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post sicc boots boys

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waiting for the sick pics..............

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I bought these. What do you think? The first relatively expensive boots I own, and they were in sale. Also my crush liked them so I am pleased.

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These are awesome. I wish I could get them in Europe without ordering directly from the website

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the patterns kinda weird me out but they're not bad

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too much broguing

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What would be a good comfy boot you would wear in a normcore full black outfit ?

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post a fit

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>unstructured toe

I bet the fruitcake who wears this slouches like a spineless twat

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These look pretty uggo desu. Silhouette like a toilet paper tube, and design so fucking sterile it's soporific. But hey, leave it to slp fans to have gud taste lmao.

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where can you get boots like these without going over $150?
Everyone I find is 300+

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I bought these for $20 in good condition. Will be my 3rd pair of boots

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doc martens are similar but a lot clunkier

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Name pls and price

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wings + horns x dayton service boots

~$700 retail iirc

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Holy shit u serious

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the regular dayton service boots are like ~$400 but aren't distressed like the w+h collab ones tho

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Why are they so much there just boots

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i think they were 700 CAD actually, not USD but i dont remember

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there just boots - newfag 2016

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I'm in America

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not bad
clean them, polish 'em up

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just bought these shotos, $95 off from $595 thanks to a double 60% discount

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Enjoy paying top dollar for dull boots is all I can say I guess. Not my money being spent on garbagio.

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File: 29 KB, 600x600, Officine Creative Side-Zip Boots, Reverse Leather, Size IT40 EU41 AU10, $90AUD + paypal fees + shipping tumblr_o6jcskoUpy1qdnz90o6_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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i'm new here and i'd like some advice
are boots this shiny acceptable in a casual setting?

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rick spiral creepers

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> why are they so much there just boots
> there just boots
> just boots
> /fa/
Get out

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you sound like one of those poorfags on plebbit

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Fucking lol green brogues i cannot puke hard enough

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The heel on these are so fucking wonky, the entire profile in general looks off. i absolutely think this boot is objectively hideous

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yeah i hate the dude that wears these.

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>desert boot

the single ugliest shoe style on the fucking earth, with straight up pancakes for soles on this pair

fuck these are really really bad

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2008 called...

Pirates of the Caribbean called...

every basic bitch from utah called...

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boring, uninspired, shit colored, not elegant

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no matter the price buying a pair of boots that are not good-year welted is fucking retarded LOL

that being said homeboy is right and those are the lamest pair of SLP boots they produce. If youre gonna drop coin on some shit like that, might as well buy into an interesting design that exemplifies the brand, and not a plain black boot with a zipper.

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I think these are ugly and a rip off of guidi, a1923, carol etc, but officine does make a really solid shoe. Hate their designs and brandings but ive had two decent pairs that were insanely well made

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these look ultra cheap

also green boots are gross

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look into a1923 guidi or marsell. these are most likely vintage from the perforations on the ankle.

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Fucking lol, there's no contrast here. At least get a distressed looking colourway rather than pure black.

Maybe replace the laces for some white ones and they would look a little better.

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Great cop. I intend to buy similar ones once I make some money.

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i feel like boots like this looks amazing in pics, but in a fit they're gonna look so ridiculous and noisy af.

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just the right ones for you!

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lotta cuckbois talking shit about boots they will never afford lmao

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They don't seem particularly expensive to me.

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what are these?

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these are fucking hideous if they didn't say Saint Laurent they'd be in Aldo.

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Size up or down?

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Why do all Rick shoes need that silhouette ew

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>im a boring faggot ew

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Damn these are pretty sick

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>why are they so much
>they look like shit*

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copped these
What do you guys think?

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not him but I've a pair from shoto, sized down 1 full and the last was still roomy, fits perfect w/ an insole

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Thanks lad. Figured at $95, there was no way to lose.

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This guy gets it

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visvim folk 73

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Should I cop? Sagara

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Could i get some boot advice?
looking for a pair i could use for rainy days. I know for most boots this would just ruin them but looking for a pair that would still look good all beat.
Im not looking to spend more than $250 but am willing to buy used. Not looking to spend much as these would basically only be used in the rain.
For reference off the top of my head i like the Common Projects combat boots and some of the other CP boot models.

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>wearing rick

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Only boots made of suede won't do well in rain dude, any leather boot is supposed to be durable and can handle rain.

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>the GOAT

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are those crepe soles?

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i think these are really dope
>tfw they don't have them in my size

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front view

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Are those clarks?

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lol these boots look like theyre wearing you instead of the other way around

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then buy some cheap boots that wont last for a year on zara =)

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>giant boots
>jeans and tee

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mah nigga. shitty pants choice on the model's part tho

oc makes the shittiest shoes mate fuck you on

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reminds me of margiela's speed bike from 2009. one of my favourite boots ever.

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Well I want some that will last and look good but I can't afford to buy 500 dollar boots

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ID on these?

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Your face is objectively hideous

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stolen gf

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There should be Gitanes instead

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this image is hilarious

me with 17 desu

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fuckin tasteless desu

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Gauloise you fucking pleb

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W2C? Or name

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w2c like this just without zipper and 6 eyes?

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>designer boots

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w2c without that ugly ass zip?

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Can anyone tell me some deets on this pair of Vibergs? Or a method by which I can find them out? Like last, color, toe, etc. I got them on impulse from a store that only had one pair, and the box doesn't have any info.

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W2C?? I love these!

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what does unstructured toe mean, srs
engrish isn't very good

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Function over form

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Is that god shit?

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Burnt sole from motorcycle exhaust

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There's no celastic toe that would normally give shape and structure to that area. Unstructured toes will droop a bit, but that's also the reason why some people like them.

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