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post em

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literally the most patrician book in existence

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this is basically pleb tumblr-core tier atm

i nominate this

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still this

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Oh dear lord, this.

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nice memes, plebtrons

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>the bible
>no Qur'an

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>tfw have read 27 of those

There's nothing effay about any of those books.

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Not remotely religious, but you can't have a good grasp on the English language without the KJB.

Being articulate is /fa/.

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anyone else think Big Sur > On The Road?

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These are all pusdo deep and hyper masculine as well

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Yes, not to mention pseudo-intellectual and totally overrated, am I rite?

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is there any book that you guys can all agree is effay, so i can buy it, instead of everyone shitting on everyones post.

i need a new book to read damnit!

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Exactlly, they have Harry Potter but they don't have Emma or The Bell Jar?

It makes no sense, if you're gonna put few female writers on there make sure they're good

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How does /fa/ pick a book? How does the written word capture a visual aesthetic?

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ignore the people in this thread, they're just flexing. if you don't read much this image is actually a good starting point >>11550286
i think no longer human is an effay book.

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This looks like some pseudo deep hotline Miami/drive rip off written to pander exclusively for 16 year old boys

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Yeah, the end isn't some apocalyptic inferno, it's the dark alleys of Miami with drug dealers, hookers etc.

Guaranteed to be a big hit with the teenagers.

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Why would you take book recommendations from a fashion board?

You're just going to have pseuds calling the classics pseuds while being pseuds by not actually adding any criticism.

Just read The Picture of Dorian Gray and delet the thread

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Probably because it's a hotline miami fan poster you mong

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these threads are always the corniest things in the world and basically the reason /fa/ is a joke

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1. Reading books because their /fa/ is pathetic and the reason this board is a laughing stock

2. The Brothers Karamzov is the most /fa/ book. Alyosha's sick monk fits and the underlying theme of God and Morality in Orthodox Russia is pure fashyun gold

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best post on the board right now

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>gives book advice

Sounds about right.

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Reading this book right now, very well written.

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>the bible
You dun goofed /lit/

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Indeed, Dostoyevsky is, in my opinion, one of the finest writers that have ever lived. Try with The Idiot when you're done.

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>/fa/ books

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I was tired bro
Good choice

The Republic by Plato is also pretty /fa/, and of course Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The incisive collection of Socratean dialogue is perfect for those vaporwave G R E E K fits, and Canterbury Tales has that Medieval England vibe that is the subject of many Gucci motifs in their A/W 2006 collection.

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so many dead white males

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I'm also reading it, about 1/4 of the way. It's really wonderful.

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Better be bait

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You know this was based on vote count. Don't pay attention to it. I mean imagine what kind of wardrobe you'd end up with if you had /fa/ vote on your clothing. A fucking bland meme troll nightmare.

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I've read that book but I quit after the first one hundred pages, can someone explain to me what's so good about it?? It is supposed to have a philosophical meaning or something like that?? Because to me it was just a plain storyline.

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obvious pick

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>It is supposed to have a philosophical meaning

Why do we let retards post here

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>Rick shoes
>rick socks
>man thong
>Rick pods
>raf shirt
>supreme beanie

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>Infinite jest first place twice

Is it actually a good book or just voted up as a joke

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I, Claudius is better

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it is good.

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i love the magic mountain. But i wonder if the translation is as good as the original.
The old folksy vokabulary doesn't translate well i think.

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and also those Sruli sharkskin gloves you can't take off without ripping your skin.

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great book. pretty funny too

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It's the defining book of this time period, seriously. When I am old, if anybody was to ask me which book from my youth best describes the time period, I would tell them it was Infinite Jest.

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>infinite jest
>/lit/erally a meme
into the trash it goes

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s/o repin

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i'm reading infinite jest for the first time right now and it is the greatest piece of literature i've ever read

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>no house of leaves


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you are doing the right thing, son.


do you even read? go back to /b/ or reddit

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Not effay by any means but just finished pic related and gotta say pretty gud if not a little unrealistic when he shoots up school. Interesting though

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Yeah it's fantastic and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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I'm almost done with it. probably the most I've enjoyed reading in a while

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Any murakami fans?

