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Am i /fa/?

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You look like a faggot.
So, yes.

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uhhhh lose weight first

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>he downloaded an image of a random guy on facebook and posted it here in hopes of it being ridiculed for entertainment.
Wow you're a real fucking loser op. Good February guy for trying. His glasses don't match but most normies only have one pair. He's putting in effort and actually choosing both accessories that are different and colours that are far more original than you would ever pick. Plus on top of all of that he's a normie that has the balls to wear pink, matched a bowtie to a pocket square, and looks obviously happy so he probably received a number of compliments greater than you'll ever receive for your excuse for attire. Consider committing Subaru op

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He just went one jacket to far, other than that, just by walking straight he will pull this off flawlessly.

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Sad fuck

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Shoe collections

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Bonus mode

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Bonus mode 2

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Are the boots effay? Just came in the mail today. Also question about breaking in boots, are they supposed to feel snug at first or loose? They feel pretty snug at first try-on

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10/10 wif stubble
0/10 clean shaven

What do

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tattoo a beard on yourself

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how about you just keep the stubble then you absolute fucking troglodyte

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What trimmer would you recommend?

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buy a wahl

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Would you say this model is actually pregnant

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Imagine being a professional maternity model and having to pump out kid after kid after kid to keep your job.

A typical model's career, 20 years, would be over 20 kids. You'd probably have to give half of them away even at a top model's wage.

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>be regular model
>get pregnant
>"welp, guess I'll start maternity modeling."
>become a maternity model
>have kid
>go back to regular modeling after a year or so

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Just abort them before they come out

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>be regular model
>condom broke
>preggo now
>welp gotta pay bills
>start maternity modelling
>this is fun
>waste the baby at ith month

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What do i do if i dress well and lookmaxed but i still have no gf

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Considering that you are brave enough to make this threads, your problems are with a particular girl.

You hae two options, go and confront her, hopely without much violence, or find another girl, in wich case it means you have to out and actually look good, meaning that improving your wardrobe was useful after all.

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It then follows I should start with dating any girl then keep jumping ship until I go from a five to a 9?

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Fashion is to show social status or a certain belonging to a group. It used to be more correlated to the rich and thus more important. Next to giving you confidence it also differentiates you from the average person.

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It also gives other women the impression you are worth more as a mate since someone wants you. There must be something desirable as a partner there.

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Are there any good Easter sales going on at the moment?

there's some pretty good stuff on discount at Van Mildert, would like to know what other sites I should be checking

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got an email to say this has started

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N&F doesn't have Japanese aesthetic or quality.

Just because the fabric is made in Japan doesn't mean it comes remotely close to Japanese brands.

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kek who wears 34 and 36W

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fat people

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I like the Sunrise Selvedge and Cerulean Selvedge, I've been looking at them for a few days now. Not sure about how they fit though.

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Does anyone else have this incongruity in their head where they value being effay and cultured but they're inherently not? I'm so fucking disgusted by every aspect of myself

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even the ugliest of motherfuckers can be /fa/ as fuck and fuck mad bitches

i have seen multiple cases of this happen no joke. If you aren't fat, effay is achievable. dont give up nigga

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i think this is the best time in recent history for ugly people. i've seen some ugly but /fa/ mofos like the other anon said

if you're overweight or underweight you can always wear fit clothes to hide it, you can always wear fit jeans to seem less manlet, you can wear a watch or long sleeves to hide your skinny ass wrists, alluring shirt designs to distract from your face

decent hair style depending on what you're working with. you can do all this for very very very cheap.

this is what r9k bots don't understand

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fit jeans + dr martens/some sort of boot with a decent heel to seem less manlet ****

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>posting a screenshot from a loli rape doujin
>disgusted by yourself
I wonder why

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If you're interested in art then it's easy to become cultured. Watch more films, read more books and go to more museums. If you're genuinely interested then it shouldn't be a chore for you and you'll make new friends while learning more about something you enjoy.

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Is my hair line fucked / General Hairline Thread

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doesn't look thaat bad.

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Why do eyes that slant that way look so beta
Slanting the other way looks good though albeit feminine

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You are my bald spirit brother. I look a lot like you but I won't post my picture here. Like, I look enough like you to know how the hairline appears at different angles. blonde hair, blue eyes, same beard.

anyway, I got a really hot/cool girl's number at a bar a couple nights ago and she is responding to my texts. We're all gonna make it

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this man looks like a retarded ape

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Is Paul Ryan /fa/?

