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Quick question. Im installing a new range hood with a top side duct opening of 7". All of my existing duct work through the roof is 4". I plan on slapping a 7" to 4" reducer on top of the hood. I should be fine, right? The hood cfm is 300 max with a high and a low option. Am i good?

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yeah it'll be fine.
may add wear to motor if you run it on high a lot but even then who gives a shit if it goes bad in 8 years vs. 12

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punch in the amount of 90's and stuff

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Just make sure to do the bends at 7", don't reduce until after all the bends. Turns are the airflow-killer.
7" at 300 cfm is pretty low static pressure, hopefully the fan can produce enough.

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4" is only good up to 80 cfm

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Just re-run the vent pipe in 7" like a Chad instead of hobbling your poor appliance.

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