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i got bins and bins of random screws nails eyelets nuts bolts, etc. how do you guys deal with them, just throw them into one large box and call it "nails/screw bin" or organize by type?
honesty i have no idea when to use a 1" screw vs a 1/2" screw wth the flat head top or or with a pointed end or flat end etc.

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I would throw all of that away, I only organize good fasteners

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Jaysus dude you don't even have enough to do anything with a thread died for this you spastic retard

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oh no the hairy asshole thread got moved to page 3 how terrible

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those are already organized: rusty garbage, dirty screws, oily car parts

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Same, sometimes keep old ones for reference, but If I’m spending the time to build something why would I use old fixings. Exception is the brass screws I use in my garden fencing etc.

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Guys. Anyone have any experience with diy fingernail clipping art on pallets?

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Get some of those flat tackle boxes or parts organizers, split them up into general categories. You don’t need a compartment for each size, but something like medium bolts, small bolts, small wood screws, sheet metal screws, etc

I have a few infographs on a thumb drive at work, I’ll post them when I get in tomorrow morning.

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I used to save wood screws and nails but after buying so many nearly full boxes I just throw the loose ones out because it's not worth the hassle unless they are specialty like brass. Machines screws and bolts get thrown into one, lag bolts into one, washers, nuts etc.

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Unless you have a ton of them to organize by size I would do general categories like

*Wood Screws
*Metal Screws
*Machine Screws
*Pipe fittings
*Other misc hardware

If you have a ton of them then you're better off sorting them out into their own individual sizes so you don't have to sort through a shit ton of hardware to find what you're looking for.

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Organize them into two piles. Ones that fit up your butt, and ones that will eventually fit up your butt.

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Fukd that sideways

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Kek when all your hardware falls out of the drawers because you mounted your shelving units on the ceiling...

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at least its on the floor this time

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Some bins i've just given up and organized by "sharp pointy" / "not sharp/pointy". Or just prioritized removing the sharp stuff. Makes it much easier to dig through. Some occasional digging through a disorganized bin when you need an oddball size is honestly more efficient than keeping everything sorted.

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I got the same issue, perhaps on a smaller scale. Ordered a thread gauge to sort them properly.

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I hire highschool kids to sort them out accordingly.

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Highschool kids? Not 35 year old mexicans? What're you trying to save the world or something?

OH! you fuck um after. i get it.

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I wouldn't trust a high-school kid to even look at my hardware let alone sort through it.

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