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I am an eastern european poorfag, but want to dress like /Rick/

What do

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Buy the shittiest slim fit chinese clothes possible but 1 or 2 sizes too big.

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You can try with H&M Divided

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Learn to Y!JP auctions, search for japanese brands like Julius, Viridi-anne, Lumen et Umbra, Devoa, they all belong to the similar aesthetics. You can get stuff really cheap out of there.
Also there are some niche brands that so obscure (like Obscur or Lentrian) people have hard time to sell them second hand, so they forced to drop prices really low, plus gothninja stuff is out of trend for now so there are plenty of lots to choose from.

t. fellow eastern european

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H&M and other basics stores sell Rick lookalikes. It's not expensive to dress LIKE Rick, it is to dress IN Rick.

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Post your shopping cart / bag

rate others

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Shit preppy white boy clothing

Your privllege speaks through your shopping cart.

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kek, his taste is shit but you're a queer

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Pure trash

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how about no, you fucking faggot


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Are sun hats /fa/?

pic related.

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Maybe not, but they can save your life against skin cancer.

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My theory is the less /fa/ the hat is the better. Because then people won't think that you think you look good. Like if you wore a fedora.

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this makes a lot of sense

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Big ass straw hat or nothing desu senpai

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Can baldness be /fa/ ?

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Like everything else, it depends on whether or not you are tall and have a good face.

If you are tall and have a good face, being bald is /fa/

if you are short and ugly, being bald is not /fa/

this jajaja

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What if you're 6' and ugly?

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if ur goodlooking

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Kevin hart is 5'4 he clearly isnt 5'9 just looking at the size difference between him and shaq

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What's the urban terror fashion thing called? I thought it was terrorcore but it's like spec ops in street clothes.

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yeah this definitely needed it's own thread

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you're definitely thinking of shia core

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probably bait but it's terrorwave

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Thank you.

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Ask for places to buy specific clothes.

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you mean w2c?

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Gonna need the source on this painting senpai

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"Yo, check these new Stan's I copped"
"How /fa is my face?"
"Bro, I swear. I didn't find this outfit on Hypebeast"
"Dude, I'm Korean for real, fuck you"
"What brand of smokes are the most /fa"
"Cropped pants and Chelsea boots? Really?"
"Copped" "copped" "copped" "copped" "copped" "copped" "copped" "copped"

Quit asking for other people's opinions, you insecure fucks. You're either fashionable or your not. If you're on here for exposure to different clothing then sure, but listening to what other people have to say is bullshit. You're either fashionable or not, and if your not, who cares?

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Nobody likes a sperg.

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That's fine

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decent dubs, but you're projecting. Ty for pointing out fa's cancer for the millionth time, we already know lol

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You are right. The people who generally make all these threads asking if something is effay are the worst of the worst. It's a shithole

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I feel like this board gets too caught up in physical appearances over the fashion... I know that the two go hand-in-hand, but not everyone is going to look like a model or the concept of modelling wouldn't even exist. This place is also really unhelpful for and hard on females. I enjoy fashion so I come here, but... I've been on this board for many years and I watched it become more and more mainstream and shallow. I don't even want to come here half the time anymore, but I do anyways.

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is jonah effay?

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Jonah who?

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wow jonah hill done lose weigh

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*throws cps away*

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fat faggot turned chubby try hard in all black and CP's

Jonnah Hill is /fa/ personified

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i like his taste in girls

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supreme and bape are both influential and significant names in the world of fashion. they're here to stay, if the last 20 years of steady progress hasn't convinced you, ur dense

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holy shit doggo, that was pretty brutal.

love bape btw

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>they're here to stay
anything can happen
supreme is probably more popular than it has ever been at least, interesting to see how things will develop in the future
The LV collab especially could have huge effect in fashion in general

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back in 2012, everyone was saying supreme was dead, it goes up and down. I doubt it will leave, but ur right, anything can happen

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>everyone was saying supreme was dead
you oughta not take internet fashion forums so seriously, people are quick to claim their mother and family dead if they think it's going to be hot thing in the new season here

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>"hype beast trash off the fashion board it doesn't belong here"
yes, it doesn't belong here, it's for niggers

as i said, bring your hypebeast bullshit to reddit

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>t-shirt arms feel too tight
>want to rip a couple threads to stretch them out
>carefully tug at the cuff to pop the threads

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maybe you should buy bigger shirts you dumb fuck

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How will adult men be dressing this summer? Specifically on their feet.

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>cunt >cunt >cunt

good work m8

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>it's I just got bullied and can't say anything back episode
Kek I love it when anon stars in one of these

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>Golden Goose
>paying retail for used shoes

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OP asked about adult men so naturally he won't be caring about keeping up with the latest trends like a child

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Recently (a few months ago) I got a bit into sneakers.
Now I keep looking for sneakers to cop even though I don't need any and also I don't even want to waste money on them.
I also can't stop noticing peoples shoes when walking down the street or just in general. (Keep saying to myself "mirin' shoes" when I walk past someone with some fire)

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>also get expensive taste, that way you will have to save up to buy a pair, you won't end up with too many pairs and you can minimize your losses if want to sell them
I was thinking the opposite actually. Just stop browsing shit like that altogether and stick with nothing but chucks for a while

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the problem is, if you stat buying lot of cheap sneakers, that you eventually realize that you don't really like to wear anything but few pairs and you have closet full of cheap as fuck shitty shoes
it's a huge hassle to sell them and you will get only fracture of what you bought them for
if you start saving and buying designer sneakers from grailed from example, you can sell them there again for what you paid if you keep them in good condition

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realize that sneakers are unclassy bullshit made for the lower classes

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basically this, minimalistic shoes are what's best

>> No.12400050

>muh minimalism
>muh all black outfits with cheap pointy black chelsea boots
yeah dude stfu

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Are plastic bags /effay/?

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Yes. Wtc

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looks like the shit default redbubble thing...

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Should i start with modelling?

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He is white living in a first world country and is relatively healthy he is just ugly

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I'm not saying that he is privileged because he is white I'm saying 'well at least he is not a nigger'

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a lot of niggros have it better than him

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he's not JUST ugly. he's one of the ugliest human beings alive. he looks like a fucking clown. I would legit rather have been born in Zimbabwe during the genocide or Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge

like if i saw his face in broad daylight on a crowded street i would still be scared. his life is shittier than most 3rd worlders with a face like that

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Planning on buying a watch. does someone know 'longines' ? Is it considered a quality brand, do you know any alternative (better) brands ?

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anything from 500-1000 euros

>> No.12398268

You probably can't get anything "quality" at that price.

You can buy some generic pseudo-luxury stuff with a workhorse ETA movement, but you're better off saving up until you're in the 2,000-3,000 range.

>> No.12398281

This. 'Real' watches with automatic swiss movements start generally in the $3000 range and then you're probably looking at entry level Omegas.

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thanks !

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Why does using the catalog come so hard to French people?

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boat shoes will be the best decision for 2017 summer

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I have a tank top (which looks like pic related) from a while ago and I don't know if I should wear it as they don't seem fashionable anymore. I'm asian and female btw

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Who knows maybe you can pull it off.

Regarding pic: no

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No bra. And no panties while you're at it.
Shit, I got hard.

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Omg! Hash tag burning man!! Like and favorite this look for a 3% off coupon!

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plaid shirt tied around ur waist that you never actually wear has got to be one of the worst trends of recent years

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Now /fa/, is Grace Neutral effay?

Protip: She is.

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I bet at least one of you looks like this

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fucking gross, kill yourself

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She looks like a fucking alien and not in a hot way.

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I want her to be my gf so bad
>That voice and accent

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