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I salvaged some wood logs that the city left along the side of the road. They’re mostly quite wet and all about 4 to 8 inches wide. How can I dry these out without a kiln? I’ve heard the wood needs to be sealed at the ends to dry evenly but I want to avoid using polymers. Any alternatives?

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Wood glue?

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If you're dealing with small pieces you can just microwave it

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Not the OP, but related
>If I leave this osage here for long enough will it naturally straighten over time?
>If not is there a better way to straighten it?
>Should I debark it for drying? I'm trying to minimise cracking in the wood
>Can I harden the wood somehow?

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I'd clamp it to something straight, it'll dry curved. Don't know about the rest of your post though.

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You want to keep it as a log, not lumber?

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> will it naturally straighten over time?
if anything it will cure even more or twist in other directions if left to its own devices
>If not is there a better way to straighten it?
you heat it up with steam and straighten it then leave it to dry , or cook it to dry
>Can I harden the wood somehow?
you cook it

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If you plan to air dry it, do not remove the bark. Glue the ends as well.

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No I want to split it eventually

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Saw it up with a chainsaw then. Let it dry in smaller pieces. Why are you worrying about it drying evenly if you're going to split it up for firewood?

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Then split it first. It’ll dry much faster.

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