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Post Derby shoe fits, discuss

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How do you find them? the leather doesn't look to great

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ID on those trousers?

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no, crepe sucks
this, mein foockin nibbah

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I think what he was saying buy second hand since the prices are low as heck

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Were do the bigger guys get decent fasion in the UK? (1XL) I buy all my clothes at Jacamo but its been kinda shit lately with small choice and lesser quality.

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Cheers bud

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>UK poster
>Fat Normie that shops at jacamo.

Fucking end urself m8

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what's wrong with the first one?

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Beady anglo eyes

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'tis almost the season, /fa/.
What's on your christmas lists?

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Nice socks, preferably ones w/ texture.

That's it. I need to stop spending money.

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a gf

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>tfw no gf

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my life back

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Is 3sixteen the best underhyped street wear brand?

Looks 100x better then supreme shit

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All street wear is shit

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fuck no

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What does /fa/ think?

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North face is the ultimate soyboys nu-male core. Never purchase any of there products unless you want to go prematurely bald and grow breasts.

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they're literally complementary colors you fucking retard

jesus christ this board is shit

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Looks like a jacket my 63 year old mother would adore.

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I'm a poorfag. Is this a decent couch for $400?

Ikea's couches are all particleboard and i dont want to buy somebody's bed bugs off craigslist

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Warning: it has jews and homosexuals

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>Dane DeHaan
>Daniel Radcliffe

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this was a good film, but it got a lil too gay for me, had to watch in segments

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Give it up Dane you'll never be classic like Dano. Off to /tv/ with you.

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Is Adam Jensen /fa/?

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I'd say so. Too bad his style doesn't work well out of context, I love over the top cyberpunk shit

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U can actually get his jacket lmao.


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Didn't Acronym help do the fashion design?

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He never asked for this, so it's not a conscious choice on his part, and thus NO. He also wears acronym.

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moreso than /fa/, but that's never a good standard

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What is /fa/s thoughts on grungy clothes? I got a sleevless american flag hoodie but i dont do sleevless so I threw on the first long sleeve jacket I could find (my old burnt up welding shirt) and I actually kinda like how it looks.

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Looks solid and actually employed some creativity unlike most shit here so you're good, if you like it and put some effort, go for it.

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What do y'all think of this down coat? 700 down fill and It's on sale today for 40% off ($178 CAD). Good colour? I don't want black or navy because I want something different.

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Pretty cool aside from the branding as mentioned. There's not enough light colored down/puffer jackets out there. idk about the fit
of that jacket in person but Roots is pretty decent in quality, definitely worth it for that price if you're looking for something warm and practical.

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it's fucking ugly . this isn't fashion. why are u on this board? kys

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>Not fashion


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Are you trying to dress up as the michelin man?

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>implying puffers aren't /fa/ as fuck
spotted the pleb

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Is CDG Play the best underhyped street wear brand?

Looks 100x better then supreme shit

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overpriced garbage

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You know what they meant you fucking retard.

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lots of people only like them for the converse but they have some pretty dope peices that aren't ridiculously expensive

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that's not cav empt tho

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Good man

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Why can't adidas ever release good sneakers without making them so hard to get? The only time I want some boost sneakers, they put them limited to where I have to pay 500+ for them why does adidas and nike dothis?

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Hype on certain sneakers builds hype for the whole brand. When people can't cop a limited sneaker they often look for the next best thing, thus increasing sales on other models.
Besides, Ronnie Fieg's collabs are always pretty limited and sought after.
If you are after ub mids in general, solebox and run thru time mids weren't hard to cop and the resale is pretty low.

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you have to be asian to get boosts

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Artificial scarcity makes shoes more hyped and they can get away with charging loads for it - simple calculus

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i like ASS i also like ADIDAS

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How would you wear rtt?

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is it?

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Your pic still looks homeless, like so homeless he'll take your home.

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The belt must have a purpose.

Accessories without purpose on men are generally frowned upon. Like watches are the only generally accepted accessory for men(and a ring if you are married).

In modern times a belt is used to keep your pants from falling down, but if you wear it over your shirt, it no longer serves that purpose.
In earlier times belts were used to carry things around like all the inspo pics depict.

You have to strap something to your belt. Preferably something too large to keep in your pockets to not look stupid.
Experiment with something modern like your laptop, a lunch box, or a pencil case.

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helmut ss98

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ITT feeding frenzy over low tier b8

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I'm not from here. I'm a huge pleb, but please, help me out for a moment.
I have heard these called autism shoes, an accurate name, but hey, function over form over here.
Nonetheless, i'm gonna have one or two of these and i'm gonna be seen wearing them, i'll probably be lazy and wear them sometimes when i'm not actually running or lifting. So put your fashionable selves in my place.
Which ugly ass running shoe would you choose.

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i have red undescript asics, they never failed me, but I suggest Brooks Beast for maximum function over form.

>> No.12931154

So you prefer maximum autism looks over failed attempt at blending with society? Or do you prefer black autism shoes that look like shit.

>> No.12932181

i do and I use my old pure boosts

>> No.12932205

give me the most fuckign comfortable running shoes i dont care about style i just want to run

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Hey /fa/ quick question, what is this pattern called?

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tortoise / turtleshell

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What type of woman do you dress for, /fa/?
Do you dress for the artsy hipster girl,
the goth chick, for a basic bitch?

How is that working out for you?

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This is complete bullshit.
You’re, to some degree, subconsciously dressing to get respect and create interest. But not necessarily with the opposite sex or for mating purposes you dumb mfer.
And that doesn’t rule out that you dress according to your own style and creations. Because that’s what you want isn’t it? To scream out „ aye look errybody, issa me!“. But without the actual screaming part.

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Have talent and pretty/manly face. Alternatively you can use your rape force to impregnate and further the rape seed line.

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I'm curious.

Post a pic

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very normal response

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My parents don't like me cuffing my raw selvedge denim jean pants, what do?

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get them tapered get them stacks

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Stop wearing raw selvedge denim in 2017 you Americana, 1950's loving fuck

>> No.12930797

save up for a limb lengthening surgery

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Dude fuck your parents man, rebel and cuff them all the way to your fuckin knees. That will show those dumb boomers.

>> No.12931973

really not liking cuffs in 2k17 desu

as for the rest, you know what Bruce Wayne had to do to become Batman?

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minimal face tattoo ideas? I'm of the opinion that small accents on the face can look quite nice, that beauty marks for example is a tattoo, I'm gainfully employed in the visual arts in an environment where stuff like that doesn't really matter so I'm thinking of getting another small thing, maybe a heart or something like that. you got any ideas for me /fa/ and yes I'm aware I'm a dumb short sighted nigger

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>I'm a dumb short sighted nigger

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>I'm a dumb short sighted nigger
I think you've been here too long

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4 years, I know, at this point I'm sure there's a special kind of autism only gained from being here that long, I can't go back

>> No.12932661

no but thanks for the compliment

>> No.12932676

frequenting a board about vanity on a tajik horse castration forum is just as, if not more degenerate than a small face tattoo.

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Would lick the spongebob Ebony’s legs

>> No.12931006

that sponge bob shirt would sell at a target kids department

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I like their assets

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Nothing more slutty. Christina Robinson aka Astor for Dexter

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Hey guys I need some help with finding shoes similar to the pic. These are some zara models and idk if I should cop zara quality shoes. Anyone know a good place to cop them online?

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there are thousands of black derby shoes out there. you get what you pay for.

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