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I'm planning to use a solid core door from Home Depot/Lowes as a desk top. I know it's not supposed to sag like a hollow core door, but my questions are:
Will it support the weight of 1-3 monitor arms clamped on the edge and how well will screws hold into the particle board core that makes up the inside of the door?

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>Will it support the weight of 1-3 monitor arms
Arms don’t have much weight, so yes. Are you putting monitors on them? How heavy??
I’ve put heavy stuff on hollow core doors for years with no problem... I try to use the area near the supports, to be most stable.

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Instead of using screws, run a bolt all the way through the door and put a large washer between the bolt and the wood on the underside.

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Might be OK depending on how much the monitors weigh and what the span is between the desk supports. If it does end up sagging you could attach some angle iron to the edge to strengthen it up. Shouldn't look to janky if you paint it and use button head screws.

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