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Is this hairstyle and beard the GOAT mens combo?

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Is that fucking Desmond

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See ya in another thread, brotha'

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he sure did love his pasta

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hello lads. what does a woman wear to a funeral desu senpai?

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Tits of gtfo

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a dark colored conservative dress or pant/sweater/shirt combo

how is this even a question?

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wear something nice and respectable but not 'sexy'

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Something that isn't sexualising, doesn't show much skin and is black or at least dark in colour.

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Aaaaah help /fa/, I want to be cute and fashionable but I feel like my height makes everything look bad on me (5'10) any tips on how to be cute and tall?
I don't really wear skirts and dressed because it's quite rare to find a woman actually wearing them here.

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>op asks for advice and gets one
>incel gets pissy and drops his insecurities

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And you're derailing OP's thread, who's the aggressor now? I am done talking with you.

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Still, not even tall.

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stfu i wrote you out a long thought-out reply with decent advice in it. stop attention whoring.

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this is the first time i ever got my identity stolen in this board, nice

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I bought this chain and it just keeps rolling over so that the fake diamonds are facing down

what do i do?

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I think you meant to post in the sleazecore thread, friendo.

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bought this jacket today. what kind of outfits would look good with it?

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I would either go for some jeans or chinos and probably some shoes too

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And mexican pointy boots

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if you are a girl, wear with short shorts of the same color, with stockings and long socks.

don't forget the umbrella if you are going for the british look

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just get the rest of the kit

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How much is this worth? I have the same exact jacket brand new with tags.

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is this hoodie /fa/ as fuck or nah?

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did someone say jackson hole

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Most meta streetwear hoodie design

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My white one already came...

I do genuinely like the hoodie despite Kanye and every fuccboi

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we're not in 2005 anymoe

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enough said.

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Is this peak comfycore?

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nudity is peak comfy tbqhwy

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One can only aspire to be as comfy as The Dude.

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Does /fa/ like Visvim? Can we have a visvim inspo thread? Visvim inspired fits are cool too.

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>spending thousands to look normal

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post French philosopher-core

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t. never actually read crime and punishment, only argued with people on /lit/

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This image is from like 2011 well before starter packs were a popular thing, prob the og one.

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id on these boots?

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notes from underground is literally the first existentialist book

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>+2 morale during battle

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I noticed this too.

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Certain this is finnish m05 camo.

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>bard class

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Fashion and drama, the life of Charles Collingwood, don't miss it!


Read, Watch & Enjoy!

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The pencil stache

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Pencil stache was kind of a flex even back then because you needed good moustache growth to do it well.
Since then our T levels and jaw development have only dropped.

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I've been seeing low cut pants make a comeback with girls who work out. Unfortunately most girls would rather sit on their ass eating cheetos and browsing instagram instead of getting in shape and they won't (and shouldn't) take the easy way out by starving themselves and throwing up.

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Heck yes this entire look honestly

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Do u guys think luka browses fa

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i know its unrelated but does anyone have a good quality image of rick owens suicide?

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clean your desktop what the fuck man

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he said on twitter that he browses 4chan but not /fa/ but this fucking nigger midget is probably lying lol

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Shut up faggot I wouldn't be caught be dead following you on ig. Lol

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im not luca lmao

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Thoughts on GolfWang, Golf Le Fleur, Odd Future?

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it's cute

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Good quality clothes with great designs but worn by the most unfashionable and basic people who think color blocking is the only way to dress. Love the golf store in LA too, shits amazingly managed

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>good quality clothes
>great designs

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What do you think of silver nails?

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I think they look very silver

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Hello can anyone help in autistic core I would like to dress up as a total loser so everyone can avoid me

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just b urself

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- great coat
- trench coat
- 'the driver' jacket

- silk goku shirt
- anime apparel in general
- silk flames shirts
- visual pun graphic tees like threadless and designbyhumans
- drug rug

- cargo shorts
- cargo pants
- baggy docker khakis
- baggy stonewash carpenter jeans

- flip flops
- keen hiking sandals
- orthopedic shoes
- doc marten ankle boots

- fedora or trillby
- wallet chain
- leather cuff bracelets
- hemp necklace
- shark tooth necklace
- oakley sunglasses
- industrial or septum piercing

- long down to your waist, worn in a pony tail
- faux-hawk
- permanently in that awkward middle phase between short and medium, or medium and long
- facial hair let to grow out without ever trimming or shaving

general style directions you can go from this base:
- just big jumbled graphic and print mess. only look at items on an individual level and never think of the outfit as a whole. stack items with loud, color prints on top of one another
- matchy matchy
- ex-hippie burnout
- superficially anti-social metalhead
- "gamer" whose sheltered existence prevents him from being able to participate in genuine human interaction. make sure to frequently quote from movies and tv shows, and if the conversation begins to get into topics like family or career, try to redirect the conversation back to pop culture and failing that, find an excuse to exit
- steampunk

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Thank you Kanye West cool

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>silk flames shirts
>orthopedic shoes
>shark tooth necklace
>fedora or trilby
>oakley sunglasses
Fuck this is accurate. Saw someone like this just yesterday. How is it that literally ALL the autismos dress like this? What appeals to them about this "style"?

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They think it makes em look mature and mysterious

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Have any of you had experience dying your own hair? if so what products, methods, etc did you work with

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my brother dyed his hair with blonde lines when he was a chubby teen. unless you are aethestic like op related, do not ever dye your hair. im talking nice facial features, a chiseled jawline - ouf, go for it then.

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Owning a piece of Junya changes you. I love it. I love how Junya's creative vision enlivens workwear with a contemporary, whimsical twist that can be worn anywhere. Japanese Americana is still as fashionable now as it was when brand new Visvim FBTs were $400 a pop. Who knows what I'll do with these things on; enroll in a fall term at Bunka Fashion College, begin an apprenticeship under Rei Kawakubo, or patch old clothes into rompers because that's something Junya would do. The possibilities are endless. One step at a time though.

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low quality b8

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B-but pic related is wearing mostly Kapital

>> No.13533384

>wears one junya piece
>instantly every other piece doesn't matter because junya is god apparently
nice get btw

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That's gonna be a yikes from me.

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This nigga look like he some night life scum bag outta Shenmue

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Does anyone know what these shoes are?

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Nike Air Bofa

>> No.13534023

Darude Sandstorms

>> No.13534034

Nike Bofa

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nike air woven boot

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forgot to add pic. not rly feelin em but you do you

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