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How to dress euro-sleeze?

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Be European and exclusively buy your clothes at cheap clothing stores and salvation army or church 2nd hand clothes fairs. It helps by buying clothes that are a bit too large and are clearly out of fashion for the past years, like glittery sweaters or overly textured jeans.

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Everyone is doing this right now it isn't sleeze. It's brainless normie.

Every fag here is in FILA sneakers and old jeans that they paid $60 for that were originally $20 in 1990. Top it off with a cigarette, shit sweater and puffer that looks like a used mattress and you are in the hive!

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like this

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buy your clothes exclusively from outside market

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Where do you keep your clothes? Shoes?

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minimalism is garbage. get a personality, redditor

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a redwood shelf

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I’ve had one of these before, if you have some clothes and shoes that you don’t use regularly they’ll get covered in dust.

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That looks like a good way to invite moths to eat your cashmere.

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shoes on the floor, clothes in the closet

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Why don't you dress like a Florida chad? You realize that you look autistic wearing meme boots, right?

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new port richey but replace neroids with methheads

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post florida fits tampa friends. i just wear jeans and a t shirt everyday

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>wear something more than just a t-shirt and jeans
>anon, why are you dressed up?

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Fact: Floridians are the most powerful race in the world

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PSL here. We don't have winter, it's true. I got to wear a suit once on Christmas and a blazer once, in November. I'm kind of jealous of colder areas. It's hard to be effay when a shirt and shorts are the only possible things to wear.

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God tier casual shoes

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The Icon.

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yeah, they look great in a vacuum, but I'm not sure how versatile they would be

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Yeah these are groovy

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I would prefer this one but it may be more sporty looking than the other one solely based off of color scheme. Depends on what you'd wear with it.

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What are some good casual shoes for the Ivy look?

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What's your opinion on cargo shorts?

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overhated, it's not like most shorts are effay or interesting anyway

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shorts can be very effay because people give it a pass. nobody cares about madras shorts but madras pants are tacky all of the sudden

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Given a lot of undeserved shit.

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In Osaka right now, where should I go for shopping?

I visited some vintage stores around Dotonbori, it's a lot of American brands in those vintage stores, used Champion sweatshirts are like $60 USD.

It seems like USA brands are like gold here haha.

I'm not interested in american brands, as an American Ive seen enough in NYC.

Where in Osaka can I find japanese styled clothing? Or japanese vintage shops that sell japanese clothing and not "Americano" stuff?

I would love to pick up a Norgai, or a firemen's jacket like in one in the picture.

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Real talk, if you want fashion your in the wrong place, you need to take the train to Shinjuku. That’s where the fashion is

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where do you live anon?

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haha yes

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If you want weeb-shit like pic related, i'm at a loss how one could possibly miss it. it's really obtrusive and all over the usual tourist joints.

if, for some reason, you want authentic historical gear, i have no fucking idea - but it's probably the most expensive way imaginable to look like a complete tool.

if you want japanese fashion brands try umeda or namba. "select shops" like studious or midwest carry a variety of stuff. many brands also have flag stores in osaka. really depends on what you're looking for.

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OP, here. I didnt write this. Thanks for all the suggestions

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Could a regular ass nigga pull this style off?

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Bleach your skin first

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that looks so shit though

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I've got a pair of AF1 at home which were hardly worn and are still in very good condition. I bought them for 120€. How much could i expect to get on ebay from it?

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bout 30 fiddy

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30 euros

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Thoughts about it?
I think I'll buy them

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Do you like to smell nice /fa/?

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Jazz Club is great.

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Same as D&G the one edp but just more expensive

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I think its the best one in their collections but Across Sands bolder and more daring. Not particularly masculine scent, but deep and inviting and not easy to pull off if youre a fag.

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Is the Across Sands bottle transparent? I hate bottles that don't show you the juice level.

