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Redpill me on these glasses /fa/

I took the buzzpill and I want to buy these for the summer. Is there a sunglass variant of this?
I know nothing about fashion

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I'm slim 6'3" with wide shoulders, does getting the "tall" version of their shirts benefit me? They're on back order and I'm about to put in an order.

For referece:

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Anyone else think just leggings alone without a skirt/long shirt are incredibly ugly? I swear every single white college girl wears them and it's an eyesore

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I actually like the outfit in the picture, But I HATE the black leggings with those shitty white supergas and tank top/jacket look. It's literally the most basic bitch outfit around.

I think the reason the leggings look good on her is because she actually has a nice ass and legs. The boots are a change too.
I swear almost every girl in my province has a flat ass and can't design outfits for themselves.
[autistic rant over]

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pretty much agree
It's not ugly but it's lazy for sure

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Not fashionable. The equivalent of walking around naked and saying you dressed well because you have a nice body. Of course it's nice to show off, but clothing adds more.

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fucking kek

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I like it when they mix the leggings with some semi loose shorts. The combination just looks good. Leggings with sweaters as well.

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No, it's distracting and it's a bad gamble on whether or not the interviewer likes it or not. It doesn't add anything to the interview and there's a big chance he/she might not find it to his tastes. Wearing perfume to an interview also might come off as incredibly tryhard/ douchebag-like.

You're all free to take my advice or leave it, but it's really well known that job interviews are the one place you really should lay off the trigger. I'm just trying to help.

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What if the person in charge of hiring just doesn't like vetiver? What if she's some sperg who is "allergic" to everything and hates people who wear fragrance? I know idiots like this. Why risk an opportunity over such a trivial thing?

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Allure Homme Sport is like a deluxe Versace Signature. Your best bet for sure.

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New thread:

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My dad used to wear Old Spice, I wore Old Spice for years when I was younger. Viking does not smell like Old Spice.

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Didn't see a thread

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do you see the difference between these two?
sleaze is not peak male form
it is more like the latter posts than the one I was criticising
can't believe I just gatekept sleezecore

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like this?

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Was he sleaze?

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top maybe but bottoms are way too modern imho

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alex turner is definitely sleaze don't listen to those bozos

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What is this hairstyle called? post more like this

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Is wearing a fragrance as a college student to classes trying too hard?

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delete this now, I'm not kidding.
>>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152 >>13334152

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What is the name of the type of shirt that the father is wearing and how do i get these?

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short sleeve button up shirt? There is no special term for it. And the pattern is from the 50s like you probably imagine.

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I'm talking about the pattern,yes

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Revere collar short sleeve rayon shirt

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Kinda like paisley.

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I am a slim guy and drown even in fitted suits

is a sports jacket tailored to not close acceptable?

also for non work purpouses can i make the shirt match the pants intead of the jacket? for exmple, black shirt and pants to give continuity to my profile and highlight my proportions even under the jaket, then a tweed jacket open on top of it?

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Stop eating so much onions faggot

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I have a v taper and m decently muscular in the shoulders/arms but suits are made for skinnyfat people. i need to buy larger sizes to it my shoulders but it is tailored for huge guts

i kind of have a shorter michael phelps build

I might not do the idea in black but is it a good idea to match pants to shirt istead f the jacket?

I also considered grey pant/shirt and navy jacket

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I'm a fan of grey and dark blues personally. That could definitely work with the right shoes and belt.

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yeah I also considered dark blue inside grey jacket

I'm ind of clueless but learning fast. I initially tried a matching suit/pant combo and looked like I go out of the office, but only in cheaper clothes, then looked at a better store and I looked like I came from a gala

I couldn't fucking figure it out until a music video came on and the people had matching shirts/pants, not jacket.

I'm assuming the shoes should match the shirt/pants but slightly off

also, is it okay for the jacket to be tailored to not close and hang open and hug my frame as tight as possible like in the OP?

thanks for the help, anon

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Is there a place to view pre designed outfis ike this, along with a place to buy it all? I feel like I'm not good enough at /fa to make a decent one by myself.

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Its a fashion image board there is no goal.

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Not sure why i typed goal. I meant point.

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There are sites that will do this kind of shopping for you:

Honestly this kind of thing looks so lame and overpriced. If you're willing to dress so trite, at least look to pictures of individual outfits on actual people/manikin to emulate it yourself

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Also they almost always do this kind of display when you read an article about packing clothes.
They seem to fold and neatly display the clothes to give an idea how much space they will take in your luggage.

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Go to the street and you will see people wearing outfits, copy the ones you like.

