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Am I effay?

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Can we get a sort of lesuire/athletic techware, something easy to mov eit

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What are some /fa/ boots you can use for walking in muddy areas but don't look out of place in urban centres? Preferably boots for a faggot who isn't attracted to men and trying to pretend to be a man who has a job

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Cop or not?

I'm not a flip flop kind of guy, but air flip flops…
Should i?

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i would wear them with Something like this

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or this

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I like wearing oversized tops, and skinny jeans. But buying jeans is a hassle. I have to buy tapered jeans for plus sized people and get them tapered to my needs. Is there any other alternative to what i am doing? Also it has to fit skinny, only way i can show of my musculature.

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>I want clothes that are too small for me but still fit

I also want a hot cup of tea that's nice and cold. Retard.

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Unbelivable how rude some of you are.

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Looks like shit though, no offence to your defined legs. Skinny jeans just look dumb.

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I respect your opinion, but buying normal jeans leaves a lot of room around ankles, and i hate how jeans flop around when walking.

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>has a zipper at the bottom of his leh

>mfw I have to use force to remove my skinny jeans

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When did you realize that meanswear is the only good way to dress if you are a straight man over 20 years old?

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a thread died for this

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people need to stop calling everything menswear
a pair of chinos and a shirt is not menswear

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>worn by men = not menswear

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Massimo Dutti is very menswear

It's the epitome of menswear (pardon my french)

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Should I take the contact lens pill?
I've been wearing glasses my whole life, but I've never found a pair I like. I always feel geeky and they never fit well (too big/small) and hide facial features.

My only worry is wearing them too long? 10-12hrs a day max apparently, does it do harm if you wear them too long?

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i wear mine all the time atleast 14 hrs a day and 7 days a week once you get used to them they are good.

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I regularly wore contact lenses in the army for a week straight without taking them out. Waking up was annoying because they dry up a lot so you're blind for a minute or two before you get more moisture in them, but otherwise they work great for long periods.

Just take them out an hour or two before you go to bed so that your eyes can rest a bit.

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>A week straight without taking them out
>Take them out an hour or two before you go to bed

That's kinda conflicting for OP. My suggestion is to never wear them overnight as they'll dry up and may cause complications. It takes more time to rehydrate them then to just remove them and put them back on the next morning. That and you need to wash them in solution to prevent build up of bacteria and proteins on the lense.

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Hi Casey :)

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Hey man how old are you now?

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casemods gtfo

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Have you accepted this man as your Lord and Savior?

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Since there is nothing but shitposts here what is the most /fa/ burgers/ burger restaurant?

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How can I get cool hair like my anime?

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Hey there, /fa/ggots, I'm a 30yo looking to get back into fashion. I've studied the sticky and currently am trying to update my wardrobe.

Pic-related is me on my Friday casual at a corporate firm. Looking to get more "work clothes," but I get away with very casual wear on Fridays.

How am I doing?

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what do you guys think about printed shirts like these? Some of them look kind of cool

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looks like a slop of shit

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le epik donut man meme

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It's awesome. It shows that you have perfect genes and want to live with immortality.

Also, how can I into Jojo mode?

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option 1: be 6'5 and so masculine no one will dare question your sexuality when you wear gay shit
option 2: just embrace the gay

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no they dont

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Which hairstyle should I go with?
Make me effay

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fa has had bad taste in hair for a while, youd better off finding your one wave

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Shave it.

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What is this haircut called?

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an undercut

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It’s a gravy bowl.

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Asian NPC #1601 haircut

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two block

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prep/trad/ivy is the only real thread on here

everything else is unintelligible

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Agree anon, the horrible leak from /lgbt/ destroyed /fa/ with all the gay and pretending to be a women for fashion advice threads...

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Holy fuck this is shit.

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Are chelsea boots gay or SEXcore?

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gay sex core

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Toe rings

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So how would you describe this core? So I could find some more inspo to make more outfits with the same vibe.

I've been told it looks 'retro' but neither 80's or 90's search results seem to have the specific feeling it has to it.

Thoughts? Rate?

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17 year old core

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Thirty nine year old who still goes to college parties and says adulting core

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That encapsules it pretty well, actually. Any broader hints I could use to search for similar looks?

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ASColour is having a sale.

Who are your favourite retailers?

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i like incu and swensk

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i like violent green and uniqlo

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gonna cop some fresh creps lads what should i get? hobbies include bashing metros and baccy cones

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