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Anyone wear these? I have a few from Papi, but they're not particularly well made or durable.

Any suggesetions?

>Yes I'm a huge faggot.

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DESU, I've got a dad build. I like thongs because most briefs made to fit my waist don't support my junk as well as I'd like.

Yes I've tried the other extreme: Boxer briefs. Can't stand them.

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The wife thinks thongs look hawt and manly on me.

I don't care what the wife thinks, I would wear thongs regardless. I like how they look, I like how they feel. Support in the front, commando in the cheeks.

TLDR; Getting laid, are you?

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good advice but pls don't call yourself a pansexual unless you're a teen girl with a blue undercut and septum piercing

t. bisexual guy

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>le sjw boogieman

grow up faggot

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Andrew christian underwear. Buy it, they fit perfectly, don't crush your junk. Plus they look niiiice.

And before you scream fag, well no shit

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Where can I find a hoodie that's this similar color and look?

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old navy

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This fit is so goofy lmao

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Wal-Mart. Cut off slaves

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i don't know about that layering

i am immediately suspicious of this fit

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Why the fuck do women carry 2 bags at a minimum? Don't they know how retarded that looks?

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Name one.

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oh damn you tell em op

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I used to wear Fred Perry polos, but im not sure if they are still /fa/... What do you believe as more experts than me?

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Wear them if you like them.. it's fucking cringeworthy that you can't wear a polo shirt without affirmation from others, you trend following pussyhole.

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fred perry is cool. but you gotta make sure the polo fits you right.

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face rate thread

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kys, stupid wigger


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Stop flooding the board with your retarded threads

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Just saw a guy with this, the patches were bigger, instead of logos it was more posters and album covers. Look so fucking awesome and I was wondering what you fags think.

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Been wearing jean jackets with patches almost all my life, I like heavy metal, so that's the main reason, I like them, they are comfy to wear and always look cool with a black shirt. I also have jean vests with patches or simply cut the sleeves from the jackets.

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I used to have one that I really loved and would wear often, got a shit load of attention and compliments. They can look fantastic, but need a lot of work to stand out now that they've gotten trendy among basic yuppie hipster types.

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You don't see them much around here, mostly because rock/heavy metal-fashion is considered manchildish here. And sure, I wouldn't wear a jacket like that every day of the week, but I do have a black denim-vest filled with patches. Mostly metal-bands, some DIY-patches and pins/badges, and a backpatch that i made from an old XL-sized t-shirt that i didn't really dig wearing.

/patch/-threads still are a thing tho, and I'm glad about that. Patches can look cool (even on stuff like bombers and sneakers), and like >>12313528 said, a jacket that is fitted with patches that are neatly and carefully selected, organized, planned and sewn, are god-like.

I've been tinkering about the idea of copping a cheap biker jacket and sewing a few black/white-patches on the sleeves, and maybe the front or right above the buckle-belt. Maybe a few neat buttons hung at the collars but that's about it.

Now the real question: what about pic related? Is /crust/ effay?

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not mine, off google, I wish I had a patch jacket

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it's cool if you're actually part of that scene not some poser nerd on the internet.

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I dont know how to match shoes to a dress to save my life. Do i match the color or wear black? What closed toe or strappy? Im wearing block heels, that's really the main thing I want in shoes. Can someone upload some suggestions for this dress I would greatly appreciate it.

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Is that the dress?

If you can find shoes that are the same color, or a darker oxblood or black, those would be fine.

Depends on the event, but probably closed toe. Don't go too high with the heels. A lot of it depends on where you are wearing the dress and how your hair and rest of fit will be. I would suggest avoiding anything that ends right at the ankle with longer dresses because it can make your legs look weird. Look for a shoe where the opening looks like a U or v shape from the front, with at least a tiny amount of heel- it will help your legs look nice.

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We need to see you, the dress, you in the dress, your feet, and you in the shoes to make a proper judgement.
I know it seems comical but I agree with >>12313283

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I couldn't tell if he was serious or a footfag. I haven't recieved the dress yet. Should be here tomorrow.

