easily with another guy manning the other side of the saw but can't really prevent the saw blade from binding and flexing when I push the blade, pulling is fine.
I haven't lubed the blade, but am not sure that would make a huge difference, maybe I'm wrong.
I'm looking for any suggestions,
are oak trees really this hard to cut?

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Shovel and axe. Then I roll them away, if the stump is too heavy to lift out of the hole I dig a ramp to roll it up. I'm strong af though and I don't think most people could do it the retard cave man way I am.

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If you have any suggestions on making it easier I'm open for it, like I said, I'm a novice retard. I'm literally just grugging my way through this.
I've almost removed all limbs from that tree with an axe. I took a break for a couple hours too examine my saw and watch my daughter. I'll probably have it down and cut up by sundown.
Will probably handle stump next weekend due to wasting my morning.

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I'd get a block and tackle and build a tripod crane to get them out.

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For the sake of your body please consider modern equipment.

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In case anybody is actually following up on this, the chinese made saw is now dead. A buddy and I broke the handles off trying to saw. Gonna return it for my money and hit flea markets to try and find an older crosscut saw, I really want to do this as dumb as it may sound.
Tree is cut down to a stump now, branches stacked, fire wood stacked for splitting.
Gonna dig out the stump next weekend to make room for a banana tree and another garden bed.
That's what my wife keeps telling me lol

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I bought mosquito netting but I'm not sure how to make something similar to pic related. I need a portable porch that will keep out mosquitoes. I already have an awning.

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at summer camp in boy scouts, we would mosquitonet our cots, we used PVC pipe and fittings to build a frame over them. Iunno it's just the first thing I thought of.

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I've got some pvc pipes

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Glue/drill together pvc pipes. Zip tie netting to pvc pipes. If you want fancy replace pvc with woood and zip ties with staples. This is not a weather controlled environment. Stop over thinking

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The netting is already sewn so I can just put pipes through. I might attach the rest to the awning with paper clips.

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I have to do a cardboard vase for a school project.
What is the EASIEST way to do it? (which is not just a cube with a hole in it)

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Thank you so much man <3

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Same concept just a better picture...

This would result in a hexagonal tapered vase that gets wider at the top. Would probably be your best bang for the buck in terms of fanciness vs littlest time/effort input.

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I love you

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There are all kinds of low poly papercraft vases you could make if you're looking for something fancy.

You could turn the cardboard into a pulp and smear it around a balloon for something "out of the box". A lot of options here.

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Op this thread will probably be here for a week. Please post the results.

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are they an upgrade over bondhus hex keys?

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That hasnt been tight for years. To much hard use.

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Came from another board to honor this post.

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Is it even possible to buy PB swiss tools from canada besides paying $80 per screwdriver on scamazon?

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>> No.2049407

I have both, no they're not any better. The only reason I tried the hex keys is because I really like the handle style of the PB Swiss screwdrivers.

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Would it be practical to make a fallout shelter by digging a pit, placing a caravan in it, covering with cement (except for the hatch), and burying it underground ?. The only problem I can see from this is ventalation and heat build up.

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But you need a 300ft hole.

>> No.2049086

Cement is 150lb/ft3 . You'd have to build the cement building as a bunker, dropping a lid sarcophagus style, so that the trailer doesn't bear any weight.

You don't need a 300' hole, this isn't a bomb shelter. As a fallout shelter, 30' of earth is solid, in most scenarios 10' is sufficient.

Air filtration and ventilation will be important. Most radioactive particles are relatively large, but still elemental so HEPA isn't good enough, try to get a CO2 scrubber system if possible. Otherwise, you'll be relying on the ventilation pipe shape to keep most (at least the heavier) particles out.

Have iodine tabs handy (or just get in the habit of using iodized salt on everything).
Have food.
Don't forget the can opener.
Have fresh water. This is too easily overlooked. (Also, another reason not to go too deep.. wherever your local water table is, you could quickly find too much water is a problem).
Compost toilet, or you'll wish you did.

Have a plan for power. This whole setup needs to be 100% off the grid (if connected during a blast, everything will get fucked). You can't use a gas generator in you living space, and you're not going topside for at least 4 days so clearing the radioactive dust off solar panels isn't happening (though you might get lucky and have the black rain). A VAWT could work. HFC is nice if you have the money but I get the sense this is an "on the cheap" thing. You could even have a bicycle generator (gives you something to do and keep your legs fit while down there). Make sure your lighting is energy efficient; incandescents don't last long on battery.

