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What should we put in a cube next?

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2 action figure kung fu fighting.

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Are you going to shill your youtube channel next?
Nobody wants to see it you faggot, go away

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>being this mad

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Was I right or was I right?
Go on and post it anon, you want those advertising sheckels so why even pretend this thread is anything different?

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First of all, Im not OP.
second off all
>being this mad

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Calling me mad doesnt make me wrong.
It doesnt make OP any less of a faggot either.

Im sure people will suck his dick over at reddit and leave great comments on all of his videos.

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OP put >>1940547 in epoxy, would be very funny

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Hey OP, how about putting a Big Mac into a cube?
Or maybe some McDonalds Sauces in a cube?
Maybe even a Hot Dog!

Would be fucking le epic!

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I agree. It's a stupid and pointless exercise that accomplishes nothing. OP is making modern art which has nothing to do with /diy/.

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dead rat

didnt some anon put a dead bird into something like that to preserve it and it went to a brown goo after some time lol

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Its not hard to find his youtube channel anon, he came here to shill for advertising shekels

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I remember that thread

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funko pop

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Post the rat one. I'm more interested in that. Was it like a rat goo snowglobe you could shake?

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How about I ram the epoxy cube up your ass?

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Hotglued Anime figurine

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Does that Can still have liquid in it???

How does that work with a pressurized container...what would happen if you froze it?

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well, the resin would contract away from the can, so it's probably fine.
Heating would be the real problem.

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Make an empty clear block of resin and zap it with high voltage to create lichtenberg figures. Or maybe high amps from a welder would work.

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Put your dick in it.

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fart in a jar then put in epoxy and smell it in 20 years ahahah

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Damn. Beat me to it.

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Make a replica of this:

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Your own cum

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a poo

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For me, it's the McRib.

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a watch that would still run

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stop necrobumping your thread faggot.

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>Its not hard to find his youtube channel anon,

Lighten up pal. Did your youtube career not take off, or what?

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This reminds me of the crafsman, and his awesome ability to make the local spergloards go apeshit.


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How wouldn't a youtube channel made for people on the spectrum make autists happy?

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He spammed reddit with his hot dog, this thread isn't going anywhere till he hits the post limit.

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>He spammed reddit with his hot dog,

Good thing this is a blue board.

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put him in the epoxy

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Wow Opie, what a lovely prominent nose you have.

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Hummina hummina hummina bazooooooooing! *eyes pop out* AROOOOOOOOGA! *jaw drops tongue rolls out* WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF *tongue bursts out of the outh uncontrollably leaking face and everything in reach* WURBLWUBRLBWURblrwurblwurlbrwubrlwburlwbruwrlblwublr *tiny cupid shoots an arrow through heart* Ahhhhhhhhhhh me lady... *heart in the shape of a heart starts beating so hard you can see it through shirt* ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum

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Is this it? If so, you're work is amazing.


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I don't know if this is the same guy since this looks like a meme, but here's a cool video showing how it's done


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pop cans expand and burst when frozen solid.
No question it will destroy the resin.

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This is an art form

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I guess you can see why his streaming career failed to take off, jesus fucking christ.

You could have just put this in the OP, your pandering isnt going to work here either way you gigantic faggot.

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Because my autism is the best autism and everyone else's autism is the worst autism

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your penis

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break a mirror, reassemble it shardwise, cast in thin epoxy, and install mounting hardware

>> No.1943850


Make an opoxy cast

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>You could have just put this in the OP, your pandering isnt going to work here either way you gigantic faggot.

I'm not OP and I'm confused as to how you made that mistake. Anyway, since you seem to be the main one in this thread who is trying to keep it on topic, do you know if this is his channel, or is it someone who adopted his style: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHy--e2ieRj786WY5rWXOBg/videos

Thanks in advance.

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That's a different guy, but he does some incredible /diy/ projects like this one:


He has a great accent. I'd give anything to have a cool British accent.

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Of course, it's definitely not OP even though the op pic is literally in the screenshot, on a youtube channel that is 2 weeks old with videos that barely have a few hundred views.
Is your viral campaign working out for you anon?
How long until you get your advertising sheckels?

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oh my fucking god shut up
opie you gypsy fuck go back to reffiy

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Why did you say hello twice?

>> No.1944872


lol that isn't me, but it is funny that he seems to start twice. rather endearing compared to some of the overly polished youtubers.

>> No.1944889

Yes, you haveing a scuffed channel with poor production value sure is "endearing" OP.

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I want to try this but I always have bubbles. Do you have any guides or videos showing how you achieve such fantastic results?

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someone cum on his picture so he fucks off

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This other guy has a good video explaining the use of vacuum and pressure to eliminate bubbles:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWXeFvK_PaA [Remove]

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Try to preserve mouldy agar jelly.

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That other guy has a really cool video of a puppet rapping too.
He also has some really cool puppet ASMR story reading too.

Im on the spectrum and he really calms my nerves.
Heres me and my puppet

>> No.1946382

Thanks. And you are really good with the puppet.

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Can you put an arduino project in a epoxy cube

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I do.

>> No.1947082

I think it would work.

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in 5 years break this shit open and eat it

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Those products are already completely sealed by themselves, what would be the point?

