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Can maga hats be fa, or do they look autistic?

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only if you stomp nigger's heads in while wearing it

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They obviously look autistic. They are like Che Guevara shirts, edgy ways to advertise your political ideology. There is nothing fashionable about that. Also they all look ill-fitting in person, I've never seen one look aesthetically pleasing on someone

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>not getting JEB!'s incoming surge victory hat

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pretty much this, OP
if you don't live the lifestyle, it may as well be a fedora. go out and do something important while wearing one

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If Trump lost they'd have an ironic value.

Now they're pretty much worthless.

Invest all your money in Jeb! hats instead, they've got intense ironic value.

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Forty-Five and Forty FUCKING Dollars

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>Says "Trump" on the back so that nignogs and mexicans can sucker punch you from behind

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>literally wearing your political leanings on your forehead

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What about the black ones?
Nignogs & liberals wont be able to spot it from far away

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>it's the 100th MAGA thread since Trump won
You know he won, right? Being a Trump supporter is no longer in the counter-culture; it's as mainstream as you can get. There's nothing funny or ironic about those hats anymore.

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You will look autistic as fuck.


This dude gets it.

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>Being a Trump supporter is no longer in the counter-culture
that's the point boi, we mainstream now.

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Quints confirmed it

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>implying anyone wore the hats because they were funny or ironic

if you didn't support trump from day one you're a faggot

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>tfw you own three different trump hats but can't wear them

Blue county means I'll get sucker punched for wearing any trump gear.

Why live?

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It's called the "stealth" MAGA hat, it's the only model of MAGA hat that will ever be effay. Not that I dislike Trump but the shape of the hat looks like a fucking Mario costume piece.

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Staying at the trump hotel for work. Was about to cop a maga hat but there was this other hat that says trump on it and the shape actually looks nice, none of that bulky weirdness.

As much as I wanted the maga, they do look like grandpa hats.

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no one wore them to be funny or ironic you left-leaning parasite

why can't you accept that people genuinely fucking supported him. We're gonna bask in our glorious victory light for as long as we can.

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What about all of those people who supported him because they were tired of the whining left and "PC Culture?" Sure, they weren't doing it to be funny or ironic, but that certainly would be somewhat "counter-culture" of them.

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go back to mfa, nigger

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you're trying too hard buddy

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kys yourself

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I'll kill myself after I suck on the titties of my beautiful african goddess gf who is having my beautiful mixed raced mocha children

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do you feel threatened by the power of my autistic mind?

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Does anyone else feel like the pendulum will swing back in a major way to the left within the next 4 years? For instance, when I started coming to 4chan in 2007, it seemed to largely be inhabited by those who were left leaning. Everyone seemed happy for Obama when he won. Then when Romney started running, /pol/was obviously around and I started to see a shift. Over the years it's become 'uncool' to be liberal. But after this election, I can imagine people getting sick of the alt-right nonsense. The hatred, vitriol, jokes and memes, etc. will wear off, more than it already has, and people will likely be ashamed to be associated with Trump or Republicans in any way.

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go back to tumblr

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yes, because 4chan is nothing but edgy wannabe contrarians

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>within the next 4 years

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If you are from an urban area, as most people here prolly are, being a Trump supporter is still pretty contrarian. Hillary won the popular vote because most big cities were, are, and will stay liberal. Here, people really didn't change much. Most people are still very liberal. I've only noticed that couple of people started leaning a bit more to the right.
Also, most people who voted for Trump weren't alt-right at all. Most of them were just conservatives going with the flow.

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quints say the truth

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it always seems to reverse after each presidency. 8 years of bush brought on 8 years of obama which brought on trump which will likely bring on a democrat, especially if trump goes 2 terms.

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Pretty good analysis, living in a west coast city I don't know anyone who is a trump fan - unless they are closet supporters.

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Are these being resold anywhere atm?

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h e g e l i a n d i a l e c t i c

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>I can imagine people getting sick of the alt-right nonsense.

I disagree. The alt. right is built on red pills. You don't come back from that.

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I heard from info wars that MAGA hats cause autism.

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Most Trump supporters, especially in urban areas, are closeted because of the ridiculous narrative that the media created.

Unless someone wants to deal with potentially being called a fascist, Nazi, white nationalist, racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, Islamophobe, etc. they will likely have just either said they weren't voting for someone, they were voting for third party, or even outright lie and say they voted for Hillary.

This is especially true if you were straight, white, and/or a cisdude.

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top kek

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One quick google search, you fool. Copped.

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Goys being mad for being subhumans

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This isnt the same hat

This is a six panel which looks great

What you posted has a fucking terrible silhouette DNC

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This anon is correct. I come from a very liberal town/state/region, and if you say anything even remotely neutral, let alone positive about trump you are branded all of those things, along with basically committing social suicide. That being said I still have a maga hat I keep at home.

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the "tolerant" left

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they are neither tolerant nor left, lol
>but muh special snowflake American notions
Stop. Either use the mankind's notions or stay isolated forever.

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wear it while you can cuz after 4 years you'll be too embarrassed to wear it.

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>potentially being called a fascist, Nazi, white nationalist, racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, Islamophobe
because you support a candidate who has literally subscribed to every single of these descriptions other than fascist and nazi, the latter of which is still not a ridiculous comparison

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>he LITERALLY gased 6 gorillion jews, just like Hitler
Have you ever heard the man speak when it wasn't distorted by CNN

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Wow 555kb, I'm impressed

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That's actually what made me a supporter. I heard the normies in my liberal city freaking out with their media-induced fear, so I actually looked up his speeches and researched his positions. Not only did they make sense, the fact that every establishment hated him made it even more sweeter.

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You say those things as if I'm supposed to be scared of being called those things or something.

Maybe I DON'T like non-whites. Maybe I DON'T like Muslims? Maybe I think they shouldn't be in white countries. And maybe I don't care if this triggers you.

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>researched his positions
His official policy positions were comically vague. What in them made sense?

And now he's appointing establishment globalists and career republicans to his transition team, and backpedaling on his promises. As though they wouldn't change their tune to suit whoever is in office, or had morals/consistency in the first place. Everybody in Italy, on both sides, was saying the same shit with Berlusconi.

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supreme court, faggot
it's all ogre

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then own up to your pathetic stands on all those issues instead of pretending you have actual conservative views rooted in logic

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The changes old liberals wanted to see happened, gay marriage is allowed, weed is getting decriminalized everywhere ect. As these changes happen the political spectrum shifts gradually to the left over time, so old liberals might be considered conservatives now. People with far left views now would have been considered radical some time ago.

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yes, lets ignore the recent right wing uprising and the fact that Mike "electric fence" Pence is going to be VP

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Yes the "left" right now is kind of crazy in the eyes of the right since the spectrum has shifted too far to the left, meaning leftist ideologies are becoming more and more radical. So the right wing is speaking up. What am I ignoring?

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Where can I actually cop that hat that isn't the salient arts one?

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salient arts have three different stealth maga hats...

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oh shit, my bad. i assumed the five-panel one was the only one.

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thinking of getting the six panel with the adjustable metal buckle myself

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Nothing will ever be good enough for you. So why should I care about what you think a conservative ought to be?

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man my first post was >>12019908 when i was responding to trump supporters trying to veil their sexist, racist, and islamophobic views

you responded to that post so i just assumed you were among those people, but i guess if you're willing to own up to your horrible preconceptions about everyone that isn't a straight white Christian male (™) then that first post doesn't apply to you

you're still a terrible person though

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