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I'm trying to figure out how to make a little Bluetooth controller, for a cheap vr headset, be powered by USB cable instead of two AAA's.
The obvious issue, to me, is the voltage(I'm not sure how much output a phone would have to power something through USB): 5v would be far too much for a 3v accessory.
More obviously would be the wiring itself: it can't be so simple to just solder the positives and negatives to the batter terminals, since there's two sets, and I don't know if just bridging the terminals in series would remedy that issue.
Any knowledge will be helpful.

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Buck converter to turn 5V down to 3V, anf then solder to the two battery terminals. Two of the battery terminals goes to power the device, the other two are there to connect the + of one battery to the - of the other, so you can leave that one alone.

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