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Can gutterpunk be /fa/?

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Lol that guy is from my hometown

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Any one /medcore/ here?

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What /fa/ think?

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Nice clouds

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A bit silly but nice overall, but who cares

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Brazil is beautiful

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Could use a few more Nike swooshes, put some effort in. There's no swoosh in you shoes even! How will people know you 'just do it' if you don't have more swooshes?

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Did you know that using rice water on your hair (particularly jasmine rice water) really does make your hair grow? Do some research. I am not lying.
I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on the men here that are balding, or regrettably shaved their heads recently.

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So you're telling me that they get haircuts at the same intervals as everyone else, and of the same magnitude? And that their hair looks like that regardless of the same haircuts?

Or are you telling me that they don't get the same haircuts as us? Are you telling me that not cutting your hair makes it longer?

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Who specifically?
I’m sorry, I just don’t understand your questions.

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Their hair is long because they don't cut it as often as us.

Or are you suggesting they do?

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tf is rice water

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i just move here about three months ago

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so, there is

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christ. Just buy some furniture. And WHAT IS THAT BED? is that a collpased bunk bed wtf?

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Maybe things aren't so bad after all

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Where is this? Eastern Europe? South America?

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Buy some sugar soap and wash your walls. If you can't paint them then hang some curtains or cloth around the walls. Then put rugs down.

Then use lamps. Dim ones. The only place you want bright light in that place is over the kitchenette.

Ditch the cable reels and find an old table/bench for that space and then put a table cloth over it.

Get some pot plants. Quite a few.

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Is this hairstyle only possible with afro-textured hair?
Or can i do it with wavy-to-curly hair too?

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you could do it with any texture, but it'll be more likely to look good if you are at least tan skinned and have somewhat curly hair. He just has a hightop fade with short dreadlocks that are sweeped to the side.

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How long must my hair be to be styled like his?

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looks to me like you'll need a least 4-6 inches of hair. But when your hair dreads it gets shorter before it grows longer. So if you have more hair than needed it'll only be easier.

t. Black guy with hightop dreads

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>4 inches
Are you sure? How far does this go by pulling downards? It must reach my mouth?

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I don't like thinking about colour. Post colour palettes to build outfits around.

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TF2 and Her both used color elimination as a way to build cohesive outfits. By subtracting all red or all blue, you can make your outfits more coherent. Just pick two colors to avoid and take it from there.

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It’s been months since I’ve been here and im running dry

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What core is this?

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>redditor core XD

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I look better than half this board without even trying.

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shut the fuck up Gay Nick

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unironically true

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hey Nick the video episodes have kinda sucked outside of the first one

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Oh my god we all know who nick mullen is jesus christ what kind of fucked up overlap is this

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ID on the shirt?

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Different dude wearing the same shirt.

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Didn't he die from auto erotic asphyxiation?

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Is the school girl uniform /fa/ ?

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Not unless you're Asian.

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Recent cops thread. Post your recent cops and rate others.

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They're not in my possession because I only ordered them yesterday, but technically I copped them.

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return the tie immediately

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did I miss out on geobaskets or are they still acceptable to wear

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>asking fa for advice in 2020
wear what the fuck you want

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actual rick fans haven’t given a fuck about what people think ever, if you like it, wear it. simple as that. they’re not hype or trendy right now, but you shouldn’t care about that

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i was going to get some when my tax return came in

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thundercat's bass interview on pitchfork saw him sporting a nice pair of ricks

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rick makes clown clothes. I can't fathom how people wear this and think they look anything other that ridiculous.

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I've noticed that people like Dead, Hoest, and Blackgoat where what appears to be either leather or spandex. What do you guys think the black pants that they wear under the shredded jeans are?

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I need something to shave with /fa/. Is Phillips one blade any good if I want it to last the next five years? I know I'd have to replace the razors often but my budget is limited.

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I got one of those one blades.
It sucks. Really really sucks. Even from Day 1

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I have one of these, but I don't use it everyday. I keep my neck cleaned of stubble once a week, and trim my beard. It's good for that.

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I tried all kinds of electric razors and have been using a one blade for the past 3 years. Amazing shave. Got one for my brother and dad too and they love it and can't stop mentioning it. Get one. They're not even expensive.

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Also, I used to get lots of ingrown hairs and haven't gotten a single one since using this. It's been so long I almost forgot about it.

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you use it dry or wet?

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Teddyfresh is crushing the game lately

Ngl, its pretty dope

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with longer hair nobody would notice. the first pic looks better.

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YEP :)

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pass for what?

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Nigga you're a super hot man please go to church and stop humiliating yourself with this dress up bullshit

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I like the soft lanky femboy look better but >>15133895 this is a disaster

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You've been assigned one task. Make the tallboi look like a normal human being, what do you do?
You're completely updating his style. Clothes. Hair. Everything.

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shave head and work out
go for the male pornstar look

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He's so tall that he's gonna have to put on A LOT of muscle to not look like slendermun.

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Shave head
Figure out how to get eyebrows back idk
Grow stubble or a small beard
Go to the gym
Stop dressing like a 12 year old
Just like that he's now above average

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Shave head, make him adopt gopnik style. Start working out. No need to be huge, just good muscle definition. All black all the time.

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>Figure out how to get eyebrows back idk
My sides are in orbit

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Can I get some modern middle ages inspo?

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