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Is there a way to resize a tube without a reamer for high pressure stuff? I need to use a piston for something (I won't go into details) and I don't have the money for the reamer so I dunno if I could use something else? I have 10mm (inner diameter) and 9mm tubes, is there a way to get one to around 9.7mm? I was thinking about electroplating it but I dont know how that would work, are there any other ways I can make the tubes smaller/ bigger?

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If you can't even afford a reamer, you obviously can't afford any of the other tools you might use to do this. You can't do it with a hacksaw.

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we cant accurately assist your nigger rigging without knowing the application of your system

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If you got a gas stove or propane torch. Heat it up.and dip.it in water. Keep repeating it will.open it up a tiny bit every time. It might fuck the temper up but I've done this to.impact sockets and they worked fine.

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Just look up how barrels were made back in the day mate, we've been making guns for hundreds of years.
Btw it'll be way more expensive than a $30 reamer

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sure OP just first check your calculations through a fluid dynamics app and compare the result to your data.. am sure all is good to go if variances are +/- 50% from your data points. maybe just ease up into the max pressure range just to be sure.. post results OP

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