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Just link dump cool projects you've seen recently, no matter which topic. I am sick of sitting at home being bored because I am too uncreative to come up with a good project myself. If you have any project ideas for stuff you won't do anyways because you don't have the required skills (e.g. you're a woodworking fag and have an /amg/ idea) post them so other anons can have some fun.

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Not really inspo but interesting anyway. Someone may need it when hacking some household devices.
Also check out Ben eater if you haven't already

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There are a lot of project ideas on homemadetools.net

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These are too many though to look at all of them and they are poorly sorted, but otherwise nice page

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Please tell me a cum continuity tester has nothing to do with cum

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Sadly, it doesn't, but you can make a real cum continuity tester, with real cum and real continuity

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Is pic related real?

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No it's obviously not, fuck off with you political agenda

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How/diy/ fags, aut/o/bot here

I want your thoughts on something since you are probably better ppl to think about this than I am. So my socket set has grown over the years. Most sets are standalone and there's a hole for every piece. My other tools are all easy to group and some are in pencil cases or other organisational modes, that's fine.

My problem with this set though is I started with a basic set, then added several smaller and partially overlapping sets over the years.

So now I've ordered it all out today, pic related. Basically I want this set consolidated into a single chest, box, bag, sectioned tool cloth, or whatever works best. The problem is not only that I don't know how, but I actually can't decide which way is the best idea. I want the convenience of a tool bag/ pencil case, but with the good order/organisation of that plastic shitty box it has outgrown

any ideas bros?

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some of these i would have no clue where to even start and other ones i could make in ten seconds from shit I've extracted from microwves and things

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Rate the ideas please, you seem like you know stuff

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Oh, dirty colonial drama. My bad, champ.

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What exactly would you use

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how did that fucking thing work anyway

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what? Niggercat?

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My understanding is that it's basically a gigantic binary search tree, with a little machine learning magic in the mix.

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>with a little machine learning magic in the mix.
Why would they still need this?

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Op i got you.

Give me a random idea and i got 15 days of turorials.

U wanna make ink pens? Forge dicks? Garden?

Holler main

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>Holler main

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