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this anime good, or should i read the manga instead?

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>hurr wads his segret hao dos he do id

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Manga 110%
Literally has textile-textile powers

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w2c his flamingo feather cape

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I'm so sick of these soundcloud rappers.

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Is Poppy /fa/?

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No, she is poopy.

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Is this /fa/ or just cute?

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just like in the grime's thread, she certainly has the frame for it

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the ultimate lifestyle inspo thread

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>subhuman degenerates

damn don’t go off

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>Not recognizing
Get off my website.

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this one

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If designer clothing was cheap would anybody want it?

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I made this thread for other users input and it caused a fight about brand recognition, kek.

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Why is this nigga wearing Junketsu?

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Ultimate grail

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Most people already want the cheap cheap fast fashion knockoffs and many faggots buy fakes, what the fuck are you even trying to talk about

I swear the lever on this board is appalling

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>No, nobody care about Uniqlo designer collabs
o right that's probably why every single faggot on fashion boards talk about them at every drop

also have you ever heard of the ridiculous waiting lines outside of H&M designer collaborations ?

this fucking board

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water u wearing today - because someone has to start the new one


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need different shoes. in fact, throw those ugly ass boots in the trash.

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lose the jacket. long ass shirt with small ass jacket looks dumb ass fuck

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those shoes are ugly ass fuck. unbutton the top and throw away those pants

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Nice jacket

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water u wearing 2day
old ded threds

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i read the sticky and i still feel overwhelmed. have the stuff here i dont think looks good. how do i shift my perceptions.
pic unrelated

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go to r/mfa ur obviously going for the ultra NPC-mode

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Let me guess, you want to look better naked?
Too fat? Calorie count
Not enough Muscle? Work out, sleep 8 hours, eat more than maintenance.

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W2C this jacket or one similar?

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I'm annoyed that H&M no longer carries my favourite hoode which I bought in 2013 and now needs replacing.

pic possibly related

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>zip hoodie

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That's not a hoodie. That's a jacket masquerading as a hoodie.

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post fit

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lol strong defensiveness

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Not cam whoring on 4chan is the last shred of self respect I have left.

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Never realized his teeth were that /deep/

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shy boys: where are they now

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day zero?

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anyone used wconcept before? My order has been processing for a week is this normal?

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Can someone help me ID this shirt Yungbans is wearing I already asked in many generals and noone answers. Or something similar would suffice

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bumping because im interested hope someone can help you anon

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its the number nine hockey flannel

delete thread

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Does anyone know how to contact Grailed?

I bought something from Europe and I need it shipped extra fast, but I can't reach the seller or anyone at the company itself.

I'd be seriously grateful for any help, anons!

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Bump. Does anyone have any ideas on how to effectively contact a seller?

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either paypal message or try and find him on insta or twitter and hit him there

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good ideas anon, thank you! i'm gonna try PayPal, which i've never done before

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By the way, I'm curious, how often are people ripped on Grailed purchases? Is it particularly common?

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By the way, I'm curious, how often are people ripped off on Grailed purchases? Is it particularly common?

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How do you style metallic cap?

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this is a hard one, probably gotta be attractive and confident to start with

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Orange shirt black pants and a long dick

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maybe a bleached look that reflects the color of the cap. for picture, try with white shirt and lightwash pants

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you dont

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Daily reminder that you aren't an anime character. You're a fucking idiot for trying to look like one. Why would you anyways when most anime characters are inspired by Hollywood movie actors.

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All that concealer, trying to be white

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holy shit shut the fuck up


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>most anime characters are inspired by Hollywood movie actors.
imagine being this retarded

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looks like he(?) got a fucking head transplant

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post ur best

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This is faggot-core. No even trolling. Techwear is supposed to be urban, somewhat minimalist, and utilitarian. This is not those.

Guy on right is decent, left is still trash (not as bad as OP tho).

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this isnt even techwear or ""hackercore"" at all

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None of this actually helps your ability with computers and if you're trying to be sneaky and infiltrate somewhere you shouldn't be it very will likely be a detriment.

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is wearing things like combat boots and other milspo type clothing even worth it if i'm a 5'7" turbo manlet or should i just accept the fact that I'm basically a child and dress plastic water bottle core?

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Even Lance the surfer chad of the movie is only 5' 11

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Simo Häyhä was 5'3

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Your only hope is to start lifting and become a buff manlet

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Yuri was 5'2"

You'll be fine.

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Sounds like you're baiting, but I know a lot people actually love that jus b urself shit.

Think about the reasons you might like a piece of clothing; often times it comes down to either physical/aesthetic enjoyment or the image it creates. How could something physical like height not be relevant to those things. You can't wear the jacket some slim 6'2 model is wearing because it would dwarf you, you have to wear a jacket that is physical proportioned differently and the appeal of the shape could change as it gets wider/shorter. Likewise you might want to project a domineering image, but if you can't impose on people physically it could be a hindrance to having others view you that way. etc.

Not saying that milspo can't be worn by shorter people btw.

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Anybody know what shoes these are?

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thanks for the bump, but i'm still trying to find the exact shoes in the picture

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I can't remember, but I think that one of those faggy brands like red wing make those derby with creep soles

>> No.13213748

I think they're Underground

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Thanks anon.

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Summer will be here soon. Don't forget to take the neck pill /fa/.

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guys with big muscley necks look like thumbs if they don't have a defined jawline and chin

>> No.13217950

I want to bite his face off to see if it will taste like dark chocolate

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nobody brought up the subject yet you fucking faggot

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Whoever the fuck said that women aren't shallow needs to fuck off.

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>They do have neanderthal DNA

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what do you guys think of this new look I'm trying out?

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is this fucking b0aty???
go back to runescape you sad fucking nerd

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I knew if I scrolled down far enough I'd find out that this is an e-celeb larp.

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kys ginger cunt

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Honestly this is better than half of whats in WAYWT threads

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>denim on with colors not different enough
>skinny jeans in denim on denim
>that scarf
>those fucking glasses

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