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How is this model of sunglasses called?

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I like her feet, post more of that instead

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you mean double bridge sunglasses?

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Looks fat to me.

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How is glasses form

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Can someone help me find a pattern or have the pattern for this dress?

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This is the second time you made this thread. If you have not seen it yet, there's is a /diy/ thread up that provides links to patterns (https://www.colettepatterns.com/catalog). You could also look around your nearest bookshop if there are any sewing magazines, considering it's a very basic dress.

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I need the printing pattern!

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You don't have to make another thread just because someone has not responded to you in 4 hours. You could send an email to the person selling the dress (http://www.luulla.com/product/382072/hit-color-printing-stitching-sleeveless-dress-vc30513mn) to ask about the fabric or maybe consider using another floral patterned fabric

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bought a used Shearling coat from a thrift store similar to pic related.

What's the best way to wash it before using?

has that old storage smell

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If there's no tag with instructions I'd probably just try to frebreeze it

otherwise: http://www.sickafus.com/html/washing-sheepskin1.html

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Obligatory banepost coming through

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>has that old storage smell
I love that smell. Always kind of sad when it fades after wearing my new clothes for a few weeks.

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I kind of understand this but at the same time I can't get enough of the smell of my dryer sheets

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What pants are these?

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rip drumpf

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What are the jeans on the right?

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what reebok pants are these?

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Whats his entire fit?

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Are shirts like this effay? Would like some looser clothes for summer. If they are effay where do you buy em?

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That looks like it definitely is not going to fit anyone wearing it

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Post fit, fag. Also these are Socal core. Most guys around where I live where these with board shorts and sandals despite being 30 miles inland and bordering the desert.

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Short sleeve shirts are for bus drivers.

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I recently copped a uniqlo shirt like that. 50%cotton linen mix. Perfect imo.

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How can normie fashion even compete?
This is good shit.

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G'day lads

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This is Woden right?

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Yea it is lmao

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Woden is depressing as fuck, but not as Depressing as the dystopian landscape that is Gungahlin

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Atelier Tobacco Nuit is goat

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1740 is the only frag so far that i can still smell after I woke up the next day, super longevity

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Dior Homme Sport or Eau for Men?

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New thread:

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Same, my dude. Didn't care for it until a month or so after using it.

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What material is this cardigan made of?

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boyfriend material :)

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Cheap towel

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vegan wool

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Reparation cotton

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How does /fa/ feel about this new anti/fa/ movement's style?

I don't know much about this movement but from what I can gather it's a group of normies trying so hard to not be /fa/ that they actually have come full circle back into /ninjacore/

Is anti/fa/ like post-modern? Is it the inevitable pinnacle of /fa/? Discuss anti/fa/ movement.

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I don't understand, doesn't capitalism address some of the main tenants of socialism by allowing companies the option to be publicly traded?

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>le read a le book on le economics I understand economix becuz I'm a le edgy capitalist lmao
Yeah okay mister indefinite unbounded market growth, what the fuck do you think das kapital was all about?

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>cucked to
Trump is big business you fucking retard

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found the Zizek

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Antifa is ~100 years old

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How do you dress with a dad bod?

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I like this. I should start wearing hawaiian shirts again this summer.

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"dad bod" lmao
if pic related it's just being fat

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Lose weight and then worry about fashion, fatty.

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Like I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about my dadbod.

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>> No.12461211,1 [INTERNAL] 

how about emailing New Balance the question

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Is denim the ultimate work-class/wagecuck/poorfag choice of material for clothing?

>being well-off
>unironically wearing denim

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are white boy dreads /fa/?

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lil pump is latino

only black people should get dreads

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not even needed to shave, you can somewhat easily get them out again, even if they're 10+ years old

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You can

Just please make sure the tips arent pointed, pointed tips make them look like strings of shit

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We aren't talking about his music dumbass we're talking about his hair

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this are my worst 150 bucks?

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Nah that's the best flex piece you could have.

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Immediate thought was this

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So...you think they'll have dick accessories for the UNIQLO collaboration?

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Hey /fa/
What is a good haircut for someone who is overweight like myself?
>inb4 "Lose the weight lardo"
It doesn't happen over night faggot, so how can I have an nice haircut?

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Facial hair will help shape your face.

Otherwise just do whatever because you're already overweight. Focus on losing that weight.

I recommend a classic crew combover cut. Looks decent on just about anyone. Combined with a solid beard it can't be beat, at least for normies.

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lose weight

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short n curly like Jonah Heel

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No but you can lose enough in the time it'll take for your hair to grow back from a shitty haircut. Instead of being lazy like you are and asking /fa/ to dress you now that you don't live at home anymore, go diet and come back in 2 months when you've lost 20lbs

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Any sort of cut that will add volume to the top of your head will help compensate for the extra width of your head. If you've got good hair, you could go for Jack Black's style in pic related. If not, you're gonna end up looking like Jonah Hill.

Also this. If you've got a double chin, a big fluffy beard will help hide that and helps add to a masculine image.

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Eastern Europe somewhere.

But if you're intention is to copy Gosling in Blade Runner 2, get fucked.

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Can someone tell me where to get this sleeveless shirt?

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Does anyone else do this?

>pic related. my work shirts chart

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why do people think this is going to blow up? it's just graphing things, people like things to be organized. i don't get it.

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What the fuck. I'm like borderline sperg and I don't do shit like that. I mean I make lists of things I like/dislike but no full on graphs like op and the jackoff dude.

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be sure not to be the one fucked in the ass anon. You'd be surprised of how many time vanilla fags like you get tricked into getting their asses stretched to kingdom come.

>> No.12468049

Imagine yourself having to explain this to anyone irl.

See? You're not normal.

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im worried about u bro

come on now bro, did you know 2-3 weeks after i quit my porn addiction i felt amazing

you should try it thats not healthy

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should I cop???????????

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Get these

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cop these if you want stan smiths that arent stan smiths

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no you are like 3 years late to the meme, get gazelles or sambas

>> No.12461205

get them without the gold shit.

>> No.12461363

actually not, these vintage ones look better and not just that, but the leather is nicer on them than on the regulars, on these >>12460979 too, the price difference is not a coincidence

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When do you think it's acceptable to wear a moustache? I'd say any man past 35 can pull it off

>inb4 never

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I am 23 and have a nice jaw and a shaved head. I have a like almost 8 cm long goatee and I was thinking of shaving it off and trying mustache but I think I will regret it because I love my goatee a lot.

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>he doesn't know who Hitler is

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