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How do these dug out turf roof cabins work? Wouldn't the roots of the grass destroy the roof over time? Wouldn't the wooden walls cave in after they've become structurally compromised from rot?

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The answer is tar.

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Nothing is permanent. Maintain what you use.

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This isn't grass as much as it's moss. Go look into how they insulate and layer between the logs in log cabins and it'll make more sense.

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Just make it out of metal then put wood inside?

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They work until all those concerns you listed come to be. I have heard the constant smoke from a hearth somehow retarded the rot of the ceiling to an extent

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No, do what they did but learn why they did it. Some study is involved. Become a fucking study monster and eventually all things come together from sharp sticks to computers. It's a wonderful moment of enlightenment.

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