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Just got this PSU from a friend for free to be converted into a cheap lab bench power supply. However, when I try to short the Green and Black wires the unit won't start The unit works fine, was running in a computer prior to me receiving it. I've heard that there may be some sort of protection circuit and/or that the unit requires a dummy load

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>for free

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He got a new one and didn't need this one anymore

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>He got a new one

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idk. I just want to figure out how to jump start it

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"jump start" is what you do to a car. This aint a car.

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I would be looking at pin 8 on the motherboard connector. Looks like a shutdown for out of range power situations.

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Generally they need a dummy load (resistor between the correct pins)
Bought one of these a few years ago and it works really well

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>just looked at the price
Shit, I'm pretty sure I originally got that for way less than twenty bucks.

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yeah someone else recommended one of those too. Might just go that route and cut my losses

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You can get these for a couple of bucks from Aliexpress

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Yep Ebay too

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Can also be the load. As in, wire up your LED lights or whatever first, then flick the switch. Sees the lights as a viable load, goes.

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Throw a 5 ohm 10 watt resistor or equivalent between the +5v and ground to create a dummy load. I found it on an instructable and it worked for me when I was making a boombox with an ATX psu.

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Yeah I was thinking that too. Thanks

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