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So I consider myself a cabin innawoods sort of folk. I live in Canada and the option is available. Im 27 and I feel that its time to put effort into something substantial and I want your thoughts.

My parents are offering me free land to build a small camp/cottage/house around 600 square feet and there is already a well dug, but the lot has a short driveway and it irks me to be so close to it... and my parents.
Are there any anons here who have built RIGHT near their parents? It feels like im not even going anywhere or obtaining and privacy. Am I making too much of a deal about it compared to the fruit of free land ?

thoughts or experiences welcome. pic related is an aerial view

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Wow there some retarded typos in there, sorry about that.
Should I build a house on parents property and be mortgage free but never fully leave the nest or go off on my own and spend hella mounts of money and not be one of those people who lives in their parents front yard

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If you do it on your parents yard, you need to make sure there's a contract involved stating which land is yours, if you can do that, then save the money

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alternatively it depends on how much you like your parents. i love my dad but i would kill myself having to deal with his autism for another thirty years. but if they'd respect your space and let you set up a meth lab or a shipping container sex dungeon then it sounds like a great deal.

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Right by your parents can work out well later on in life. You have kids, they're nearby to visit and to keep them if necessary. They get older, you're able to keep an eye on them and help them out without having to live with them or put them in an old folks' home.

Plus we as a society really ought to go back to families living close together and ideally on the same estate. It helps you establish your roots.

That being said >>1940164 is correct, they would be better off subdividing the land and deeding it to you.

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In my eyes, the autism is worth not spending 400k on land, ymmv

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The land IS subdivided so there's that, about 5 acres of 100 acres total. The closest municipality said to build all we need is plans and a 50$ permit (as long as the place is 24x24 or less)

I take what you said to heart, its a shame how communities fall apart now that I think of all the folks who've up and moved away. All the kids I went to sunday school with went off somewhere more exciting, now its just old folks and outsiders from town.

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5 acres is enough for a homestead anon, I say go for it, maybe look into earthbags, they're kinda my interest at the moment

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Im opting for a timber frame house on a slab. I figure go for gold if Im saving on land. I mean.. Its eastern Canada anyways so houses are dirt cheap in any way shape and form.

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I want that wholesome life too anon, hopefully soon!! Cities Are disgusting greasy messes

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ignore the parents bit.
building your own house is the 2nd most rewarding thing you can ever do for yourself.

if it's close to the parents, who cares. you have an opportunity millions would kill for. don't squander it for 'muh indvidualism'.

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>opportunity millions would kill for.
less than 50 thousand dollars worth of land in the middle of nowhere isn't a big deal

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>My parents are offering me free land
So they want you out of the main house?

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no, because starting from scratch is a killer.

But OP's situation with ma and pa next door makes it more than doable.e

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Go out on your own anon. If you stay and remain dependent they will always view you as a child and you will remain stunted.

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You can probably find a hell of a lot more than a million people who would take 25 grand worth of land and a well in the country.

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600 square feet in europe costs millions tho ...there is no chance in hell i would turn down basically free land and by the picture in the OP i would say that pretty much far enough from your parents for them to visit you when its convenient but thats still a disconnected house and you are not living "with" them ...there are a lot of houses in europe for instance that are divided as one floor is the parents apartment and the upper floor is your apartment which is basically living in the same house with no real privacy

>muh individualism
>i gotta leave the nest and soar
>nooo you cant get property from your parents you need to go into lifelong debt and and poverty otherwise your life is a failure reee
are all stupid memes the capitalist system managed to shill out that forces people to consume more and get tied up in debt
use your rightful(families) land and make your own stuff on it, its literally your birthright and squandering that kind of an opportunity is stupid

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Rejecting such an offer would be a very serious disrespect offence, from my point of view.

Besides, having something build yourself will provide you invaluable experience.

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This. I personally get along very well with my parents and it would be a bonus to live next to them so I can see then more than once a year (or zero times a year. Thanks corona).

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Op, I'm trying to not reply to this thread but i can't help it. That doesn't look like timber framing, it looks like a more expensive and crappier form of stick framing, I could be wrong but why not make your own lumber studs?
1. You live next to a forest you retard. You plan to farm so you need to cut your own trees anyway. Live in a tent the first few months you moran.
2. All you really need are basic power tools plus a big jointer ($1000), a thickness planer ($1000 after accessories such as new blade and "dro" which is really just to help you not get so annoyed at its adjustment mechanism), and an overhead rotary saw for short dados.

