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This kind of mustache will become the man bun of 2017; Out of nowhere it becomes a meme, but it's popularity dies after summer ends but a few guys who think it works for them will keep it.
You know it will happen.

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I'll be glad because this is the only kind of facial hair I can grow :(

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We'll get started then, buddy.

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Are mustaches going to overtake beards in "manosphere" culture? I would like to grow something out like in pic related but I don't want skinny faggots in plaid shirts asking me what Whole Foods I shop at.

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What makes you think that?

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>I don't want skinny faggots in plaid shirts asking me what Whole Foods I shop at
Why care

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I was actually hoping it would come back into style again. However we may be too far gone to make it work by associating it to people who have class.

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It's a logical step. Men's fashion has been progressing towards a more classic dress look, albeit with some faddish touches like cropped dress pants. Additionally, more traditional hairstyles are becoming more common. It would only be natural for a classic yet relatively fresh facial hair style to follow suit, and because beards are overplayed, mustaches will be the next front.

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doubtful because a beard looks decent on anyone who can grow one. a mustache requires a real good chin which like 5% people have

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Didn't stop everyone 100 ago

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100 years*

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