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Hey /diy/, im looking to get into plant breeding, in particular tulips and also basil. I have no idea where to start, though. Any resources for this?

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Basil is pretty resilient as long as the temperature is relatively controlled. I have a couple plants and one was getting way too tall ... snipped that bitch and stuck it in my aquaponics barrel, half as a larp. A week later and its doing as well as my dirt-bound basil.

Long story short, get some and experiment, watch j00tube videos. Basil is cheap so the window for experimentation is big.

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I mostly want to breed basil to give bigger plants, like bush size.

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Basil isn't strong enough to support itself that large. To get to bush size plants need some woody stalks like tomatoes or peppers have.

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Basil absolutely develops woody stalks after a certain size.

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And when it goes to seed and gets woody it tastes like shit, this is why you're supposed to prune whenever you see it start to flower.

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Yeah i know, but what i want to breed is a type of basil that doesnt really lose its flavour when it turns woody.

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This is why you gotta snip the fucker, it will bush out like crazy the more you harvest.

Also OP, breeding takes a ton of time and waiting.

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What are some good plants to begin with breeding?

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for basil look up "grafting" which is mechanically splicing two varieties together to mix the genes and get qualities from both. for tulips you need to bring them to flower in a controlled environment and physically swap pollen from different species. you can also do this with basil but grafting is easier to control. If you aren't looking to create a new plant and just want to make more of them, just look up how to propagate them. practice in a small garden then expand. tulips i believe are a bulb flower, which i never looked into. pretty sure they would just split off smaller bulbs after they get pollinated but i don't know cus i don't give a shit enough to look it up

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also outdoors has an awesome garden general with knowledgeable peeps:

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breh your link is fucked breh

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well you could start by getting some bulbs and seeds and planting them in the dirt (3x the seed length depth).

just like that monk who figured out pea wrinkles are genetic, you could pollinate with a brush.

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