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the picture has bad lighting and I look radically different with hair. I definitely see what you mean though, and I think I'll grow my hair out in an attempt to look less aggressive

thank you! I feel like the waywt threads put more emphasis on ornamentation than silhouettes, so I appreciate the comment. I was looking a bit plain and almost put on a shearling jacket and floral scarf before taking the pictures.

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looks nice

>> No.13217787

sry not that guy but looking at your fit its not awful but theres not much to say about it, just all black heroin chic. the shaved look suits you very well imo but i wish you did have more than just boots pants shirt

>> No.13217795

these are 2/10s and lower

>> No.13217807

thank you. I used to be into fashion in 2014-2015 but got rid of all the clothes I had since I got tired of the style (ria dunn, alexandre plokhov, nicolas taralis, damir doma) so now I literally have no clothes except for some clothes I wear to work. starting an overhaul since a few weeks ago

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good luck man, you def have potential

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Yeye, I plan to hem them soon, just don't have access to a sewing machine for now.

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if it's brown flush it down

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archy? wtf i didnt know king krule posted on /fa/

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How and why is the shirt pocket staring directly at me, into me... even though he is posing at an angle?

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ayyyyyyy my nigga

>> No.13218660

W2C pants.

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Rate out of 10

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Look like a demonic transvestite. Enjoy Hell. It repent, your choice.

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looks real cozy and

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Hiking boots arent in yet but theyre on the come up and you do look like a school shooter. Pants are too baggy and drape over the shoe in an unsatisfying way and ur top part is very high school reminiscent. Change to skinnier or higher rise/cropped jeans jeans, cleaner boots, and a more streetwear like top

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The first one
Very relaxed and outdoorsy
Tech Department
Can't go wrong with grey and white

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>13214896 #
The first one
>>13215188 #
Very relaxed and outdoorsy
>>13216002 #
Tech Department
>>13216280 #
Can't go wrong with grey and white

>> No.13219172

Anon, why do you put the clothes on a skelington when you could just where them yourself?

>> No.13219488

>you look like you deal weed to middle schoolers. Fucking kek

>> No.13219546

w2c belt

>> No.13219558

People wearing red sneakers should be executed

>> No.13219905

>talk shit post fit

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first post on fa
i already know what you are going to say

>> No.13220266

If /fa/ thinks this shit is good, I'm out

>> No.13220368

lol oh god

>> No.13220377

what were those pants in your first post id like to get some

>> No.13220382

Nobody explicitly said it's good, nobody thinks it's objectively good. Most have appreciated the body, colour palette, maybe how clean it is. Some may think it "fits" the person as well, but not saying anything else.

Why are you so cynical?

>> No.13220387

id on pants ?

>> No.13220427

Long/oversized tee makes the coat look smol. Coat should be oversized like the rest, if not try sloppy-tucking the tee imho.

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Forgive me father for I have ruined my silhouette...

>> No.13220560

if you didn't want my opinion why post? this board isn't just for sucking each others dicks

>> No.13220566

legs look wack
mirror is dirty
fit is aight tho

>> No.13220567

wow your greasy ass hair stained your shirt white

>> No.13220570

R u like 5’0

>> No.13220574

Jesus Christ your hair is an abortion

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you should go for king krule look fr

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i like it anon

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>> No.13220918

need different shoes. in fact, throw those ugly ass boots in the trash.

>> No.13220922

lose the jacket. long ass shirt with small ass jacket looks dumb ass fuck

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>> No.13220936

those shoes are ugly ass fuck. unbutton the top and throw away those pants

>> No.13221224

Nice jacket

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