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w2c pants like pic releated

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Most /fa/:
Business administration or economics?

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That greentexting is so badly executed I want to choke you to death with an asos choker.

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How are you eligible to study economics if you've done a fine arts degree?

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no, because you will have to be very lucky (and talented) to even create the things you desire to design.
I know someone who is an architect who designs big manors/countryhouses/villa's and its like winning the lotery
You'll probally end up at some shitty workplace where you design a fucking shed or go into a other modeling type of work.

this goes for almost every "effay" job/study.
take a realistic study, and do that other shit in your spare time.

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Is History /fa/?

It involves a lot of reading, and a lot of independent work (essays and reading). People on the course tend to be laid back and care free.

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"Laid back and care free" is codeword for dirty, unkempt left-wing hippies whose life will amount to nothing besides being useful idiots for causes they do not understand.

It's not some place you can be /fa/, generally speaking.

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Hey /fa/, I got a new job recently that's going to require me to be walking around for 8 hours a day, so I need new shoes that won't destroy my body.

I don't care too much about looks, they just need to be comfy with good support

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new balance

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Red Wings

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Protip: You will not be able to do so.

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>tfw no board is safe from the wewtists

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We're everywhere

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Wew came play to and there's a price to pay. Time for you to get down on your knees and pray.

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easy enough

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Protip there isnt. Name a more /fa/ state than ohio. So many moderates

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im thinking of putting one on

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Thats funny, cuz where im from its when you've got your cock in another man's ass.

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You kinda resemble Mona Lisa

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damn you're right, thanks I think

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he's right tho

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Is this effay? Is any of the Filthy Tokyo stuff?

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that's a cool shirt

a few days ago someone was asking if graphic tees were effay and posted a pic with a ahegao shirt that I want

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should have more shirts with art

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white chromo one best imo

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Doesn't look bad, but anyone who recognises it will think you're autistic.

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I like that pink guy one, would cop if the quality was good. I bet it'd be thin as fuck.

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How do you definite a hat? Is it simply something that can be worn on the head?
Can a plastic bag wrapped around the head be considered a hat?

I ask this because I'm going to a hat party, and I don't want to be kicked out.

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I'd define it as an article of clothing worn on the head whose primary function is to cover the head. Even then it's pretty ganeral and there are exceptions to this. However by your definition things like headphones would be considered hats as well.

Anyway why would you get kicked out? If you're keen on the plastic bag just style it into a shape around a piece of cardboard and call yourself a trash wizard.

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>trash wizard


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is printing your own sweaters /fa/? personally i think printed t-shirts are great, but don't know about sweaters and hoodies.

pic related: i love the concept, but the sleeves look ugly ugly

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sleeves look good your just a fag

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Isn't that expensive af?

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is there any way i can make timbs look good?

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You deadass cant my guy

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Literally tie them up and wear boot cut jeans

Becomes perfectly acceptable

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How to clean Timberlands?
I have these ones >>12123948 and when I cleaned them with a piece of tissue with water, I saw on the tissue some black traces.

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I have low top black timbs that I wear in the same way you would wear docs or creepers. Looks less tumblrcore than the previous two.

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kaki shorts and tank top

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Can someone identify these boots?

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Great board

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clarks faulkner rises maybe?

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I hate to leave /k and bother you all but if it all possible once you finish identifying those boots could you tell me what type of hoodie this is? Thank you.

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Red wing harvester.

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Red wing harvester they look better when they are abit worn out

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>yfw looking at clothes online and the male clothing model is butterface

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>tfw you're a butterface and a butterbody

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why are you not just looking at the clothes?

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Then you are a... butwhole

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EU 44 is US 11 you idiot

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>managed to fit
why is everyone using this vague wording when talking about the sizing of these shoes

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OK. I put my foot into an 8 with no trouble and it fit comfortably, in the same way a 10 would.

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you could have all those three and op's shoes in the same closet and all 4 purchases could be justified
they're not the same style

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if you want fresh white high tops go for something made of leather

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Help me make a good decision, /fa/.

I can only buy a pair of these, but I'm not sure which ones to get. I always value comfort over aesthetics.


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I really only like the tubular dooms

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out of stock...

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I haven't yet. Whenever a particular color or collab I want is released I'm always too late to cop. I heard that they aren't breathable though. Any truth?

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I've got the Black/White v2 Yeezys and they're comfy as hell.

Comfier than my Olympic Silver UBs.

My comfy list is: Yeezy v2 > UB > XR1 > NMD R1

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r8 my fit /fa/

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i like the jacket

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i didn't know the weeknd browses here

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>Pic related

>Desert Boots

>Club Masters

>Iron Rangers

I actually really like my red wings and fleck parka in spite of the memes

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some people actually dress because of what people on this board tell them, pretty funny really

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1461 mono docs

>> No.12122517

I really like my Iron Rangers even though they are a bit Reddit-tier

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Hi /fa/, what are some decent cheap shoes that I can run in? Or will it not matter too much whether I get sneakers or athletic shoes? I have size 15 clown feet btw

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Well if the nazis won the war, we would still get to wear their awesome uniform.
However they were racist cunts and got what they deserved.

So, how to pull of their military style or similar? Is there a name or some inspiration for it?

>Of course, without actually being punched to death by a group of antifacists or looking like i'm trying too hard. A style that someone can use to present in everyday life.

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>Of course, without actually being punched to death by a group of antifacists
Wear what you want a and carry a pistol.

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>Southern German culture

Well, it just so happens that this style is well-received here.

>> No.12129372

thom browne has done some SS-esque outerwear

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Post pics or get out shill

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I-I'd wear it

you must be retarded, and a nigger.

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Will denim heads be able to tell mine are prewashed not raw?

*wants to CRAWL into a corner and DIE*

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what the fuck happened in this post

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outside of /fa/, no one gives a shit.
just wear them

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They will be able to tell, particularly when they're new, but why bother trying to impress a bunch of losers who don't wash their jeans?

>> No.12121708

Well, from a closer look, fades and creases marks without actual crease on the fabric gives it away.

>> No.12121750

Yes and if they see you walking around minding your own business, they will stop what they're doing, walk up to you, and tell you that your prewash jeans don't have the authenticity of real denim. In fact, they may be so angry they engage in a battle with you.

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What was he thinking when he made this?

Is it a cry for help?

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on the converse thing...a lot of mens designers dont care about shoes, it seems. Yohji sells lots now but hes basically cashing in - his old shows had all the models in Docs Ricks shoes are knock off/clownish converse; same with Raf. There's something inherently affected and uncool about wearing shoes that cost more than a black market kidney ps augusta and m-moriaa make distressed vans/converse knockoffs for 2-3k - but i doubt anyone other than russian gangsters and arab oligarchs buy them

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Those cream colored ones are actually dope.

>> No.12123075

I like the white/blue ones somewhat actually to be honest
I understand why a lot of people wouldn't though

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fuuuuuck. how is this picture real. that shit actually happened FUCK

>> No.12123729

in all fairness its from 2007 or 08

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Post your personal style, template included.

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i don't visit /fa/ ever, but have at it. grown man. no autism, has sex/job.

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i don't visit /fa/ ever, but have at it. 27/m/programmer. despite the hat, has sex / no diagnosed autism.

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more of this plox. I live in a hot climate so maybe something with shorts?

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I am quite basic.

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