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since my NICE dog poster gained a few fans here, i wanted to ask the audience how do you like these ones and if you want by any chance to see more of shit like this in the near future
thats all bye

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wtf!!! nigdy!!!

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froggo why are your eyebags so fucked

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thats just the way i am anon, it was always like this
also i dont really have eyebags, just the dark circles around my eyes
you need to become my friend first, then udka for u

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cause she on the heh-rawn

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I am semi retarded and dont know where to find clothes, but where can I find this fit? And is it a good fit?

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Btw it is from Lil peep - your eyes music video

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Forever 21 for the clothes, shady corner boy for the fentanyl, fuck off underage

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Can't find anything like his shirt though

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Its a fuckin black button up shirt
And a light pink graphic T with some writing
Cant be that fuckin hard unless your autistic and need the exact outfit

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I need the exact outfit :(

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wearing this brand helps you get laid ten times more than any of your faggy ass overpriced garbage no one has ever heard of. how does that make you feel?

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my gf said when she sees a guy wearing supreme or any hypebeast fashion she finds their outfits boring

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this is a wholesome and respectable post
thanks for being you dude

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And girls lie all the time

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thats not why they're getting laid, stupid virgin

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The fact she is noticing guys wearing Supreme says it all

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This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a functioning timepiece.

> Required viewing for new people:

> Used watch guide:

> Strap guide:

> watch essentials 102:

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Zero posts. Oof

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What do you think about old school button downs? Like really seventies looking paisley or stripped shirts. What sort of pants or shoes goes well with them?
>pic semi related, I don't have any like this

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They're cool on paper

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>What sort of pants or shoes goes well with them?
Bell-bottoms and dress shoes or cowboy boots.

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I L O V E them
in the same boat as you though, it seems like the only way to really fashion them is how they used to do it
bell bottom and BIG ASS platform shoes if you wanna go full retro
no idea how to modernize these.

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*ting ting*
Ladies and gentleman, /fa/bois and cringelords, I have an indeed announcement to make
*clears throat, smiles*

What dressing means to girls is how to reveal your body while not looking like a whore. "OMG these high waisted vintage jeans are soo good" - no, you are just bringing some creativity into showing off your body.

Because they get away with so much things, they don't even have to put effort into dressing well. Arthoes and goth girls who pretend to be into fashion and art are just generic NPC who follow a trend to look cool. They have zero fucking idea about aesthetic, no wonder the majority of fashion designers are men.

Even the guy who read the /mfa/ sidebar once and knows how things should fit have more knowledge about fashion than 99% of women. They dress fucking awful, yet they are the ones telling you that you need to dress better to get a girlfriend.

If I told you I know nothing about computers, you would never ask me how to build a PC. When you ask the opinion of a girl about anything fashion related, you are doing the exact same thing. They don't even know what the fuck they want, they are the ones that companies are targeting, because they are easy to influence.

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OP is correct but he's still a massive faggot. This is the least effay post of the day and I rate it 3/10 on the scale of effay only due to: that snappy well dressed toad I see there, ouu ;)

Please remove this post and cleanse thyself off our beloved board of intellectuals.

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based frogposter

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bravo OP. dare I say based and redpilled.

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Who's more aesthetic?

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The skinny boi
Muscles are gross

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the dyel because he's not balding from gear

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>t. Lanklet

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This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a functioning timepiece.

> Thread video: https://youtu.be/DZY7Fl1WOPc

> Used watch guide:

> Strap guide:

> watch essentials 102:

> Previous thread: >>13995764

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looks pretty similar to vintage poljot, quality of built too *fake shitter*?

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Don't bother with the Seiko 5, the 7s26 movement is a joke. Get an Orient Bambino or save up and get a watch with a eta 2824 or a 4rXX/NH35 movement which should be ~500USD. You can also get a Vostok amphibian but they take time to ship from Russia and they are kinda a joke watch.

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Version 2 with the white dial and blue hands bb

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Why would you ever consider a Tudor? Are you retarded? Rolex, Rolex, Rolex!

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What a faggot you are

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Anyone have any experience getting prints like these onto clothing or can point me in the right direction. I have artwork like this and I’d like to do something similar.

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Bump for interest in printing on button downs

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This is dope designs
Have a free bump

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I've never done shit like this, but I have done some diy screen printing. That looks to me like it would be dye sublimated. Dunno how cheap that would be to attempt on a small scale. Trying to screen print that on the sides of the shirt and shoulders (anywhere there is a seam) would likely be a big pain in the ass to get to look good. The only way I could see screen printing working and not being a total fucking headache would be to have it essentially in two shirt halves so that it would lay totally flat and then sew it up. I don't wanna discourage you, because it is a neat looking design, but printing around the collar, pits, and shoulder seems like something you would need an advanced set up for. Alternatively you could just get some Chinese place to make it for you lol.

>> No.14003629

Also here is any example of the dye sublimation I'm talking about, if you aren't familiar. I imagine the same results would be achievable on a sweatshirt too.


