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>be incredibly sick and tired of all my clothes
>constantly fighting against the urge to tear it all into pieces and start anew
>tfw too poor to do that

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>no money
>don't know what to buy


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Think long n hard about the style you want. The style you wanna achieve my man. What photos get your dick hard? What inspo do you always save?

Once you've identified what style you want to achieve, start researching pieces you want. Pieces that will fit into that grand 7-dimensional jig saw puzzle that will be your final fashion form.

Identify all pieces in your wardrobe that will not fit into the style you wish to achieve. Don't throw them out for now, continue to wear them as you do/don't already.

Slowly replace them with the pieces you want. Save dinero. Sell old pieces you haven't worn in the past month. Slowly add the pieces you want to your rack as your old ones disappear. Like a fashionable cancer.

It'll take a while, but eventually you'll rise from the ashes like a sexy phoenix.

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>have only 2.5K
>everything i want is in $400-900 price range

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>spending more than $200 on any clothing article

I sure hope you guys don't do this

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>not being a patient and mature adult who plans out what he wants his future wardrobe to look like and then saves up to cop the pieces he wants.
>Not working hard every day of your life (for the most part)

You're a fucking child.

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Post very cheap Shoes but with good quality or /fa/ approve

<This 8$

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W2C for $8?

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any thift store

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get on the hypetrain now cus
its gonna make a comeback im certain

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If done tastefully, yes. This is the same with anything really.

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Acne Town fit is v nice but the denim is china trash

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All you guys asking where to find cropped pants, do you not have a single dry cleaner near you? Most dry cleaners offer simple alteration services for pennies.

Get a regular pair of pants, go to your local dry cleaner. They can probably taper them for you as well.

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love this fit
>tfw you'll never be a 6'4 anorexic SLP model

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even if you buy pants like this they wont fit on you like this because you dont have the frame of the model
legit why does nobody understand that the fit of the clothing is literally half of an outfit and doesnt just magically come if you buy that particular style of clothing

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I prefer the cut with an exacto knife because it gives it more of a rough look (threads will usually slightly hang out) with scissors its really clean.

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Bought a Levi's denim jacket some time ago, a size larger just in case but it turned out too large. So I am just curious if there is a fool proof method of shrinking it?

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you cant wear it oversized? post pic of this jacket on you, m8

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cyber monday order just arrived? same thing happened to me

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I'm not around a mirror right now but I'll try to get a full shot when I get to one but for comparison here are the sleeves

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Waist, not good shots I know, but that's what I can do right now without a mirror, I'd say the jacket is about 10cm below the waist

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get it tailored

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definitely buy the nice place in a shitty neighborhood
when the neighborhood gentrifies you'll be sitting pretty
also consider taxes, both now and in the future, on both places

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what >>12038954 said

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double dubs can't be wrong
(buy another one for me)

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pics of both? and yeah think about the value shooting up in the next few years (assuming the area is becoming gentrified if someones built a nice new place there

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w2c marble busts????

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I guess that pretty much confirmes he's browsing /fa/

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Why the fuck normies on youtube think his haircut is bad? It's fucking great imo.

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i never really got the pewds hate

he seems like a genuinely nice level headed person

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Anything you need in your shoes to pull some outfits.

Stan Smith because is versatile and simple same as a Chelsea Boots and a black Adidas Sambas

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plenty of people here recommending chelsea boots.

i dont even like boots, do i need them?

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end yourself

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They're good to have, I bought some to wear to work since sneakers were too casual and it eventually led to me maturing my entire wardrobe, which was needed

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boots dont really fit in to my work area imo and where I live its mostly sneakers, sandals, and loafers/dress shoes for certain occasions.

However I have been trying to mature my wardrobe a bit so ill consider a pair.

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Any of you funnbois can ID this sweater?

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Sup /fa/ggots
Who's more /fa/, Messi or Ronaldo?

