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I bought a Dremel dremel, and the quality is complete shit. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows what brand makes a quality one?

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Look at this shit. What kind of metal are they using that would just wear out like this?

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You aren't alone there. I have two 3000s that I'm about to ship to them for replacement. I sent an email to them last week after the collet nut on my second 3000 that I bought six months ago froze. I've been using Dremels since they came out in the 90s...the quality has gone to shit.

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I haven't even used mine. I just plugged it in and spun it just because I could.

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Fuck off with your Dremel shit.

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Rotary tools are not well built in general. Get an electric die grinder or a flex shaft tool. Protip: If just the tool itself is under $100 it will be crap. Good ones, especially flex shaft tools, are really fucking expensive.

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>they fell for the "german quality" marketing trick
german make shit stuff, i'm talking about china grade quality, and sell it to retards. don't be like them.

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Black and decker makes a really good one. Good build and takes a while to overheat.

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I just ordered one of these. All these consumer level rotary tools are all the same.

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I have one of these and a Dremel 200
The dremel is way smoother and more powerful while the offbrand has the shakes. The big on off rocker switch is nice, I dont know why Dremel hasnt added one.

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You know the score, up your ass it goes.

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Fuck it bro it's $20. If it does it's job I'll be happy. I don't expect the cutting discs to last at all though so I'll pick up a name brand attachment kit.

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Thats what I said, everyone shills how great they are so I bought it to have a cutting disc on one and a grinding wheel on the other at all times so how bad could it be?

Nah, its unbearable to use after a minute or two, its not that much more money to get an actual dremel.

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dude if you buy green bosch or other German "in name only" tools made in China you are the one at fault

get a Fein or a Festool than you'll get quality
same goes for hand tools like gedore, hazet, stahlville, knipex etc ...

dremel got bought by bosch and it starts showing, dont expect that will get better

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>all the same
Nah, there are crap ones, that are misaligned and your bit will go in 0.5mm circles. Useless for any kind of precision work.

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It's a hand tool. If you want precision you want a mill.

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I use a RotoZip as a Dremel as they're fast enough and considerably more powerful.
I have Dremels too and use them appropriately, and die grinders including the glorious Milwaukee 5196.

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What's a good mill for under $100?

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a Dremel.

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