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Is this /sleaze/ ???
More importantly, is it a good fit?

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yes and yes

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Ermenegildo Zegna - Autumn / Winter 2019 Menswear Panel Discussion

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I've never worn slim fit jeans or a shirt with buttons/collar before. I feel like this would look good on someone who looks good but I don't really like it on me. What do you guys think?

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I can see your dick outlined in those pants and its turning me on

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That's pretty fucking gay, bro. Did you get lost on your way to >>>/fit/ ?

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>them fingers
>that hair
>that bulge
>those shoes

the shirt does look nice though OP. I recommend changing belt and shoes and new pants, maybe see a tailor. Pants look a bit tight?

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your head reminds me of these things

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Yeah turns out they're low rise jeans, supposed to sit below the waist.

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is there any male equivalent of this? every male coat i found was ridiculusly plain with just one color and nothing on it

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good luck pulling it off though

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You're a retard.
It took me one second to type that in my search.
I personally prefer NF, they've always done right by me. Best coats I've ever owned.

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For the first time I'm growing out my hair. The front of my hair touches my chin so I decided to wear a hair tie. I had to put it pretty tight because the sides of the hair are way shorter. I wear this hairstyle for 2 days and I start to see small (broken?) hairs sticking out at the front and sides, and it's worse in IRL than on the pic. Now it looks ridiculous when I pull my hair back. What is happening? Is it fixable or possible to cover up?

I dont know anything about hair but I now read that not going to the hairdresser for a long period of time could cause this? (Not cutting split hair ends)

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They're flyaway hairs (hairs that are too short to fit in the tie). You're not dying just wet your hands and smooth it down you insecure cunt. source: long hair whole life

>> No.14001412

Those are just baby hairs. You're constantly losing and growing hair so you can't really get rid of those, but you can pin them down with a bobby pin or a headband if they really bother you. You're likely the only person who really notices them though, everybody has those.

Split ends only form at the tips of your hair and shouldn't reach all the way back to your roots. You'd have to pretty much never wash your hair and straighten it daily for you to get split ends that bad.

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Whats a brand of low rise briefs that won’t cease to fit properly when I get a boner? I don’t like having my dick coming out of my underwear.

>> No.14001641

what do you expect, tardis underwear?

>how come my balls keep falling out of my thongs?

wear boxer briefs if you want to solve your problem

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duluth trading co

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I wear 2xist low rise briefs and they fit amazing even l get a boner since they have a pouch. Russell is a good alternative as well.

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I wear 2xist low rise briefs and they fit amazing even when l get a boner since they have a pouch. Russell is a good alternative as well.

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Thread to discuss accessories, arguably the best way to turn a boring outfit into a good one. Jewellery, belts, etc.
I was thinking of putting pic related on a 45cm necklace chain, thoughts?

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Death Stranding was a mistake

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Mug mirin' thread

Post links/pics to the best-looking mugs or cups out there. Even white ones can look nice af.

I'm dead serious.

Best mug so far, change my mind:


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Not a single aesthetic or kino thing about this

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>implying there's anything neofolk about ceramic mugs
>the irony of having a fragile mug unsuitable for excursions with snufkin on
>not drinking from a durable enamel vessel
never gonna make it

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Everything you do and enjoy is an extension of yourself so make sure it looks the best as its a reflection of yourself

>> No.14020486

It’s upside down

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thanks. this one is just for you.

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I'm tired of having to re-tuck my shirt 20 times a day. Where can I get untucked ones? Untuckit are expensive + have a really ugly triangle at the bottom (pic-related). But basically something like that but half the price and no triangle is what I want

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dont wear untucked shirts, its cringe
instead take your current shirts to a tailor and he will alter them in a way thar you wont have to retuck them. itll be cheaper too

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Nah, untucked shirts are comfy and alpha. Pic-related would be fly as hell without that dorky red triangle

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well if you really are going to hammer untucked shirts you can also take your current shirts to a tailor and he will make them shorter, this ll be cheaper to than new shirts
but i advise against it

>> No.14001414

You can wear every plain dress shirt without tucking them when you cuff the sleeves and open the top buttons. At least it will look a bit sleazy and not just like a casual shirt for boomers such as in your pics.

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Didn't really know what to wear. Don't like shirts and all that gay jersey shore clothes but wanted to also get across my personality. Let me have it, how did I look? I'm the guy in the black.

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>Shaggy got a new look

>> No.14002178

>but wanted to also get across my personality


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yes I do, is not that hard you incel
is not me, I am 6'4 chad no joke :D

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oldfags and pseudo old fags always come here stating "the state of this board" but holy shit is it true.. how can you all fall for this bait this easy? despicable

>> No.14002569

Acne scars around his chin, wearing fedora/trilby indoors, bandanna around to cover his giraffe neck. Imagine defending a guy you don't even know. I'm here for the roasts

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