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>mom found the cumshoes

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Bored. I’ll rate others as they come in

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absolutely based book choice
if you like kkb neck yourself. stop pretending you arent a sweaty otaku just because your "wholesome band's" singer is only half japanese

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How do I make or where do I find tiedye similar to this? Very light subtle sky blue color.

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dyi nigga drink this bleach

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What is an irl equivalent to this jacket?

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anything from your local army surplus.

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A fedora

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Rate my face fa

Additional info: bald head

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Additional info: I’m 100% kike

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Get mad faggots. I'm clean asf

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Are you from kohlchan?

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I recognize the tone

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You look like ham.

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Also fat af.

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What is a good pair of black shoes that I can wear with dress pants and dark jeans that are a bit dressier than vans but are still casual

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1461 Mono Docs or if you've got a bigger budget, Guidi 992 Derbies

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Got my first tinder date tomorrow. Invited girl over to my place to hangout, listen to music, and watch a movie. She seems really dtf but I’m nervous because I’m a virgin. Also wtf do I wear since I’ll just be at my place?

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just wear the best outfit you already have dont try to be something your not or it will be weird

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a ribbed condom, but god knows whyd youd lose your virginity to a skank and start your sex life by getting an std ...

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how many times are we going to see this thread you dumb fucking serf

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Give me some iconic movie long coats.

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that romper stomper? Honest, in terms of skinhead fashion Crombie > Larp Nazi Coat

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thats not a crombie retard, not even close to one

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everyone in stalker

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Were they based or cringe?

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based = cringe

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Depends if you're ugly or not.

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Shut the fuck up boomer

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depends entirely on the stitching job and the patches

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They look neat. Here's my gay-ass pair.

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Someone explain wtf is going on

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honk honk

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Oh she just a clown. Should of known.

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Can anyone explain what is wrong with that fit?

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the person wearing it isn't hot therefore its bad
jokes aside its just a bit much

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Is Arknights effay?

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Anime posting can fuck right off this board and go back to whence ye came

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>complaining about anime posting
>on a malaysian political cartoon board

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this is a milan fw thread
if u do not care about fashion post elsewhere

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Where the fuck do i find some pants for men that sit on the traditional waist. Everything else just feels so uncomfortable and constraining, but i can't manage to get pants like this unless they're some dumb zoot suit type shit. Help me out

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Carhartt B11

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Wrangler cowboy cut
Vintage OG-107 trousers

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I used to think that lots of denim and boots and cuffed selvedge jeans looked cool and mature. I thought I was so awesome and then one day had a realization: You look like a fucking poor construction worker, low class manual laborer.
People that wear double denim and sherpa jackets and Red Wing boots look like they're larping as poor people. Holy shit, it looks bad.
Now I'm 30 and have no idea what the fuck else to wear. I have to start over and build a wardrobe from the ground up again. What are essential pieces and where to start?

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Congrats, buy upper class clothes from now

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That's what I'm asking. What kinds of clothes are they? What should I get?

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Zara and uniqlo has some nice mature stuff for not too much money.
Trousers, sports coats, wear casual formal shirts w/ sweaters. Even turtleneck can be pulled off nice.
Nutral tones like black, brown, grey.

Your ideal should be.
You don't want to stand out.
But if someone was forced to analyse your fit. They'd say you look good.

God bless.

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More like this

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What shirt is that?

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fuck, that was a great thread

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Homemade hippie burlap thing

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>puts on literally any suit and tie
>thinks he looks good, poses for pictures

Why do middle aged white virgins do this?

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Just accept that he has a bigger penor and move on

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the shoes doe

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God, polyester off the rack “suits” are so fucking disgusting.

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A return to the elegance of yesteryear

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Shut up grampa boomer

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is there community one would recommend to females for finding girls with similar or very refined styles than obviously 4chan at all? crystal.cafe doesn’t have a board i think and there’s too many thots on insta to sift through

i just looked at lookbook for the first time in forever and it’s pretty bad desu

i want actual streetstyle though not like, cutesy cosplay or magazine-curated or whatev

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yea i miss like 2012 tumblr. >>15025439
okie thankx

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Holy shit a fucking pig in underwear thats hilarious bro

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stop cowtipping this IS the lolcow

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disgusting. not effay at all. pls delete

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what mental illness is this

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slim and relaxed tapered fit is best fit

name a better fit

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yeah they are and in the description, it says it is tapered in the leg though

>Our most relaxed fit, the Ford is a flat front trouser with a high rise and slightly tapered leg giving it the appearance of a straight-cut. Features a standard button fly, front seam pockets, and back welt pockets.

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They are

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I dont cuff and wouldn't cuff my pants

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thats not tapered you idiot. delete your thread

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it's slightly tapered dickhead
see >>15025546

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