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I've just been offered this cart of sheet metal and I'm not sure whether or not to take it. I'm a woodworker and I don't have a welder so I'm just fishing for ideas of what I could do with it. It's all roughly 1/16 thick. Gimme some ideas or it goes to some boomer who'll sell it as scrap.

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If you’re in GA I’ll take it

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Buy a cheap harbor freight welder and release your inner artist. Create Steve from Minecraft, a giant metal block shaped Dick, metal rubix cube, bend the metal and make metal cups, maybe a hexagonal fire pit ring.

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Get some tig welding practice in...

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As other anons have said use it to practice welding. If you're interest in it that is

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I have raw material, no tools, and no experience. What do?

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Cover your wooden creations with it to pretend you're a metalworker.

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>Gimme some ideas or it goes to some boomer who'll sell it as scrap.
what a prejudicial statement. why would the boomer sell it as scrap, it's not worth more than a couple of dollars (scrap value). maybe the boomer would make something with it. unlike your completely unimaginative self.

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Unironically this. Use it to make brackets and whatnot, or wear plates etc. Plenty of wood things can be improved easily with a bit of sheet.

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Turn it into armor, or sell it to me if you're in Indiana.

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Where state do you live in OP, if its close ill def buy what you got

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*What state

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where you at?

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>>1940257 (OP)
I live in Michigan, the lower peninsula, lower part of the peninsula around kalamazoo

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if you want to go crazy... There are tutorials on some parts of the internet of making handguns with sheet metal

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As a press brake operator I'd say keep it. You never know when you need to fab something small

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If you don't instantly have an idea what such things are good for then pass on it as it's of no value as scrap steel.
I'd snap it up but I work metal.

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>been offered
Ask the owner what so many small rectangles were cut for.

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Take it and use it for brackets and similar small details, like suggested earlier.
If there's some larger pieces too then maybe:
>How To Bend Sheet Metal Without A Brake
>How To Make A Metal Project Enclosure

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you can easily make high quality hinges out of them for your furniture projects. either very carefully to make heavy looking smooth hinges or hammered to make them look rustic or even with a cut model on their sides.

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Buy a cheap laser engraver, some muriatic acid and start giving this stuff some patina to burn off. Then go nuts making kitchy signs to sell at a craft fair. (White girls in yoga pants like sarcastic stuff about coffee and wine and Mondays.) Since you're a woodworker, bang out some easy frames to put them in.

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you could sell it for a couple hundred on CL probably

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What type of metal?

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go to harbor freight and pick up some metal working tools and go to town. Learn as you go.

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Google "PA Luty"

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