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How do I dress like a stereotypical New Yorker?

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ny hat, enyce hoodie, phat farm jeans and timms

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excuse me, I didn't mention that I'm a white male
perhaps something more appropriate

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oh, in that case get yourself to oxfam/goodwill and start growing that 'stasche!!!

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like this

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sell people garbage on grailed and falsely advertise the condition
fuck every new yorker ive dealed with on grailed has been a cunt

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do you actually want to dress stereotypically or is this some kind of meme?

If you actually live in ny and aren't a fatass and don't want to stand out, get hilfiger or Ralph Lauren. If you do take this route, I can't stress enough the importance of making sure it's AUTHENTIC. Do not buy U.S. Polo Assn. or shit like that, especially in ny because you will get roasted until you cry.
If you're more towards the city, Uniqlo or similar brands are the way to go. Sleek and simplistic, good quality, reasonably priced clothing, you cant go wrong with it. Or if you're rich obviously just buy designer brands like Gucci and LV.

Also if you're a retard, consider shit tier brands like Abercrombie, hollister, etc.
Other stores that don't display THEIR OWN brand, (see above) are good, but usually overpriced, like pacsun, zumiez, etc.

I've also noticed the more upstate you go, the later the people adapt to the newer trends, if they even do at all. Fashion is hard to come by up here, city is a whole different ball game. If you don't pay attention in the city you will get left behind, but that only matters if you actually give a shit what random people think about you.

Qualifications: lived in NY my entire life, originally in the city and burroughs, and currently upstate.

Hope this clears everything up

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like a tryhard faggot, literally worse than sweden

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Jets jersey jets dad hat light blue jeans and wheat timbs

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deadass b you need some timbs

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>one of the richest cities in the world
>people here prefer work boots for some reason
those American savages

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What kind of new york do you want to look like senpai?

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city boy

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>not knowing about the massive wealth inequality in NYC

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lite tech/streetcore then
You want techie stuff, since if weather ever does anything living in nyc is shit. Its cold, rainy/snowy mess above ground and a hotbox underneath in the subway. Also dirty.

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you still can buy cheap shoes that look like a civilized man's footwear

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>you will get roasted until you cry.
I want to see this

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what exactly does this mean

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Buy from god :)

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ok, and what's "techie" then?

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oh, sorry its streetwear
my b

Techie.. is well functional clothing.
Stuff that stretches, mac coats to deal with rain etc. Basically maxing out on comfy for a city that is too humid, dirty, and with drastic temp swings.

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curious as to your definition of upstate

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>do not buy U.S. Polo Assn. or shit like that, especially in ny because you will get roasted until you cry
breh this is do true

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I see now thanks
and how about some formal wear, what suits do nyc residents prefer

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As consumer journalist Rob Walker reports in his book Buying In, “the legend goes that the first ‘urban’ buyers of Timberland boots were New York drug dealers – guys who had to stand on the street all night and needed the best possible footwear to keep them warm and dry.”

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Yeah you're a fucking faggot. Here's what OP should wear to look like a contemporary New Yorker

>stan smiths
>skinny black jeans
>olive parka or bomber

Congrats you're officially a fucking faggot go have brunch

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Retro AJ's, or a cool colorway AF1's, grey/black/navy joggers, a hoodie(preferably with obnoxoius logo like Supreme or go for the full zip meme like bape) and a harrington/bomber jacket

If:fat cunt
Go for regular jeans and an Oliver trench/parka

You can try falling for conteporary meme and get a rugby shirt, some indigo jeans with flax af1s or workboots.
Anything that makes you look like a 90-00s drug-dealer will do.

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In a city as diverse as NY, is there such a thing as a stereotypical NY'er?

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red nike hoodie
grey nike sweatpants
I live in NY
thankme later

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This is the only answer that a true NYer would give

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literally every nyc girl right now:

flared cropped pants, neck handkerchief, gaudy oval sunglasses from 1999, slip on loafers/airforce ones and big hoop earrings


straight leg pants with scissor crop, tucked shirt, plain bold colors, etc. less definable than female trend

source: live in nyc

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>Do not buy U.S. Polo Assn. or shit like that, especially in ny because you will get roasted until you cry.


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NYC has a population of 8 and a half million people and they really do come from all walks of life. The typical kind of clothing can vary wildly based on where you are from businessmen in suits to niggas in BAPE and even rednecks dressed the same they would be out in the sticks. As a previous post said, technical clothing is not out of place here because you're going to be doing a lot of walking in possibly cold and/or wet conditions during the winter. Really though I'd just let where I'm going/ what I'm going to do there dictate how I dress.

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Cooji Sweater
Light Blue Jeans
Wheat Timberlands

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pretty much like the bests of this board

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of course there are a lot of shitty looking people, but we must admit that NYC is the capital of fashion and art and music and avant garde culture. no matter how good you think ukraine and japan is, NYC is what everyone looks up to. what everyone tries to be, what everyone is excited to visit.

the bests of this board belongs to NYC scene. and it just makes me want to move out even more.

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>NYC is what everyone looks up to. what everyone tries to be, what everyone is excited to visit.
which is why it's shit
nothing but tourists and tryhards. never feels like home

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actually this

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what is 'home' anyway ? how do people feel comfortable about being at 'home' ? i want to escape 'home'. i want to be always on the street, only at the appartment to sleep and then always go out doing something like idk skateboarding or just smoking weed on rooftops or fooling around the city etc etc how do you want to feel at 'home' ? 'home' is depressing.

which is how it's exciting. we could constantly feel like we're better than some people, AND trying hard is pretty fun, when people are actually impressed, the victory-like feelings is great.

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>doesn't want to live near the people who actually run your country

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>NYC is the capital of fashion
fucking kek
Even NY fashionweek is a total shitshow compared to London or Paris fashion weeks
Don't really think it's the capital of art or music either but ton of good music does come from NYC

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>Don't really think it's the capital of art or music
>but ton of good music does come from NYC


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shut up fag

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Yeah, what's hard to understand?
Ton of good music comes from London, I wouldn't say London is the capital of music though.

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it's the capital of capital

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well capital as in 'where something is so vibrant and celebrated'. i mean, britain, it's like gangsters sitting around in pubs watching football. it IS the birthplace of god tier musicians but new york is more playful and more new yorkers care about music and celebrate music. and of course fashion and modern art

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kay dad

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I live in NY and nobody ever roasts me for my polo assn sweater.

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