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Old one is dead, where do I cop normal dickies pants /fa/milia

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just google "dickies pants" you idiot theres hundreds of places

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literally walmart, and they look shitty and feel super cheap

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>tfw Dickies is marketed as a high end brand in the UK
>along with Levis, Wranglers, and anything any other generic blue jeans company shits out

the American tax is real

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w2c some fucking rings

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lol this is also true in Japan with so many Wal Mart brands

I've met people who literally make a living going to America, buying clothes, and reselling them here

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where to cop a decent fish tail parka & bomber jacket

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are they really that bad?

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W2c these pants or something similar?

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Another pic

Wtf are these

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miansai, ebay, veritas

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yeah even the price should say so, they are durable ass hell tho

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w2c blank high quality shirts with a wash like this?

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another one

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w2c black/grey cargos

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i think j crew has a bunch of different colors in a t shirt like that

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american apparel

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You retarded faggot that's because wal mart sells a different version called Genuine Dickies. They're cheap as fuck looking compared to the normal ones.

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w2c this white shirt mads mikkelsen is wearing

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i can sell you mine (i did that picture)

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Harem Pants Casual Jogger Dance Sportwear Baggy Slacks Trousers Sweatpants Men

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what the fugg r these?

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Look like Jordan 7 Bourdeaux

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nigger shoes

the give away is the nigger hands

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google the word "ring"

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>the word nigger is now edgy
Twitter/Tumblr pls go.

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>not realizing you only use the word nigger on the internet to be edgy and you never actually use it in real life cause you're a faggot

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stop being weird dude...

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This applies to pretty much everyone on 4chan tho

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W2C outfit on the left

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W2c top?

Also what is a brand that sells good colored socks that will last a while

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w2c a blazer like this,
also pants in that style

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colored as in basic colors, or patterns/designs?

either way, this image might help you out.

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will jap socks fit my massive gaijin 46 feet

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They fit my slightly less massive 45 feet
The ones in pic will fit fine, no problems
The more knit varieties take a little breaking in, still fine.
the no-show socks fit fine out of the package

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cc'f from Fuccboi general
Where can I cop this jacket?

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I really doubt I'm the only one here that uses nigger irl

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I heard urban outfitters has decent alpha industries stuff

Don't bully but I have a pair like these from target. Mossimo brand or whatever

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Any know where i can get anything from Dries Van Noten's s/s 17 show?
(pic related)

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Anyone have an id on this jacket

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or this

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W2c bigger dick

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maybe this too

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I bought one pair recently. The fucking button felt off after one wear.

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Both look like the Norse Projects label.

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I believe this is a Swiss (maybe French?) postal workers jacket

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swiss postal jacket

uc ss13 jacket


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w2c pants that fit like dis

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zumiez, topman, pacsun, h&m, basically any cancerous fast fashion outlet

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Levis cargo joggers

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i love ugly zespy

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w2c shoes

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w2c hat?

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Anybody know what these all black shoes are?

I know it's a long shot the quality is bad but you guys know more than me on this stuff

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Look fake to me, jordan 6 tongue but the toebox and shit looks like bordeaux 7s

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Russian army flora camo hat.

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wait 6 months stupid

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what's wrong with it

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Can get the them on american vintage
can get similar ones from urban outfitters, if you're in the US they're on sale on shopspring

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Ben Davis are better

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W2C shorts on the right? Any other ideas for summer lunarcore? It's hard to dress like you're ready to endure the freezing vacuum of space when it's +100° out.

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Summer lunarcore?

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shitfuck i thought i was being clever, you yourself said summer lunarcore

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i got some at jc pennies. I like them better than other khakis i've had, they feel like they go better with normal clothes. and the kind of sculpt themselves around you, unlike other khakis that feel like they just hang

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them titties

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Lounge pants

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wat shoes

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w2c a bomber in this or a similar colorway?
>pls respond

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w2c pants? srs

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Those are just generic real tree pants, senpai. Go into any Cabela's or Dick's and you'll find them.

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Any recs for services like comgateway for the UK or the EU in general?

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w2c sweater that fit like dis

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W2c pants?

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W2C creamtype of bomberjackets

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That exact jacket is up on ebay now for $150

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link or search words?

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w2c shirt on the right?

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w2c the blonde guy's shirt

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Alpha industries

Don't get my jacket. I never see anyone wear anything like it so I want to keep it that way.

>> No.11479829

I literally cannot find this colorway on their site. I may be literally retarded, but would you have a link?
>I never see anyone wear anything like it so I want to keep it that way.
It's okay, senpai. I live in a town of 800 people in the middle of nowhere.

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I think you should make like a Canadian and leaf

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I say nigger all the damn time.

