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Does anyone know what brand this is from? I've tried everything I know and couldn't find it, the best I found was someone reffering to it as "the brand" that made it, unlucky.
Also band/general graphic tee thread.

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5 seconds after making this post I realized pleasebecareful is the brand and not just part of the design

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How do you achieve your ideal aesthetic without looking like a LARPer?

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By taking the core of the aesthetic, mixing it tastefully with others, and toning it down slightly.

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>By taking the core of the aesthetic, mixing it tastefully with others, and toning it down slightly.
>By diluting and lowering the goalpost, I can reach my ideal

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America is no longer /effay/ culturally or ideologically, never mind sartorially. Discuss.

How the fuck has it gone so, so wrong. As a kid I loved America. Now I feel it needs to burn so that anything good and pure remaining of European civilisation might enjoy a renaissance.

What a cesspit. From jewel to turd. I weep for thee oh lady liberty.

Shit culture. Shit food. Shit fashion. Poisoned politics.

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take your meds freak

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Trannies are gross but you /pol/ autists that are obsessed with them are really annoying which is arguably less /fa/

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What? She is STUNNING. beautiful woman and I can't wait until she makes it law that anyone that denies trans are real women are going to be diagnosed mentally ill.

Telling people to go to pol while being a transphobic bigoted piece of shit. Now that your DRUMPFT has gone we are coming for you, incel.

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Absolutely breathtaking lady

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Is she /fa/?

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No because she’s white and white people don’t got natural style

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That's not love that's unsubstantiated infatuation

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>we is kangs
ok nignog

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I’m far from one lmaooo

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both fannings are /fa/

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Is wearing a scarf /fa/? Or is it /gay/? Or is it both?

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sometimes it looks effay but sometimes it doesn't. so i'm trying to gauge the consensus here.

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It really all depends on how and what u wear it with then, make it look cool to u

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being warm is the gayest thing you can possibly be. the colder you are the more testosterone you produce and the more your blood has to run hot therefore making you straighter.

honestly, we should be questioning even wearing anything more than a sweater in the winter.

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If you have the balls to pull it off, go for it.

I wouldn’t buy from them though. There is decent, cheap cashmere ones on eBay that you can buy to dip your toes in. If you like the style, buy up.

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it’s gay and looks bad

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Has anyone in Europe bought from Russian sellers? Are they really all subhuman gopnik scam trash?

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obviously fake retard

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What do you mean, it clearly says 'authentic' on the listing....

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What would i receive? Would it just be water or some shit? Do they fake the number of sales theye made with bot accounts?

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Would be anything but the real product. Only thing you should buy of russians that isnt a scam is cigarettes

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you guys ever get a piece that just redefines what you thought clothing could do

pic related, this mf'er is lightweight, warm, comfy, and breathable. feels like wearing a cloud

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Who makes it?

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it is the arc'teryx seton jacket

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how could one define chadcore?

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why doesnt fa do more of chadcore?

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Why do people like suede again? Isn't leather just straight up better?

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suede is leather idiot

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traditional leather then faggot, don't turn this into a semantics thread

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>cheaper which makes them more available
>in specific colors they look quite good and have good texture
Otherwise fully agree with you, suede is shit material, holds way worse than full leather. With shoes it is even worse - step into water or spill some dirt on them and you ruin them forever.

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suede is much softer and requires no break in time, full grain leather is usually stiffer and requires weeks before it's as comfy as fresh suede

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Those are dress boots so they are more for aesthetics than for function. You can argue that suede is better for hot dry climates because it doesn't need to be conditioned and won't crack unlike calf leather.

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>Tfw no new ideals thread almost all month

R8 and h8 others. Template in replies.

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Would I be better to get an S10 or Ranger? I'd be using it for landscaping and it'll get beat up. I don't care about the interior or how looks, just want something that will keep running for a very long time. I will tow with it but not gravel or anything, just a 36" walk behind and pine straw. What year S10 would I be best to get?
>inb4 Mexican
I'm just white and poor

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Cheap dime a dozen parts vs quality expensive parts. Can't tow. Mpg is irrelevant. I like 2wd cos lighter and more exciting in winter. I wish they had front wheel drive pickups.

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Does not matter what you get. They're both equivalent.

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What does this have to do with fashion?

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Have any of you tried adding haori/noragi/kimono-adjacent clothing to your wardrobe?
Thoughts on doing so?

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this is very cringe if you're not japanese
especially on blacks lol

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sounds like maximized comfiness. maybe I should look into blanket-like shawls instead.
would be even more feminine than a haori though so idk

all the kimono/haori in curated secondhand stores here start around $100 minimum.
definitely importing from Japan for half that

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I thought it looks fine on blacks; because your average person might not know japanese patterns from african

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Can pull it off if you have confidence. Don't buy cheap ones if you are deciding to go down this route. I'd recommend FDMTL or Visvim Haori jackets

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can someone tell me what glasses the night stalker is wearing?

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yes, but what specific brand, or model? i already have ray band aviators. these look a little different.

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probably gas station ones, he isn’t a rich fucker. they could also be his uncles look for military aviators from around that time period

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why are /fa/ autists obsessed with serial killers?

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why was the miniseries so bad?

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Simple but stylish sweaters and shirts thread

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Never buy with prints or with the brand written on it

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How's this core called?
>inb4 thotcore/slutcore
Yeah i know chicks dressed like this reek of major bpd and daddy issues and probably can't orgasm unless you beat them with a morningstar and will falsely accuse you of rape 3 months later (after they dump you ofc) but they make my pp happy and I generally really, really love the aesthetics.
Post pics if you have them, gonna make a folder.
Drawings/anime/irl pics doesn't matter, just post them.

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I'm trying to find a wedding dress for under $200 to keep the whole thing under budget. I love this one, but I'm afraid it's too goofy to actually wear. Thoughts? Anybody ever actually order one from those sketch Chinese companies that make them pennies on the dollar?

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Dont ask 4chan for wedding dress advice

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Could be argued to just not ask 4chan for advice period.
But once in a while (very rarely) you just might get something useful here.

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If you can't afford it, then don't get it.

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>just not ask 4chan for advice period
Yeah that sums it.
Were all here just to shitpost OP.

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never from you, surely.

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is this żyra /fa/?

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only if it is wysoka jak szafa.

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>Spend big money on RICK OWENS Ramones
>Customs think you're smuggling cocaine through fake Converse clownshoes

I'm feeling light headed...

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fucking hilarious

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this is what they call "going postal"

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Did you get refund?

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holy fuck not the gums

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Wait wtf who is actually responsible for refund in such case?

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Yes, that is Dillion Harper.

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I finished acting school a couple of weeks ago. Now i’m looking for a role to play somewhere and I recently had a phone call with the Casting people of a commercial. They said that they need someone with Reagan’s hairline
This is my hairline. How do I finesse them into thinking that I have Reagan’s hairline?
I have one week.

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get a hair system

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