Communication.. Expect modern digital infrastructure to be kaput. There might or might not be a radio station running.. have an antenna run to the surface matched to whatever you're using. Your best source of info will probably be on shortwave. (side note, do not leave antenna hooked up to radio before use.. the antenna will pick up EMF from a nuclear blast and anything attached could get fried.)

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Might make a decent septic tank, go for it.

>> No.2049421

>But you need a 300ft hole.
And extensions !

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Where'd my pic go ?

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How do I paint a 3 point line on a outdoor concrete basketball court? I play with a friend at a local court but there's no 3 pt line and my friend is always fucking shooting 2s and calling them 3s so i'm going to paint a damn 3pt line so he knows.

I bought spray paint and measuring tape, but I can't find any solid info on how to paint just the 3 point line.

The main problem is that it's a straight line in the corners, which is easy, but then it's a big curve after that. I can only think to use some string and use that to paint a good circle.

How do I paint the curved part of line? I don't want to spend heaps on painting a single line.

>> No.2049078

This is hilarious, takes me back to playing in the gravel driveway of my parents' house as a child and marking the whole court out by dragging our feet in the gravel and digging out lines.

Yes, just take a string, anchor/hold it under the basket, and hold it taut as you paint the circle. This is how you mark grass fields for soccer and other gay sports that have feminine circle markings.

>> No.2049087

>How do I paint a 3 point line
This is what happens when children grow up without fathers.

This, follow this mans instructions
Btw, the feeling you get when you fix some other mans problem.

>> No.2049162

Look at the diagram you posted. Find the point marked on it that has a line going from the curve of the 3 point line to that point. Have your friend stand there and hold a string and then spray paint while walking and keeping the string taught. Then just stop when you get to the straight lines you drew already.

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or with white collar fathers

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Femanon: Hey Anon, I just bought a new TV and I want to mount it on my wall. I looked up how to DIY it myself, do you have a stud finder?

Me: Yeah, I just look in the mirror.

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Does this mean you are gay and look for studs to find so they would fuck you in the ass really deep?

>> No.2049211

Does this joke mean that you are gay and are looking for studs to fuck you in the ass really deep?

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Everyone at work starts their day with this bit, very funny and the many laughs were had.

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Can we add this to /diy/ bingo

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Just knock on the wall and use your ears to find studs.

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its reallly helpfull very efficent make it your self im also selling my duck but pluggs only for 999999999999$ dollars at your local coles :DDD

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Gbt Reddit you boring faggot

>> No.2049015

Why do white people love do this degenerate shit?

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out of all the dead birds you could glue to a butt plug, why would you not want to use a male chicken?

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Can do without the mass as well.

>> No.2048988

what is your point exactly?
you should lay off moonshine

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how does weld work?
How do I weld without killing self via retardation.

Pic related: pepe hard at work.

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>don't be retarded and gaze at it
Then how am I supposed to see the work I am doing?

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>buy cheap shit inverter welder
>buy cheap shit auto-darkening helmet
>ask some local hardware store to recommend 2.5mm electrodes for DC inverter welder
>ask them if the electrode is positive or negative, welder will have a + and - output, electrode holder goes in the corresponding spot, other one is ground clamp
>ask them recommended amps for electrode, probably around 80-90
>set your cheap shit welder to 50% more, 120-140A
>put on helmet
>put stick to metal
>if it doesn't weld, give it more amps
>if it still doesn't weld, ask someone who knows how to weld to help you

>> No.2049027

Use protective equipment...

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Anon I sniffed the gas and my left lung collapsed

>> No.2049080

Weld in ventilated area, wear a respirator, auto-darkening helmet, gloves, jacket etc

I reccommend a welding course. Start with stick. It'll make MIG so much easier when you do it, and then do TIG.

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Will soon be moving in to my very nice house in a very bad area, and am wondering what measures to take in order to secure myself. I've looked into locks that are difficult to pick and reinforcing doors, but what other measures can I take that don't make my house look like a gaol in the process? Guns aren't an option in my country unfortunately.

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Knives are great, just cut yourself at the beginning of the fight and tell your opponent you have AIDS

>note: does not work if opponent already has AIDS

>> No.2049521

I think that brandishing a big scary bowie knife is a good way to make an intruder scared enough to leave

>> No.2049588

bamboo trees.

>> No.2049672

Physical and mental barriers are key.
>physical: deadbolts, reinforced windows
>mental: cameras, fencing, lighting, ADT sign
You're not trying to prevent a siege here. You're making it so that the intruders need to make a scene or take extra time to break into the property, which makes them not want to enter at all.
As a security technician, I'll be the first to say that residential alarm monitoring is a huge waste of money. It's really unreliable and slow. What you could do is install cameras with alarms, so if the cameras detect motion within a certain area, they alert you. Then you can check your phone, and if shit is going down, call 911.

