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>look in wall mirror
>looking good
>take a picture of myself with my phone
>look alright
>look in car mirror
>literally a monster jesus christ im going back inside

what kind of mirror do i buy to actually look like how other people see me?

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One that inverts the picture you see in it.

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The ones at clothing stores tend to have the least amount of distortion.

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I'm the exact opposite.

I think I'm solid 6.5/7 in my car or wall mirror, but I look like I have a disease in every store mirror. I've stopped looking at myself in stores all together because seeing my refection makes me want to die.

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>look in bathroom mirror

my skin looks pretty good

>car rear view mirror

I'm looking at a Domino's Medium Pepperoni Pizza

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distance, angle, lighting, curvature, perspective

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It's probably more about lighting, honestly. Your home is probably dynamically lit with soft lighting from a window or a few incandescent or shielded bulbs.

Put a mirror in your kitchen, as it most likely has fluorescent lighting. Or clean your bathroom mirror properly and use that.

Could also be distance. You might look worse up close, but checking yourself in the mirror, you try to get as much in the frame as possible. You're very limited in how far you can be from your rear view mirror.

Or maybe it's just dysmorphic anxiety and out in the world you are closer to the judgment you imagine you are about to face.

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all of this

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why is this on /fa/ you nu male cuck piece of shit how is your ugly ass face related to fashion
fuck you and your mama for bringing you

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>dysmorphic anxiety
how do i get rid of this, im dying yo

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>look in front camera
>looking alright
>take picture
>picture flips
>looking like a melted orc

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This, wtf. Though you can always flip it again so no biggie.

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yeah but that's not what you actually look like

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When you look in a mirror you change psychologically. Therefore it's IMPOSSIBLE to see yourself as others do.

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It's about lighting & perspective.

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