Go to a shop and you will see mannequins dressed up.

Read a fashion magazine and scope out fits.

Read a fashion website and check out street style (eg street fashion @ fashion week paris, or tokyo street fashion or whatever.)

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Is otterbody the most /fa type of /fit?

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he about to hit him with da spear technique from WWE

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that is not ottermode, that is waaay too much muscle for ottermode. Ottermode is basically being skinny enough for abs to pop with slightly defined muscles.

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jesus christ what a terrible thread. /fit/ isn't all bad but some of it's users, who think muscles are the answer to life, are insufferable.

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who is this ur fucking boyfriend, faggot. why do you know so much about another man

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B-rad was slightly less built and way more toned than this guy. but they have the same body type.
Inverted triangle long waist. I have the same body type, but i'm a bit shorter. Should I go all out bros? I've been thinking why the fuck not give it a try

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Need help finding this dress. Anyone know what it's called?

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what's wrong with >>13336616 thread? or that >>13338894 one for that matter? Why do you have to impose your self absorbed spam on this board? are you related to >>13341706 by any chance?

>> No.13341953

Underbust pinafore. Post in >>13338894 or >>13331023 next time you dork

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ID on these shoes?

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Some shitty Reeboks, dnc

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reebok nano 8.

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Where to get them? Where do YOU get yours?

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which of these technology shit in uniqlo to go for? cotton?

>> No.13342387

Only if you're /fit/

>> No.13342624

Spyder makes good undergarments like shirts and underwear. It's an active brand so spandex is the primary material even in the shirts but they fit nice on the chest.

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where do my fellow yuropoors get their T-shirts

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What are some economic (but not Wal-Mart tier) “rugged” men’s fashion brands?

Pic sorta related.

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>> No.13341886


none are cheap but all are well-made and therefore a good value

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What do I tell my barber to do so I can get long hair?

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pros & cons to taking the buzz pill?

>> No.13341878

if you want long hair don't go to a barber, they aren't stylists or hair dressers- they're barbers.

also what the fuck do you mean "so i can get long hair?"- you let it grow you dunce.

>> No.13341920

"nah man I'm good, I'll hit you up in 6 months"

>> No.13342556

Let's just see your hair

>> No.13342557


cons: you will regret it

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do people actually WEAR yeezy 500? what styles/aesthetics are they compatible with?

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how the fuck has no one said lunarcore?

>> No.13344752

It is if you have any concept of money.

>> No.13344789

do you have any concept of money? anyone with a decent job can afford to spend $250 on a pair of shoes that will keep their value to where you can sell them and lose a minimal amount of money

>> No.13344807

I got a pair to resell, but ended up just returning them. The construction and quality is nice, I just can't get jiggy with monochromatic sneakers in general. That model in particular lends itself to endless color blocking options, so hopefully they come up with something cool down the line.

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Are you blind or just retarded? They literally have nothing in common

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Effay casual cycling clothing. /n/ here I'm looking for some fashionable cycling clothing that I can wear to work (bike commuter).

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For some reason Ive been shedding hair spontaneously since february and today I felt a spot with shorter hair on the crown of my head. I dont know if thats balding or how my hair is being arranged. I dont have any bald direct family nor a lot of facial/body hair. Would minoxidil help with this?

>> No.13341997

It's just your part
Your hair is fine
Trust me and do not think about too much

>> No.13342828

Are you retarded? Everyone has a small bald patch/thinner hair on the crown. If you want to keep any eye on anything, it's your temples. That's where it all starts.

>> No.13342835

Also take into account that as you mature tour hairline will move up a little.

>> No.13343035

Get on fin before it's too late.

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Is it noticable guys?

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I'm going to be riding up to meet a friend this weekend.
It's not a date but I dig her and would like to look nice

I'm pretty ass at fashion and since I'm riding up 90% of my outfit has to be motorcycle gear. (Jacket, shoes, and pants. Gloves and helmet are a given.)

This is what I plan on wearing, feedback/tips on what to switch out (jacket, pants, shoes should still be motorcycle gear)

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dainese jacket would be a lot better desu

>> No.13342029

jesus man that'd be a big chunk

>> No.13342034

she wont give a shit about what gloves you are wearing, try to ease up a bit, dont worry

>> No.13342573

Was second hand, great condition, why not?

>she wont give a shit about what gloves you are wearing
Ya got me there, lmao

>The shoes look shitty
still lookin for some advice on better shoe style

>Go for motorcycle / harness boots
I was looking for something more shoe-y

>> No.13342651

Dont you have any riding jeans?
I got a pair from Alpine Stars and they actually fit awesome.

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