It's empowering. That was our word and the gay faggot ass niggers stole it

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Yeah maybe they don't have that shade. I see they have lot of real solid colors but that exact shade must be too good for them.

Hmm... yeah I don't know. I just wish they had more stuff. the best jacket I ever bought is from there.

Wish I could find that year of the goat jacket. Bright red and gold with a Chinese stylized ram on it. Even if it's gaudy and a bit obtuse I just wanted to own one.

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>Russian army flora camo hat.

It somewhat similar but I doubt it's the same.

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somebody please, please help me find these in a 10.5 or an 11.
undercover x nike free 3.0

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w2c these boots?

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I actually found a pair of these in orange the other day. What can j wear them with? If you find a way to pay shipping I'll give them to you. Men's size 9

>> No.11480496


these are similar
got the triangle at the neck, but raglan sleeve

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why the fuck would you want them

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boots pls

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w2c shoes ?

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w2c these shoes?

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Can't post a pic bc it says my phone doesn't have enough data or some shit, but what do y'all think of these?

>> No.11482272

Shit, my bad, I don't know why that link is so long. Also, was planning on copping the olive ones

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W2C men's high rise jeans? preferably light blue denim, can't find them fucken anywhere

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uniqlo, size up one

>> No.11482537

Are Dickies in now or something? Everybody always makes fun of me for wearing Dickies.

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Looks similar to this, not sure if this is the best price but it's at least something to look at: http://m.tiffany.com/gifts/gifts-for-the-home/champagne-flute-25358465?utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=PLA+-+Home&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=Y4oJfxgf|pcrid|94556209933|pkw||pmt||pdv|m|&gclid=Cj0KEQjwte27BRCM6vjIidHvnKQBEiQAC4MzrfXNhKr-sUJ2NCiXUMaDfAT8badPNS8w3QInEatDoM4aApEy8P8HAQ

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holy shit nice meme

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someone pleaseeee

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Where to cop this hoodie?

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Damn I was looking at higher end places for something similar.

Cheapest cop all year.

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muh dick

>> No.11483552

some kinda combat boots
try bates, belleville, or corcoran

>> No.11483561

D-did you really cop a gildan hoodie?

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>> No.11484570

Yeah. If you have a better place tell me.

If it turns out shit it won't be much of a loss.

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You have my interest.

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none of those

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w2c mwwtt's trousers in UK? inb4 generic, have been trying to find a similar fit for months

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w2c sandal? can't tell if they're suicoke or not

>> No.11484919

w2c some quality vintage combat boots
and an okay sewing machine for not that much

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wtc that high neck undershirt?

>> No.11485130

Buy some black trousers
Take to tailor

tailor should cost no more than £15

>> No.11485253

k thanks friendo, where do I get decent quality black trousers though?

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w2c the shirt

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ID on this bag x

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They look kinda like pumas. I don't think thats right though. Those look really sick imo

>> No.11487059

patrik ervell

>> No.11487079

Bro these caps are fucking horrible quality don't listen to the jew who's trying to sell his to you

>> No.11487087

I use it and I'm not saying that to be edgy

>> No.11487099

Probably from a budweiser 24 pack lmao

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w2c loose fitting linen pants? I want navy ones with red pin stripes

>> No.11487129

how tall ARE you

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File: 1.33 MB, 2000x2020, w2c 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

w2c pants

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Teva XLT Hurricane

>> No.11487221

ask him yoourself m8
he's in the waywt thread

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anyone wanna point me towards pants similar to this? or these exact ones

>> No.11487450

also if anyone has a rec for where to find a similar shoe, especially a cheaper version than apc, I'd very much appreciate it

>> No.11487453

Off topic, but should I cop?? https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/clo/5665160456.html

He said $550, but I can't LC for shit

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File: 400 KB, 687x653, tumblr_o9ws6sc17G1rsyaepo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this looks pretty nice

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W2c 90s bomber like pic related??

Europe preferred

>> No.11488935

This is actually useful, thanks

>> No.11488999

that fit looks fucking stupid

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w2c cheaper alternatives to cp chelseas

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File: 151 KB, 856x823, e47e927afaba4ddb9462cc594bf00806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtc long sleeve BURZUM shirts?

>> No.11489440


> Made in Guatamala
> USA Since 1922

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File: 347 KB, 2000x1325, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

w2c turtlenecks that fit like preston's ??
or maybe a thicker but smooth material??

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what type of jacket is this without the collar piece? A simple thin green jacket?

>> No.11489605

ya'll are so non-woke about dickies its hilarious

they are accessible but you still need style to pull them off...

>> No.11489612

u could probably go to an athletic store, i live in canada so i'd go to sports check, i've seen one of these by Nike. more of a mock neck tho. same material.

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