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Is depression /fa/?

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Depression isn't a real thing, it's your negative attitude that's holding you back

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To be fucking honest, Depression isn't shit unless you've fallen into fucking love with a bitch that fucked you over.

That's real pain, depression is such a fucking gimmick but love is seriously the worst drug especially if you don't fall in love easily

Bro that pain hurts initially but I had to come up from it and strengthen myself

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cuck's remorse

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Nah bro, I was alpha as shit. I kicked the bitch out first night, but then when I met her a month later we got drunk and then my head was rationalizing how she could be the one (one-itis),

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no my friends don't like me anymore lol

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>Depression isn't shit unless you've fallen into fucking love
literally the most shit normie tier depression there is 'bro'

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Enlighten me on what has fucked you up the most, also you're probably compensating for missing out on teen/college love

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No. Everyone experience it, only the weak stay in it.

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not showering or keeping up with basic hygiene because you're sick of living could never be /fa/

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Not him but for me childhood and teenage abuse and neglect keeps me from building any real trust or much of a connection with people. When I do it only hurts more when it eventually ends or hits a rough patch, I try not to invest emotionally much into gf's and everything just ends up feeling null and boring. Even when I sorroud myself wth people im alone and my ego is full of selfhate

Antidepressants help tho, otherwise I would still be thinking about suicide constantly and would have probably done it by now

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>girl broke my heart waaaaaaaah
Normie faggot get /O/U/T/

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What is even remotely """fa"""" about it.

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