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What glasses frames fit the fashy aesthetic the most?

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The ones that go with everything else you wear and fit your face.

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thom browne. you're welcome.

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god i wish that were me

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Poor guy, what a horrid way to die :(

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weird way of putting it but I know what you mean

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It's pasta.

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>not planting your seed inside an industry plant

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Previous thread >>13623534

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
w2c bottles

For the biggest discount "coupon" at fragrancenet (37%), start your visit via a google shopping search result.

(see directory at bottom for your country)

general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances

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New thread:

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good old azzaro chrome

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I make this video because like you know prada lhomme is one of best clean office scents. I get many complement on this, even from ladies who never ever give compliments like my tailor. this is reason why I do so many fragrances that are mass appealing but get so many ladies reactions, and let me tell you, for me it is happening so intensely because of this and you guys get no ladies reactions because of you don't have my kind of dedication. i pick the best fragrances to show fragrance army and it is so happening because all of these fragrances I have picked after I find the best of every category and smell every fragrance that is relevant right now. You guys and my youtube haters will never understand what it is like to have so much intense power like fragrance army and I

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>The fragrance starts with fresh and energetic chords of grapefruit, tangerine and marine notes. The body with notes of Jasmine and leaves of Laurel and its sweet background of notes of Guiac wood, oak moss, patchouli and ambergris, create a sensual and masculine alchemy that leaves a trail, a traces difficult to miss.

Does this sound like a summer/spring day fragance to you?

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Also, would be awesome if you could tell by this description what another fragance does this smells like

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I’m a guy and I want to get this type of Adidas shoe, but I see a lot of girls wear these shoes and I don’t want to be accused of “wearing girls shoes.”

What should I do?

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Look at the subtle differences between OP and the black shoes. Vulcanized sole bleh, no shell toe or suede detailing like the sambas. There's no defining characteristic of the shoe besides the three stripes logo. It's just a pleather blob with cloudfoam.

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get a campus instead loser. No black on white campus shoes available at the moment though.

honestly I'm just waiting on a sale on the newer recon stan smiths

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Nobody expects clean sneakers you fucked up

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lmao little nigger
i've been wearing these since before you were even a processed amino acid in your cuckdad's diseased scrotum
no chicks wore this before the most recent hype; dumb grils follow hype to hype
if anything this is an oldman shoe
a boomer shoe
lmao go ahead sonny jim

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Get some continentals or stans instead

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Is the ultimate /fa/ to adopt a distinctive, somewhat timeless but mildly dork look that never changes as you go on a quest to attempt amazing things? I feel like all of the people I look up to end up doing this.

Perhaps the ultimate goal is to look distinctive but put no thought into it because you're now busy thinking about more important subjects. I think age teaches you this usually.

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>and con people out of their investments
She cute tho

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I used her pic for the irony. But I think she was on to something with fashion.

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How to properly bauhaus-core?

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>clean lines
>geometric figures
>bold, contrasting colors
>build a time machine and go to Dessau a hundred years in the past

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>form follows function

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>tfw too poor for canda goose

im going to freeze to death this winter

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Where I live we often get a week during the winter that is between -15 to -20 (5F to -4F).

I really need a new jacket this winter.

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alright thanks man

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only unironic faggots, shitskins and white girls wear canada goose

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go away Vancoverite

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based or cringe

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Worn by goat Molestor Man. Based

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As a white male from the midwest, going into a Uniqlo in California for the first time made me obscenely happy.

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It's unisex clothes you utter moronic faggot

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Lately stuff I've bought from them has been kinda shit.

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theyre alright for basic stuff like socks, shirts or casual sweatpants but i mean theyreobviously not marketed for hypebeasts or preppie alt types

tldr: basic store no notions

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doin this alot

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1. Officine Generale
2. Club Monaco

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Beacause normies will invade that brand, making it popular and quality goes to shit.

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I've bad news for you

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1.Rick Owens
2.Raf Simons

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1. Fausto Pugliese
2. Zara

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Anyone can contribute but
keep the racism at the door

If you have the link to the black 4chan discord that would be cool.

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whats your qabil?

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whats your tribe ?

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>be mixed race
>Came out looking 95% white except have hair like this
>can't style it in fashionable white people styles because too curly
>look stupid with black people styles because my white appearance

I just always go for this, or a buzzcut if I'm not feeling like having hair

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What are some good exercises for this part of the forearm (what is it called)?

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This is /fa/ not /fit/, nigga.

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Does Aero make quality leather jackets? Thinking about copping their cafe racer jacket.

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this can't be real

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You have no idea, pal. This nigga wrote a thesis statement on his shitty jacket.

>> No.13633444

Yes, definitely. If you don't plan to wear this thing every day for the next decade you may want to go second-hand, though.

>> No.13633489

Aero is highly rated among leather jacket collectors. They are comparable to the qualities of vintage early and mid 20th century jackets, and beat just about anything made since. They also have nice looking suspenders/braces and caps, that I may buy.

>> No.13634092

This Anon (>>13633489) is dead accurate. Aero's horsehide in particular is second to none, and in truth their prices do reflect their quality of hide in every department.

My understanding is that they do custom sizes if need be, so the money is definitely well spent. The only 'drawback' with any jacket of that price range is that you'll want to plan to wear it for 10+ years, so just make sure it's a style you can live with. You can't go wrong with their cafe racers, but they have lots of other awesome options too to consider. If I needed another jacket, I'd probably think about them seriously.

I still can't believe people are posting this....has it not passed into oblivion yet?

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Now that it's getting colder, what kind of jacket/ coat is the most effay? Any recommendations?

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Nothing made in Soviet Russia was quality.

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Oi that guys ripped

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strangely the comfiest and best fitting pair of brogues I own are Samuel Windsor

I bought them used off bay for £7 and they've been my go-to pair for years. Even got them resoled just because the fit was so good.

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>quality made
USSR collapses

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do my head look like a kidney bean

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Please fuck off. Sage

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ok but u gotta admit that it look like a kidney bean

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How much would it cost to laser out a tattoo this size?

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fucking idiot

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why so mad? politely explain that this is a wrong thread

>> No.13633217

Igor used to have a David star tattoo'd on him

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Trying to replicate this outfit, anybody knows where or how I can find a similar shirt?

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is dressing like this daily and for most occasions cringy?

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only good one is the 2nd pic
the rest look like shit

like 1 and 3 what the fuck are those denim jeans and that beige looks awful
last two look goofy

you look like you are the kinda guy who is like 'beards are epic, only real men wear beards' and who thinks they are really cool, masculine and stylish when you just look like a meme

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true unless you are in the city
theres a lot of people who look like absolute fags in manchester

>> No.13635618

Damn, that's some rise

>> No.13635775

suspenders are cool if you're handsome and in good shape, otherwise you look like a fedora

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Is DIY /fa/

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starting a Fuccboi general for dumb questions that dont deserve their own post.

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What shoes are these?

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i've been trying out a few styles recently but i only found a few that fit me, so i wanted to ask people what i should wear if i'm a skinny 5'7 blonde twink

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ugly ones dnc

>> No.13674270

fuck off jacob

>> No.13674333

i don't speak your zoomer lingo

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