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This should be illegal.


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It's so uneven what the fuck.

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My grandma's kitchen has a concrete floor. They just paint it.

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modern day used car salesmen.

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How would you make it even?

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self leveling compound. its common sense when putting anything over concrete. you need to use self leveling compound which is basically a concrete type mix. it will find its own level and when it does the floor is good to go

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Can you specifically point out to me what you think is wrong with what he's doing?


Yes and that's going to add $$$$ to the customers cost. I would personally try to level every basement slab, but some people just don't give a fuck about uneven floors and the extra cost for them is make or break. Some slabs are done well enough from the get go that you don't really need to level.

Back to the OP, the guy does it better than 90% of contractors, most just put vinyl directly on the slab, or they use the dri core garbage.

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they should epoxy it

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Floors "uneven" because of the lens on the video camera you fucking retard.

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he thinks lens distortion is the floor being uneven?
Holy kek.

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he thinks he knows what he's talking about or playing it low key _kewl_
Moley kek.

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Hired a guy to pour concreeet in our dug out basement. Was the least level thing I've ever seen. When confronting him about it he agreed to pour some self leveling compound on the worst areas. It hardly made a difference. It feels like you're sucked into a black hole near the corners. All these people are complete incompetend retards, I swear.

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look at the base molding by the door on the left. the bottom is sloped but the top is straight

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must be a republican

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You need to seal the concrete first, you got a total incompetent. After sealing, you roll out the self levelling compound and then can polish it down if you need to desperately.

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what is he doing wrong? I didn't see any major issue other than he uses tape to seal the edges of the underlayment at the wall.

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It's about as flat as a stormy sea.

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