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For some reason I like Grapes of Wrath better

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Not a soul will ask you that question.

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Judge me gayboys

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you saw a fucking list of books to get and you got the books that was on it. you're a top tier plen.

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good list if you haven't read em

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Good, but entry level.

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Ughhhhhh I hate this so much. If people don't read entry level books how can reach the patrician level that you undoubtedly think you're at. Such a stupid mindset honestly kill yourself if you're gonna be so negative

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I mean yeah, that's what someone would do wouldn't you think?

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Someone literally just started browsing /lit/. Word of advice: tastes on that board (like every board) form in an echo-chamber. Don't take suggestions there as gospel. I did for a bit, and ended up wasting a lot of time on books I didn't enjoy. Instead, learn what you like (which you may very well be doing, I don't want to judge) and resist letting populist tastes influence your own. True plebeianism is dependency.

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Yea that's literally what I'm doing, gonna read kinda the basics and decide from there what I like

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Yeah Hardboiled wonderland and the end of the world was pretty gud

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Bc we r all narcissitic AF

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Modern take "I want my sins to be like sushi—fresh, small and entirely raw."

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Fedora weeabo who just got into reading. Replace that Murakami with Mishima.

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Reading 1?84 atm, any Murakami suggestions after that?

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Le fedora maymay

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special snowflake tier

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pretty effay, all about trying to balance freedom with structure in your life, which I guess could liken to fashion, what do you dress for yourself and for others

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Good one

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Really makes you think, eh ?

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i agree that he is 100% tumblr, but i still really enjoy the non-annoying quirkiness of his books and i often find a lot of the characters such as tsukuru tazaki easy to relate and sympathise with. can any recc some books that have that similar strangeness/quirk but not in a zoey deschanel kinda way. also trying to get into more surreal books, any recommendations?

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Saddest book

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If On a Winters Night a Traveller by Italo Calvino sounds up your alley.

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i really enjoyed colorless tsukuru tazaki and i think the wind up bird chronicle is probably his best. most of his stuff is very recycled though, using the same plot beats and alot of the characters are interchangeable. nearly all of his stuff is about cats, suicide attempts,jazz,western pop culture from the 60s. but hey theyre still pretty good

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It's Socratic you enormous psued

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What makes this weaboo you mong

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First time I saw this.. Read them all, listen to the music and drink red wine.. Im a meme

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I was joking around you autist

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> List of pretentious 'classics' that are supposed to make someone well read and sophisticated.

Have read a lot of these and the majority are boring and verbose.

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Ulysses, but no Mrs Dalloway.

Can you signal your gender any harder, dude?

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Reader centric response Vs text centric or author centric...

Why bother reading if you cant do it right?

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I read it 5 times

I love the yuppie lifestyle.
Any more books on yuppie high rollers

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pleb detected

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OOHOo you got me bro!

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I read this back in high school and had to analyze it. I've been using it for essays since and I knock the professors away on the novel's merit alone.

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fire:the sun also rises
desu i thought american psycho was far too on the nose and edgy. what did u like about it so much?

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i am not sure man. I love the lifestyle
to be fair i share very similar interests : i love NYC, investment banking, mens fashion,etc

i loved his routine: exercise, got work the hours you please, go out to fancy restaurants,
i loved them discussion mens fashion dos and donts

just enjoyed it. (hated the violence) the descriptiveness of all their clothing could get annoying when there was 8 characters and he would go on about every single one.

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are there any other books like that?

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I don't fuck with this book, senpai. Characters are too melodramatic and the story is choppy because Milan keeps getting on his pedestal to say insignificant shit.

Pic related is deece tho

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yeh, try some more brett eastern ellis, alot of his stuff tends to be about whiny spoilt teens, but i'm pretty sure there are a others that deal with high flying business men. but btw, you know the book is essentially taking the piss out of how shitty and superficial that lifestyle is right? thats the whole point of the novel

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you can almost imagine everything he's doing and feeling be the amount of description, character development of patrick is also gud

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go to bed carl

>> No.11567503

kundera is king

>> No.11567674

I share the same opinion as you, Kundera is such a boringly pretentious writer.

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>"nice meme"

>posts meme

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/lit/'s never read any of these.

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whats the book version of this album?

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