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What is your opinion on wearing skin bronzer for everyday use?

Too much or acceptable?

I was also thinking of wearing piercing blue contact lenses

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I don't think it damages your skin as long as you take normal precautions with spf etc.

However it ruins your clothes and bedsheets.

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omg they looks disgusting

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Why would you want to look like a fucking nigger?

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I want to look like a trophy

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what makes him so gross? post other gross musicians

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i’d think with grammy AOTY money that you could do something to fix all this

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post the wifeys ass

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+J, Uniqlo X Jil Sander collab, dropping November 12

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Uniqlo is gay

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I'm likingg the outwear and knits.

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That collar hnnn

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Very expensive, but interesting. Lookbook is horrible, have to wait for normal model in product photos to make a call.

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What length bear is best for fashion style?

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My top bf likes catboys, what’s the best, cutest, and most aesthetic cat ears, cat tail buttplug, and other cat peripherals on the market?

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you are a weakling. you serve no purpose.

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your bf is a fucking furfag

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what core is this

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Golf dandy

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What might you call this and how can I attain it?

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Another example but you can google him

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Share your inspiration folder.

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> imagine getting all the effay clothes you ever wanted
> still not feeling confident or happy about your looks

what for do we even struggle here, /fa/?

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congratulations you let the internet influence you.
go back to wearing your skechers and cargo shorts

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And you are a repulsive faggot, were you born this way? You weren't attracted to girl sin hs?

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i am.
i got all the effay clothes i ever wanted but i still lack confidence about my looks.
thats why im online complaining about how unhappy i am

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look, it's not just about confidence. Imagine you happened to cop this super nice Vivienne Westwood suit for instance. You gonna feel super good about wearing it at first, but the more you wear it the more your excitement fades, and at the end of the day you've spend a grand for a suit that feels like some basic ass shit from Wallmart.

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Nah you're just depressed, Anon. I still love walking around in my grails years after I bought em.

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Jennie from blackpink aesthetic

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I didn't know Jennie was FAT.

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Fuck Jennie is my weakness

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I think it's called an "asian".

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about to go fuck some thai girl obsessed with channel

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Nobody Fucking Cares About What Watch You Wear Edition

This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their design, their history, and the engineering and materials that are required to make a functioning timepiece.

> Poorfag guide: https://m.imgur.com/a/NFMXDuK
> Watch essentials 102: https://pastebin.com/Rc77hhXV
> Purchasing used watches: https://pastebin.com/f44aJKy2
> Purchasing straps: https://pastebin.com/SwRysprE

Should I buy this MVMT / DW / "minimalist" fashion watch?
> https://imgur.com/a/6CNO8

Should I buy this Armani / Michael Kors / mall watch?
> https://imgur.com/a/Sw1FsAn

"Suggest a watch for me."
> Your budget
> Watch type, e.g. dress, diver, pilot
> Movement, e.g. automatic, hand wound, quartz
> Desired features, e.g. water resistance, day/date, 2nd time zone
> Preferred strap option, e.g. leather, nylon, bracelet
> Wrist size or desired watch size

Old bread >>15675910

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Many thanks guys, Soviet dress watches are based.

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What is Alex wearing?

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sometimes they appear at auctions but time wasn't kind to these cheaply made novelty watches... a reissue or some microshitter brand making a sub-$500 coomer watch would be nice

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how do i find out whether or not this strap will fit my watch?

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does a disposable respirator exist more /fa/ than the KN95?

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Anyone ever this these custom Tshirt website? Are they any good? Kinda want to use pic related but I'm afraid it's to low res. Any advice?

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Oh look, a faggot

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its waaay too low res.
i used to do some designs for threadless and the minimum for them was -at least- 2000px.

3000px would be really good.
you can hire an artist to trace and "up res" the image for you.
It'll cost $30-$80.

you can find artists on workana or whatever.

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Sup /fa/
I can't see shit. Got an appointment in about an hour and not sure which frames to go with. Any have recommendations? I was thinking thicker frames.. don't want any of that Luxottica bullshit either.

What are good quality frames?

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Hmm is that hole supposed to be there or is it over for me bros?

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Is there any point to attempt to be fashionable if i’m ugly? Will it seem like cope?

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loving fashion is about loving yourself. the clothes are just the tool, you are the one doing the self expression. it doesnt matter if youre ugly or no

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1000 times this!!!!!

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wholesome. thanks anon

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>loving fashion is about loving yourself.
Felt good to read that today.

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whats the longest youve fasted?

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>evil anorexia purposes.
where do you think you post

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i dont have an easting disorder so it's not something I keep track of sweaty.

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>i dont have an easting disorder
how do you know for sure

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The only healthy way to fast is to just daily fast 16 hours a day while still eating what u need. Exercise if youre fat, it's faster and u do have the energy for it whether u believe it or not.

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how do you know anything for sure

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>smoking is effay
>doesn't roll their own

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What's the point of smoking?

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>Rolling with filter on left side
not /fa/

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Only pipes if u can pull it off without the larp
Also cigars
Bith in the same league but def 100% different aesthetics

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>Tthings I don't like are reddit things
Dude you're probably an ex redditor trying to redeem yourself by this

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Gee, I wonder why.

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Where online can I buy a normal 3/4 leather coat?
For under $300.

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stop trying to push this 3/4 leather coat meme

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So would you have him dress like a faggot?

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But he is a faggot.

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Your dad?

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Игopь, нe oбpaщaй внимaниe нa этих чepтeй и пидopoв.

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