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Good morning /diynosaurs,

Hope you are all well!

I come asking for some advice from any of you woodworkers regarding picrelated.

My missus bought this bench-table thing about a year ago and has asked me to treat the wood with wax as recommended by the store.

The wood is sort of petrified or like drift-wood, very dense and the places where knots used to be looks black as if treated or sealed with heat or fire. I'm really not sure.

Anyhow, I'm looking for tips re:treating it with a clear wax I have. The missus is mist concerned about any change in colour post waxing.

Thanks in advance anons!

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Closeup of the surface.

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Test it on the underside.

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Thanks, did that and over 24 hrs it absorbed the wax, but still changed colour a little bit, pic related.
Perhaps another 24 hrs and it will be more. In the grain of the wood and the cracks, the wax can be seen creamy white colour.

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Thanks for the contribution anon.

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Oils like linseed and varnishes change color over time. I don't know that a wax will have those issues.

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Any treatment will change the colour a bit, waxing will make it a bit more saturated looking, but it will fade in half as it gets absorbed into the wood. As it's really cracked and crevaced you'll get plenty of places where the wax is not absorbed as it just sits on top, so i recommend putting it into the sun for a bit so the stuff melts and gets into the pores.

Looks like a bitch to treat and i don't get the reason to keep a bench that looks like it's going to fall apart, but if make sure to get in every nook and cranny it'll be fine. Wax is also relatively colourless, unlike linseed, so it'll look more or less the same

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