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Trying to find a longer version, any idea what this type of bolt is called, I'm not sure what to search

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Class 8.8 is medium carbon steel, quenched and tempered and includes all Sizes below 16mm.

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Socket cap screw.
You killed a thread.
next time put a question like that in SQTDDTOG

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those threads look like there Ok. . . . . haha I see what you did there! Oh humorous man you!

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All those answers and no help...
It's a "shoulder bolt", search for that.

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sorry but you're probably not qualified to find a replacement for that shoulder screw. You need to find these dimensions for it. (pic related). if it's from something unimportant/not dangerous you can replace with whatever, but otherwise have someone else replace it for you before you break something.

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It's called a shoulder socket head cap screw and can be found via industrial suppliers or Ebay.

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Just take it to Fastenal and say "Got these in longer?" next day or two shipping

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