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I want to add a 240 outlet to my garage, watched a few videos and looks simple enough. Problem is none of them show how to route wires through your wall? The breaker box is in a laundry room adjacent to the garage so its not got far to go. Any good videos showing how to do that?

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Hire an electrician if you can’t even figure out how to run armored cable or Romex through wall studs and drywall.

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drill holes in the "MIDDLE" of the studs and route it through. if you're running regular, unprotected wires you just need to make sure you put metal nail plates on the stud to protect it from people nailing into it in the future. or use armored cable like that other guy said.

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Thats no fun, wheres the fire hazard? Wheres the DANGER?

I was thinkin something like this shit? Should be fine to run a welder on right?

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And would yall' recommend a GE or Siemens breaker?

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Seriously...hire an electrician if you can’t even figure out the proper breaker to add onto your existing panel

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what AIC rating should I get on my breaker?

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listen to the people telling you to get an electrician you dont even know what questions to ask. amp rating is what you should be worried about

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Add a subpanel to the garage, rather than just adding a new circuit. It will make future expansions simple, and the only extra costs are a subpanel ($40) and breaker ($10) plus a bit of extra wire.

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Where is the distribution panel? If it's in the garage, this will be an easy job. If it's elsewhere in the house, it may be difficult to pull off without removing drywall, and possibly ceiling.

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Fuck, didn't read all the way through the OP, based on your description, it shouldn't be too hard. Although I'd need to see a pic of the distribution panel and the laundry room to give you better instructions.

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just make sure its voltage rated

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If you have a GE panel, you use GE breakers, if you have a Siemens panel, you use Siemens breakers.

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Would I be able to use the existing wires to pull the new wire through somehow?

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And do I really need "armored" romex? I've seen houses being built before and never saw any armored romex being used in the walls?
See: pic in this post >>1794891

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Yeah, you're definitely going to have to at least remove the drywall above the panel. Hopefully your garage is unfinished.

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>do I really need "armored" romex?
Depends on local electrical code, some places have stricter rules than others.

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this is bait

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As was mentioned, depends on code. Usually, armor is only required where wiring would be otherwise exposed. In an unfinished garage, for example. You'd have to check with your local code book to know where you "need" it for sure.

Normally, you could just do it to be safe, but code has some weird bullshit in it sometimes, and armor may actually be prohibited in certain situations.

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