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what haircut am I supposed to get now?

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wtf I hate undercuts now!!!?!

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2017 will be the year of the overcut

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the only right answer

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just hide it under your SS cap you fekkin nazzi.

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David Beckham is 1/4 Jewish thanks to his Jew grandpa

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>This kind of sneering, condescending PC nonsense is EXACTLY why the Democrats and all of their ideological supporters have lost over 900 legislative seats, another dozen governorships, both houses of congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court.
I don't usually read comments for articles like this, but this guy's actually right.

I'm a liberal, too. The left needs to fuck off with this nonsense. It's just a haircut.

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the change starts with you anon.

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>tfw in the awkward stage of growing out my undercut
I'm tempted to go back to the undercut just to passively anger the leftists all around me in socal

plus I know it looks good

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>tfw full length undercut slickback
Nobody said anything bad about it being nazi or stuff, I'm even a blue eyed blonde.
Perks of living in a non cucked country.

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I had a full length slickback and it became an inside joke at work to make me out to be a nazi at every opportunity

>tfw new hire snaps a reich salute cuz asshole coworkers told him it would be funny

desu only growing it cuz I've had a few chicks tell me they prefer having hair to grab

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That exact one in your OP, to spite them.

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What a fucking garbage article. Washinton post is collegehumor tier blind left wing shittiness and is in general everything wrong with that entire culture

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What if I'm actually in the military and require a haircut once a week?

JK I'm rolling a low fade with 2.75 inches on top combover type style with clay. Eat my dick I don't care if I look like a NAZI they were effay as fuck anyways. Minus the killing everyone part, that was less than cool.

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