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this was mine last winter, nice choice :)

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get out stupid nigger

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Ebic roast man, triggered the redditors harrd

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Hello /fa/,
Crossboarder from /vp/ here.
I am trying to find a kind of jacket and I couldn't find it online anywhere as I don't know what it is called.

It is jacket but it is very soft like a sweater. It sticks very close to your shoulders but then you keep it open as there is no point in closing the jacket.
I have seen many skinny faggots wear it and it really looks very faggy but I do want to buy it.

Can you help me?

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I guess thats it.
I googled the name and it is something similar to pic related but not so long.

Is it still called cardigan?

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Yes. That one in particular is called an open front cardigan.

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thats really a coatigan, too long to be a cardigan

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one of these

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Thanks I will try. I hope those places are in SF.
These are not faggy enough. Too manly imo.
Im kind of aiming for a twink look.

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Any opinions? Saw that these are the latest meme boots. Decent price. Been wanting something for winter/fall when it rains, but also something that looks nice and will last a long time. I'm not sure though, they kinda look too much for everyday wear

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Poor quality trash

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You might want to get something a little less dressy if you are planning to wear them in the rain and what not.

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Can you elaborate?

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Does anyone know where I can get some Rhodesian style combat boots? Is anyone making reproductions of them nowadays?

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square toe is the effayest boot shape. Shoes, though, might as well just kill yourself

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No lol. Square is not effay ever even on boots.

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Ahh Rhodesian, of course.

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Just bought the last size 12 from Kommando Store. If you google waxi you can find them

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>US size 12.5 or size 13.5

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Rate my budget fit

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Shut the fuck up lmao

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Holy fuck

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Wtc pants?

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just fuck already

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thoughts on hip packs?

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If so what could I wear with these. Really like the giant sole for some reason

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This new wave of platform shoes are fire, Im unsure though. Im small and if I wear platform shoes, I dont want people to think im compensating.

Any other manlet feel this autism?

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I feel the same when I wear docs in the winter.

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only if you're a woman

if you're a guy, you will be seen as overcompensating regardless of your height unless you're tall in which case you would be too tall

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Rate my stack /fit/
I'm a poorfag looking to create a decent cost-effective skincare routine and pic related is what I've come up with so far after a little bit of research.
What do you guys use/recommend or recommend avoiding?

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kek my bad, /fa/ not /fit/

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what does /fa/ think of /ourguy/'s fit? effay or nah

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>"Tell me about Jake! Why does he wear the mask!?"

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redpilled and based

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logans fit was better

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you're the male equivalent of kim kardashian fans

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I need to buy a backpack, any suggestions /fa/?

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the floid is nice

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Nu-male backpack if there ever was one.

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Thanks a ton anon

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got this one, just different colour. Never wore it and probably never will.
Too much dangling shit on it, and it feels weirdly small (even tho I have the bigger one), with one strap it just looks like a gay purse on your back. I couldn't match it with anything. Do not buy

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Hi everyone,
I've recently noticed what appears to be thinning along the part in my hair, and so I'm concerned that I might be in the early stages of male-pattern baldness. The thing is, I'm only 18 (and am actually moving into my university tomorrow). So if I'm to suffer from early baldness, I'd like to adjust accordingly. It's been suggested that I go short, which is a no-brainer if i'm going to bald. I've had long hair since I was 10 though, so I'm somewhat partial to it. Any suggestions about what style I ought to have if I were to go short would be greatly appreciated. I'm posting a mirror selfie after I post my hairline, and then a selfie from last year so you can compare my hairline. Obviously my weight is my biggest issue in terms of appearance, and that is something I intend to work on as well. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Yeah that looks like it's thinning. But you're not the first person having to deal with it at 18, it happens. I think you have a nice face that would look a lot better with a short haircut anyway. No need to go for a buzz because you're balding, just keep it short and neat. And I know you didn't ask about that but: Big NOPE to the wispy beard.

