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And do my own goddamn addition to my own goddamn house. Fuck you faggot. 75,000 fucking dollars for a 350 sq ft one story addition to my house?? Jesus fucking christ that's more than half the value of this piece of shit 1000sqft house.

What books or other shit can I read and how do I just do this myself? I don't make that much money in three years

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>permit denied

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Fucking shit. I just need some screwballs to write-up a plan for it then submit it for permit, right? All I gotta do is call out inspectors at every large step so they can approve my shitty workmanship, that's easy.

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lmao good luck. Do you even have any tools? And construction knowledge!

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It's doable, I did almost exactly what you're talking about 12 years ago. Cost about 15k then. It's about your will to do it, and your skill level. If you start googling now, you should shoot for breaking ground in March and having it sided and roofed by cold weather next year, then you can finish off the inside over the winter into the year after that.

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Yea I got lots of tools and minor construction knowledge. I tore down an exterior wall and installed french doors, also knocked down two load bearing interior walls with a 10' span, using engineered I beam for support.

Skeleton shit easy, plumbing shit easy, electrical easy. Finish work impossible, I just can't find the patience to do it.

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good luck sir handyman

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Got any tips? The biggest thing for me is starting. How do you get concrete poured for the foundation posts? Mix yourself? Machine?

What were some of the hard things you dealt with?

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I used a backhoe with a 16" bucket to dig the foundation, so I didn't need forms. I was able to get a concrete truck to the back yard and just poured it. Dig the crawlspace deep enough to make it easy on yourself; I can sit up straight in mine and my head doesn't touch the subfloor. Don't be a dick to the inspector, mine helped me quite a bit, the general building inspector as well as the electrical inspector. Seriously, just start googling now, you've got about 4 months to plan shit. Call the city and see what they require for permits.

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Check out Mike Haduck. He shows all kinds of tricks on how to level and square concrete jobs without fancy tools.


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Nice thanks

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