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Hi /diy/. So I recently obtained a briggs and stratton vanguard 14hp as a pile of parts for $20 and have started putting it back together. I don't want to spend money if it's not necessary.
1. The oil ring is broken, the two compression rings are fine. Can I just run it without compression rings, and put super heavy oil so it doesn't smoke too much?
2. I used some oil resistant crankcase sealer instead of a real gasket, and as a result the engine is slightly stiff because (I'm guessing) removing the thickness of the gasket caused the clearances between the crankshaft's thrust bearings to change. Will this just lap itself to the right tolerance when I run the engine or will it destroy it?
3. I used solder wire crushed in between the head and block in place of a head gasket since the old head gasket was blown. Will this be a problem? I made sure to seal all the oil passages etc.

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I apload your nigardry

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>just dont spend money bro
>just run it without compression rings bro
>just put heavy oil in it bro
>just use crankcase sealer bro
>just let it grind itself to the right tolerance bro
>just use solder as a headgasket bro
peak dudebro bush mechanic. it will probably run but it will smoke like shit

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>used some oil resistant crankcase sealer instead of a real gasket

Just cut one out of a cereal packet and put the sealer on that.

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>cereal packet
Ah yes, I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me of that idea so I can be a cheapskate Jewish nigger who doesn't want to spend 30 shekels on gasket paper from a shop

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This. It will run, but it will also consume oil at a high rate and keep the mosquitoes within a 100 yard radius away...

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I'll feed the exhaust into my septic tank which is attracting mozzies. Good idea

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The 8-year-old Oil Consoomer

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>oil ring
oil a length of jute twine and pack it into the oil-ring grove by winding-in several layers as tight as possible

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Now this was the kind of advice I was looking for. Thanks. I assume this is something they used to do on those ancient stationary engines?

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we used a oiled fibrous packing but I don't remember the type of fibers

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>solder as gasket
i will put this in my repertoire

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1. no
2. destroy it
3. will it be a problem? yes

please stop. just stop. give your tools to someone who can put them to good use and the engine to someone who will actually fix it correctly. then run out and shake hands with as many people as possible so you get the kung flu and die.

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>Nooooooooo you have to purchase genuine parts and accessories from briggs and stratton corporation, hail your corporate overlords! Noooo you can't just use what you already have, you need to purchase the (((branded))) parts and accessories!

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