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>change your diet
What foods cause hair loss? I see this a lot but never really wondered what it actually meant.

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>What foods cause hair loss? I see this a lot but never really wondered what it actually meant.

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None, it's just a meme. If you're going bald that's it, you are done. Even the drugs only impede it, instead of reversing it.

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>hairline is about to hit a vertical line of the ears
>guys i need a hugbox thread
>drug shills come out

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Why is everyone obsessed with this brand

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>obsessed with Hollister
Are we back in 2005?

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t. upper middle class scumbag yuppie in Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland

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I haven't bought any recently but yeah I have both the leather Hollister patch with thick material and that cardboard patch as well with thin cotton/polyester or whatever material they use for pants. Ill check them out this week and see for myself

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You would think those with money would have better taste. Hollister/Abercrombie is the poor man's prep.

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Has anyone here had experience buying from this site internationally? I'm considering buying and shipping a high-end jacket from Japan into the US, thanks

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i got the polizei bomber from here a few years ago

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The biggest thing I would worry about buying a jacket from there is proportions. Be very careful about shoulder width and sleeve length.

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"high overhead costs" in what? Shipping and customs?

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I bought a pair of jeans, a tee and a sweater from there once and had it shipped from japan to canada
was relatively expensive for shipping but the items were cheaper than I could find anywhere else. it did take a long time to actually arrive though, probably a month or so

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as others have said shipping ends up being pricey . so load up on a few items per order and you're good to go

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how many jeans do you own?

I only have six pairs but I spent like $700 altogether on them:
2 pairs of acnes (mic pitch and mic black rigid)
apc ns
helmut lang classic cut classic denim (1999)
and rick owens SLAB (FW/01)

p.s. button fly is better than zipper

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They are for sale on etsy
Ive never seen anything like them before


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Wish I hadn't seen anything like those before. Ew

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How does /fa/ wash their clothes?

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Why are you even responding seriously to a post that says
>if you spill something in it like a slob then you should just throw it out and buy new anyway.

Do you leave comments correcting Steve Brule too?

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In a 70-90 weather it works with jeans but not for shirts, after 2 or 3 wears it's going to develop some odors doesn't matter how much you shower or how good your diet is the sweat will go through your first shirt and will reach the outer layer/s of your clothing. Same with jeans after a week or 2.

I see your method working in places like San Francisco that have a perfect weather year round but not in hell on earth places like almost the entire US south.

t. year round summer where I live clean diet fag that sweats less than average and still has to wash his clothes regularly

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I know it's kind of an ironic post but there are people that do that, I've bought jeans that say don't wash before 6 months from first wear. It's retarded.

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Jesus fucking christ. You must smell like ass.

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B8 has be taken

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Hi /fa/ what your favorite clothing brand?
Mine: EmbattledClothing.com

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Best fits for blacks?

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cock cage
blacked snapback
why not? Different skin colors match different color ranges.

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Try trad core

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he isn't asking for color ranges, he is asking for fits. my point being that it is such a broad and indefinite question that there is no point in even discussing it. if he's actually serious about fashion he should pick a style he likes and make a thread about adapting it to his particular build/skin tone.

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that's asap

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no, that's travis $cott

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You cuff, right?

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cuffing is an act of casual desperation done by people who are wearing the wrong pair of pants. prove me wrong.

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I‘m from Europe and in NY for the firdt time, where do you have to go to buy interesting clothes? Everything I‘ve seen so far was very bland. Thanks!
Also, where are all the well dressed New Yorkers? In Midtown they sure as hell aren‘t.

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Goodwill. Just dig through the garbage stuff for 1 good piece.

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get the fuck out of midtown dude

why the fuck arent you in LES or SOHO or CHELSEA on the fucking highline? Go see heatherwicks stairs abd the DSR shit at hudson yards or at least go jaunt in the hood around the the Met - hang with the snobs if you to be one.

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