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Hi! Few things to start off with =]
1. Yes I (You)'d you because you're a female Chan'ner, 'tis an awesome thing to see!
2. I'm Brian.
3. Don't be intimidated, but I'm not a stereotypical guy. If anything, I'll be the one in the kitchen =D.
Send me your Kik anytime, I'm all ears haha lol ;)

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ok, i've been hesitant but i'll just explain what makes people attractive and how you can do it.

1) It's mainly forward positioned cheekbones that are attractive,

2) you can get insanely attractive by just getting a 5-7 mm implant over the front part of your cheekbones (just make sure the implant is on the UPPER cheekbone like pic related, and make sure it is going to last a lifetime)

In pic related, they added mass to the upper front part of their cheekbones so they went from looking 'average' to 'attractive'

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File: 1.13 MB, 1262x690, MY FUCKING COCK HNNNNGGG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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What core is this?

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i didnt know there was anyone else in the state of delaware except me to be honest

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>i would fucking laugh in your face

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>tfw parent arent

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I admit I like both Bones and $B but they arent not even close to the same thing.

Bones hates pill poppers while $B glorify it.

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Good hair styling products (wax preferred) from germany?

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Because Germany is known for its hair wax? I suggest better Japan products, like Nakano.

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This pretty good but expensive af

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get the claymation

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Since the other got deleted???

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means nothing and is not fahsion related in any way, it's just used in openings of threads to make some unrelated bullshit seem vaguely related to fashion

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also, ID on shoes?

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> erkek-erkege-opusmek_1046872

yakalandın nonoş

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She looked so good then

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It's safe to say nice jawlines are effay as fuck

Is there any way of getting a chisled jawline. What are your tips /fa/?

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it looks fine

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I don't even think huge jaws look great, but this gum looks cool as shit, i'm going to train my jaw anyway

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thanks dr mew

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thanks dr mew

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i had braces and it really did fix my jaw and general face stucture. but i had them from age 13 to 17 dont know if it will make the same effect with you since youre already 18. it did fixed a lot of my face really
dont listen to this guy, probably never had braces himself

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Anyone have any suggestions for button down shirts with no collars? Sort of like the ones Diplo wears.

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Sorry for potato quality

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Ask him yourself on twitter

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I need to get a pair of jeans tailored. Would it be autistic if I brought a fitting pair of jeans for measurement instead of letting a tailor to measure me?

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Just get measured, Jesus fucking Christ

Yes, it's weird the first time he touches your dick, but you get used to it.

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>Not instantly getting erect and telling him that he now has an obligation to jerk you off
Faggots, the whole lot of you.
Your favorite shirt is gay too

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I mean, if you're looking for a specific fit it makes a lot of sense to bring an example that they can measure from?

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Are you jelly?

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beautiful house. i dont care about the oatmeal looking white people though.

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of course shes dating a white guy..

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he looks like he wants to be in a hipster scene rather than is in one

he probably googled "how to dress hipster"

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shut up, nigger

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WTC Life?

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Are there any /fa/-approved luxury brands?

Pic most likely unrelated

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w2c shoes? Heir Frank's site isn't giving much away!

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Love me some Hermes.

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Zilli and Kiton.
Rest is shit.

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La mia cinta Ferragamo

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I just bought a pair of Reigning Champ UB's from Fight Club for $450. AMA

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When will you kill yourself and are you posting it to /b/?

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I have no plans on killing myself, owning a pair of these bad boys means I have too much to live for.

I do not visit /b/

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got mine for 250. shit is cash

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Anyone knows what is this?

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Delete this.
Read the sticky
post in fuckboy general


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Deliveroo jacket, Google it

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Any idea when the new Balenciaga (FW17) sneakers will be up for sale? Can't find them anywhere yet and would love an approximate date.

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Sorry I the name offended you, I only ever had it toggled on /mu/ :)

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anonymize in add on

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Disregard that I suck cock.

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