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Post your favorite adidas shoe

I'm trying to see if someone posts this shoe I saw while back ago that I liked but now I can't find them

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shouldn't be that hard to find, google your closest skate shop

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its on adidas and zumiez

$70 USD

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I got a great deal on these, have since gotten rid of the eqts too much pink for my taste

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Greetings /fa/,

I started biking to work in the city. It's a hardcore couple of urban miles. I am also paranoid... that eventually I will get jumped.

I've been slowly acquiring my cyclist essentials, and I am now looking for GLOVES. Here's what I want in my GLOVES

-KNUCKLE FORCE. Because one day I'll need to punch a motherfucker. Moreso they should look mildly intimidating on close inspection. I'm already pretty fit so the touch should help because I really don't want to get robbed

-CLIMATE CONTROL. Fingers get cold in the winter.

-UHH FASHION. help me out /fa/. Attached pic would dominate my overall aesthetic (no-no). Picture me in chino shorts and a navy polo. Bonus points for light-colored gloves (brown?) so I can personalize with a sharpie.

Anyone know what the fuck I'm talking about?

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But living outside of no-gun land means less fun and you're more likely to be a bitch, and life is too long anyway so run the risks, you can't win if you don't play.

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The city is very segregated. The projects are adjacent to gentrified half million $ townhomes. It's common knowledge that alone after dark you are at risk nearly anywhere

Crying shame your great talent for reasoning and advice stops when it comes to gloves m8

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I bicycle because parking is expensive and I like the workout. I already have a car.

Another reason I dont want a gun is because the day I have to pull it out, I have the burden of assuming that word gets around and the bystanders on my bike route know I'm carrying. I'd rather just be "that nigga with the gloves"

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These are killer, thanks

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>I'm anti-gun or have hoplophobia so I'll write out this fake long winded story

Just say you don't like guns and they scare you.

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looks like a shoe

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needs matching baby blue shorts, shirt, du-rag and/or snapback

goes without sayin you gotta wear ya chain too..yak now to represent the hold materialistic african-american culture has on you

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who makes a good dress shirt?
If you're over 6' and super skinny, what designers have your size?
I'm not trying to spend over 50$ on one shirt though which makes it harder

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bumping bc im also looking for shirts that dont make me look like im more skelly-like than i already am

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ye, >:)

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Finshley & Harding

6"1 here

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Have you ever been on the website www.reddit.com? You might like it there.

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>this mad over shitty prep threads

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Any brands besides Raf and UC go as hard on music references beyond your basic band tee?

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check out midnight studios

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number nine obviously

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lad musician obviously

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Vlone nikes are nicer than the yeezys

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What is a nice alternative to pic related? I want a pair, but I see every 20 year old that jacks off to Turnover wearing them.

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just get sk8-his

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>I want a pair
Just get one then

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I've the hitops version of this and I'm seriously considering getting zips on them
Having to lace them up daily is a pain in the ass

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Avoid those they are going to be the next big meme

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Are Juggalos effay?

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The two girls in the middle are cute
10/10 would fuck

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I'd call them mallgoth lad. not juggallo.

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You know they're now fat and have 2 kids each by 2 different dads right?
Probably single, still hanging out with the same group they did in high school smoking weed and collecting welfare.

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Post the gaudiest and tackiest watches you can think of.

Useless functions and unnecessary complicated designs are appreciated. We're looking for real expensive pieces of shit nouveau riche people like to buy.

Pic related is the Hublot LaFerrari watch. It sells for over $300k. I honestly have no fucking idea how you can read time on this ridiculous overdesigned crap.

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yeah an overpriced manufactured product created to let materialistic new money retards "flex on inferiors" totally qualifies as art

>it states how long its battery life has remaining
> the barrels that they display rather than hide

this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this individual is completley clueless when it comes to watches

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t. I don't know anything about watches

Not respecting Rolex is how you spot a clueless poorfag pleb.

