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What does /fa/ think of fake watches?

I'm on the fence towards buying a fake Rolex. I cannot afford a $10,000 watch and have come to terms with that.

Do you have one?

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For that money, you could get a good Seiko that is far better quality than some crappy fake POS that won't fool anyone!

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Or get the same diver watch look from Orient.

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I have a beat up Tag Heuer that my pops gave me when he bought a new one. Bezel is missing and glass is scratched to shit, but I'm thinking of paying the 300-400 to get it fixed for sentimental reasons. Who the fuck needs a watch for anything other than aesthetic reasons anymore?

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Here's one that looks just like the fake Rolex you posted.

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Here a similar two tone Seiko Diver.

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Shut the fuck up douchebag! How long does it take to remove your phone from your asshole, to check the time? Moron!

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t. Donald Trump

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>Who the fuck needs a watch for anything other than aesthetic reasons anymore?


when u finish high school im sure ull realize u cant just stay glued to ur iphone 7 plus all day

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Fake watches are great if you wanna look like a tool and get exposed on fakewatchbusta.

Just buy a good looking legit within your price range. Its better than being the tool with a ticking/reeces cup bezel rollie

"Once watchbusta catch it you can't hide it ain't no secret, might as well give the shit away cause ain't no point in tryna keep it"

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I work as a supervisor at UPS at night and run a private contracting company during the day.

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I do.
I don't want to pull out my flip phone every instance I need the time.

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motorola Razrs are effay af

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There u go again with that bs

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thats the joke lol

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