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it's not a 40 pound dumbell. somebody wrote that onto a 25 pounder to make it look like a lot.

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>tfw I easily curl 45s but my arms are much skinnier than Paul Ryan's

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Then you're not curling it right.

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Why is he lifting weights in a photography studio?
Why is the lighting and background the kind of thing use would use for a prom photo?
Why does the image look like a casting photo?
Why is he half smiling half grimacing?
Why is he wearing a hat?

This image is so creepy and weird.

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What a stupid fuck

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What is the style in the middle called?

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why is no one talking about the dude on the left? He looks cool as fuck

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anyones knows what happened here?

or did they both just pose for the camera...

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Absolutely nothing like an EE hooligan.

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Lefty detected

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Bls help me /fa/, this my first time posting (be gentle)
Should I get these bootos?

They cost $132.99, is it worth it?
(5.11 Tactical Speed 3.0 Sidezip Boot)

no jews please

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they are based on the vietnam jungle boots like many many boots you can buy right now. the Nike SFB boots were a meme here a while ago, they shouldnt be that much more expensive but they look better.

>> No.12401231


>this my first time posting

we hope it's the last time as well

>> No.12401283

depends on what you want them for.
Everyday and just as part of your fashion or for outdoor, work, heavy duty activities?

For everyday fashion they are way to exaggerated, imo.

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Ugly as fuck.

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for that price no dont bother, if they were like 20 then sure get them

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Victoria's Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra Holiday

I really need to find this bra in 36AA PLEASE HELP ME

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ie. not what OP wanted

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>yfw you will never have a pettanko qt3.14 waifu

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you dont need a bra if you don't have breasts

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36AA? is your chest 36 inches in circumference? what the fuck?

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i almost feel bad for you


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So what kind of shoes does /fa/ like?

Hugo Boss master race

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cringe thread?

>> No.12399530

Cringe thread

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The mercedes sneakers are pretty dope

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Those are nice dude. They have a few different colors. I would buy a pair of I wasn't poverty. Most run a $100 or more.

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hugo boss passed their prime in the 1940s

its only down from here

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What socks do i wear with Reebok classics?
Post socks ITT

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Post about it here
dont make a socks thread without posting some yourself dolt

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Post any picture of shirts in this kind of style
Also have you got any affordable brands to get this kind of style?

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Also I swear nonnative and wacko maria had some cool shirts last summer.

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How could you forget pic related?

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God i hate that cunt. Everything else aside, i hate him.

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tommy bahama lookin ass shit

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Any other brand, more affordable for a poor fag like me?

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who /buy-cheap-shit-from-ebay/ here?

>buying cheap clothes from ebay made in a child factory in china is comfy desu

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altered pic, asians are proportioned like that, the legs are always shorter than the torso

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>he's this mad

>> No.12411712

Honestly I hope he does buy it, it'll be a good laugh for us all.

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Who's hyped for the "cream white" colorway being released soon?

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foot locker

>> No.12402591

the cuck store

>> No.12402696

yeezys are the alpha shoe
for cuck wear you can go with any pair of boots

>> No.12402700

tf do people buy these expensive ugly ass shits

they literally look like mocasins being carried by giant centipedes so fukin ugly

>> No.12403083

post a fit kiddo

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Sup /fa/ overlords, so i have been trying to style with my hair the slicked back hairstyle. And everything would be ok if it didnt fall apart 2 min after i do it. Now, the thing is i always wash my hair in the evening when i shower, and then in the morning before i style it (shampoo 2 times a week). And i thought that maybe instead of washing them again in the morning i will just put the product in the dry hair. Do you think this would help? Or will i fuck up my hair?

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Why dont you try doing like a reverse, like a straight blade down the middle and like gel it long on the sides.

>> No.12399296


this looks better than >>12399129

>> No.12399307

this is the problem...if your hair takes a take of teasing to hold a certain style, it just naturally doesnt want to look like that and youre fighting a losing a battle. Try to find a style that suites your hair and that you can pull off with a massive amount of effort and product

>> No.12399340

what product are you using?

>> No.12399340,1 [INTERNAL] 

wax on dry hair, then blowdry, then hairspay. you're welcome

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