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The fact that you just said that means you don't know jackshit about anything you absolute pleb

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>Selling leather care items means the leather is of poor quality

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>anon, you dress like an old man from Florida!
Y-you too..

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Your girlfriend is a supermodel?

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Do this i know it sounds girly but shut the fuck up

stop brushing your hair at all, it only causes damage and frizz,.

Only ever use a widetooth comb ONLY WHEN YOUR HAIR IS WET/ CONDITIONED

Regardless of whether you want to keep that length, or get it cut shorter regular trims are a must, just ask for them to trim the ends, this is to prevent hair splitting.

If you didn't get it from the wikihow link, shampoo dries and damages curly hair especially if you use it daily, so stop using it. You can gradually lose less and less or cut it immediately, there may be a latency period where your hair is greasy, this will make way eventually for better healthier looking hair. You can also buy shampoo products intended to be less harsh and made for curly hair called Low-poo products or something like that.

Stop using a towel to dry your hair use an old white t-shirt that isnt rough. Regular towels are rough and cause frizz

Buy a leave in conditioner for daily use that fits the wikihow articles specifications mentioned, buy some oils like coconut oil, take vitamins, drink plenty of water.

Many curly haired models and celebrities use gel while their hair is wet or damp. Once the hair dries it will feel crunchy, you just have to "scrunch the crunch" out and your hair will look good, google it.

If you have any questions feel free, i dont have a picture but i've started doing this before, my hair looked typically african/ nappy due to it being so frizzy, recently however there is actually distinguishable curls and after showering i have proper long wavy locks.

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>manageable heroin addiction
post thinspo

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how delusional can a person be

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>the game

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You know nothing about economics or markets. Demand unmet by supplier and/or inflated prices will always cause imitators to emerge, especially in fashion. Also a second hand market is not the basis of anything u dumb lil shit it's a completely residual effect.

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Lmao, Tyler is fifty times more "artful" than you'll ever be, homeboy

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Jokes on you I was only pretend to be retarded kekekeke

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>I'm here even though you're of no help

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>talkin shit
>no fit

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>Roman architecture depicting Perseus and Medusa

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>Actually liking Daniel Johnston's music

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>no reason
he calls others dumb
probably some liberal arts or fucking pseudoscience tard who got into a shit tier uni and rejected from the only ones that'll ever get him anywhere

then has the nerve to go on the internet, and refer to those who cannot get into his reject institution dumb

it's not bullying, he's just a little faggot that needs his head caved in (just like stance)

I'll be over there next year, maybe ill visit monash and look for some cuck with pinrolled pants and stan smiths and fucking put his ass to sleep

night night cucky :))

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>sort out food and savings before you get into fashion
can you stop talking down to me you fucking child, post a fit or shut the fuck up

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keep posting grandma wont reverse time

you age like milk, i can already start to smell something sour :^) its you're aging rotten pussy

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1. you ask the internet for an opinion on style
2. you ask the internet for what hairstyle you should have
3. you ask the internet what clothes are good
4. you ask the internet how to dress
5. you post in rate me threads

you have no individuality
if you had individuality you would have your own aesthetic you want to achieve, instead you leech off of others inspiration like a parasite

kill yourself, and then become my zombie gf also please be in vancouver


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lol in real life or at clubs i just snatch their girls up right off them because all girls know male chinky choos wont do shit (not that any girls like them but nigger girls and their own race, lel, and they get cucked by me)

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>ohp yr body weight to survive in 21st century

I weigh 160, and my most recent 3x8 rep ohp was 30 lbs. I know I'm slightly above-average-ly fit

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