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Why oh why do they hate the Saxon and his ancestral cloths?

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I dont know

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The only thing Saxon in his pic is the guy not the fit.
Coats are not specific to Britian and have been kicking around Europe with a similar drape for over a hundred years.
T-shirts were invented by Americans in the Mexican-American war in 1893-1913
Jeans were invented by Latvian-American and German businessman in America in 1871.

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Just bought these WearMePro aviators and I gotta say, I'm disappointed. Lenses are plenty dark and reflective, but the nose pad is crooked beyond belief and the arms are poorly attached. What are some good, inexpensive aviators, either mirrored or super fucking dark? Bonus points if you can recommend some that are great for guys with large faces

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what color should I get?

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What situation could you see yourself wearing this?

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When living in Israel

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What the fuck is wrong with women?

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because I am an edgy whore?

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Post cuties you have saved from this board. Share the wealth and the memories

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Unfortunately, the women of /fa/ Weren't all that attractive.

Here's "voldie" with her back tattoo

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How to dress like a cool adventurer?

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My eyebrows look like pic rel. On top of that they're also blond. I basically look like I don't have eyebrows.

I tried Minoxidil but haven't seen any real changes. What can I do to make them grow more or appear thicker?

Should I look into microblading? Will it look super fake? I'm afraid that the people that microbade brows are only used to doing them on women and if they look super feminine or just fucked up I'll be stuck with them.

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minox does work, takes months though, always dabbed the remainder of foam left onto my eyebrows and they're far thicker than before

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Dye them

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I've done this but getting the colour right where it still looks natural is super tough. The dye also only lasts about 1 month max (no matter what the box says) and I would like something more permanent.

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Grid Rating Time

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shameless self bump

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Another millennial ruined by lgbt brainwashing population control.

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Contemporary pedo-core.

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what bar soap is most effay?

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can I get an id on this please :D

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holy SHIT

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you know I actually think most dudes look better with long hair and that the buzzpill is a meme.

not this guy

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That’s the hair he had when he first started playing for Manchester United

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Ronaldo isn't a pretty boy anymore but he could look good if he styles it properly.

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>turns into an aging brazilian twink

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nah, his dad had a perfect hairline too look it up

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Which one?! I have outfits to match both

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left is more versatile
red shoes are very hit or miss

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i meant right i'm retarded

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by left do you mean the beige? for me they are on the right

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I look like a fat version of pic rel and i want to look the same as him
How do that ?
I know that im must be lean first

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you answered your own question just loose weight

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hard to say what your bone structure will be butyoud have to lose weight obviously

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He is creepy looking. Dont lose too much weight, just dont look feminine

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fast properly(!) and start doing strength training, calisthenics are fine for at least a year.
t. cut weight from 115 to 75 kgs

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Cause he's rapist and serial killer

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Can you wear suede chelsea boots in 30° celsius summer weather?
How hot would it feel as opposed to sneakers?

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good boots breathe pretty well so i wouldn't worry about it. just don't cop the cheap h&m shit

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How about you just wear normal summer shoes and don't be a sperg wearing layers and muh staxxx in the heat

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ID on this style of jacket.

Idgaf about this one specifically but what's the name of the stitchy puffy cross pattern bullshit.

My brain is blanking. I think I'm having a fucking aneurysm. Please just help

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it's quilted, faggot

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You mean a quilted jacket?

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Thank you!

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couple months back i bought this coat from an independent fashion designer. it’s some kinda 60’s czech surplus military coat with andy warhol’s marylin monroe portrait on the back. what should i wear with it? pants, shoes T-shirts accessories etc.
i’ll post more pics below

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Dude fuck em, this is cool as fuck. Slim fit black jeans and boots would be a start. Tucked in oversized shirts perhaps?

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lol this thread is clearly bait, top kek

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It's cool op we just don't understand fashion this piece is bespoke Avant-get your money back

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shut the fuck up schizo

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>Daily carry thread
>Every post contains knives

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Daily carry threads are rugged individualist larp threads.

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I carry a gun because Mexicans exist

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I really don't understand the issue people have with knives. So fucking what? I also find it hilarious how people are always ''muh first world country'' when each fucking country has criminals.

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That's the fleet foxes guy sweater wish I knew what brand it was

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Looks like some Scandinavian shit

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autist that doesn't know how to tie anything but a four-in-hand here pls halp
how do I pinch my tie to get a "triangular" ending not on the knot itself, but on the wide end?

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Ever since I've been here summer inspo threads have always flopped. Is it because none of you go outside? Don't know how to dress without oversized sweaters or big stupid looking pants?

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Start here.
Adjust colour palette and accessories as necessary for your own style.

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remove your shit thread and kill yourself retard

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Hit a bit too close to home bud?

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