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Trying to build a treehouse for my nephew. Having a hard time getting the lumber up into the tree. My father recommended that I buy a skyhook. Which brand would you recommend? Should I order one through grainger or amazon since this covid shit is going on?

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All things tree-ish have been solved by arborists and sailors, and the gear is quite reasonable.

I use a Masdam rope puller along with marine "fiddle blocks" (get them from Ebay, they're very expensive new) for tree work and moving all sorts of stuff since my back is destroyed.

Rope is awesome.

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I get the joke but his father might have been referring to the actual tool branded by that name and you never know what idiot relatives might tell noobs to do.

I assume everyone is stupid. Sky Hook is also a brand of lifting systems and a brand of tethering systems. You don't know as much as you imagine you do.

Other fun shit to send noobs for besides skyhook searches are propwash, flight line, left-handed wrenches etc.

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Home made. Or should I say DIY.

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Did you use your bedroom door as a bender?

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on a different note how are you fuckers building treehouses that dont kill the tree? I built 3 treehouses in my life and every one has killed the tree.

I am just going to build treehouses on stilts

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are you fucking high? thats half inch stainless round stock. Hooks the sky like a SOB.

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Consult an arborist if you care about the trees, they'll tell you if/where you can put the bolts. Make sure timbers and lumber don't rub off bark, don't core the heart. I have one going up in 3 maples, an ash and 4 big ass timbers I sank 5' into the ground and sonotubed last year. I had to be really careful that the auger wasn't hitting any of the tree roots so the vertical timbers are pretty far from the tree.

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