If you really want to do timber joinery, then you would eventually get a mortiser. However, it is unlikely you are good enough at carpentry to do that right. With just a planer and some tricks, I cannot distinguish the interfaces at the joints of my existing joinery... So you could get away with skipping the jointer. I also haven't used a mortiser but it isn't timber joinery unless you are actually joining the timbers.

Basically 3K in tools and 5K in lumber, or if cutting your own trees, 5K in tools and 1K in hardware.

Finally OP, for over one million years homo sapiens and our cousin species and our ancestors lived next to their families. Only recently did humans become brainwashed to atomize themselves, and what a surprise but the new breed called homo homosexualis appeared. Are you a homosexual? No? Then just live next to your parents, if you're really that far away then your kids will live farther from their grandparents than most small-town kids live from theirs, I'm sorry that no brain-damaged consumers will fill the empty tree-laden interstitial space to satisfy your need to block your parents from view with more perfection then hordes of trees.

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I should add that since you live in Canada you are in a similar situation to me (im not Canadian im a gopher), in which case since you are clueless i will help you just a bit:
- buy a gasoline generator, they cut about 1K for 1.5 kW, which is enough.
- learn how to do radiant-heating or solar-water-heating as that will be your first money-saver and easily your biggest money saver.
- set up a solar system. 1K per 5kW is reasonable if you buy cells and make your own panels, which should take very little time because you have infinite lumber and you have made a workshop by the time you have reached this point.
- batteries are randomly priced, but again, 5K for 16-hour 1-kW continuous drain is a reasonable price (lithium polymer, sometimes lithium ion, the latter require fancy chargers that are fairly cheap called bms)
- 1K for electric hardware
- make your own inverter and charger or spend another 1.5K on that.

Tada. In the first year, you build your house. In the second year, you make it so you never have to pay for heating for life (electric heating at night) and you only need to maintain your electric system with about 1K in replacement parts every 4 or 5 years (usually batteries).

If you can afford to not work for a bit, then 1 year becomes 4 months. If I could make a 250sqft section in a week of pain with shitty tools, you can do more faster with better tools.

In certain parts of the world, houses are usually made modular; you build-out railings as you want to extend your home, then you add beams to build a new 500sqft box. Do that or suffer. This also means your plumbing is at chest or waist level and can be maintained by simply walking outside your kitchen for example and popping off a panel (apparently very common in Florida). I don't have plumbing so look it up or use your brain.

Make your own doors or suffer, they are very easy to make. Line-up perpendicular frame pieces interlocked by to tongue and groove & 1/4” offset dowels for locking bye.

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As others have stated I would go for it. My house is less than a half mile away from my folks place. I wouldn't have it any other way. I got to be right there as much as I wanted to when my dad was going downhill (he passed away a couple months back) and have always helped them out with home and vehicle maintenance. In return they helped immensely by watching the kids many many times. They absolutely love/d watching the grandkids.

I also worked with my dad for the past 20+ years. Sometimes he would get on my nerves just because we were constantly around each other, but I still would give anything to have him back again.

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do it, there is a difference between living with your parents and living near them

You always have the ability to shut your doors and get privacy and having family that close is an asset.

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Do it OP

Eastern canuckfag here as well, I grew up on my parents 5 acres, which was subdivided from 40 acres of land owned by my grandfather, and he willed the remaining 35 acres to me at 14 when he died, I always planned to build my house in the field next to my parents, but ended up actually buying my parents house when I was 24 and they were going through a nasty separation. I got ot for cheap and it gets to stay in the family, so now I'm in a comfy bungalow on 40 acres raising my family, and plan to keep acquiring land while it's still affordable. If any of my children want to live here I would happily give them a few acres to set up on. Even though i had to pay for it I'm still very thankful for it.

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its not to kill for from a monetary aspect you're missing the point

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You need to look into the vernacular architecture for your area. I don't know how cold/snowy it gets where you are specifically but this might be one of the few times an A-frame is really the best house to build for someone on /diy/

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Most of that forest is black spruce, fir . Black spruce is suitable for light construction purposes. I would rather thin that forest and have it grow.. let someone else cut their private woodlots down and save mine until it is mature, it was cut 35 years ago, but I understand the advice you are obtaining to me.

and you make a good point about everyone being brainwashed into leaving their roots to greener grasses . That is something I wanted to hear right now. Im looking to have 5-6 kids and not having a 100K loan will help that cause.

screen capped, thank you anon.

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Sorry for your loss. you can be thankful your relationship was more extensive than a lot of people experience with their folks.
Did you have your first kid before or after moving down the road from them? Did your wife help pay or did you meet her after?

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I highly recommend it!

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