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I'll tell you again: What you view on your TV screen about Charles Miles Manson is bullshit. There was no beef with Melcher and Manson didn't order the killings. Bobby Beausoleil, Manson's best friend, had been imprisoned after killing Gary Hinman over drug money for the Straight Satans (a motorcycle gang who hung around Spahn Ranch). Manson wanted his brother out so he needed the money Charles Watson (Tex) owed him. This is where it gets a little unclear: Either Tex believed Melcher still lived in Cielo Drive and wanted the money he felt Melcher owed him or he was after the drugdealing coiffeur hanging out with Tate and friends (because the family were basically drug dealers and the guy owed him). After getting there, stoned out of their minds and unable to get the money Tex and the girls decide that in order to free Bobby they should stage a copycat murder (hence the writing on the walls, Beausoleil wrote similar things in order to divert the attention to the Black Panther). Charlie ordered nothing. He told the girls to go with Tex and do what Tex said and, whatever they might do, to do it right. He was dragged in on one of the crimes the next night when he tied up the LaBiancas, whose relation to Tex is unclear but the drug angle seems plausible, so he can be considered a low level accomplice. Mind you, it was Charles Watson who killed everyone (except for Hinman, the corpse that started it all) and who planned and lead all the killing missions. These are not the Manson murders, these are the Watson murders.

If you want to find out more, just use Youtube. There's plenty of substantial info there which you will never find on tv (or /tv/). Go look up MichaelsBackporch, watch Charles Manson Superstar and read Goodbye Helter Skelter.

The official narrative is simply not plausible.

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If you were truly evil and set on being as evil as possible in all domains of your life and one of these domains were that of clothing, what would you dress like?

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is this the year of the return or the satanic hippie look?

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post fashionably inspirational pictures of historical revolutionaries

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It's called "revolution", my friend.

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Charlie with a buzzcut

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