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pretty new to /fa/ don't really know where to start there's just so much


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/fa/ has no idea what it is doing anymore now that streetwear has become and has been mainstream for a while. The fits are shit and there is nothing creative here any more.

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wow you're so smart and aware

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>putting your feet where you eat from


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is there a dedication name for these thin kind of jackets without a hood? pic related

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Satin jacket

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i dont mean the shiny cloth. more general like type of clothing I guess?

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Satin bomber jacket, Google it. Satin jacket usually comes up with this style

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brands that arent too expensive?

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epic troll my guy xd

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stop making shit threads then.
you want people to list brands that aren't expensive? are you fucking retarded, explain what you mean.
but before you do all that, headbutt a train

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Love you too anon <3
What about brands generally under $100

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john lobb

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3sixteen and iron heart

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Any good streetwear brands I should know about?

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U ain't getting spoonfed my g

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Just tryna help a friend out, he doesn’t know much about streetwear

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show him this:

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I did, he just kek’d and got confused

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Iron Heart

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How do I dress to get a GF like this?

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Be attractive.

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Like this

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Like what? You don’t see anything of her outfit

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Lol jew

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Legit where the fuck can i cop this

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at the dirty hippie shop

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Going for a greaser look

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Looks good bro. Getting serious rock star vibes from this look. Here's my take on it.

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Hello fellow R O C K S T A R V I B E S

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What kind of outfits scream "PLEASE FUCK MY WIFE"

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Fucking this

This just screams „nevermind me, I only watch others doing it“

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W2c shoe

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>supports pro-free trade Obama over Marxist cuck Trump


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Fat people should kill themselves

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please don't ban me.

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wow, you're a real prick

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But he's not just fat? Look at his legs, his upper torso is probably muscular just not pure lean muscle.

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He's top heavy. I consider myself chub and this nigga got 30lbs on me easy. THAT BEING SAID its better than being a twink.

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>waiting all my life
>Turn thirty and can finally grow a beard
>Beards are onions now

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The real s o y onions bois are those who can't even grow one.
>Literally low test

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Literally coping facelet logic

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>can only grow a beard once you turn 30
Sounds pretty soi to me. Low test faggot.

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Having more is better having less, at least they have a choice to shave or not.
It's like baldlets laughing at someone with a full head of hair that isn't their "style". Well at least he has hair.
Same as money, better to have a million than to have none. Millionaires can choose where to spend it.

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My point is that If you are lean enough to have a noticeably sharp jawline and facial features you should go clean shaven so you can flex on all the fatties that you see in public (assuming you live in N.A)

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even fat people deserve happiness, anon. bitter dicks like you may find it one day as well

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he's with a girl while you're at home alone trying to shitpost on /fa/

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that's his sister (probably)

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actually now that you mention that, they do look pretty similar. nevermind. op is based

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So has anyone copped that Russian omon jacket? I wanna see how it fits on someone with fa sensitivities.

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Google бpюки cepый кaмыш

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reasonable wife beating is legal on Russia

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>reads HOMO in every window that catches your reflection

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you don't say

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Fake Supreme will be opening 70+ stores worldwide.

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i'll be happy if this ruins supreme. fucking zoomer meme brand

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this, Adidas is much better at classic low-top sneakers like these

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Get Sambas then

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the comfort level between basic sneakers by themselves is pretty much unnoticeable, especially with soles like that. get an insole if you’re worried

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This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a functioning timepiece.

> Required viewing for new people:

> Used watch guide:

> Strap guide:

> watch essentials 102:

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They invented that application of it yes.

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this watch is terrible. why does every modern celebrity uses this?

god to love marketing i guess

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You may not like the design but its an amazing watch.

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>t. the poors

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You might be thinking of the other more modern (bastardised) version of the Royal Oak. Look closer, this is vintage from the ‘70s.

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I thrifted a really nice beige turtleneck, but muh mom says it looks terroble with my pale skin.
Is it really so noticable, or will it just make me slightly more pale?

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It's impossible to answer your question without a pic, but yeah some colors go much better with certain skin tones than with others. Beige is a tricky color for a lot of white people.

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save the beige clothes for superior olive complexions

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I wish I had pale skin, the commoner don't have taste at all.

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What's /fa/'s stance on cultural appropriation?

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T. White person wow wow lmao look at this idoot white male probably likes girls too what a disease

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>using logic
This wont work on libstain virtue signallers

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doesnt exist

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lock up libtards

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Never really gave a shit about my hair till recently. I've been trying to go for a look like pic related but some days it just won't work. What kind of product would help with keeping my hair looking like this? Also is there a name for this style?

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Are terrorists effay ?

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of course. why do you think we have terrorwave threads >>13915215

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isis is not fa only to lolicon gore edgelords with no friends

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if that's the case, post one of your fits and let's compare it with those in the OP pic

if you decline this you are automatically a gay and a pussy

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Not him, but to be fair, holding a gun makes you instantly more /fa/ so it isn't really a fair comparison

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