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>manufactured product
Ultra high end watches are not mass produced, you should know this

this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this individual is "completley" clueless when it comes to watches

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w2c a shirt that closely resembles/looks exactly like Tommy's. Can anyone help?

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I just realized that this seems like a shitpost. It's not. I just really dig Tommy's fit and I can't find a shirt that looks just like his.

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bump for interest

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Grailed is kill lads

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We did it /fa/!

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how to be Fightercore, I want to be ready to kill at all times

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do not attempt to kick people in the head in a fight

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What the fuck is that diaz
Since when does he throw any sort of kick

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>not wanting to crocop kick people who disrespect your fits
i don't care if it leaves me open to falling over/getting taken down and getting my head caved in. I didn't train kickboxing, hit the heavy bag and do JCVD stretches for nothing.

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>I want to be ready to kill at all times

it's a mindset, it shouldn't matter what clothes you are wearing.
if you want to be a tryhard then just wear a full tracksuit

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Any good fight related shirts i could cop? im thinking of getting pic related. Always thought they looked sick, it's a shame that the replicas don't have the logo on the sleeve like the originals but they are fucking hard to find.

Another good one is the old Nike "Anderson Knows", "Bones Knows" shirts but they are hard to find and go for hundreds on Ebay

Also the "Korean Zombie" shirts look good. Those are the only ones i can think of off the top of my head

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>find white CP achilles low on sale
>my size isn't listed

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That's okay you're supposed to size down anyway.
Also, post link?

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sal that you?

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How do I get a gf that's into classic americana?

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go to sweden

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How do I get a gf who wears balmorals

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how do i get a gf?

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Just find a patriotic girl

Loving this country is the most Americana thing a girl can do

Also Lana

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My wife and I manufacture leather jackets, the whole process. Modeling, cutting, sewing.
What do you think of this ancient art?
Do you manufacture or know someone who manufactures leather jackets?

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Pretty rad desu, would like to get in contact with people to get a custom leather jacket done or something like that.

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I eat ass

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Leather is the only material that looks good besides linen

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he is sort of entitled to using it as he is a kebab himself

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Anybody have experience with this kind of thing? Im leaning into the kind of tribal scarification they do in africa/polynesia, rather than the flowers and mandelas hipsters usually get.

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Jesus fucking Christ.

What is wrong with people?

Desecrating your body over memes.


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people are stupid

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the fact that you are posting about this online means you should NEVER and i really mean NEVER consider actually getting scarification
not because of some dumb thing like credibility or looking like a hipster, but because it takes an incredible amount of skill and care to make sure the scars don't become severely infected, permanently disfiguring, or simply cause something severe like gangrene or shock

you know what... on second thought go for it OP
just grab a razor blade and a lighter and you're set i believe in you

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Something similar to this but dark gray or navy camo/pattern

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ANA Tactical (a Russian company) makes a jacket similar to the one in picture and it's used by the Russian military.

>pic related is the jacket in one of several camo variations

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>ANA Tactical
Appreciate it, checking it out now.

>> No.12592475

Be sure to visit the official site http://anatactical.ru/ to see everything they have then you can branch out from there

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Damn the website won't load anymore

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Post some inspo here. Bonus points if you dump some trainspotting-like stuff. Or at least what this style is called

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File: 382 KB, 1920x1080, F9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 219 KB, 689x1033, fashion japan 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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EveryDay Carry

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>bumping a thread on the verge of being auto-pruned

gg no re

>> No.12622390

Im bumping some dudes comment.

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>naar de vs verhuizen

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>look like an emo faggot but its the only style that suits me
I can't be the only one, right?

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Fucking hell i mean something i manage to make it look decent and other times it looks so bad
Fuck my ass

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>tfw always been into goths and goth women
>tfw want to date a goth chick (inb4 somebody tells me its a bad idea, i kno)
>tfw the only style I can pull is norm core

be greatful for your emo gifts you fucking ass

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This, my hair somethings blows but i get beta girls easily

>> No.12592794

Beta qts like mops

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