>> No.2049689

Never ever plant bamboo. Plant arborvitae instead

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I don’t want your advice on why or how I should be doing this differently. All I want to know is how likely is it that I’ll develop a mold problem in this bathroom. I’m trying to grow a tropical plant here in New Mexico so I need heat and humidity and I’m recreating the Thai climate in my bathroom.

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>> No.2048870

You growing Kratom?

>> No.2048875


>> No.2048878

you're fine. mold comes from trapped moisture and is often created by condensation on a cold surface in a humid environment. you're actively humidifying and keeping things warm, so you're not causing condensation on the back of things like a cold room would.

just make sure it's not seeping into things, like vinyl stick on tiles or bad caulk and you'll be fine. looks like a fairly updated bathroom so it shouldn't be a problem.

>> No.2048881

It probably isn't worth it anon. Takes years to get a plant big enough to harvest enough for a little bit of powder. I used to be in a gardening group and one dude had a handful of leaves 2 years in.

>> No.2048883

yeah i am not in a rush by any means. i just really stressed the plant and need it to survive until it gets warmer at which point i'll just let it coast in a greenhouse

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Please help?

Probably not really entertaining for you folks but my friend is a big fan of tea.

As an murican I have zero fucking clue how to help.

Would like to bring affordable gifts over the next few days.

Wtf do I need?

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Example of today. This tea pot and I guess little one is hot so the rooster grabber thing is needed.

I suggested 2 other pots but she didn't like them?

>> No.2048843

What are you talking about?

>> No.2048850

How about some nice honey?

>> No.2048879

friendzoned so hard he's serving tea. god damn anon.

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File: 2.81 MB, 2816x2112, The-Ouran-Host-Club-and-Tea-ouran-high-school-host-club-club-35702310-2816-2112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Im too dumb to screw in a lightbulb. Ceiling fan is not bright enough. Its dimmable if that matters. Is this bulb compatable and will it be brighter? I think the size is a21. Idk if the 150 watt thing means thats as bright as it goes regardless of bulb

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>LED10/E12 2700K 4W 120V 60HZ 315lm 35Ma
a quick google says that's the equivalent of a 60w

try this

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no you cannot screw an e26 into an e12 (candelabra) base. the other consideration is "will it fit under the dome" but generally the candelabra sizes will, including, probably >>2048856 even though you're probably beyond caring about the dome.

E26 base.

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to put it another way...

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thanks I went with this one, it's 150W equivalent so idk if that is pushing it and non-dimmable but it had faster shipping and no import fees.

>> No.2049136


Ceiling fans have wattage limiters installed in them from preventing you from putting high wattage bulbs in them. It is usually a black or gray box between the hot wire and the lights. If you put high wattage bulbs in the fan the wattage limiter will burn out and you won't have light. I would remove the wattage limiter while you are in there op.

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>> No.2049280

Nuts used to be made in USA.

>> No.2049298

you should seriously look into what the japanese are doing with fingerboxes these days, it's very exciting. calibration is going to be a thing of the past within ten years.

>> No.2049411

eurocucks are not allowed to own tools legally. Please leave /diy/ you poser

>> No.2049435

>When we touch
>When we kiss

>> No.2049443

Slugger wrench. Used much less nowadays with battery impact guns but sometimes is the only option due to clearance. Normally a two person job With one guy holding a strap keeping it tight in the opposite direction or it goes flying after a few strikes

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There are 4 unused penetration pipes through my foundation completely open. As well as wood blocks that were left from the pour. What the hell were they thinking? leaving all these gaping open for water and bugs to come in? My question for you. What product do I use to fill them and does it need to be filled from the exterior? I've already dug a ditch alongside the foundation wall on the exterior as i'm putting in a drainage system. So might as well fill these while it's open. I'd like to seal my sewer line penetration as well but don't want to fuck up anything. As for the boards, drill them out and fill it with same product?

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>> No.2048849

Sounds good, i'm going to probably do it from both sides. I capped that sewer line until the next day I was digging on the other side when I found out it wasn't connected to anything. I'm going to pull it out and use that entry point for my french drain into a sump pit. Those wood blocks are all over the place and as you can see are seeping water. I'll probably drill out as much as I can and just cement it too. Thanks

>> No.2048880

wood in the ground (outside) is asking for termites. don't know if you know whether they go through, might be some kind of attempt at sub floor? what year and area?

I woudln't if possible because it would be hard to fill between pipe and wall so you're still leaving gaps in the wall to collect water.

