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MadeinItalyfags BTFO!

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they probably found the factories that make the closest to retail fakes and hired them to cut costs while maintaining high profits

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Haha that’s true senpai

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almost everything is made in china right now

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find them bro fuck balenciaga they aint boonk ganging me

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Y-3's made in China too yet it sells like hotcakes

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any recs for good quality machine washable suits for outfit like pic related? weird request and will get h8 but w/e

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this is a black leather jacket. say something nice about it.

if you have never owned one then please explain why.

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Non-rider black leather jackets like this look disgusting

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This. Real perfectos are expensive AF and I was also looking for an alternative.

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thrift, find a good deal on yahoo japan, or just wear denim for now

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It's possible to get faux-leather jackets for under 500 or you can get something that is heavily discounted but made of real leather. The problem is that the fit will usually be generic, and therefore awful. Fit is everything in a leather jacket...if it doesn't fit right, there's no point wearing it (it's very much like a suit). Danier in Canada used to offer jackets for under 500, but they recently went bankrupt...so I have no idea for you. Have you checked The Bay?

The issue with leather 'suiting' someone is that you simply have to try them on to see what suits you. You'll be surprised what works, what doesn't, what colour leather is good for your skintone, etc. But they are expensive, and it's tough to drop the money for one when it's not something you might wear all the time.

Agree and disagree. There are non-rider black leather jackets that look fine...it's just that this one in particular is not the greatest.

There are lots of alternatives, but it's a question of what you're looking for. Are you looking for a style jacket, like one from a 'runway', or are you looking for one that is utilitarian? Are you looking for one that is black, or brown, or white, or blue? Are you looking for one that is long or short, zipper in the center or off center, traditional collar or riders/mandarin collar? These are all considerations, and there's plenty out there.

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When did fedoras take over /fa/? People used to rightly point out what a faggot you will appear to be if you wear leather jackets.

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Ordered from the last Cav Empt drop
Impulse buy, cancelled my order
Received the refund back into my Paypal --> Bank account
Item just arrived today
What do?

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This exact same thing happened to me with Common Projects. Two years ago, was never charged.

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I contacted them about returning something awhile ago, and they were really helpful about everything. If you don't wanna risk losing money I'm sure they will send you a return label or something.

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What did you get

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Someone out there just enjoys giving people free stuff every now and then.

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Free boots senpai.

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where can i get a well fit long sleeve shirt like this?

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Buy a size too small, and stretch the collar

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Norse Projects

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Get a telnyashka.

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neu grid thread old one gettin close to 300 let's go

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I like the colorway in those Reeboks. w2c?

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With the exception of the pants, I basically just wear what my grandpa wore.

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bland, even for normiecore
nice boots and some of the accessories are nice. clothes themselves are kinda boring though.
comfy but sharp at the same time. I like it.
ach mein gott!!! ugly camo imo but everything else is neat.
nice. I dig pretty much everything here. lack of accessories is disappointing but otherwise solid 8 or 9.
fucking wild.
not my style but pretty clean
hey cutie can I have your psn?
change the bottom and maybe the shoes and issa 10
corny shirt but otherwise good
I feel like I've met you before
fit itself is aight. great accesories though.
interesting to say the least. fuck off with those pants though.

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>clothes themselves are kinda boring though
Yeah i practically live in my work clothes, just don't have the time to be /fa/ these days

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shirt kinda loose and cuffed. r8 and h8 is appreciated.

I wanna achieve Satreancore, but I kant :(
Nice pants and boots.
Love the sweater
Basic aff and grandpa jeans
Go to the gulags little bitch.

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post your current inspo

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Okay lads, I need some serious help out here. Buckle up because you're about to enter OP's autism.

>One year ago, moved to a different city for Uni because I failed my previous one. Really far from home
>Didn't know anybody, nobody knew me
>Realized this is a chance for a new me
>Have beautiful blonde hair, but the ugliest shitty looking brown eyes
>Was always really jealous of people with blue/grey eyes, knew that having those coloured eyes would make me look a lot more attractive
>See some video of a girl reviewing coloured eye lenses and notice how legit those things actually looked
>Idea pops into my head
>Order a pair of grey coloured lenses and they arrive a couple days later
>Try them on and they looked extremely convincing and made me look a thousand times more attractive
>Fastforward a year later
>Have been wearing the lenses literally everyday, nobody here knows I actually have brown eyes
>Have a girlfriend now who also doesn't know about my true eye colour
>Get compliments about my beautiful eyes a lot
>Everytime I would go visit my parents, I would obviously take the lenses out so nobody knew about my scam
>Life literally improved just by changing my eye colour
>Feels good man

>Or so I thought.
>Couple of days ago, girlfriend asked me if she could meet my parents
>Say sure without thinking about it, call my mom and tell her we're coming over next week
>Realize I made a huge fucking mistake
>Literally all of my family knows I have brown eyes
>My gf thinks I have grey eyes

Help me out /fa/, what the fuck do I do? Do I confess to my girlfriend that I'm a huge autist or do I try to tell my parents about my situation? Either way it's going to be a complete autismfest and I literally feel like killing myself right now.

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op is far too autistic to do that, anon. what's probably going to happen, is he's going to lie to his family that his eye color changed due to a chemical explosion at uni, and that his eyes will be like that forever now.

>> No.13105180

This is the only option.

>> No.13105196

It's 100% real. Was born with it.

>> No.13105204

the lie has become too big to stop now
op has to keep building on the lie until he goes fully insane

>> No.13105393

This little heart is the cutest thing.
Most unique eyes ever seen/10, even better than a guy I know that has the most beautiful blue/golden eyes eyes.
Just tell her the truth and apologise for lying, OP. If she breaks up with you over your eye colour, she ain't worth it.

