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What can I wear to look lame? Please don't troll me for entertainment, I'm seriously asking. The pic is recognized all over USA as an "homely" / lame shoe. I want to give off this vibe.

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You must mean that you want to have the lame-core aesthetic.

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Wear lame shit from the thrift store. Wolf sweaters are pretty lame, pair that with some deep blue jeans and nb then you're good to got give a fuck. It's a wonder why this style is easier to feel comfortable in rather than avant-garde fashion.

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Those Polo shirts Americans wear, where the sleeves go right down to the elbow tucked into Levi's 550 light stonewash

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Classic inspo

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Cargo shorts are the bomb

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I'm looking for cargo pants that don't look like garbage. Preferably some kind of denim or other sturdy material, in black or dark grey. Slim fit. Low-profile cargo pockets, ideally only on the right-hand side. Bonus points for heavy-duty belt loops or a dedicated heavy strap for keys.

Does such a thing exist? Am I doomed to wear my wallet in a back pocket like a chump if I want to be /fa/?

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stone island's are nice

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Please don't wear denim cargo pants

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Probably a poor word choice.

I just don't want them to fall apart after six months.

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go for g star. or you taper yourselve. i bought the gstar tapered cargo in raven black

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Can I wear timberlands as a white boy?

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you tell me

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>I am retarded: The Post

OP, are you black? Sure
Are you from NY? Sure
If you don't fit one or both, then no.

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Only if you are working in them.
Do not buy to wear as a casual boot.

If you do decided to get a pair, stick with the brown ones.

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now dont make this thread again pls

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this - https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/922243-rick-owens?store_id=109421

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or this - https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/922395-rick-owens-2?store_id=109421

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ur joking right

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Can we get a skincare thread going? I've finally gotten to a point where I feel like it's worth it to focus on this, but I'm relatively clueless and the sticky is very barebones for this topic.

What are some good moisturizers & facewash products for men?

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Who is Elliot?

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a supreme gentleman, very nice guy overall

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Bruhhh pls

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Just started using Stridex pads. Do they usually make your shit worse before getting better? Made my cheeks breakout pretty good.

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Desperately trying to match this image to a brand and its collection. Loose Evidence ( a reverse search engine ) leads to a japanese brand called VICTIM. But no proof of this is present anywhere other than related images. Help?

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was able to ID the model in this image but nothing further - http://www.vithmicpro.co.jp/models/popup.html?pid=108

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looks fukin neat

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Telling by the modelling agency and the overall presentation of this image, the brand is likely Japanese.

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going to keep bumping. Really need to know. Any guesses at least??

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why do black people get tribals shaved into their head

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because black hair has the consistency of steel wool, so growing it out is a non-starter. they do stupid designs on their head to try and stand out

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jfc chill

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Is Rocky /fa/?

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fuck no. he has a paralyzed face with a shitty lisp.

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Copped these shorts, shoes and tights and I wanna get more running gear. Can I get a workout clothing inspo thread?

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But do you actually run with them?

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I'm enlisting in the royal navy so yeah although I doubt i'll be able to wear stuff like this on the boat. That said I still want to cop more workout gear kek

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What city is most /fa/ and why is it Melbourne?

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Yeah its cool, I wanted to go to Corvinus as well, but figured London would be a better choice. Central London is cool as fuck

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the city might be ok but you're still australian

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>Anglo city

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it's objectively NYC. It's a mix of everything as far as fashion goes, and I'll always believe the dirty, grimy aesthetic of NY is 10x more effay than any European city.

Or maybe Tokyo

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Live here and what do we have
shit amount of skyscrappers, like for real
no dope parks, best ones fitzroy gardens, at best
the creek is filthy
weather doesnt get hot untill january and cools by march
kinda dirty
shit clubs, we have revs and revs is shit
no warehouse parties, well, frequent
poof capital of the world


fuck u melbourne

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let's do this because its fun /fa/
you get $2000 usd to build your own wardrobe from scratch, so how would you spend it?

