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Hey /fa/ can anyone help me idk the name of the boots in pic related? that is if they even have a name if not does anyone know where i can get something like that?

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god dammit, this is me.

am i a meme?

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actually me

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also want

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>The Stranger

I wish this meme would fucking END!

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He was an existentialist.

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oh fuck am a emme

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All I want is some black casual boots of good quality and good pricing like in the right (not exactly like them)

Everywhere I look everything looks bad quality or the price seems too much

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fuck. this confirms it. i'm a goddamn meme.

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More like high schooler starter pack.

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Look into milsurp/ebay. I got pic related (unworn Vietnam-war-era Ro-search combat boots) for about $10 on ebay once.

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How many highschoolers have you personally met in real life who read Nietzsche? I don't mean just post quotes of his on their facebooks, I mean they've actually read all the way through TSZ or BG&E or something. Everybody likes to call him highschool tier but I literally have never met a highschooler who read his shit. Where is this meme coming from?

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And C&P

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I never even met anybody in high school that listened to a joy division album other than unknown pleasures

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It was for Camus and Sartre, i'm French and it's meme-tier here. Same with Balzac and Rabelais.

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plzmore boots help. less basic discussion

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>tfw unironically enjoy all those albums

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fuuuuuuuuuck this is literally me, every single part of it. I'm nothing more than a sad pretentious sack of shit.

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just because other people like the things you like it isn't bad. It would be bad if you stopped liking them because of a meme.

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man... down to the american football...

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>I'm taking this handle home with me
what's handle supposed to mean?

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>listen to american football


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>college is like high school but at least people knew who i was back then


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All me

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you've never been to a party, huh?

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english just isn't my first language
so what does it refer to?

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oh god i'm a meme brb time to kill myself

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A handle is a 1.75 liter bottle of liquor –called so because it's big enough to have a handle in the side of the bottle.

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Bottle of hard liquor.

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>college seems too much like high school but at least people knew who I was then

Too real

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Camus was an Absurdist, not an Existentialist.

Yes, there is a difference; and, yes, you should learn it.

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absurdism is a method, existentialism a philosophy

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>>11128468 is right. Sartre set out his very specific way existentialism should be. That and other things divided him and Camus. Although he and Sartre didn't agree on everything they still held the basic views from which we see existentialism today.

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Fuck sakes, on the ball with me, what the fuck man

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