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>he has more than 3 pairs of shoes

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not my problem you faggot

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Huaraches, Am1 essential, Saucony Shadow 9000, NB574
getting Asics Kayano or GL3 soon

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A man should only have work boots, formal shoes and sneakers. Only homosexuals are exempt from this rule.

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u live in sweden and his name is mike? :O

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This is correct. Although I'm thinking of getting a second pair of work boots.

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Why do musicians dress so cringe?

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>gay for attention

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>the sonics
>the sonics
>the sonics
>the sonics

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>cynical to seem cool

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if i see a ukelele i immediately fucking smash it, i have been arrested eighteen times

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you must have very sensitive ears

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/pol/ here.

Can anyone here find a similar pair of sunglasses?

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I just bought this but I regret it

Are these shoes good?

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>currently trendy

This is bait

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have the same pair, really comfortable for an everyday shoe. perfect for the gym or concerts or whatever really. they're shoes

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i like stans but I still cringe a little every time I see someone wearing them idk it's just too meme now
this, although vans are fine

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>Roshes were never /fa/.
you call others retarded, you make a statement like this and in the next sentence you contradict yourself

Roshes are the sneaker of the century so far when it comes to mainstream fashion

it's true that it was considerably long ago when they were trending, but at least now you can wear them again without looking like a laggard or an Adidas trendhopper, which is even worse

the triple black colorway is pretty good for effortless, memechrome fits

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get out much?

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ITT: we post our faces and other anons rate

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shave your head faggot

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You look like a sex offender.

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7 i guess
this, but thats kinda cool, r-right

tfw bored, just

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Do you have any experience with 5boro? I wanted to buy a skateboard deck online, but there are no terms involving international shipping, and I don't want to be scammed. Also, do you know similar skateboard shops with effay decks?

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this has fuck all to do with fashion

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Yea I know that there is barely any difference.
So yes most likely I was just unlucky thats why I wrote that I had no Polar deck since so that I can't tell much about the build quality. But having it skated for only a few weeks put me off buying another from Polar.

Pic related was a good deck.

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this is not true.

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I've always liked Magenta

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I think we all know who has the most /fa/ decks

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Why care about FASHION when it's all about GAME???

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i wonder if these women feel physically sick touching these guys, or is the female attraction to stautus and wealth so strong that a guy like that actually becomes attractive?

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dress for yourself


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I would also like to know this. Any female want to tell us?

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I'm just wealthy enough to buy clothes which make my physical face look less shit and not wealthy enough to be attracting women like its nothing

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does the white sole get dirty?

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Obviously, but 1s look good beat.

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how do you clean the soles? clorox wipes?

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I have those. If you're feet are wide don't cop. Or get a size up. My small toe is fucking gone from all the chafing.. Not comfy at all

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fuck i already ordered some 1's without trying any on... hopefully i got the right size

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>It's an average piece of fashion that has it supply limited to artifically create hype around it

Why do brands keep doing that ? Half of the buying are just resellers, it's such a nauseous practice.

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Because it makes the $$$ and adds an (albeit artificial) air of exclusivity.

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it works and they don't get fucked with inventory

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Why the fuck haven't you shaved your head yet? It's literally the only good hairstyle.

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Because I don't have a receding hairline

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>tfw receding hairline
>tfw chubby, round face
>tfw numale

The suffering of having no option...guess I'll keep losing weight

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The internet's busiest music nerd

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Look at the ratio of posters to replies and you'll see that you're wrong

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how do i dress like this

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what brand are the white shoes?

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Didn't skinny jeans get kicked out because Cole found out he was saying offensive shit on mu?

Also I'm like 80% sure Cole checked into a mental hospital like yesterday

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What happened on mu?

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devin perez ( the bassist who kindal ooks like a frog ) did multiple amas on /mu/ where iirc he said words like '___fag' or whatever and p4k reported on it so the band had to make a public statement because everyone was calling dev racist and misogo and shit but i think he's still in the band. cole did check into a institution tho for reason not completely known other than him 'being shit to those around him'

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the less you care, the better you look... people who don't care & look like shit weren't cut out for it anyways, just like half of this board dressing in high fashion looking like fucking retards.

either you're born with it, or you're not... most of you aren't.