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>spendin 180 on fucking cologne

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>buying something meant to last years upon years
>buying a version of it that has blatant planned obsolescence

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I'm telling you homie, buy a G-Shock and a Garmin satphone instead

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Not one straight male on this board has even posted a picture of themselves dressed well. Some femanons and some fags have looked good but the rest of us all dress up in cringeworthy garbage tier clothing. Prove me wrong

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Pretty sure that's all covered under faggot? I don't think LGBTQ+ uses fag as an orientation

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poor bait
homos cant dress

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This, I only know two gays who dress well. My brother, an aspiring banker, and one of my streetwear bois

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Considering you would know less gays than normal guys this doesn't seem too bad

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Is the pump and dump, until find unicorn culture effay?

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depends on your outlook. for me it's helped me know what i like/dislike
but for some ppl it can mess with them mentally

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Personally I used to do that and it was part of a time that I engaged in extreme hedonism/debauchery. I don't suppose i regret it due to the experiences that going through a kick like that has the potential to give, and I did eventually find my "unicorn." I think the only problem is that (understandably) from time to time, it makes her feel insecure or that I could leave at any moment, which is regrettable.

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imagine walking around like this

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he looks like a 13 year old suck boy

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This guy liked 2 of my pics in IG (which is not /fa/) and I don't use hashtags for my posts. Fucking weird.

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He can into Berghain any day, faggot

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Nevada is beautiful stfu city slicker

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this is the ideal female attire.
you may not like it, but this is what peak female effayness looks like

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my best friends that where 2 girls used to dress like this.

they are shit people and one is a closet lesbian that just fucks dick to brag about it and feel more feminine than their friends that they are jealous of because they look more cute but its their own desire that's making their friends look so cute its the darkest most ironic twist.

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>trying to get ideas for casual clothing because I don’t like frilly tops or skirts
>keep getting results like this or things like sneakers and baseball caps with pastel colors
what the fuck, I just want a normal look, not grab everyone’s attention.

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it's peak female attire.
but you're just a thot, i dont expect you to know any better

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Only nerds. But anyway bros won't care how you dress casually.

Why let guy's tastes affect your casual clothing? It should only be a factor when you're going out trying to get laid.

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2bh i'm pretty sure as long as a woman doesnt dress as a straight up prostitute, most men dont care how a girl dresses
i just like stuff like >>13973115>>13973080 the best on a woman. to me its the most attractive

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good point, thanks anon.

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>tfw go to student society (basically my country's version of a frat and sorority mixed together) and it's full of middle class girls larping as upper class in skirts, dresses and loafers
i have never felt so statisfied. i know it is all larp and they do it because their friends do it but it is still so much better to look at than women in skinny jeans and t shirts

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is going grey when young effay?

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grey is fine as long as ur face not ugly

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Better than balding for sure.

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going grey at 18. is it effay? my style is generally more mature, i think that helps.
im not going bald, my dad still has a full head of hear but also went grey in his 20s, i also think that helps

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Who else here /steve-core/ for the new year?

Hoping to get some recognition and win big at the blue cheese awards.


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Loved his zoot suit look in the days past, but holy shit the beard makes him look old. But the modern suit style and matching is impeccable.

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>in a couple months the scrawny soibois of this board will complain about it being summer again
summer is objectively the most effay season and anyone who say otherwise is an insecure fag with body dismorphia.
fashion is all about looking effortless and nothing looks more effortless than summer attire

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The most fa is late spring or early fall when there is not so hot neither cold

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You live in fucking Netherlands where your hottest average month is like max 27 degrees.

Try going months with fucking weather that is over 38 degrees. Then you will understand why it fucking sucks ass. Constantly sweating whenever you go outside, constantly having to wash your face so you don’t break out. Anything metal or painted dark is thousand degress and will burn you.

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winter is potentially the most /fa/ because of layers but assuming that /fa/ doesn't has fashion for summer is quite stupid. basedboys already took your bitch homie, wait you never had one to begin with.

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wore something pretty similar in 50 degree celsius a few days ago and it wasnt too bad

>> No.13976715

The avarage weather last summer in the Netherlands ranged between 30-40 degrees for several months, being the hottest summer in 30 years. I'd see enough idiots like you that are convinced it somehow looks cool to wear stuff like OP's pic while their entire back was soaked.

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