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>pirlo will never give you sloppy footjob

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this cunt literally has 20/20 vision

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Oi senpai, getting new glasses today and was looking for some inspiration. My old pair was the typical ted bundy classics (in photo). I've quite an angular face if that's any help. Love yall

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Lmao i was just about to buy these, wanted to pick pic related but after trying them they were bad on my face but those in op looked really nice

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Dude give us a pic of your face where we can at least see the shape of it. Blur it out if you need to, but give us something to work with.
I'm happy to help with this stuff, but y'all can't post like that if you want help.

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aussie pride outfits

boatfugees not welcome

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>tfw I waste quads on fucking skeamo

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>Aussie thread
>Boatfugees not welcome
>Aussies are boatfugees

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Australians were adventurers, the best of British society relocating to escape the daft, mundane life of Monarchy, hence why our average I.Q is 187, E.Q is 140, and aesthetics 7/10.

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its different when the people whos country you are stealing dont even have fire and shit in holes in the dessert

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w2c techy shorts with millitary-esque pockets with without the usual cargo shorts autism?

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This is what young Trump Republicans look like, effay?

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Nice bait mate

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good god this turns me on more than it should

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Holy shit this is disgusting

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Which brands have a cool instagram page?

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armes armes armes

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Damn whats the name of the one on the left, can't seem to find it on their website.

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nvm found it. It's 'Esteem' if anyones wondering. (FDB08005W0)

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Can anyone ID this?


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All you had to do was type in "black steel casio" and this comes up with a little bit of light digging.

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Rate my fit /effay/

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kojima is super effay

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as much as i respect the guy, his clothing style is... questionable at times.

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I have a similar jacket

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Are the Air Force One the best Nike Shoes? What is the best Nike shoe

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>as a photographer
So you walk for 3 hours one day a week? lmao

Next time when you lie, pick something where you're actually on your feet a lot. You wouldn't know because you're unemployed but just google it first.

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i prefer go out without shoes that wear that shit for "comfort", don't justify your bad taste, accept and learn

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>i prefer go out without shoes that wear that shit

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>nike stop shilling!
>literally 8 adidas threads up at all times

Not even defending nike, everything outside of their flyknit runners abd certain airmaxs are shit but get real. I'm starting to really believe adidas pays people to shill and shitpost any time they see a swoosh

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As a girl, my style, hair and body most closely resemble the pic attached. I have always had my hair short and I dislike overly feminine clothes but I feel like I should try it out a bit more I just don't know where to start. What does /fa/ suggest?

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If being feminine doesnt come naturally to you, you are likely a dyke. Nobody will ever love you except some mentally damaged submissive bitch.

Grow your hair out, wear a dress, accentuate your figure (wide hips large chest etc) with tight pants or a tapered skirt and v neck tops etc. Alot of women I see seem to like wearing long cardigans and big cape-like scarves. I think it looks cool, you should try it out. Dont take the easy route and show as much skin as possible, drapey and modest clothes look way better, men love mystery. Also keep the fabrics soft and comfy, lots of cotton and cashmere/merino wool. Maybe its just me but women that look cozy are the best.

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post feet

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>All these thirsty fuccbois losing their minds
Jesus Christ

Anyways, in hotter months Summer Dresses are always a good choice. A lot of people don't like floral print clothes but I think they look nice

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i suggest you become my gf :)

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you could still dress feminine with short hair. I think the biggest impact would be in your makeup - as you'd have to spend a bit of time of it everyday to avoid looking childish or manly. If anything, instead of buying new clothes, I'd experiment here first

you could try some dresses with doc martens, maybe some slightly more feminine socks if you're wearing cropped pants or a skirt.

some jewelry too: dainty pieces from catbird nyc or you could go for elaine ho and have some pieces that don't completely scream "im a submissive dainty grill".

if you want to fit in easily - leggings, stan smiths or superstars, tunics, oversized cardigan, and blanket scarf. could probably find most of this at garage or forever 21.

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Are Poncho's unisex clothing? As a man, can I just get Poncho's aimed torward females instead of looking everywhere for a male Poncho. Does the cut differ at all?

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yh boi i bought one over the summer, I'm still getting laid

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this guy looks alright
>white guys

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Lol no

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fuck off weeb scum

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