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I'm looking for a pair of trainers/sneakers. I'm mid twenties and like to dress casual but not too casual.

I usually wear dark jeans/trousers (navy) and sometimes blue jeans.

What are some decent, versatile trainers in the mid price range that would look good in 2018? I think I'm probably looking for darker coloured trainers with a classic, and "safe" look, but I will explore different newer styles.


>> No.13102825

Common projects on sale or black sambas

>> No.13102839

Stan Smiths would look really nice, especially the classic colorways

>> No.13102857


What colour Stan Smiths? Are whites ok with navy trousers or is that a faux-pas and it's better to go with black?

For the black sambas, white soles or brown?

>> No.13102878

White shoes work fine with blue pants/trousers, and brown sole sambas. Really though, just look around on websites and look for shoes that catch your eye. Wearing something you found on your own feels better than something someone picked out for you. Plus looking at shoes is fun

>> No.13102892


Trouble is I'm clueless when it comes to fashion. I'd much rather wear something that other people find good than something I randomly picked out on a whim but won't actually suit me.

The trainers that have been mentioned do look good to me and it's a plus if they're considered good.

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>jean anything

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Post quality Jeans ITT

>> No.13102924

Lmao. He's a midget!!

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>hey Joe

>> No.13102778

hey, haha

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>go call that guy a beaner
jesus christ

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So I just copped pic related and they're great but came with some vile vinegar-like smell. I'm planning to machine wash them, which I'm not super excited about. Anyone got experience with getting rid of that smell? (I'm assuming it's the black dye desu)

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I wear raws and machine washing is fine unless you want some sick reddit fades
Jeans were made for working in, you think they won't hold up in the wash? Going for long periods of not washing them actually increases sediment buildup which wears away at the denim faster.

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Enjoy stacking 7 times to get them above your ankle hun

>> No.13103894

>me 178
>32 inseam jeans fall without stacking

>> No.13103940

If u wash them they will turn blue isn't that obvious.? What a pile of crap . Waste of money, who lists at 179cm anyway, just say you are a short manlet

>> No.13104669

Reporting back, did a cold soak for a few hours and then let the washing machine squeeze the water with a bit of vinegar. They still stink a bit at the crotch but smelling like 80% of it you can't smell anything

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>> No.13102755

>the mark of this jacket?
>cuál es la marca de esta chamarra?
why are there so many mexicans in this place?

>> No.13102763

He's french obviously.

Alors, c'est un manteau de Mark Kaufman. C'est fabrique avec de fourrure donc três cher. kaufmanfurs.com

>> No.13102781

Tbh i think only a few white people really browses this place.

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Where can I get boots like this

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>> No.13102747


A boot store

>> No.13102748

Doc martens 1460 crazy horse

>> No.13102845

I don’t want doc Marts though

>> No.13102874

You posted the wrong picture then, because that's what they are.

>> No.13103247

Check out William Lennon

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Can this chink be /fa/?

>> No.13102629

looks cheap and the silhouette is ghastly

>> No.13102650

well doesn't look as cheap as many other chink fa clothes, it does look strange though.

But i guess with some right clothes combined it may look 8/10

>> No.13102673

just get the fuck outta here

>> No.13102676

k, mom

>> No.13102686

take a good luck at these titties boy, these is art. this is yo mama

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Well, I know what I'll be getting.

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I black modular nylon cordura military grade belt in acronym-jitsu and I'm high ranking member of goth ninja clan....
don't take me lightly....
and next time think before you speak...,.,
*sinks back in the shadows*

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about to pair my $4 H&M shirt with my $2k A1923 boots and leave my $2k/month apartment to drive my $60k Audi S5 to my girlfriend's house. broke boys cant relate

>> No.13103403


>> No.13103586

>to my $10/hr girlfriend's house

>> No.13103611

lol, broke boys hate to see people winning

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What does /fa/ think about Doberman's Aggressive? https://aggr.pl

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>> No.13107556

My roommate wears hipster glasses, shirts and a beanie everytime he goes outside. He's 5'5 and seems to be attracting only pseudo-intellectual fatties. Take that as you will.

>> No.13107654

>Attracting women
Clearly does something

>> No.13107726

>dress like Sam Hyde
>attract pseudointellectuals with low self esteem
checks out

>> No.13107823

Is it worth forking out a bit extra for a cashmere beanie

>> No.13107837

Sam is soy as fuck and you know it.

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manlet thread

what are some tips for dressing taller?
am turbomanlet so this concerns me. not insecure about it just want to style in a way that doesn’t exaggerate my shortness.

also what are some good height boosting shoes/boots besides platforms and shit? preferabmy comfortable stylish and incognito

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Don't buy those with hidden heel.
One day you will be 5'3'' and on the next day you are 5'5'' with "normal" looking shoes.
Don't hide it, just buy shoes/boots that don't hide the heel, if you try to hide it people will see how fucking desperate you are.
Buy a pair of slp aw15 boots and rock them, don't hide it.

Messing around with proportions of course doesn't make you taller.
But longer legs give the illusion that you're taller.

>> No.13102959

spike your hair up as high as it will go, get a vertical striped suit, platform shoes and a chihuahua

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>> No.13103427

just kill yourself and get it over with

>> No.13104337

/fa/ in a nutshell

File: 42 KB, 768x513, merlin_130177886_3b7440c3-746b-4657-9005-e6aa289e0319-master768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Tommy is the god of all things effay

you all know it

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>> No.13103773

i think he cares a lot. it's just his sense of style and his general awkwardness

>> No.13103778

is this ottermode?

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Pre car accident Tommy was quite handsome.
He just looks dehydrated as fuck, honestly.

>> No.13105613

he only drinks Redbull so it's not surprising that he is emaciated

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