>> No.1947704

What exactly is the point of the channel in the first place?
Aside from being a money grab of course

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Don't ask me.

>> No.1947733

But we've always got the answer from you before.

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I want to try this in my garage.

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mouse in a glue trap.
as a warning to all the other mice.

>> No.1948440

Truly epic

>> No.1948898

Moose in a glue trap.
as a warning to all the other meese

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A "exploded" gun display.
If a real gun is too expensive then a airsoft or bb gun would also be interesting piece.

Another idea is wrestlers having a match or action figures fighting as first poster said.

>> No.1948988

>A "exploded" gun display.
Neat idea, make it into a relatively thin plaque that could be hung up on a wall.

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Can you use regular epoxy or is it a special kind

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I just took a massive shit and my bowels feel hollow and light

>> No.1949618

A chibi creeper (in Minecraft).

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arizona tea and skittles

>> No.1950131

Put an epoxy cube in the epoxy cube and make an epoxy hypercube.

>> No.1950137

You could put a picture of Xzibit in it lol!! Though I doubt most people would get that meme lol

>> No.1950153

Insert dildo into fleshlight, put completed assembly into cube.

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>He browses 4chan for serious stuff
I'm sorry Anon

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C'mon OP, you shilled your update on reddit but you haven't done it here? Where is your bump?

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wow. that guy, whoever he is, got a special award from reddit for his OC!

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>got a special award from reddit

Ordinarily I don't like to promote that site or utube, but this person is amazing. He or she has a live stream for this project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM3TNQjtcPY

>> No.1951156

Man oh man, that person has mastered the internet. I guess that's the modern day equivalent of a 60's rock star.

>> No.1951176

whoa sage

>> No.1951331

Meesa jarjar binks

>> No.1951782

The thread is inspiring to do thing.

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>Im on the spectrum and he really calms my nerves.

come on man

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Upboated, truly an inspiration

I agree, this person deserves reddit gold for how inspiring their channel is. They put a HOT DOG into a block of ACRYLIC
Can you imagine?

>> No.1952338

how do you keep the thing being cast in the middle of the casting?

>> No.1952402

Crystals and metal shavings so you can sell it to hippies as an emf protection device

>> No.1952552

>how do you keep the thing being cast in the middle of the casting?

I watched one of his videos just to learn that, and he skipped that part. Maybe it's a secret and that's why he's so popular here.

>> No.1952553

That guy is really talented, keep watching it in one of the videos.

>> No.1952556 [DELETED] 

you pour half of it, let it cure, then pour the other half.
Sage when you post in this shill thread.

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>> No.1953103

>then pour the other half.
How do you keep dust off the first half. And if I wash it won't it leave a visible resideu.

>> No.1953133

Posting in an epic bread!

>> No.1953143

A porno, used tissue and crusty bottle of lotion.

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You forgot the most important steps.
>get resulting cube displayed in art exhibition
>call it "Nocreation"
>sell for a million shekels

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I want to see OPs channel and I'm not going to click through all the arguing faggot's links in this thread.
spoonfeed me, please

>> No.1953719

I would like a link to the actual content as well. Thanks.

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I think this is it. It's an excellent watch. He's a natural vlogger, one of the best I've seen.

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>> No.1954795

coom in the box op.

>> No.1955220

Anybody else trying to duplicate his results? I didn't have much luck, mostly a lot of bubbles all over the place.

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Please stop it with the png autism.

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>It's an excellent watch. He's a natural vlogger, one of the best I've seen.

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>Not understanding how water freezes
Fucking retard.

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>Please stop it with the png autism.
Sorry. I keep forgetting about folks on dial-up.

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Best thread current.

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>Sorry. I keep forgetting about folks on dial-up.
>uploads jpg
Shameful display

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New video up, and it's really cool!


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Thanks for the heads up mate! I noticed that he recently did his birthday cake. What a madlad!


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Can you imagine making a french fry night light? Amazing what this guy thinks of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6GdgvrTW_s

Also, do you think he's attractive? How about the facial hair, does that make him look sophisticated or no?

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You are markiplier with down syndrome
Stop samefagging your self promotion thread

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lol you are wrong. I'm just an enthusiast supporting a very talented lad. He has a new video up that is very good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0KX_u8YXZk

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Cool video. LMFAO he faked the butter with yellow epoxy!

He is a nice guy who replies to lots of comments. Note that he will have a very special event on New Year's Day, so those of us who are restricted because of the Covid pandemic can still have an enjoyable way to celebrate!

>> No.1958404

Wow, I went and checked out this channel based on all the positive posts in this thread, it's actually really cool, everyone should check it out.

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I followed his instructions and it turned out pretty good.

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Cock & balls

>> No.1959189

bacon and narwhals!

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Cool new video just dropped.


>> No.1959422

It's comical how little creative effort most jewtubers put into their resin casts. Wow another thing in a transparent cube, that's absolutely insane I could have never conceived of it.

>> No.1959497


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im sure you could do something cool with mirrors, and when you shine a laser into the cast the laser comes out at a different place. see pic

>> No.1959507

typical plebbitard beta soi face faggot. get the fuck out and quit spamming your stupid shit.

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Why are you not casting a shipping container full of 2012 European Gala Kiira sex robots and colorizing the acrylic with a shot of black?

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