>> No.2049043

is OP sure those penetrations are not to let groundwater drain from behind the wall?

>> No.2049081

This is my thought too.

What year was the structure built? I'm wondering if those wood blocks are some sort of weep for the concrete or were put there to allow a proper weep in the future?

>> No.2049309

I've never heard of opened pipe penetrations used as drainage. Especially when theres no drainage ditches anywhere. House built in 1997 Pacific Northwest. The craftmanship everywhere is shoddy.

I don't have a blue on the wood blocks. Again it's something i've never seen before and no information about it online.

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So my AC died the day after the great US ice storm of 2021. It was actually a pretty hot day and I came home to my apartment and it was 82 degrees. So I turned it to cool and took a nap. Woke up from nap and the AC was dead.

Its just as dead as can be. Nothing cycles. No heat. No cold. Just dead. Fan doesn't spin. Breaker didn't trip.

Things I know.
Thermostat module has power via batteries. Displays inside temp.
Probably not the can cap. I replaced that with a brand new one today with no change.
On the same breaker as the Fridge. Fridge is still running.
No fans. No heat. No Cool. Nothing. No noises. Just dead.

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>> No.2049061

that's the capacitor
get a new one
they're like $11

you could also snip off those cruddy blade contacts and crimp on some new ones

>> No.2049357


so I got a new fuse. I put in the new fuse, and the blower on the inside started right up.

I went outside and checked the condenser. The fan in the condenser did not spin. I came back in and set the thermostat to heat, went outside, no spin. Set it to cool, went outside, no spin.

Soooo I guess either the fan motor on the condenser is dead or the contactor.

Would it be possible for the fan blades to have frozen solid during the great 2021 icing and the unit just run without when the temp outside was below 30?

Also, I put the panel back on and in about 3 minutes the inside fan stopped working again. I bet the fuse burned out again.

>> No.2049360

>I came back in and set the thermostat to heat, went outside, no spin

What exactly did you expect?

>> No.2049440

>What exactly did you expect?

I'm just checking all the combinations.

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This >>2049440 neck yourself faggot, OP is obviously looking for help because he doesn't know

Get a circuit breaker instead of a fuse next time, yes they make them that small just look for 5 amp circuit breaker or whatever. Some shit is shorting in the 24v circuit and I have an odd feeling it is somewhere around the contactor coil on the outside unit which would also explain why the fan is not turning on. Meanwhile while you get a new breaker you can ohm out the contactor coil to see if it works, if you get a number it is good, anything else it's fucked. Shit ohm out the fan and compressor while you are it. >>2049047 This capacitor looks decent, you could check its capacitance anyways but unfortunately your meter isn't capable. You know what, it probably even isn't a short, you said it took like 3 minutes for the fuse to pop again that would mean there is too much resistance somewhere in the 24v circuit causing that area to overheat thereby increasing the resistance even more which would increase the amperage enough to pop the fuse. Clean the insides of all the spade connectors in the 24v circuit (particularly along the red, green, yellow and common wires) with some sand paper and make sure those bitches fit tight if they don't use some pliers and squeeze them

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I know literally nothing at all about electronics. I can solder two wires together and that's about it.

I want to wire piezo components to the buttons of a NES controller. I know I also need the electrical equivalent of a noise gate, whatever the fuck that would be, between the piezo and the controller so it's not constantly sending signal due to ambient vibration.

A) How do I do this or
B) If you don't want to spoonfeed me, where do I start learning what I need to accomplish this?

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Because the piezo sends out an AC signal possibly of very short duration and you need to detect that and send a pulse to the button which will probably involve pulling it to either logic low or logic high for a short amount of time similar to a natural button press by a finger. Also potential "noise filtering" if the piezo responds weird to small vibrations. The micro both has all the circuitry to do this in one chip, plus, the ability to be programmed as to how long a pulse is a "beat" vs noise and how long to hold the button for. Converting the AC without the micro with an ADC will take some discrete circuitry that will both be a pain in the ass to design, and be more expensive, and take up more room, than a $3 atmel chip.

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Is there a type of component I can put between each piezo and the microcontroller to gate the signal (so it doesn't respond to ambient vibration).

That would be better than doing that in software.

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Different poster here, arduino makes it braindead simple. Connect piezo to arduino, and gpio out to button contact. Logic will be something like, if analog pin = (above certain value), send low signal to pin 1. Then copypaste that logic to every other pin. You can also tweak the sensitivity by changing the value needed to trigger an output.

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sounds good.

might require more reading about the NES controller specifically, but would i wire the output to the spots indicated on this diagram? or close to where the buttons themselves actually are?

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