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bad eye circles are effay, r-right?

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post the bruise tyrone left from slamming ur puss puss

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no you fucking wretch, stop doing drugs and get some fuckin sleep

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honestly, people who have totally bright skin under their eyes, without a hint of shadow look incredibly dumb and naive to me for some reason.

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No you dumb slut, stop glamorizing sickliness.

Try to be attractive for once, instead of banking on stupid, obsolete trends like heroin chic to validate your disgusting appearance.

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No, when you see darkness under-eyes its done with make-up or by rubbing the eyes quickly before a photo, not staying up all night rubbing your bean to hentai

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stopp impersonating me
the authorities have been notified

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u are gorgeous

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They can't do shit ahahahahah b8 fake cunt

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those pupils wreak of ectasy

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shes a good girl, she wouldnt do hard drugs

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I have really nasty dark circles under eyes cause i pull all nighters and have a fucked sleep schedule for the past 2-3 years, how do i get rid of them?

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surgically remove your head

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That's not a girl.

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it's an angel

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would still fuck

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k any fucking nude form france
pu pu pu pute

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it is

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this duh

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why the fuck do you care so much, do you honestly think someone saw the original post and started panicking because they thought it was you?
jesus christ fucking leave please you make me so sad to be alive in a world of such boring fucking people :(

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I'm seein a dick.

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dont bother m8

you have to be an absolutely fucked up attention whore in the first place to get into her position

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can someone explain who this girl(?) is?

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some greasy dude impersonating some greasy girl

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Why are girls on 4chan such fucking attention whores jesus christ

is it really that difficult to not mention your tits and vagina every fucking minute to constantly get attention

>inb4 I'm a misogynist/ugly neckbeard/fat girl

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I'm gonna need more

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Just trying to raise awareness for sanity

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Well if you don't get attention in real life, 4chan is your last hope left.

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Bump cuz op is a qt fag

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