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What's the most effay Magic: The Gathering format?
I vote Cube, but Vintage is definitely up there
pic related, my humble Cube

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Kitchen table is the most effay
I wish people played it on cockatrice

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My Cube is mainly for me and my gf, I like it because it's so replayable and neither of us get annoyed at balance issues (as long as you build the cube right). New decks every time you play, only problem is shuffling takes about a fortnight

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I'd say legacy.
What's more /fa/ foil or foreign language?

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Is MtG the least effay thing on the planet?

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i've only ever played modern but cube seems pretty fa.

i'm inclined to say foreign language as it requires you to know by heart the text of all your cards

real question is what are the most fa lands

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Draft or legacy
The reserved list can fuck off though.

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Magic is NOT /fa/

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