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>go outside
>all the men are wearing either pants or cargo shorts
>go to clothing store
>the only shorts for men are cargo shorts
>even the slimmer ones have zipper pockets on the side

Are they really as bad as you guys say?

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Thoughts on Tom Ford? (Both the man and his brand.)

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i know mr ford doesn't like the word galvanize

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The man is a cocksucker, literally and figuratively

The suits are extremely bland and overrated (and overpriced), you’re better off going mtm at brooks brothers

Some of the fragrances are nice

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Gay man who makes gay clothes for gay people
Why the fuck would you spend that much on a MTM suit when you could bespoke for less and have it be much better

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I think instead of constant shitposting this board could use some actual discussion

I constantly see people here asking for advice on how to dress to look like you’re a part of a certain culture or subculture, but the advice given and outfits worn so often miss the mark that you have to wonder if everyone here is giving advice and dressing only like what they THINK people from certain cultures and subcultures dress like. For example, I live on a farm (pic related) so I dress pretty blue collar and am constantly around people that dress the same. When people here want to dress “blue collar”, “rugged”, or “like a cowboy” they don’t dress like anybody here. Literally nobody here or anywhere in blue collar America for that matter dresses how people here seem to think they do. Nobody wears cowboy boots around while working (and very few if any wear them at all). I dress in a sort of “blue collar” way but the way I dress is also very different from folks here as I actually care about clothes whereas nobody else in this environment does. The way I dress is simply a reflection of where I live and what I grew up in, just a modem fashionable take on it instead of Walmart steel toed boots, boot cut wranglers and a tee from the local gator hunting guide (which is how farmers and cowboys actually dress).

The same can be said about a lot of aesthetics here. SLP when you’re not only a rock star but can’t play a guitar, “drain” when you aren’t actually mainlining heroin, “prep/trad/ivy” when you come from a middle class background and likely went to a middling university or community college, “sexcore” when you’re a virgin. I could go on. People asking “how do I dress ___core?” Is a daily occurrence here, people asking how to essentially buy a lifestyle. It seems so plastic, so inorganic, do you not feel like you’re wearing a costume when you live in a big city and are wearing cowboy boots with a pearl buttoned shirt?


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Pic related is how I dress on colder days and even then this is very much dressed up for the area. Pants are wool, just look tight because of how my legs are bent.

So what are your thoughts on trying to buy lifestyles and personalities through clothes? Why don’t you instead take inspiration from where you live, your culture, your upbringing, and put your own fashionable take on it instead of coming here and asking how to dress like a super cool cowboy (when cowboys don’t even dress like that anymore)?

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Agree 100%. Nothing says “I have no personality” louder than changing your style and tastes every two years.

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>do you not feel like you’re wearing a costume when you live in a big city and are wearing cowboy boots with a pearl buttoned shirt?
whats wrong with that?
we will be dead soon. why the fuk would i spend it not trying to have fun

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I didn’t mean to imply there was anything wrong with it, simply asking if you ever feel out of place or if you actually believe that’s what “blue collar folk” wear. Folks here love the sight of someone from a big city in cowboy boots trying to dress what they think people here dress like and it’s always a good laugh, not really mean spirited

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Fits, let’s go

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Soft boys are soibois

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Please tell me more

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>soft boi
zoomers should be sterilized

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Dressing masculine will not make you look high test to women if you’re not high test to begin with. Why not just embrace our low test? We can’t choose to be high test, I was born this way. Hairless, short, smooth face, small dick, no muscle, beta, passive, unassertive, etc etc.

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and why

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Big tits are a must.

You can be ok with small tits because that's what she has, but if you "prefer" small tits you are a closet homosexual and/or a pedo.

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Big breasts for dating/fucking
Small breasts for marriage
The big breasts are going to look saggy and awful far sooner than the small breasts

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big milkies

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Small. It won’t make me feel bad about having a small dick as well. Like, she would have as much choice as I do, which is narrow.

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How should I dress to convey my music taste? I listen to stuff like Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Martina McBride, and the Dixie Chicks

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how the fuck do I pick a haircut???
I haven't cut it for the last two years because I simply can't find a haircut I like, they all seem so stupid plus I'm afraid I'll pick one that'll make me look like a mong

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In a few weeks I will be heading to Japan on a senior trip for my school. We will be hitting Shinjuku,Kyoto and Tokyo as well as Mt.Fuji and other significant places. To make a long story short, what are some essential fashion stores I should visit while I’m there? any and all suggestions welcome. However, I am specifically looking for vintage Yohji, Beauty:Beast, Comme des garçon,Issey Miyake and final home. Also, i’m wondering if any of you guys can help me identify a specific shop featured in the link below (it appears at around 4:27 and throughout )


Thank you for your help.