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Hey get in here
There are normies who need roasting

Where have you been, man
Haven't seen you in a few months

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yea duplicates r great
y not

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Full Rick

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So you'll wear one pair of pants and nothing else?

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hi can someone please tell me if this is a legit piece from Anti social social club thanks

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the fakes are literally identical to the "real" ones
please buy fakes if you have to buy this failed abortion of a brand

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It had gildan tags. I don't think that's that's real

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You'd think that wouldn't you...

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don't waste money on this stupid shit jesus

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assclub is cancer and you should feel bad

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Ok so my dumb ass fucking friend told me that I should get some known shoes but I wear all black jumpman team two's and I've looked my self and can't seem to find other jordans that I like right now I'm just to inlove with the jumpmans what's your advice and do you also think that my friend is a complete retard for saying some dumb shit like that

Picture related

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lesbian wearing double denim

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get some better trousers and it'll look much better

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Not feeling it on this one. Jeans most likely.

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What's a good jacket for spring/summer?

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something light imo
just wear a flannel/wool shirt over your tee and call it a day

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Is there literally any good way to incorporate irie colors into a fit?
I ask because I'm a rasta, and even though I stopped wearing the colors way back in highschool, i really want to incorporate them into my outfits somehow. Everything I find is so blatant though it makes me look like a faggot.

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Just wear toned down colors of the ones you pointed out.

Wear like a like cream (leaning to yellow I supose), burgundy, and darker green colors you should be gucci desu.

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Ayy, white Gucci polo with chinos maybe for the yellow? Actually might look really good with my reeboks

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Trust me I'm aware of the negative stigma, I get enough dumb fucking questions just for having locs.
Gonna sound super corny I know, but the colors actually do mean alot to me which is why I wanna find a way to incorporate them somehow

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Use contrasting small things or jewelry or accessories against blander things, or always avoid wearing any one colour as an entire solid piece of fabric unless it's desaturated.

Try to limit how much of what colour comes through and avoid large solidity.

in other words, you don't want to wear a suit made of the guyanese flag, but you would wear a suit? put on blander/unsaturated fabrics like black, white, grey with different shades of colour. If the entire shirt is something like a desaturated forest green, don't wear any one of your other two colours as it's own piece like yellow or red pants/jacket. it wears on the eyes. If you wear a solid, make sure it's under something else.

ALSO consider rasta as laid back, which means you could take advantage of textures that look laid back, non-shiny things like nep and flannel here and there.

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maybe something like this, OP?

The rasta colours incorporated into normal clothing

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W2c an effay bathrobe, does such a thing even exists outside of dadcore?

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I use a Kimono :^)

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looking for grey, white, and black t shirts and hm isn't cutting it for me

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I (OP) probably should've been clearer that I'm looking for plain t's for every day use.

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I got 15 white shirts from walmart for $5

Hate me

>> No.12031231

just get kirkland for a classic, boxy fit
or calvin klein modal for a slim fit

>> No.12031694

are they comfortable and good quality?

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>15 white shirts for $5
>good quality

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Last thread is nearing 300 faster than my blood pressure is

LAST THREAD: >>12012806

Check the new pastebin before asking!

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TRIP patches will be up for sale tomorrow night or Thursday morning! Just got the delivery alert

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Patch fo this?

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Fuckin finally

>> No.12048294

Pre-patched jackets are mostly terrible

>> No.12048520

this is cool imo, (less so if on a dude)

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How tight is too tight?

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>find a pair of raw jeans
>size down 3 sizes
>boom, skinniest skinnies of all time

>> No.12030382

I think you misunderstood my point.

Even if I bought the exact jeans in OP's pic in my size, they would not be that tight. They would probably fit just relaxed enough to be passable.

I hate the look of overly tight jeans, but I've got short legs and need them to look leaner. So I get super skinnies sized UP, not down.

>> No.12030385

When it only wrinkles around the knees and ankles, that's too tight

>> No.12030438

Won't even fit your waist.

>> No.12030439

Slim cut jeans are timeless. Skinny jeans are pretty played out right now, but in my experience, any skinny jeans that contain more than 1% spandex are most likely too tight in your proper waist size.

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