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Has anyone made the switch to rechargeable batteries? Any brands to recommend? The reviews of the amazon basics read pretty unreliable

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I bought the EBL brand and they have held up pretty well over the year I've had em.

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Look for eneloops.
Ideally any rechargable battery made in Japan.
Amazonbasics batteries used to be eneloops, then random Japanese batteries and in 2018 they became full Chinese batteries throwing reliability and durability out the window.

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Are they still the same as the ikea rebranded or did ikea switch to china from japan manufacturer?

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Best rechargeables you can buy, from Ikea of all places

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Turingy LSD are pretty good

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I made the switch a few years ago and haven't looked back. I still put alkaline batteries in things that will stay outside in the elements, but other than that I use only rechargeables. I personally use eneloop and the ikea LADDA ones. They are apparently both manufactured by panasonic in Japan. I also bought some of the older ikea rechargables on sale when they were discontinued, and they seem to be reliable.

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I was using eneloop, however after watching this I switched to the green duracells.


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However, for things that are long term low usage applications such as all the push-button door locks and smoke detectors I've got around my house & office, I use energizer lithium batteries because they seem to last forever in things that have infrequent use or require very little power.

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I have quite a few led flashlights and headlamps that take AA and AAA. I use the lamp most often but I always find when I need the flashlight it’s always dead

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I heard the white enloops are chinese now and only the pro ones, ikea and some other ones are made in the one factory in Japan.

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I don't know, I bought all of mine a couple of years ago, they're all Japanese but that could've changed.

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doubtfull as the only plant that manufactures ni-mh is fujitsu, that also makes the eneloops

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I love that guy but nothing could ever make me trust Duracell again.

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>trust Duracell again.
What made you lose the faith?

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Not the guy who posted, but I would never trust an alkaline battery again, Duracell included. They have ruined hundreds of dollars worth of my equipment by corrosion.

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The white Ikea batteries were still made in Japan before Ikea shut down in the USA due to Coronachan.
The brown lower caoacity batteries were Japan at one point, but the last ones I purchased were China. I think these have been discontinued though.

I miss Ikea. The fuckers shut down when Corona showed up. :(

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Not the above anons, but Duracell batteries used to leak like crazy.
I’ve also purchased packs of both Duracell and Energizer batteries were 1/4 of the batteries were bad.
The Energizer Lithium batteries isually seem to be good.
The most reliable Alkaline batteries I’ve ever used were made in Germany by Varta, although Varta got sold to Rayovac, so I don’t know if the batteries ate still as good.

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>I’ve also purchased packs of both Duracell and Energizer batteries were 1/4 of the batteries were bad
I had several of my Duracell rechargeables fail prematurely and would not charge. I could use a blow-dryer to heat them up then sometimes they would take a charge. Just buy Amazon basics rechargeables, I haven't had problems with them.

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Another vote for sanyo eneloops / ikea LADDAs.

I have a LOT of them and chargers. And I try to get things that use AAs, so all my junk runs off them. It's a good system. Very much worth it.

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I use both non recharge and recharge.
I've found other than the most budget brands most rechargeable seem to be better value overall.

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lsd nimh.
The best representative is the eneloop.
Avoid eneloop pro unless you need that specific set of features and can put up with the compromises.

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I have same problem with Energizer but never thought about heating them up to take a charge. Is it cold where you live because it is not where I live but will still try this.

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I bought some enloops about 6 years ago. I only use them fora couple analog clocks, Xbox controller and tv/stereo remote. I've been impressed with them. All my high drain stuff like flashlights are 18650

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