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To clarify, the store in question seems to be some sort of vintage airbrush store. It’s obviously significant enough to have people like steve aoki and yung lean visit it.

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>senior trip for my school
where the hell are you from, hong kong?

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how to achieve this level of aesthetics

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Be a cute boy a dress like a girl.

It's that simple.

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plastic surgery and have a manager who dictates all aspects of your life ans assigns you a personal stylist

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Tons of photoshop

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what kind of outfit do you see it fit in, what colors would it go well?

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Where can I find a tshirt with ripped holes in it and not mega expensive ?
Maybe do it by myself ?

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Do it yourself

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pay top dollars for your "grungeshirt, worn, ripped, holed ™"

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so what's /fa/'s take on the jacket?

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Its a fucking cockroach shell, paisano

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Where’s the gabagool?

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Well I have a collection of 70s leather jackets and coats so I'd love to have it. But it didn't work for Tony which made it more funny.

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what are you talking about you'd kill for this jacket
silk lining, fine corinthian leather

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Remember when /fa/ was obsessed with this gay shit?

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those times inspired so much of whats cool today.

just look at eveything adidas and nike are coming out with today

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I still luv Rick's footwear

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>fags actually dressed like this

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Heh that was me 8 years ago

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Still better than current /fa/. The OP pic gave me nostalgia.

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I went to the mall today and realised people are disgusting and ugly. Why should I spend hard earned shekels om nice clothes when everybody is fat and old? Why would I want to enhance my look and give ugly people something nice to stare at huh? Why do you crave the attention of an average audience with your "fashion" a lot of people are missing hair and eat pizza for lunch. People donr shower. Disgusting. Is this board a mistake?

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You're American aren't you?

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No. What are you? Who cares what you are. You provided nothing to this thread. Kys

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dont worry its just your age OP. wait till you hit 28 and start to see your body deteriotate.

enjoy your youth. it goes by fast

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Wait until you pass english class you will learn to spell big words

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How is becoming an anorexic skeleton and wearing over-priced clothes better than just getting fit?

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Getting fit is hard. The exercises are the easy part of getting fit. The diet is the hard part. Plus food is expensive.

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It's better than taking steroids that's for sure

Being fit does not mean visible abs and a 600 lbs deadlift. It's a state of mind

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I choose one, you were pushed to be the other, simple as.

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It’s literally a state of body.

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It isn't, its just much easier and effay dorks delude themselves into thinking it looks better. Fit body and fashionable style based around your lifestyle is the best way to go

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What is /fa/'s opinion on platform shoes?

I'm 5'5 but I can pull off 6ft when I go out on dates (without anyone noticing)

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It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with George and his timberland boots.

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Why is Robert down syndrome junior always pulling that stupid face?

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Surely you'll look laughably out of proportion? Short armed freak they call you behind your (dwarf) back.

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im 5'5''

i wear one inch boosters in all my shoes

just the support its adds is enough to make me walk extra comfy.

i dont notice them while wearing them .

the one inch in height is all i need to make me comfortable in my own body.

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Just tell bitches you lost your shins in the war.

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Yo can someone legit this shirt?

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I cant legitcheck for shit but i'm leaning towards real
why would cute girls wear fake stuff

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because they know they can get away with it.

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Too big, fake

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>25 year old boomer
>Visiting my parents
>Decide to go the mall while they are at work to browse sales
>mom takes the day off to hang with me
>She buys me four (4) pairs of nice pants from the GAP
>Dad says they look very nice
>MFW Nice parents

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>le wrong generation xD

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Seriously guys? Boomer is a mindset

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Nah senpai. But enjoy your youth while it lasts nigga

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I really like buy GAP pants. They have this athletic fit and it's the type of pants that are a good size for my big boy thighs and small waist.

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I am, I'm finally graduating university and getting ready to get a job. Exciting but also a little nerve wracking.

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Far East "Hipster" Style.

Summer Edition

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That's a hobo

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How does one become a TikTok Fuckboy/EBoy?

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what does that mean

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dress like an emo but dont make it faggy, wear silver chains and rings, no gold. wear cool dark colors, like blues.

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lol i remember when people made fun of emos for being faggots back in the 2000s

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now who is on top babeeee B^)

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eboys are still faggots. theyre just slightly more accepted

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