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Name my band, /fa/.

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pho boutique

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op if that is you I'm lmaoing at your life right now p ham pie.

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The Kill Yourselves

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The Cool DudeZ

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White men can't dress

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Check out fatty mcgoo on the right.

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>White men can't dress
we know, just look at our WAYWT.

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this outfit is a fucking meme

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Not really new. They were yuge in FW15, less so now desu.

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Are there any shoes similar to Yeezys which are not crap quality? I dont want them to look "real", dont care - just like the look of Yeezys but not willing to pay that stupid amount of money.

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Yes Tuburlar Shadow Knit is a good choice.

Also look at ultra boosts and the new EQT Support 93/17 but they are usually sold out.

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93/17's are sitting at my mall

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Tubulars like the other anons said, or get the OG Roshes that started this whole meme.

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just get reps

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thank me later

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Just got a pair

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You look exactly like the type of person I would expect to be wearing these. Absolutely disgusting.

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These are great don't listen to everyone else

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Too late 4chan is reddit at this point. Old /fa will never come back.

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I've had a pair for ages and gotten a ton of compliments.

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stop right there, post what you're listening to and what you're wearing

>black skinny jeans
>adidas sambas
>some rare as fuck band crewneck (RVINS incase you're wondering)
>long sleeved white tee

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Supreme underwear

The Body Electric - Lana Del Rey

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>Stick Figure - Smoking Love

>black skinny adidas pants
>adidas samoas
>dries van noten t shirt

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> listening to nothing
> plain black t
> basic black skinnies
> black leather belt
> beat to shit black hi-top chucks
work requires black pants/shirt and too lazy to change after

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Shing02 Live @ the Lyric Theater "Tribute for Nujabes"

Black Hoodie
Black Uniqlo Shirt
Back Chicago White Sox PJ pants

Not going out today except for the gym later.

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Is this the definition of a fashion victim?

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Felt like someone hit me in the gut when I saw those bikers on his stubby legs, nevermind those violated earlobes. Ugh.

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I know this guy, he's a bit of a fashion victim but not as much as hypebeasts
He has A LOT of bad fits, worse than this to be honest

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>nice stacks bro keep it up

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dude slp lmao

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Fuck this is bad

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How do I /Cole Sprouse/?

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it was just a question
i know one of them posts on 4chan i just forgot which

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cop an 8.5/10 face

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Wow, Cody has sure grown up.

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Jughead got a serious glow up going on .

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is that the faggot from the disney channel? just get a bowl cut and then stop getting a haircut all together. that's probably how he fell into that haircut

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Post /fa/ approved instagrams, I need some inspiration.

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Although it isn't really my taste, I thought you fags might like this one.

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what did this add to the thread

what did this add to anyone reading this

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I'm in love

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>pic of Nazis
>wrong side of history
>forgetting the Nazis lost the only war they were ever in

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>walk into barber in sydney
>cant understand the dudes insanely thick lebanese accent. just say "idk man anythings good"
>get pic related
Did I do well?

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you did aight

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the real question is did he drive a nissan skyline
if so you did very well

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How is this hairstyle called? How do i ask for this? How do i achieve this look?

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the best korea

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the undercut, be a black haired edgelord and also a young asian man

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yknow, besides the greasy look and what looks like dandruff, his hair actually looks pretty damn good

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Go to an actual barbershop and ask for a fade and then part your hair down the middle

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it's the gay monaliza

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Is being in a band /fa/? Also, general effay musician thread

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depends what sort of band

off the top of my head

eff aye bands

Jesus and mary chain

my bloody valentine

GG Allin

Sex pistols

underground bands that dont give a fuck

bands who really made it commercially

un eff aye bands:

Anything trying too hard e.g death in june

nu-male faggot bands

bands that dont have a cult following

bands who try too hard

bands who want to "make it big"

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he's bisexual

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love prefab sprout man

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Post band pic.
Also, what country are you from?

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the shears twins are goat

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Advice thread

Not me, but have been wearing clothes like pic.

>Mainly into simple combos with drab and monochromatic colors.
>Not necessarily into minimalism, more like a step above it
>Own Olive, Gray, Dark Gray, Navy, and black simple t-shirts and black, olive, and brown skinny fit chinos.

What's a good way to start layering more and adding more personality to outfits? I've seen some with graphic tee's but i don't know how to incorporate something like that into a whole outfit

I'm not looking for a preppy fits, but rather something more causal that allows for vintage sneakers like 70's chucks, Killshots, Blazers, NB 300's

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Button ups/sweaters

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>cufffing pants without socks

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What pants are those

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what shoes are those

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Don't bend your pants like that without socks

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What is this style called? Like tight formal wear? Would it look good on a man?

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She's a lesbian? She looks way better when she dumbs down her silly "look"

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can a feminine man pull off the lesbian aesthetic?

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yes she's lesbian i heard she ate a girl out before and ate her ass if remember correctly

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Pretty sure I read in her Pitchfork interview that she actually has a boyfriend.

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>tfw the only variations in my fits is shoes and everything else is the same everyday

idk if its a good feel

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I can't afford anything, so i always wear the same jeans & t. who cares. i have no friends and i don't talk to anyone

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What is the best way to go about Screen Printing at home?

Does anybody here have experience with this?

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Please post in the DIY general >>12179707

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Speedball kit from your local arts & crafts store. (Michaels, A.C. Moore, etc. often have 50% off coupons that apply to these.)

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From experience I've found the screen exposing process to be an absolute cunt. Very trial and error which is a pain if you have limited emulsion, screen cleaner etc.

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What kind of product does /fa/ use? I use pic related and I like it but I feel like there's something better out there.

Any recommendations? My hair is thick and wavy.

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Is this /fa/

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no thats r/streetwear

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sort of

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>he thinks there's a difference

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Rate please

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white male

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Rest are shit

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turn your tripcode back on, old man.
RY is an edgy gay mexican jew, "Eliza" has been proven as a basement dwelling virgin man stalking and pretending to be her

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thanks man

it means a lot

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Looks like a tumour

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total shite

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>Female exclusive

Have fuccbois accepted Superstars and Gazelles are for basic bitches now and should never be worn by any high-T /fa/ poster(kek)

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to show that they put it in, its fucking dumb i know.

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