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Hello /diy/ I have jars from the grocery store that had pickles jams and other preserved food in them.is it a good idea to reuse these for pickiling,fermenting and canning,and is this even a safe idea

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just remember to clean your jars in boiling water before every different use

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Ok so if they already were air tight from the stor I don’t have to do anything special to make them air tight again.and if I put them in a dishwasher would that ruin the seal.thanks on the boiling water part

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The lids are probably not safe to reuse.

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They would be fine for storing cum or piss. Maybe fingernails too.

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yes. people have been doing that since they first came on the marked.

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The lids will be fine, just check the little gasket inlay once in a while. I have been doing this forever

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No its not safe. Even mason jar lids that are purposed for this are a suggested one time use only. The heat degrades the rubber gasket and could potentially leak. In jam/jelly recipes as an example, if you are reusing lids it is suggested to seal the top portion of the jar with heated paraffin wax that you poor on top right after putting the jam/jelly inside, before pasteurizing. It's an old school method of canning.
In theory if a vacuum forms and the lid sucks down it should be safe and with things like jams or high sugar stuff it will probably be safe. But I wouldn't risk this with anything that is pickled, not acidic or low sugar.

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i'll reuse jars for quick pickles/kimchis that i keep in the fridge for awhile, but you absolutely should not try to do canning or any type of long term storage with leftover jars. use canning jars with new lids. do your research if you plan to do canning without getting botulism.

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As long as you hear a "ploc" when you open the jar, it means that it kept a vacuum and is safe to eat. That is, if you sterilized the pot properly.

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While this is true it's still unsafe to reuse the old lids. A partial vacuum could still keep the indent in the lid pressed down but have leaked a little bit of air in, contaminating the jar. It's just unsafe practice. The number one cause of food born illness and death is from home canning. OP really needs to study up on this more to avoid getting sick or making others sick because of poor canning practices. And yes putting the lids in a dishwasher will damage the seal.

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Depends on the lids. plastic lids are a nogo as they don't stand the heat, plastic covered metal lids release shit you don't want to eat (unless you're a lgbt crossposter, I guess). Metal lids are fine, but will wear out after 10-20 uses. Glass lids can be used infinitely as long as you change the rubbers every now and then.

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Ok so if there bad for caning are they still air tight enough to put herbs and other similar stuff to keep them longer or should I use the jars for something else

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Yea nothing wrong with storing dried herbs and stuff that won't mold or grow bacteria. They'll seal well enough to keep them a lot longer than just a plastic bag for example.

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Don’t you put some kind of paper on top and then seal the jar? I remember my folks doing that.

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You can do that. Either to replace the rubber on glas lids with rubberized paper or to replace the lid with wax paper or rubberized paper on alcoholic, honeyed or acidic preserves where you do not need a vacuum. or just on top of the lids to make the jars look oldfashioned.

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wtf? I've eaten from reused jars since I was born and neither I or any of my relatives got sick due to that. You should stop listening to the jar industry lobby.

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One time use.
Yea sure you're lucky than, consume them fast enough or aren't making preserves that would more easily get contaminated with bacteria like botulism, Like jams or jellies. Like I said it's not safe practice and you take a risk at getting very ill, developing lockjaw or dying.
Also mentioned in Alton Brown's serveral episodes of Good Eats on the topic of preservation.

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Also it's not the jars that are in question here it is the lids with the rubber gasket that should not be reused for preservation. But even the store bought pickle, jam, etc jars may more easily break because they are thinner and can't hold up to the temperatures and pressures of 9f home canning.

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To further drive home this point and as a resource for OP to learn proper canning and preservation techniques here are some more resources.

From last link page 1-13:
>Mason jars may be reused many times, requiring only new lids each
time. When jars and lids are used properly, jar seals and vacuums are excellent and jar breakage
is rare.

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