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Alternatives ? They're discontinued.

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Why would you wear those in the first place? Disgusting

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George Costanza?

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Hey /fa

So for some reason I thought it would turn out alright, but this jacket painting turned into a juvenile piece of trash

Suggestions to fix it? Inspirational pics? I was thinking of painting black over the whole thing, and then putting back in some white text / a black and white pic of a face / white lines.

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Very inspo tyvm


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bleed the paint and make it all melt

than draw a devil face over it in red


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Was James Joyce /fa/?Saturday

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HST is foremost among the celebrities I am saddened I will never meet

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Did you know that clothes that Johnny Depp wore in the film were actually Thompson's?

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I didn't know that, thanks for the titbit anon :)

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didnt joyce have a scat fetish

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this isn't a creepypasta thread

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Meh. Overpriced for what it is. Luckily at rare times it's sold for dirt cheap at century 21

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Can suspenders be fa or is it too close to fedora core?

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only if you live in black and white land

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Belts are for uptight faggots

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I think much like the middle part in OP, if you're attractive already it makes you more so. Also, unlike fedoras they don't have the association with a gross subset of the populace and they aren't traditionally formal wear. Still, I wouldn't pair them with a t-shirt, for example, because they're formal enough that it wouldn't work.

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suspenders are for cads or fags. but if that's your thing... >>12811884

why not _with_ a fedora? segue to pic related.

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Sup /fa/

Thinking about getting a hand tattoo on my left hand around this area. What's your opinion on tattoos on this region of the body and any suggestions?

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if whatever you do allows it then get some
broke ass

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It's supposed to look shitty, like those prison tattoos
>broke ass
Yes, I am

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Why do you purposely want something that looks shitty and implies a criminal background?

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Because it has a personal meaning, and I said that I want something in a style of a prison tattoo, not exact replica.

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Even if it's just in the style of, people will still assume it carries the same connotations. You do you, but it really sounds like a regrettable tattoo from the start.

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What's your opinion on these shoes? I bought 2 pair last night.

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clarks reminds me of levi's

good stuff at reasonable prices but their quality control is awful

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Lol this. My foot bounces around inside.

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>What type of potatoe feet do you have i
i guess i have alpha feet

daily reminder that skinny feet is a feminine trait

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I had a pair of clarks boots and they were made to look nice, but without quality construction.

The sole was glued to the upper, but had stitching around the edge to look like a goodyear welt. The result was that after a year or two of wear, the sole separated when I removed them.

They also had an interesting thing where the lugs of the soles were hollow. As they wore, they opened holes in the bottom of the lugs and the shoes were no longer waterproof for stuff as minor as walking on wet concrete.

I got a pair of Grensons to replace them and the quality difference is enormous (to be fair the price difference was too).

Get a quality pair of shoes, its worth it.

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>cannot be re-soled
cdbs can be resoled, google it

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are alt-right shoes /fa/?

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What are the most altright shoes? I bought some NB court vintage 300s and my gf says they make me look like a school shooter. Also apparently tucking in my tshirts makes me look like one too

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I got pic related when I became a neo-nazi white supreemacist KKK so I would fit in.

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maybe shes retarded

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Hey, anons. I just bought a big coat from Aliexpress (yeah, I know. You keep saying I shouldn't but everybody makes mistakes), and it doesn't fit me. It is too big (which is surprising considering that everything uses to be smaller from Aliepress). I was just fucking wondering if there's any way I can change if those fucking chinks let me return it and then send me another one in a smaller fucking size. Do they do that?

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>Do they do that?
they definitely aren't legally obliged to, so probably not

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Well, that's a fucking bummer. Jesus Christ, what do I do with that gigantic fucking coat I have on my room now?

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If it's nice enough, gift or sell to a friend. If it sucks, chuck it. Pretty simple.

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can i get any opinion on these shoes? are they /fa/?

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I always liked them t b h, but I wouldn't be able to pull them off with anything else that I own. Plus I live in LA and i feel like they would be really out of place here.

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Yes. I don't know what to wear them with though.

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they're not that hard to style mate

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theyre cool

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LIke the actual shoes but jesus christ they look so sloppily tied and shit. flappy annoying loose

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Uniqlo doesn't ship to my country. Are there other brands that have good cheap basics?

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go to some stores nearby and try some on; with basics, fit is key

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Well even stuff from Zara and H&M looks good until you give it a wash. I feel like I'm just wasting money buying clothes that will look like shit after 3 months.Is there a brand out there that hits the sweet spot between quality and price like Uniqlo does.

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Consignment stores, depop, grailed, ebay. Second hand luxury.

t. just bough a Valentino uomo suit jacket for 80 bucks(retail is like 500)

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that's a pretty nice cop for the price anon
i buy on grailed and ebay pretty often, and sometimes i find nice stuff in second hand stores, and now and then i cop designer stuff on sale. but you can't always find what you want that way.

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Is he /fa/?

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That's a Ranjit

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>being this autistic
Jesus, dude

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why do you do this OP? Just curious

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Are they /fa/?

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Im so tired of musicians like Stone Rose and Lil Xan coming on here and ghost hyping themselves. Its like, get a life...

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What does ghost hyping mean?

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Lil pump is low key good, Stone Rose thinks hes good but its like pretentious grandmas music.

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Just bought some boring shoes for business/formal. Go rate.

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They look good.

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Yes, i wanted to add a pair of Cheaneys to my wardrobe for long and since i am visiting London this week had a walk throught Jermyn Street and...

Even wife told me to buy them, what could i do?

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Enjoy them. They are good shoes.

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Nice OP, Cheaneys are pretty underrated right now

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Is it effay?

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Motherfucker be listenin' to some trap shite or EDM type stuff.

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...or this. I am so awful at making jokes, wow!

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ahaha you gave it a shot at least

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A lot of people would see the girl in the back and think "of course she's crying, she's probably scared she'll be killed if she screws up!" in reality she's probably in tears because it's the proudest moment of her life

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yeah I definitely considered that when I posted it, I just think it's a) a good photo and b) symbolically relevant to what I'm saying

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*blacks your path*

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out of my way nigger im late for work

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get down and your knees niggerfaggot

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>implying Jamal Smith sucks at skating since he is black

Not all niggers are black, not all blacks are niggers

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this is just a generic sock fit sneaker
or should i invest in something of higher quality/brand name
maybe some suggestions

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http://www.virginblak.com/solid-speed-runner-sneakers.html#.WdfAICW7WUk maybe this?

>> No.12811148,1 [INTERNAL] 

Maybe stop bein broke and buy the real thing

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What are some good hairstyles for men with medium-short hair that's thin on top. I already use hair dust to make it look more full but is there anything creative I can do to make it look more textured?

Going to a nightclub this Saturday night. 1st time in a long time.

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Hahahaha nice

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is ricardo /fa?

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Are wide hips fa?

How do you dress on wide hips?

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What a fucking douche bag he probably read bukowski lmao

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coming over from /p/ just to tell you that you dont know what wide hips are

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t h i c c

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okj this is how to hide wide hips if you wanna wear slim pants.

youi need to be extra skinny, under 20 bmi. than wear pants that are cut tighter in the thigh and looser in the calf

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