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Thin but with a layer of flab so you don't look like a dehydrated boxer the day of a match.

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Essentially what the subject says, what are some trustworthy websites?

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you pickin up the sneeds?

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Not sure if /fa/ is the thread for this, but I'll post it here anyway. Have any of you had success with cosmetic surgery? I'm considering getting a sliding genioplasty + submental lipo at some point, so I'm doing some research. I'd be curious what the people of /fa/ have had done. So general cosmetic surgery thread I guess.

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What's different here? Mostly looks like he lost weight

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The chin is angled downward and further outward.

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thats exactly how i looked before and after mewing

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What is a effay bio for insta?

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get your own identity

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yeezy peezy

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I think I found what is the second portrait of Carol Christian Poell in existence. Posted this in the faces of /fa/ thread but thought it deserved its own.

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found it in a 1995 article in the Fashion section of the New York Times under the title "Making Waves With a Sexy Unisex Line”, authored by Amy M. Spindler and photography by Corina Lecca.

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I thought CCP was a girl all this time

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he looked like wiki from ratking

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What core is this?

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he looks low energy, why did they publish such a cringy poster for real

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dad-bod lookin ass trying to look current core

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Dark Crusader Core

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still makes it look gud tho

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What makes it söi?

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In the early parts of halt and catch fire, Joe MacMillan wears these shirts with buttons under the collar to make his tie stand up.

Help me find this kind of shirt.

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he's dated dudes & women, that is so... grotesque and kinda cool
but I would never date a dude, gross

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How is that even relevant?

Ah, perfect. Good one thanks

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Fucking Christ make this an 80s thread why don't we

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how were they so ahead of their time?

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>2014 tumblr aesthetic
they arent

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Would the girls

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This but not the womanlets

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Didn't see a thread for sunglasses, what's/fa/ wearing or recommend?
I've been considering pic related or the clifdens

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Those looks ridiculous but I'm not really one to talk.

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“So you want to be fashionable, eh?“

“Well follow me....”

Why do salespeople constantly smoke in stores now and say this kind of stuff when you walk in?

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Name 5 stores

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damn dubs

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Techwear Inspo Thread

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no this is now a fall fashion inspo thread

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What do you guys think he keeps in all those pockets?

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mens dicks lol

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Have you taken the mosleycore pill yet?

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literally none of them are fuckable in that pic. peaking at 4/10. if you thought that pic was attractive, then ideology is fucking with your vision

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To make it realistic imagine these guys faces on the wiggles but the outfits are all black

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Reminds me of post punk

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nothing to see here

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Tell me black metal isn't the most fashionable thing that ever existed

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Remember /fa/, 100% of looking good, is feeling good.

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sorry saged but I needn't your advice kind sir

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How to solve the name calling and gatekeeping of various styles:

Ok lads and lasses hear me out, what if we all made a mutual agreement to wear the exact same clothing as each other? Like imagine /fa/ having a uniform

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This is so retarded. Fashion is supposed to be a reflection of you personality, beliefs, and just what you feel. Fashion is so you can be unique in a world where everyone wants to be someone else.

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Shut up tranny

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This really needs to take off

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all very cringe

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I think only women and fags care a too much fashion but I still try to look decent

What do you guys think about my daily outfit, is it /fa/?

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i seem to remember it being purple yeah

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it was a purple shirt. do a google image reverse search.

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Makes me wanna succ ur pen0r desu

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Kill yourself triptrash

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I care for materials and the symbolic meaning of clothes but whenever I started threads about it, they got either no responses or just edgy spam

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Are there any good /fa/ sneakers that fall under Gorpcore? I can always find a good fit except for the shoes. Looking for something that's actually functional for mountain climbing without looking like an absolute tard when I'm out in public.

>pic unrelated

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this. salomons are great shoes and the look sick. check out speed cross 3

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>Nike ACG

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Be my wife

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What's the most effay fetish?

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Diapers are clothing.

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im bumping this

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