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What kind of glasses are /fa/ at the moment?

I've got heavy, square Oakley frames at the moment and they have the best mechanism on the joints and best engineering I have ever seen in frames, but I'm afraid this type of frames has fallen out of style.

Might pic be related to what's fashionable at the moment?

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are my glasses eFFAY

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what glasses would you guys recommend for a guy with severe baby face (aka my head/face is very round and young looking)

i really love rayban clubmasters but i feel like theyre too round

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Fucking Van Patten

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Are sneeze masks fashion kino?

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You mean like... covering your mouth and nose with a mask?

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>fashion kino

kill you'reself

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True, in the west there is no overpopulation, and there is no need to hire people to push other people into the metro because of overpopulation. If there was overpopulation in the west, there would be the need of masks.

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If you're sick and living in a densly populated area then yes. Its /fa/ to have a sense of individual responsibility but, if you're wearing it as a fashion statement you're a flamer. Will anyone know? Probably not but, you will.

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What do i wear these with? I feel like I can only go full black (which I don't want to)

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All around you did really good, I especially like the jacket in 3/3. Pic related my parents just got me

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Black pants + grey or grey shirt. Maybe a jean jacket. As long as you avoid bright colors you"ll be fine I guess

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Denim and neutral tee or hoody

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Did I fuck up getting this denim jacket?

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Recently viewed the films "Inglorious Basterds", "Gangs of New York", and "Schindler's List" I was wondering where all the costumes and clothing ended up when the films are completed? I live in Los Angeles and its usually too hot to dress like a G.I. in France/Germany but the fabrics textures, wide collars, are very aesthetic to me.

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If you dress like this you deserve to get your ass kicked.

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What about in this manner?

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Only if you're a butcher you can dress like this

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Where and when do you spray and how often?

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not that guy but you're the dick for not doing basic shit


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2 to 3 sprays on the neck

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You people make me fucking sick. When i smell you in public transport i give you the evilest eye. You fucking dirty niggers. take a shower and use a scentless deodorant. fucking monkies

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one on each wrist, rub wrists on neck, another on shirt

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The feeling is mutual.

Seriously, FUCK all these hypersensitive faggots complaining.
>uuuuhhh perfumed shampoos give me headaches
Eat a bag of fucking dicks and adapt to society your retarded piece of shit.
Or don't, and stay in your basement and keep moaning on a taiwaneese puppetcrafting imageboard about how people smelling good hurts your feelings.

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what's this called /fa/ ? its like a blouse but thicker

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fucking enabling trip fags

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black denim jacket

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Is there anything wrong with wearing all white?

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different textures

>> No.12209782

you'll end up looking like this person

>> No.12211119

that and it gets dirty quick

>> No.12211296


one color fits are hard to pull off
black is the same way

need texture or color variations to avoid looking bland or like you're wearing a uniform

>> No.12211676

Do you hang out with people who randomly start screaming "Hare Krishna"?

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How does it feel to know that I started a thread on /lit/ using this image as the OP and a discussion about fashion started that is more interesting than any discussion I have ever seen in my years on /fa/?

Why don't you people TALK about fashion instead of its most menial components?

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>fishnet stockings

>> No.12211624

/ic/ is creative in the sense that it creates stuff.
They're not pushing the boundaries of art, but they're drawing. Every week. Every day of the week. Every hour of the day. That's whatI want for /fa/. Talking about clothes is getting old quick. Time to make clothes

>> No.12211662

>It's more like a philosophical discussion on art and fashion and such related things
So actual discussion about fashion then. The best we get on /fa/ is people paraphrasing the words of some BoF article about some historically important designer explaining the context why what they did was so amazing at the time.

>> No.12211673

It's impossible to have a good discussion on any kind of topic on 4chan desu.

>> No.12212169

Complaining about the lack of a certain thread isn't any better.

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Nietzsche was against facism and nazis you fucking retard get rid of that fucking ubermensch shit now you uneducated faggot

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Fuckin good

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