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im thinking of making a simple air seeder

would this work? i think its basically a carburetor with seed instead of petrol

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by petrol, you mean gasoline, right? and by seed you mean cum? gonna spray jizz on people there in bongland?

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i dont think bongland has farmers anymore? we call it petrol in australia

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dafuq is that? that like the free glass thing you get with a itallian salad dressing kit? hows that gunna help you seed stuffs? i dont think your taking /diy/ serisouly

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What kind of seed? If it's small enough, you could just use a sandblaster, like:


If the seeds are too large for this, you can simply make the same thing with scaled-up components to compensate.

The problem with using a fan is that, to get a venturi like that to work well, you need quite a bit of pressure. A centrifugal blower like you find in a vacuum cleaner might barely work, but you'd be better off with a multi-stage centrifugal compressor if you insist on going that route. Look into HVLP turbines, maybe.

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ideally id want to be able to sow large seeds (oats) and small seeds (millet)

i thought maybe i could swap out the jets to accomplish this

i was planning on using a big blower fan, the kind used to dry silos

does my diagram look theoretically possible? im just not sure if ive got the pipes right, e.g. do i need a pipe coming from just after the fan to cause the pressure drop into the venturi?

the primary reason i want to do this is because im sick of seed metering rollers

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>i thought maybe i could swap out the jets to accomplish this

No reason you'd need to. It would work equally well for any seed smaller than its maximum size.

>i was planning on using a big blower fan, the kind used to dry silos

Not likely to work very well unless you were going for an astoundingly huge system (as one, one capable of throwing tons per _minute_ of seed). There's no getting around the fact that the amount of suction a venturi provides is relative to the velocity of air through it, which itself is dictated by the pressure of the air behind the throat. Axial/centrifugal fans made to move only air just don't provide enough pressure.

Even though the big equipment manufacturers keep saying "fans" in their literature describing how the air seeders work, they're not "normal" fans. They have much more in common with an axial/centrifugal compressor than they do any blower fan, being heavily optimized for pressure over bulk air flow.

If you're planning on using a fan that big to move seed, I can only assume you're doing this on an industrial scale. I have no idea why you'd be here for advice at that point, but, if it were me, I'd be experimenting with multi-stage vacuum motors, like:


Just guessing based off previous experience, I'd say 3-4 of those could move at least few tons per hour of seed. Your mileage may vary, depending on any number of factors.

>does my diagram look theoretically possible?

It's workable. Venturi tubes are simple devices. Actually made a small venturi nozzle a few months ago while experimenting with hot air lance design. Just eyeballed everything and it worked just fine. As long as you don't go too off-the-wall with the relative diameter of the restriction (and you have enough pressure behind it) it'll do what it's supposed to.

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thanks mate, not sure if youre in australia but farming here is weird because farms are so large but each square metre is relatively unproductive - if i can get something even close to usable vs spending 100k on a seeder ill be happy

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why reinvent the wheel op?
commercial ones have a Rotary feeder powered by the sprocket.It drops x amount of seeds every ~10cm in the supply pipe
for the blower you could try a gasolin leafblower

>sick of seed metering rollers
there is no way around this OP
If seeds are not distributed evenly you are literally wasting your money

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